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Joshua Petker

Full Moon in Aries?

It’s just balance, being able to manifest harmonious Libra and cleanly assertive Aries energies in some semblance of symmetry.

SO fun to type that. Trickier i.r.l. of course.

The neg manifestation: Pass-agg whiny Libra clashes with ego-maniac, non-empathetic Aries.

Two people. Two ideals. Or some sort of a revolting psychological clash within yourself.

Could it be transformed into some sort of a sexy banter situation and thus enhance relationships?

Maybe. But better to wait until October 1 for that sort of a thing.

The other issue; Anything you do right now that is remotely Martian can go ape, thanks to Mars so powerfully placed in Scorpio.

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  1. What would be considered Martian? Would it go ape in a good way or bad? Inquiring minds need no know…

  2. Oh beautiful calming mystic, thanks as always for bringing clarity and humor to what can only be described as AAAAAHHHHH (in a rainbow of tones)!

    The positive for me is that I always live like this- Libra Sun Aries Rising.

    The first time I ever”had a chart done it was at a festival of some kind and you write down your details and the astrologist goes in and works it out then calls you in for a consult. Well she comes out and saÿs “are you sure these are your correct birth details? (like daa) because your rising is the complete opposite of your sun sign” she frowns at me shakes her head and says “that must be hard”. The consult was crap as she just wanted me out of there and I left thinking “- what are there actual moments that people are NOT suppose to be born?.

  3. Yup. everything already exploded to bits. Went from having a relationship to probably being alone for my birthday in Oct. Sucked. Geez. Nothing could’ve prepared me for this week, not even a scope. So far 2010 is sucking almost as bad as 2009.

    • I’ve seen four long term relationships go balls up in the space of about a month, with probably another couple due to implode anytime soon. I’m not sure if that’s any help to you … but it seems to be in the air. Loads of peeps doing it tough and it’s the men that seem to getting hyper emo about it which is unusual. To the point where I’m getting “ohmifuqinggod I’m losing the plot emotionally wtf do I do???” emails from them. Strange days. As if I would have any fuqin clue!!

      • Yeah, just seemed everybody let their guard down after the t-square thing. I saw a bunch of small fights during the zap zone thing but nothing like the destruction I’ve seen the past 4 days. Tempers flaring. People reading to smack the you-know-what out of each other. One of my good friends A Cancer with Saggo rising almost left her Aqua man…almost moved out after just having moved in so soon. I pulled some tarot for her and it seemed like it will only be short term emo for her. She’s one of the most rational, even-tempered peeps i know and if she’s all upset….something weird is going on.

        You could set up the The Prowlin’ hotline for emo men-folk, $5 per min! :)
        good advice? decadent cookies? hugs? You could make a killing.

        • Prowln: “Hello, you’ve reached The Prowlin’ hotline, what do YOU want?” He: “Um, well-a, I just don’t know what to do with all these feelings, what should I DO, Prowl’n? *sob* *sob* You’re someone who will understand, though, can I share my feelings with ya? No one understands me.” Prowl’n: “Oh, will you cut the shite out? Don’t you have something more important to wail on about? Think of all of the starving children all over the world, and how the environment’s going to hell, and all you can think about is your fuqin’ feelings??” *phone slams down* *dial tone*.

          (Hope you take this in the adoring sense in which it’s intended, Prowl’ers; if you find it at all disrespectful, I humbly apolgize. )

  4. Harmonious and assertive have definetly been my buzz words this week, had my two Scorpio flatemates move out and a new one in (not sure of her birth data just yet) did not realise the oppressive silence that was drapped over my house.

    There is now noise, conversation, chatting to the neighbours, laughter, colour, music etc etc. Such a great energy shift, spring cleaning away a lot of old crap.

    I feel like i have come out of my little crabby shell.

  5. I kind of thought Librans were the types to live vicariously through others. I have a Libra friend, she is always whining about how some guy she has a crush on but never did anything about, ends up with one of her best friends. Personally I think she likes it that way.

    So maybe Libra and Aries are perfect together. Well, perfect as long as Libra can stay one step removed. Libra can sit back and watch the Aries action, and say to everyone, “hey, I could have done that!” And she believes it too.

    • Not really. Like every other sign we like to win but we don’t like to gloat about it and we don’t like it when others boast. And if we lose, we are the original “sour grape”-ers. Except we make it seem all polite like “I guess so and so and blah make a good couple after all.”

      • Thought about marrying a Libran once — he was so beautiful, so graceful, so fuqing good with his money, and with Saturn in my second, you need to be at least as good as me with the money (and I’m good), and everywhere we went people responded to us as though we were, idk, something especially amazing. What ended it was his incredible need to keep everything ‘happy and harmony’ but never venturing a real opinion and always saying things like, ‘Why don’t we do this?’ with his devastating smile, which meant we WILL do this and we won’t discuss it. argh. Librans got put on the NO list for me through him alone.

        Though they are beautiful and graceful creatures.

        • He’s the one who asked me for money for the gift he gave me. Somehow in his Libran mind he thought that was ‘fair’ I guess. Guess he was looking out for the bank account.

        • Oh dear, I’m a Libra and I wouldn’t date a Libra man either. They drive me freaking crazy. >:( I think Leos, Saggs, & Geminis are able to handle them better, maybe Aquas.

  6. well the world outside might be going nuts but I am locked in this room for the next few hours and finally nailing some of the more difficult illustration work. extreme happiness. me vs the page martian lol.. so grateful for all this scorping the virgo saturn rewind nearly took me out. thought I had done well on my return considering insane uranus transit..
    when I get my health back I can get shiny on the outside again. its all feeling very military…

    • Ms – I know we’re like chart twins…… What you said…. health is my No.1 Priority…. Then I can get super pretty again. I have a battle plan. I will focus on balance today…

      • totally. health will be mine after tomorrows assessment. :-/
        balance yes. then beauty.

        saw old photo of my ass the other day
        keep getting trina in my head about situps
        she’d be a hilarious personal trainer
        booty camp

  7. I highly recommend the flu as a managing wayward mars energy. No violent urges, overly aggressive actions or having to deal with others shite, and lots of lounging about drinking herbal tea and talking to the cat. Obviously you have to deal with having the flu, but having shed any expectations of productivity, it ain’t really that bad….

  8. Ariens Lacking Empathy: As an Aries, I really do love everybody (or my Pisces moon will slap me or shame me into a corner) but my personal Arien motto is Success is Everything, so when I am met with sad tales of woe, my un-fettered Aries says, Bootstraps, Baby!! Find yours and pull yourself up by them!! because the only way out of your pain to to overcome it. So in my Arien way, I am trying to be helpful. Professionally, it is a valuable trait to know you can stare down any adversity. (It was my Scorp rising that got all bitchy and started to spit a little venom about, Why can’t you people handle your own fuqing problems instead of expecting me to fix everything always?! that caused me to decide to change to careers. Now my Pisces-ness has me in the grip of Doing Nothing For Money, and being very successful at it, I may choose to do this for a long while.) But I do have guilt about coming on too strong or seeming insensitive to others when I only mean to help. It can be paralyzing to me sometimes.

    • in 24 hours got bitch slapped by 1 Aries (full moon warning headed) & adored by 2 others …. takes all types, but the generic ‘lack of empathy’ perhaps relates to Arien ability to ‘switch off’ emotions when moving on / away…..

  9. ha! I hv flu 2 & am quietly watching the peeps round me go off the deep end – is all a bit jerry springer – you want 2 look away but u just cant.

        • Btw, shell, what tea are you drinking? I found that lemongrass and ginger tea worked well for me. The throat sensation, oh boy…. Honey could take the edge off a bit, just to smooth it a bit. From T2.

          • whatever i’ve got about really. i did concoct a few lemon/ginger/honey/green tea numbers during the worst of it, but now lacking vital ingredients and shopping requires thinking and leaving the house….

        • it’s a little ick, but if you want something powerful to help you along: I crush organic raw garlic, heat it in whole milk to release anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties (the logic being the fats carry the nutrients?) but you don’t boil it – then you have Milk Garlic Shots. Foul, but great for you. :)

    • ah thanx for the remedies you lovely ladies – hv organic milk + turmeric+ garlic at home might give that a try tonight – evil throat i agree ears a poppin x get better peeps

  10. Co-workers Pisces, Toro and I had a little bitchfest after hours this evening as office mgr. w/Mars in Aries trying to sabotage Toro. She already tried to control the whole other lot of us so now targeting in on Toro. When I got outta the car tonight and saw the big ‘ol Moon I gave a little chuckle.

    Interesting how we all spent thousands of dollars to go to school, get an education, and office mgr., high school drop out, throws her weight around. Of course her behavoir all stems from her lack of self esteem and controlling what part of the universe she possibly can. I’d have more empathy if she’d just take a look at herself.

    Doc called off sick today and meanwhile we advised Toro on how to handle bringing her scheduling problems to the Doc’s attention without additional drama.

    A former therapist fills in when one of the other therapists is out but she gave former therapist (office mgr’s best bud) a full schedule and left permanent employee Toro with practically nil. She’s supposed to fill her schedule first. That’s not the half of it but tomorrow will just lay low and hope for the best for Toro.

    • Ooh, I haven’t got any goss atm. Yeah – what’s that about? That is totally bad behaviour on former therapist’s part. Tsk.

      • Office mgr. has had issues forever but think she might be jealous of Toro as she’s cute, petite, big boobs-super fit and blonde hair. Hey, according to Damons, that sounds a little like you andromeda! ;) x

        • Lol Sweetpea, who am I to disabuse Damons of anything?
          Hell, I am breastfeeding atm, so buxom goes with the territory.
          Am not fit right now for sure! As i mention in Moons post to you, have had Saturn on my Mars for two years. Saturn doesn’t harmonise well with pregnancy.

          • Yes, Mars and Saturn are a bit of going forward with the brakes on kind of thing. Have them loosely opposite the Ascendant/7th house. Drives me nuts. And, how could I ever possibly become famous with those two as a midpoint on the Aries Point in 10th :)

            “Oh yeah, theres that gal, driving with the brakes on again!”

            Soz if I missed your post. Which Moon thread?

          • Oh and hey, Pisces gave me a hug this morning as she got a text from Doc about her raise. When I asked for a raise, I asked one for her too… ;)

          • You are awesome Sweets, you know I would love to work alongside a chicky like you. You go out and bat for your team, you ought to be running the place. And you are an ARIES afterall. ;)

  11. Well my dearies – I don’t usually purge to this extent (and I imagine / anticipate I’ll get the usual ‘Toughen the Fuq Up’ comments BUT there are some things I think / feel / vibe are important to share:

    Yesterday, after setting Saturn boundaries, perking myself up re work, HOT Leo, loving my children, planning to cook more extraordinary culinary delights to nuture my family’s collective soul I found myself looking at the scalloped edge filleting knife poking through the dishwashing suds and thinking to myself,

    ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be great if I just grabbed that knife and rammed it through my left wrist right now.’

    My wrists and fingers literally ached with yearning for it to be done.

    Yes, I have a history of self-harm and attempted exiting from the planet since the break down of my marraige to Lapsed-Catholic-Libra four or so years ago. I’m planning to have the scars on my wrists tatooed to disguise my mistakes and to remind myself that I have two beautiful children to live for.

    Anyway, despite the desire to feel that lovely cold blade splice my skin, I backed away from my kitchen sink as though it was a red-bellied-black-snake about to strike.

    I then paced around my kitchen swearing and kicking doors in absolute frustration because I was NOT ALLOWED to follow through on my urges. NOT because I didn’t want too but because I KNEW it would upset others.

    I tried writing it out. Didn’t work. I tried thinking about the recipes I wanted to cook for my babes but that led me back to knives so I left the kitchen and went for a bloody long walk. I also took some anti-anxiety medication (from my Doc – non- addictive) thought about what I’d do to my garden if I had a spare million dollars. I then just waited for my babes to get home from school, whilst checking in on MM and keeping it real.

    Sometimes walking into a burning building is a complete doddle compared to facing ones on demons rising from the kitchen sink.

    Something to share: Depression Too Is A Type Of Fire by TAYLOR MALI


    Today is better. I don’t know if tomorrow will be best but, when the blade is a siren, let me walk away and may you do so also.

    • Oh Dear Doll Blue,

      I contemplated sitting in a white porcelin tub and watching the red ooze out of my wrists over the Pisces. Meanwhile, in my frustration, took a pen and scribbled just as hard and fast as I could on a notebook. Thought I was literally going to go bonkers. So many feelings needing an outlet. Luckily it passed and it sounds like yours did too but I did see a therapist. Have you anyone to talk to?

      My youngest did self harm with a safety pin on her arms when she was frustrated and felt less then, etc. It was hard. I would never tell you to just ‘buck up’ as that heartless. You obviously are still mourning. Wish I could help more.

      Love, Sweetpea

      • Yes, the long walk. Get those good brain cells going, fresh air, time to think, get a fresh perspective.

    • bluelibra, I can empathize with those urges, as have history of self-harm also. I sometimes still long for that rush of relief.
      Kicking things around help so good on you for doing that – you should see my unit with patched up bits, teehee…
      Personally, I would never tell someone to toughen the fuq up in a situation like yours. That is just way insensitive and up their own bunghole.
      Sending you cyber whatever you need to pull through – tea, choccy, hugs, bread pudding, whatevs.
      Tell us what you need and I’ll focus the energy, mmkay?

    • What’s to toughen up? Feeling the way you did and still choosing to turn away from it, you’re as tough as they get. You could give toughness lessons.

    • Darling, I don’t think you need to toughen up at all. You sound way tough to me. I hope you are feeling okay?
      Have you tried lying on the floor and sobbing all that shot out, go the other way instead?
      I know you said you’d tried writing so maybe this is been there done that, but Kim falconer had a cool link to pray rain journalling on her website. Manifestation stuff, but the underlying principle being you take something that ain’t that great or that you want and you write like you’ve got it. I’ve been using it to turn my thinking around re a situation I was being all very realistic about, and it seems to work. I don’t think I’ve explained that well, but rather than writing out your angst, you write out your happiness, even if you have to make it up. Dunno if that makes sense.
      Do take care lovely xxo

    • Hello lovely lady, and that you are

      Now it must be coming up to birthday season for you yes? I find the lead up particularly hard, last year I thought I was just going to spontaneously combust from the level of sadness inside, and I was wishing it so. This year I am just numb, I don’t feel anything. It is ok to feel what you feel, so be kind to yourself. I am sending you many blessings. It is good to come here to express freely, sometimes just that helps a little yes?

    • Hey BL – first, massive hugs, empathy, and deep listening vibes. You have been through so much, and you keep getting up, and continuing on – as the wise women here have said, this makes you already awesome and powerful…..
      It reads as tho you are really scared of your thoughts, and of what they may lead to action wise. And it sounds like you just want some peace from grief, from anger, from constant responsibility…more?
      It also seems you are really needing to express this in a way that other people get the depth of the feelings? A really overt, fuq you, in your face statement?
      I wish I could be there with you, and provide the safe space for you to release all this, to get the purge out, and to find some peace that meets your needs of how you want to express all these emotions.
      I have so many strategies, but so do you, and you will use the ones that best suit you, in that instance, because you know exactly what you need. Sometimes tho, the chatter in our heads can drown out our wisdom.
      So all I can say, is please use me/us here on the blog as resources for coping and learning!
      If you need validation for kicking the shit out of your kitchen – here it is.
      If you need validation for screaming and wailing on your bathroom floor – here it is.
      If you need validation for just shutting the doors, drawing the curtains, and hiberbating – here it is.
      Remember – this too will pass.

    • oh blue you are loved even if the ones who love you can’t be there in the flesh to help you through this. You are tough. But it’s ok not to feel it and know it sometimes. Please please please once the sun comes up tomorrow will you talk to someone who can help you with these feelings – someone who is there in the flesh? This is saturn uranus jupiter pluto action my lovely – you CAN get through this but sometimes you (we all) need a hand or an ear and this is one of those times. Keep your children close to remind you of all the reasons why life is worth living until you can get to a grown up who can help. PLEASE DON’T DO IT.

    • Dear Blue, just a note to say I know how scary those thoughts can be and how welcome death might feel at times. I am sure you are a great mum and that you are sensitive to all the concerns you mention for your kids. I only know that this life is tricky and quicksilver crazy at times and we all need so much love and grounding just to keep on keel. I also remind you that it will, as you know end, so patience is the key. I am not very patient in nature I know that is a big word for me. Those knives are thoughts that hurt that have taken form. Thought forms are real so these are real attacks on some level and i hope you have someone you can call on to deal with this, that you are not trying to deal with this alone! You are really lucky to have your deep aboriginal roots and a land that loves you like mad. Good luck in getting through this time and finding what you need. For some reason I feel like you know in a way how you can alter this so I don’t have more to add, just that you have my deepest empathy, xxoo.

    • hey Blue …. I applaud you for your courage and ability to speak your truth honestly. It’s one of the most healing things you can do for yourself. I’ve had similar experiences as you have with depression, anxiety, chronic fear and the types of self harming behaviour and thoughts that arise from it. They are very unfun to deal with to put it mildly! And they don’t just conveniently go away because I don’t like them or someone tells me to “just get over it”. Geez if only it were that bloody easy!! My stuff came from childhood trauma and abuse. At one point I did decided “enough of what happened – I’m more concerned about how it continues to affect me now damn it!” … some very wise and kind people that got put in my path told me that it was a process and that I would have to “grow” through it via learning to be kind and accepting towards myself. Hmf easier said than done .. but I have taken that on board and it has helped. I would use some of those kind thoughts you had towards your children and say them to your own “little self” – doesn’t matter if it feels wrong or stupid. Look after yourself sista!! *fist bump*

    • BlueLibra, How beautifully you have expressed your emotion. How brave of you to share it with us. How masterful has been your staring down the emotion and quelling it. How strong you have been to not give up when the emotion has “skirmished” yet again. I probably cannot tell you anything you have not already learned about the urge that overcame you and threatened to annihilate you. You are aware, yes, of the physiological component to the urge, how the cutting sparks the release of chemicals in the brain that equate comfort in us? Good for you to force yourself to find the comfort elsewhere, like in the long walk that also releases endorphins. The walking chemicals may not have been quite as strong as you would have liked, but at least it gave your rational mind time to sort through the raging emotional battle. Do keep reinforcing those rational intellectual thoughts about how you are so needed and loved, not just by your babes, but really by so many other people, including me, a complete stranger probably thousands and thousands of miles away from you. I don’t remember the exact comment, but I do recall you saying something cheerful and funny to me on some discussion about Librans (maybe Libran moons). You brought a smile to my face. I was happy that you had crossed my path. See? I would so miss you if you left and would wonder why someone who could accomplish the not-so-easy task of making me smile would not see herself for the marvelous person she is. Hugs from me. You’ve been in my thoughts all day. Finally, hope one of the weapons in your arsenal to fight the fire is to find something to laugh about – any good joke websites to look at? Are your babes old enough to know any jokes? Ask them to tell you their favorite joke or riddle. Then share it with us, please?

  12. dear bluelibra,
    you are tough enuff already, typing and submitting the truth is honest, brave and courageous. One step/day/moment/second at a time, fresh sunrise and fresh start tomorrow, gather strength from a full moon.
    respect and white doves of peace wishes ..x

    • To ALL of you who have been so increadibly wonderful THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!

      It was scary to write it here and share I know I’m not the only one who goes through these moments when one is on the edge and it takes only a step one way or another. We keep quiet about it or we disguise it with other easier to accept issues.

      Thank you Mystic for this place. Thank you for allowing me to share here and thank you for all of your sharing, compassion, kindness and understanding. I will keep fighting the good fight.

      I wish I could invite you all here to my home and prepare the biggest, most luscious celebratory feast possible!

  13. Mystic Luv

    Feng Shui!

    Locusts are hatching throughout oz due to the drought breaking, they are going to spray mega tonnes of chemicals. Isn’t there a Feng Shui locust solution? I remember something vaguely. preventative feng strike action.

    for Gaia’s sake – do a post/article

  14. shit – it happened just like you said it could – got slam dunked by an inconsiderate acting like a self-absorbed-dullard …. got caught off guard dammit!! :(

    • Don’t worry. I don’t think there’s anything that can be done about it. Several people who knew about it still got side-swiped in an unexpected way. :(
      Get dust yourself off and keep going! =)

      • yeah but it was someone VERY close – I opened an email expecting birthday adoration & it began “for fug sake….”

        *refuses to respond / enjoys flowers arriving*

  15. A Moony Ghost Tale Meets Synchronisity…~Woo-Woo~

    Pertaining to Moon Phases, somewhere last year I think I posted about a spirit I’d had in my bedroom the day after the New Moon. This had been at the apartment I’d shared with my now passed Mom.

    I had seen a “spirit” (as there had been no ghost/human body shape) and it had been a swirling black mass, up in the corner of my bedroom ceiling. It looked somewhat like smoke but had little lint like shapes (feathery shapes? Something like that, but swirling).

    I’d been in a state of paralysis, fully coherent inside but staring straight into the astral realm whilst looking at this black mass. I was terrified as it started to decend upon me although it was strangely mesmerizing.

    With this tho I’d started calling (in my mind) on Jesus and Archangels, etc. It backed off and finally disappeared. As I was basically already “awake”, upon opening my eyes I immediately noted the time and did a chart.

    What was so astounding was that the Asc of the chart was the exact degree of my Pluto in Virgo…2.5 degrees, which is on my I.C.

    The New Moon conjunction, including trans. Saturn, had been square to my 12th house Mars on my Asc.

    An astrologer on another forum looked at the chart and told me to cleanse my space as he saw not only the incident Ascendant degree conjunct my Pluto, but trans. Saturn square Mars as a confirmation as well.

    Now the other astounding part is that one of my patients, a Cancerian, told me today that she has been having nightmares and so we began to chat of more metaphysical things. The kicker is that she now lives in the same apartment community with her mother as I and Mom had and she has seen this same type of spirit…The swirling black mass.

    Interesting too that we were discussing this on a full Moon day. She asked me what I’d used to cleanse my space and of course I’d used sage and three different incenses (forget the names right now). I’d played some cassettes that had very high vibe energy imbued into them, did my crystal bowl toning, prayed, meditated, (was kinda scared as shite, you know? Pulled out all the stops) burnt candles, etc. Just did whatever I could think of and I never had that experience again.

    Just think the synchronisity on a Full Moon (my patient is someone I rarely see) was so interesting and that she’s seen the same thing I had. Think I might look up what used to be on the land out here (I now live just right down the street from former residence). We live on leased land from the Indians. Of course it could be a deceased person from somewhere in the apartment community, hard to know.

    With all this I began to search on line and found a site that said spirit activities are more potent on the Full Moons and New Moons. Interesting, no?