Capricorn Noire

Rene Gruau

The Capricorn Moon is when it’s good for Grow t.f. Up in every regard.  Greeting vicissitudes of the day with a childish attitude does not work.

Me: i’m getting psycho-bats stalkery emails from a “fan” and it makes me want to cry as i’m trying to write scopes, clean house, help a sick-sad girlfriend and pay bills – instead of crying the Cap Moon’s message is Buck Up. So i establish the person’s address & deets, pass the whole lot onto the isps, the authorities etc and get on with being fabulous. We can but feel sorry for the drug-addled or mentally ill peeps in this world and there are more worthy peeps (my melancholy friend, you guys) who deserve my attention.

And, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction IS brillo inspiration for those of you trying to be cool and creative but Jupiter also hypes lower-Uranian energy as well. ie; the crazies. Watch it. Or rather, don’t dabble in the crazies.  Not everyone loves or benefits from the super-hi-qi-vibing frequency of the moment.

The Capricorn Moon can sometimes stir up status anxiety and/or the desire for Capricornian type objects – a work of official Art here, some significant jewellery there. It is fantastic for Big Picture ideas as to how you can rev up the Saturn side of your life.  Cue fantastic work insights now and through until the weekend.

“There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning,” wrote essayist Christopher Morley. Coco Chanel nipped off the mantra as her own, as Leos are wont to do. But it’s a goodie for the Capricorn Moon…today and tomorrow.

Mature is in. Even if you’re 12. Actually one of the most wise and inscrutable peeps i know is my daughter’s Capricorn friend, aged 11.  Stay a person of substance & step around any flaccid gits who get in your hard-working way. Such is the message of the Cap Moon.

Any extra psychological oomph/rage behind it is Moon-Pluto…

36 thoughts on “Capricorn Noire

  1. Does the moon being in your sun sign always make one melancholy and sooky? Maybe it’s just that I’ve come down with a cold and am deforesting some poor nation with excessive tissue consumption…?
    Cap Moon transits my 5th House, and usually makes me want to lay low, read, bake, plant, compose… is that the source of the introverted emo-edge? or does Moon on natal Sun really just make us all saps??

  2. Holy Moley…. 8O

    That sounds full on Mystic! Good on you for acting smart & handing over deets to relevant authorities, not always nice but it is essential for your own peace of mind & safety etc…

    I just did mature I swear……My elderly neighbour has had some health worries. I baked her a cake & just took it over to her. She was getting a little teary about some tests & I told her to not worry about it just yet, lets wait for the results to come back…. Insert totally mature wise words used here…..

    *Channeling my sudden pragmatic Capricorn traits* 8O

  3. sheez musta been grokking this – woke to head running rote re litany of own life failures. went back to sleep telling self to GTF overit & rewoke ready to charge, evolve & plough on with what CAN be done / capitalize on FAB opps & see where the journey leads – stepping far away from what obviously has NOT been done (in the past).

    SOZ re yr cyber stalker Mystalicious – elusion has many guises!!

    better get back to reinvention central! xox;-) xox

  4. Holy Freakfest Mystic… There must be something in the water… I, just this moment, received another yackworthy creep-missive from my stalker. Bad spelling and grammar as per usual (how NOT to stalk a Virgo), and with that familiar unhinged edge.
    Could this be a Mars in Scorpio trend? Hope not.

    Ho hum. Add it to the file and back to work. Glad you’re not letting your unwanted attention rattle you. xx

      • yeah, that was me. but, considering we don’t encounter each other in the day-to-day world, you might as well consider me anonymous. even being anville for a month or two does not make me any more viable as a mystic-comment-room personality unless you’re completely vapid. just b/c you’re posting you’re oh-so-real, often-used pseudonym here doesn’t enter you into an i’m-oh-so-real-for-the-fact contest any where else but in your own mind. hate comments, welcome.

          • i’m sorry to offend. seriously. but, the tone of my post doesn’t overamplify any kind emotion/sentiment here-to-fore exemplified in this forum. i would be saddened to find this forum catering to a good ‘ol boys club vibe rather than the organic dialogue so real-world-time encouraged in the daily scopes. i can see how the word “hate” would be incite-full. so, i will be more sensitive in the future. but, i find it funny, since every other pseudo-sacreligious term and joke-point is of oft taken advantage for entertainment’s sake.

          • There was a whole bunch of anti-Damons comments from an anonymous ‘pseudonym’ and it was extremely tiresome to read.

            You are right, I found these comments equally tiresome to read under your pseudonym.
            I shall consider you anonymous in the future per your request.

          • andromeda, numerous quotes down, thanks for being so quick to judge, etc. but those anonymous,enough-already comments about the damons were not from me, though i agreed with enough-already on that thread, very minimally. not that the distinction matters. personally, i can’t judge a whole person on minimal internet comments. i find my present and past comments to be very un-judgmental on the personal level. i can, however, voice my perception on a situation or subject, just as you are able to and show no deficit in doing. i am sorry to be so petty but i can’t let such pettiness go without at leat attempting to equal it.

          • Maybe I was a bit harsh, I didn’t appreciate being called vapid, no matter how true it is :) Let’s forgive and forget for a happier blog?

  5. Mature, eh?
    Maybe that’s why I talked myself out of vegan ice cream after yoga. :p

  6. Well Mystic my advise (what I was advised and what worked – I hope it stays that way) is don’t reply at all, hand it all over to the police (they can probably find them via ISPs etc) and they’ll go give them a visit and tell them to stop. And if that doesn’t work they can put them in jail for a little while.

    So sorry you’re going through this though. When it happened to me everyone kept joking about how it should be a compliment, but it’s not at all. It’s horrible, horrible, horrible. And really unsettling. Just don’t reply.


  7. Well, I love the moon in Capricorn.
    It makes me feel very balanced. I’ve been making plans for my future re: further education, getting my head all straightened out re: boy troubles, and generally feeling productive and cool.
    My moon is in Capricorn. It suits me when it’s here.
    Please stay.
    I feel real grown up.