David Beckham: Astro-Weirding Case Study

Coming back from some relentless slagging, here is David Beckham celebrating post-L.A. Galaxy upset win.

Not only is he dealing with scutiny-infinity re his age (can he keep playing like he wants to?) his money (can he afford upkeep of lavish lifestyle/high maintenance missus?) and his marriage (is a bust-up imminent?) he has the planets all over his chart as well.

Yes, David Beckham is the perfect case-study/role model for a number of astro-weirdings going on at the moment.

The next time Saturn kicks your arse, think of Becks also under the steely rays of Saturn and smile. Yes?

Oh but it’s not just Saturn. Ponder this.

* He has Mercury conjunct his Taurus Rising. This is fantastic for perpetual boyish good looks and endurance in all regards. But Neptune is squaring his Taurus Ascendent on and off for the next year. It’s like his identity is dissolving. Relationships change too. But Neptune transits are slippery. There can be deceit, there can be delusion. He wants/needs to change his image.  With this astro-passage, you yearn for Spirit.

* Saturn is sitting on his Pluto in Libra.  Boundaries, limitations and power-tripping par excellence. Massive opportunities to transform but in the same way that a bit of rock turns into a diamond from massive pressure.

* Venus in Scorp is going to be going back and forth across his Dsc, opposing his Mercury several times. There would be a conflict & some ambiguity in his love life and most definitely some form of triangulation.

* There is a Full Moon Eclipse near his Venus in Gemini, just before Xmas. More love-money drama.

Are any of you guys having similar transits?

50 thoughts on “David Beckham: Astro-Weirding Case Study

  1. Shouldn’t we wait for an Aries moon for a my transits are bigger than your transits session?
    If not then well, as follows:
    Neptune squaring Taurus Venus, merc and gem sun to some extent for ages now and for more ages to come.
    Saturn 3 degrees off my Pluto.
    Venus back and forth over north node and Uranus and opposing all my Taurus stuff, which includes mc, Jupiter and just about every asteroid you

  2. Hmmm, looks like I’ve also got Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra, in my 8th house. “Boundaries and limitations,” huh? That explains so much.

    Desperate for some transformation, difficult or not though, so I’m choosing to embrace it. :)

    Kataka Sun/Mercury
    Aqua Rising/Moon/Jupiter

  3. The past few charts I have looked at have all contained a lot of Aquarian inner planets. For example, one work colleague has Sun and Mars in Aquarius, another has Saturn there (okay, not an inner planet per se); and a new acquaintance has Venus and Mars there. That got me to thinking about how Neptune must have been working on them and how Neptune transits can be so tough, esp. if you don’t know what is going on.

  4. Oh, my god. This explains a lot.
    Neptune squaring my AC and my moon.

    Traveling all summer. Juice fasting. Dropping half my destructive social circle. Fantasizing about moving to India.

    However, Pluto conjunct Venus in Capricorn has been pure magic!
    I fell in love with the most incredible person, in the most amazing way, while in Pluto’s mythological homeland in the south of Spain.
    And we’re both having a Jupiter return.

    I’ve been having a lot of health issues though, Saturn is now in my 6th house.

  5. Saturn is about to enter my 11th. Lone Jupiter is there to beam counteracting benevolent rays.

    Venus in Scorpio will be going back and forth over my conjunt Nep & N.Node while opposing my conjunct sun & Merc.

    An eclispe at Xmas? Don’t know how to figure something that far in advance or anything else. Off to order the basic astrology book from MM’s link.

  6. mm saturn doing its thing over libran moon (12th) and libran pluto (11th) – I know nothing : )

    • But the lady behind him doesn’t seem to mind!

      Hmmm… Here’s my scorecard:
      Pluto trans. conjunct n. Sun
      Sat. trans conjunct my n. Jupiter/Uranus
      Uranus/Jupiter trans. conjunct my n. North Node
      U/J trans. conjunct my Chiron
      Progressed Venus conj. n. North Node
      Venus soon to square my n. Venus
      Mars soon to square my n. Venus

      There’s more…there’s more…
      I’ve been asked to submit an opera development grant with a team of designers/director. I’m drawing costume renderings for the first time in 15 years. Yes, my life in professional theater disappeared when Pluto took me through that 12th house Saggy trip, beginning in ’95. Buh-Bye, everyone!

      So, yeah. Really weird. But bless Jupiter’s bloated belly, I am so enjoying this far better than the first time around!

      No moolah yet, but I’m layin’ tracks to the bank.

  7. Just embarking on this journey of knowledge:

    So from what I can tell Saturn is just about to hit my Uranus, after leaving my venus and before that My pluto. It will then be visiting my mercury then my jupiter and finally my Libran sun, (at this point it I guess it will be opposing my asc as does my sun) I know that MM said that Saturn will be in Libra for awhile, but not sure on its dance moves – ie will it be going back and forth or a slow roll forward?? So either way it will be busy in Libra.

    There is whole lot of stuff going on on my moon including 4 trines which I believe are good yes? (I think I have 3-4 moon(aqua) trines with my libra planets in my natal too) and loads of other stuff and symbols on evrything else – I will look into tthat further.

    I feel like I am doing a school assignment, but I must have been paying attention in the posts and comments as some of the stuff seems quite clear. This is the first time I have really looked at aspects of a current transit – I like it, so much to know though.

    • Hippy chic, get yourself the ephemeris, off astrodienst. Yup Saturn goes back and forth, but hey you can plot all the dates. You said you like math before? It’s kinda a fun exercise in looking at grids of data. On the left menu bit you’ll see the link, you can download PDFs fir each year. 2 1/2 of them…
      I don’t envy you, but sounds like things in your world are rocking right now.

  8. Cool thanks, I can squeeze another hobby in! This looks like fun.
    Well way more fun than the physical manifestations of such transits in our lives (baa humbug). Oh well too tired to care or even notice very much at the moment, the retrospective should be cool though!!

  9. Current Moon is right smack on my Sun/Mn midpoint & MC in Pisces. Felt absolutely great today. Went to the gym at lunch…Ate good/right. Energy galore.

    Already talked about my suicide attempt with trans. Pluto conjunct Saturn, Saturn opposite Aries placements ( :) joke..)

  10. ‘little bit of rock turns to massive diamond due to massive pressure’ – one would fugging hope so!!

    he’s H.O.T (provided he keeps that squeeky trap shut of his!!)
    I bet on triangulation for sure.

    imagine waking up to that bit of gristle he’s married to & coping that ‘cats bum’ pursed lips just cos he didn’t plan his outfit the day before like she did. no wonder he likes to roam – seems to be staged living on the home front!

    still laugh at the U.K TVC that was canned a few years ago.

    Xmas scene at Beckingham Palace. Becks compiling Santa wish list at table. “Darl how do you spell D.V.D?” …… teeheeheeehee ;-) xox

  11. Neptune+Chiron is squaring my AC

    Venus will be going back and forth over my Pluto, Saturn and Mars

    Uranus+Jupiter squaring my Neptune, even though they are the biggie planets its been fuqing explosive, so I cant imagine how its going for people with the personal planets.

  12. What IS it with you girls and Beckham? If there’s anything more creepy than Beckham and his plastic wife, it’s how people go absolutely insane for him. You know, I ought to tell you a story I read about an obsessive fan in Japan and what she did when he visited Tokyo. It is the creepiest story in the history of creepdom.

      • No, it’s not that. There are plenty of hotter guys. But nobody seems to draw out the irrational levels of adulation like Beckham, Don’t goad me into telling you that uber-creepy fan story, I might have to for you to understand how some girls go weird just at the thought of him.

        • I think chicks like him because, like Brad Pitt, he looks like he would do all those manly sporty things – then come home and clean up the house and take out the trash. Because that’s what real men do. Right?

          • Beckham take out the trash?!? Impossible. He doesn’t even make his own trash, he has servants that do it for him.

  13. Saturn draped languidly around my 4th house on Pluto and Uranus

    I suppose Venus and Mars will eventually hit my Moon in Scorp at 23 deg?

    Uranus and Jupiter on my MC all night and day.

  14. David and Victoria both have Moon in Aqua. Perhpas she’ll be cool with the triangulation thingy? With Aries Sun perhaps she’ll try but I think ~NOT~!

    She has Leo rising which seems to explain her expenditures.

    She was a judge on American Idol here and she seemed really sweet. I think deep down she just might be but perhaps a bit off kilter values (material things) wise.

    • Yes, I think she isn’t as bad as she makes herself out to be! I like her clothes very much actually. Moon in Aqua is so beautiful.

  15. Beckham nor Posh inspire any great levels of passion from me one way or another.. but I did chance across a doco once about how Becks was removed from his beloved M.U.F.C. basiclaly because one of the new managers couldn’t stop seething with envy about him so Becks then had to go the Madrid.

    Then there was this interview between Becks and his wife (I always forget her name) and they’re just chatting away etc and I remember thinking, ‘They are sad. They are sad because they want to live in the UK and they can’t and even having truck loads of money can’t make people happy.’

    Truck loads of money can make people happy, true, but it wasn’t evident in that doco.

  16. Saturn is conjuncting my natal Pluto and squaring my natal Moon. It is definitely all about the boundaries and limitations right now.

    However, with that natal Moon in Capricorn (and with Pluto squaring both my Sun and Moon in the birth chart) I have had a lifetime so far of this kind of lesson.

  17. I think being married to posh spice is enough to warrant such a facial expression but then he has been cheating on her forever so prepare to be taken to thy cleaners boy! that pint size aries will drive her stiletto’s right through you..