Leon The Leo: A Triple Leo Case Study

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“Hi Mystic,

I’ve just started studying astrology and recently subscribed to you. i’ve been trawling through all your old sign specific pages to get a bead on everyone and i’m having hilarious insights into people i know. This guy called Leon is a Leo and looks like a lion. It’s ridiculous. His facebook is full of photos of him and his mane, wearing animal print and posing next to the word lion everywhere. He’s a stage actor and the first time i met him he invited me to his next show… which i was surprised to see him butt naked in. I’ve attached one said picture for your amusement. AND he has named his production company LION PIE and he had a party for it on the first day of leo (he told me he’s a triple leo so i’m assuming sun/moon/rising?)

The Piscean In Waiting..”

Dear Piscean In Waiting,

There are certain Leo peeps who take development of their Leo brand very seriously. This is like a sense-surround Leo experience for sure, though he could also do with some Sun symbology, don’t you think? A Sun King throne, Helios imagery on his underwear, sunflowers surrounding chez Lion King…etc. Thank you for sharing this Triple Leo Case Study with us.

Thoughts? Does anyone know a Leo who goes over the top with his/her Leonic branding? It totally makes sense to collaborate with the look/feel/vibe of your Rising Sign. ie; Leo Rising should not bother trying to mouse down or go too greige. Aries Rising has to have biceps or is incomplete. Pisces Rising suits mystical witchy-woo-woo garb, Saggo Rising has a wardrobe that is like an inventory-installation of their travels and learnings.

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  1. Leo guy was seeing a year back (yes the one who told me he thinks he has an STD, sleeping around without protection etc) had a thing for wearing anything with Superman on it eg. tshirts, belts, underwear… Always think Superman is a Leo, Mystic?

    • I beg your pardon! Surely Superman is an Aries! ;) joke…

      Interesting tho as there are two posts here talking about Super Heros. Wasn’t so super-duper of Superman to go without his protection tho eh?

  2. YES!!
    have told this tory here before

    heir to department store chain / good mate is 100% as you describe above.
    great mane

    built like you cant imagine – Abs on his Abs – surfs HUEG monster waves, does Dragon boat racing around world, is ethical & eco but

    HUGE at throwing parties – the one during Sydney Olympics was fron page of both Sunday newspapers
    hos 30th was we 30 closest friends had to arrive at Denpasar aiport – the following 2 weeks were on him & we never knew what we were doing until the day dawned. white water rafting, surfing spots onlya ccessible by boat, feasts on the beach. banquit at the Aman Nusa – (skulling Grange!!) – the boys all jumped off the edge of the restauarant & into the pool. filmed by some globe trotting TV show on luxury travel.

    he goes to the biggest party in the world – we see him – on TV – opening of Olympics, you name it. Just saw on his FB pix from Burning Man & yes the costumes, ABs & mane remain!!


          • But….on further convo with double Cappy (Sun-Mn) today, she has been going for several years and never took off her clothes cuz she felt her boobage was too little. This year she went topless whilst riding around on a bike with other topless females…Kudos to the 41 yr old double Cappy for losing her inhibitions!

  3. How funny. I know this guy. The launch party for Lion Pie mentioned here was in an arts space I helped set-up. I noted at the time the coincidence of doing it under a freshly Leo sun – so glad to know it was intentional. Bless.

  4. I have an old friend who lives in W. A. who has sun, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter all conjunct from 8 to 17 degrees…and pluto in late Leo. He has an aries moon. His big problem arises from saturn in scorpio squaring all but pluto. My nickname for him was Christ Lucifer, since I’d never met anyone with so much potential for light being so dark. Although he projected a certain nobility, he was an addictive personality who didn’t like himself very much. I wonder how much of all that showiness attributed to Leos is bravado….

    • “Christ Lucifer”….omgoodness….hilarious.

      Think Saturn squaring all his bits is probably hard on his Aries Moon. Poor thing.

  5. Actually knew a guy named Leo who was, omg, a Leo. I laughed so hard when I found out his birthday and he just looked at me like I was crazy. Giggled a bit while reading this as well. And, yes, all my Leo friends are always inviting to whatever concert/play/game/party/school musical/etc they’re having.

    My Pisces rising takes over my wardrobe. My sister was helping me clean it out today and she asked why all my clothes were “loose, lacey and drapey.” Half of my shoes have bows on them. Oh, and my new winter coat looks like this: http://www.qutieland.com/products/big/KYC0005-13.jpg A little Pisces? I think so.

    • The pink one with the bows on the pockets? I have a cappy friend who would adore that coat. I’m going to send her the link. Cute, Steph!

  6. I was a drab tomboy until my early twenties and am now an unashamed Leo woman who loves to dress well and look good at all times (except on the sofa in uggs and trackies, eating dark chocolate and drinking BDHJ). Taurus Husband complains that he looks untidy next to me.

    Also have Aries rising. Have become a half ironman triathlete and love the fitness, strength and of course, biceps.

    Haven’t really gone in for much Leo branding so far, but who knows what might happen in future?

    • Interesting to read your transformation from Tomboy to Catwoman. Love it. It also fits with a theory I have that we often look and behave more like our Rising Signs throughout childhood and adolescence, and then ‘grow into’ our Sun Signs in our twenties… It’s true of a few people I know, including myself… Anyways, totally of topic, but your transformation (perfectly attuned to your astro) reminded me of it. :-)

      • Wow, this just gave me an “AHA!” moment. As a kid, I always felt like an oddball, outcast…had a hard time relating to others (Aqua rising). It wasn’t til almost literally the second I left home…first to go live abroad, and then to college, that I became who I’d always been inside: sociable, witty, communicative, charming – GEMINI SUN!

        Now in my 30s I’m some combo of the 2. Equal parts oddball and social butterfly.

      • Thanks, Lexicorn. It was quite a struggle at times. I think there is something to your theory about Rising Signs. As a child and adolescent, I was fiercely competitive in everything I did. Nowadays I’m still competitive but I compete against myself and enjoy the benefits of being Leo.

      • Oh thank goodness, i was beginning to despair of my triple Leo aged 4 daughter who refuses to wear anything that remotely looks like a skirt or dress, this includes skorts and playsuits.
        She is Sun, Mercury, Venus exact conjunct her MC in Leo. Hopefully as she grows older, she’ll become more ethnic boho Saggi rising, or more like her Moon sign, hippie vintage, Cancer.
        In the meantime, this poor fashion-thwarted living through her daughter Mother will have to bow to her little majesty’s wardrobe tantrums, and buy boardies.

      • Like your theory Lexicorn.

        I was a huge tomboy (right into my twenties) scruffy but always moving was a gift I had.
        Now I am hopefully a tad more chic (note my new mantra above) and have been obsessed with beautiful smells (of the natural kind) and I generally appear well groomed with a scruffy chic edge!

        Libra sun Aries rising

        Will be watching this in my daughter Aqua sun virgo rising. She always looks good without much effort but can definately see her taking on a quirky edge as she gets older and a bit more proud in herself.

      • That seems right to me. I have Pisces rising and was extremely shy as a child.

        Have had my own Leo branding phases too. I may be entering a one now…

  7. Used to know a Leo guy, now long dead from his desperate lifestyle, who had long hippie hair and beard. He used to regularly go and get his hair crimped. Also insisted on wearing flared jeans exclusively- he had a source where he could buy them. What’s more he had a super hero costume called Captain Dynamo. His nickname actually was Dynamo, which was ironic as he was the least energetic person I’ve ever met.

    As for my Leo self, in days gone by I dressed in velvet and silk in rich colours of burgundy, purple and royal blue. I’m still attracted to those sorts of colours, I must admit, and loathe brown (except in cats).

    • ~Captain Dynamo. His nickname actually was Dynamo, which was ironic as he was the least energetic person I’ve ever met~

      lol….Aw, guess he fancied himself a super hero, eh?

      Your attaire/colors do sound richly royal Elderly Lioness..

    • Dearest Elderly Lioness, I trust you will continue to wear those lovely rich colours in gorgeous decadent fabrics and stay resolutely Leonine. I avoid black, and each year I choose a colour to be my black. Last year was purple and this year was red.

      • I keep resolving to never buy another piece of black clothing..but it looks so good on a blonde and is always flattering! In fact most of my clothes are black and white. I love the idea though.

        • Was just watching Bridgette Jones Diary this weekend (6th-7th time?) and noticed Renee Z’s blonde hair with her black outfits. Agree blonde on black looks nice, stands out.

          Worked for a property mgmt company once that wanted us all in black and white (classy, no? And they had a certain image..Nails and toes had to be done, etc. No “white trash”…lol). They bought us a $1,000 wardrobe which was pretty cool.

        • Me too, Andromeda. I read that one of the trends that came out of Fashion Week in NY was a moving away from so much black. But what did I do when I went clothes shopping the other day? Bought some more black pieces, of course.

  8. I can’t quite tell what is happening in that pic. Is he drinking a beer, or is he blowing his own horn?

    I didn’t know about the greige. I just ironed my really nice greige shirt, I bought a $100 Perry Ellis silk shirt on sale for $12. Now I know why I never looked very good in it. Lately I have been wearing my bright solid shirts, bright red, green, blue. Yeah, as a Leo ascendant, I look much better in loud, solid colors.

    • Funny how sometimes those sale items don’t seem to shine the same once home, huh?

      My Progressed Asc is Leo with Vesta and Uranus conjunct. So the secret I gather from you, is to get outta my dark blue scrubs…Guess Uranus is asking Vesta to be a bit more out going in many ways.

      • Dark blue scrubs? I thought they were usually that pale blue that looks good on nobody. The local hospital here uses a sickly green just to discourage people from swiping scrubs and wearing them outside.

        I think a dark, intense blue is great. There’s a really intense blue color, International Klein Blue, that was developed by the painter Yves Klein. He used to do huge monochromatic blue paintings, they were incredibly bright and deep blue. You really have to see one, it’s about the bluest experience it is possible to have. I went to a museum and saw one huge Klein painting that was about 30 feet wide, it was like floating in an infinite blue space. I even have a really great Versace shirt in the IKB color, but I’ll have to lose a few pounds before I can wear it again.

        But I guess color intensity all depends on your personal style. I am kind of crushing on a Virgo nurse I know. One day I saw her wearing black scrubs with hot pink/magenta trim. I don’t know why I thought that was so hot, but I did.

        • Well, I’ll take that “blue experience” over being “blue” in the emo sense. Your description sounds very Leonic fashion/color/art wise.

          Think that hot pink trim is telling you a little sumthin’-sumthin’ about your Virgo nurse crush ;) I too like the black and pink. Will have to order.

  9. How can you not love brand Leo? Even if the Leo behind the brand is a control freak, egomaniac, infantile fuqnut … I still can’t help but get all warm and fuzzy by the sheer chutzpah of it all. Except for my dad of course. He was just a fuqing a-hole. (Leo merc + south node)

    • My dad is also Leo. And what a bossy control freak he can be. And he’s completely unfazed by any resistance to or criticism of his schemes. Bless him. Through clenched teeth.

      Just imagine the fun we had at our house when I was a teenager….

      • Must have been as fun as the fun in my house with Leo mum and dad and me the Crab with Leo merc and sag moon!

      • My mother and both her sisters are Leo, imagine it. I find that flattery gets you a long way!

        I know a double Leo artist who makes amazing sculptures which all look like him, he’s total brand Leo at all times. It’s fascinating to watch from an astro point of view I’ve never met anyone embody their sign like he does.

      • Aries dad and Leo Mom. Mom said they BOTH wanted to be boss. It was a very turbulent childhood home…

  10. question– if you have a rising sign that is of 29 degrees– like my rising sign is 29 degrees of aquarius– would you, in astrological theory, embody the qualities of your rising sign or would you also exhibit some of the qualities of the following rising sign? like would i be all aquarius rising, or would i also be a little bit pisces rising, too?

    • I would say one could exhibit the next sign characteristics as well. Most astrologers say if the shoe fits….??

      Knew someone with 28 degree Pisces Asc. He also had a very strong Aries vibe. Played the drums. Don’t know how much more Aries one could be!

  11. ah, so it is here that I shall re-post my comments about the scorpio man I have recently started developing a friendship with. Yes, friendship. He has five yes 5 planets in scorp, yet that is the LAST sign i would have guessed him as being. I had assumed him as being Saggitarius or a loud Aqua due to his athleticism and his [as I see it] scant regard for convention, a trait I adore in anyone. Mind you you can pick up the undercurrent of strength fairly easily, and after our maybe secod conversation, I had decided that he was definitely going to be a friend, even if he didn’t know it at the time ;)

    He has moon-jupiter in Leo, and given his features and perhaps boisterous nature, maybe what I am seeing is a Leo ascendant…

  12. I went on a date with a Leo. He had a nickname that involved the word lion, but looked more like an ill-tempered ginger tom…

    • In bed with the flu. But otherwise okay. Stupid disease ruined my fab weekend so I’ve cancelled all commitments and am being one with my bodys desire to rest. And trying to use the time to see the way forward in a few things that have not been moving. So I guess trying to do the same thing. Nice to see you love. Here’s believing in the up and up!

  13. Hey!
    Cappy risings!

    The only thing I can think of is when I was a tenager I had a thing for navy blue turtlenecks.
    That’s pretty cappy.

  14. My best girlfriends were Leos growing up the one that stands out to me had a thing for tattoos can you guess what her very first tat was? It was a lion of course you’re right!

  15. I am worst brand Leo offender I know, esp. with my Tiger Year Tiger Hour Horoscope. That said, Gem Asc means I can’t be collecting/repeating stuff forever or I will die from boredom. Styling or lack thereof is the great limiter also.

    Also collected Leo boyfriends two of whom were born within hours of myself – how narcissistic is that?
    Anyone know much about collecting astro twins for friends/lovers? I have had at least four of them.

    • Andie, I am a great one for attracting folk born around the same time as I. Starting with my parents… Particularly in my 20s I had a lot of people around me born mid late may. I clearly like peoples suns shining on all my Taurus stuff. Not so common anymore.

      • That is interesting shell! I imagine it will happen less now I am not travelling any longer too. Well, watery Leo’s are fun for me, we are not a well understood species.. ;)

  16. Looks like the guy from Flight of the Concordes a bit.. I could never date a Leo male.. Moon in Leo but have several Leo best freinds who I love dearly.. despite their grandiosness..

  17. Just read a fantastic Rumi quite: “The lion is most handsome when looking for food” And I always thought it was ‘hungry like the wolf..’

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