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Virginia Sterrett

A Sunday with the Moon exalted in Taurus; bliss. Never mind that the Sun-Pluto square is like a little aftershock from the Zap Zone. It’s nothing you can’t deal with an Lunar Taurus = steady, gracious, assured, sensual, grounded and in touch with one’s physical intelligence. Yes, it is a tad hippy, now that you ask but SO soothing if you go with it. It’s also the Massage Moon. Till Tues.

34 thoughts on “Bovinity

  1. My mum shouted me a ridiculously good massage on Fridy.
    I don’t think I could do another so soon?
    I am sort of beating myself up about not going to the gym that much this week (only 3 days… my minimum is normally 5). I have been riding my bike too and from work and going for an hour long walk during my lunch break. But I normally go to the gym after.
    My bad dreams and early mornings are a combination that just makes me concerned that I will not lift a weight properly, or push too hard… and then I will ruin myself for a week or 2.
    I can’t seem to make a decision that I feel comfortable with.
    maybe this indicates home and sleep after work… or more realistically, home and Mad Men.

    • wow Venus a gg, i think between hour long walks and cycling to work , 3 days at the gym instead of 5 probably counts as giving your body a rest.

      • “the devil will find work for idle hands to do”…:)
        I am not so good with allowing myself a bit of a rest. Bites me in the ass every now and again.

        I am now going to the gym with my Gem mum. She has blood pressure issues and has not been in a few weeks. I am making her go (and therefore making me go). We have promised to keep an eye on each other so we stay in a gentle workout frame of mind.
        The weather is GLORIOUS today.
        I am trying to work out how I can get all my firends to the park for a BBQ this afternoon (after gym) for a lounge and a good feed in the sunshine.

  2. A sweet-as-sugar day with the Hunky Toro (ahem)Friend yesterday. He can swim in this pisces ocean near anytime…

  3. An exhausting Sun square Pluto day…battle fatigue, fending off alligators.

    Need a nice soothing Taurus Moon day tomorrow.


  4. moon in toro is good for prosperity magic – with mars and venus in scorpio in my 5th and moon in toro on my part of fortune am thinking it’s time to do some fast money / work visuaising. Have just made some mad obstacle removing incense with cloves, black pepper and prickly ash and some grapefruit rind and salt – smells amazing. Have a great week peeps x

  5. I walked to the city today from home (about 20 mins – I live on the inner part of the inner west) and went to Mrs Macquarie’s chair. My Scorp b/f did his intense photography thing, whilst I was I tried to care for his long technical explanations of aperture and some other crap…ooops sorry, I mean “looked on lovingly”. We walked through the Botanic Gardens, oohed and aaahed at the beauty of the harbour, browsed in shop windows, perfect day blah, blah, blah all EXCEPT for two things . We were going to bus it home, but due to lots of road closures in city we had to walk about half the length of the trip to Central to catch it . This would have been only a small pain but for the fact I ended up being on my feet for about 4.5 hours straight during our ramble and my bloody shoes ended up killing my f*!%ing feet – they are sooo sore . I feel totally knackered and have just gone a foot soak, which is now making me drowsy but I can’t sleep cause one my b/f’s loud Aqua mates is coming around for dinner and a jam with my b/f. Ahhhhh!! *Deep breath* Got to relaxxxxxxxx……… on the plus side at least I won’t be doing the cooking!

  6. this toro honoured her moon and rode her bicycle for 156kms today in light breezes and 26 degrees.

    Around Kurrajong, it was like aromatherapy with spring blossom, awesome views!! country looking fantastic! birds tweetering and maggies swooping…………….. LOL!

    • sounds amazing…it’s autumn here and getting colder fast. although autumn has it’s own beauty and at least it’s sunny today. i’ve had some sort of bug this weekend but i reckon if i wrap up warm a walk in the park could be just what i need.

  7. Awesome pic! I painted something along this theme once, this makes it look like something a cow sat on of course.. ANYway, I feel calm and assertive with this moon.

    Every other night the young dude living across the road has his friends rock up and beep on the horn several times until he comes out. I got really annoyed and GemHub said ‘Why don’t you say something then?’. Alright, I say and march out in my dressing gown.

    Finding two young men mid-leaning on the horn, I lecture them on the facts of putting young children to bed, courtesy, noise-pollution and urged them to tell all their friends, to physically get out of the car and make personal contact with their friend…grrr!!! They were giggling of course and staring at this crazy woman.

    At home I realised my top was down (but my bra was on!) as I had just been breastfeeding… :P Well they will remember my lecture for sure, hahaha!

  8. a big gratefulness to all the massage therapists out there who have to do the work for us to receive!

    • Why thank you Plutonic. We do work really, really hard but luckily we get alot of appreciation too!


      • yes, triple like!! massage is the foundation of my health care regime (lots of yoga, bike riding too and sometimes weight training) and i hardly ever get sick. it soooooooooooo works! so thanks from me too, you are well appreciated!

  9. I have been shopping (lingerie and goose down duvets together with dark chocolate, coffee and biscotti), doing hair/skin treatments, painting nails, reading whilst lying on the sofa drinking red wine and chatting to friends whilst toasting marshmallows over a candle. That has been my WHOLE weekend. Although I’m a Taurus so maybe the moon nabs me double.

    • I slept too, when I wasn’t baking or doing laundry…. Still managed to be in bed by 8.30, lights out at nine, after a nap at 2.20, and getting up late at 10.30!!
      But I’m still getting better….. Weekly acupuncture, chinese herbs, no drinking….. I will be better soon, I will want to leap out of bed and swan off to the gym. I will lose this layer of fat that is creeping over my body (ugh).
      Must reignite the anti wheat thing – have been lazy lately, hitting it for an energy boost, and all it does is make me sick.
      Hilariously however, I’ve tried to have a drink 3 time sin the last 10 days, and each time I get a few sips in, and I think this is yuk, it tastes bad…. and tip it out when noone is watching…..
      Ho hum.

  10. Don’t know about anything else, I just love the artwork. Absolutely superb and gives a feeling of absolute blissful abundance and laid-back-ness. I do so love the pics you dish up, Mystic, always gorgeous, always triggering ideas, always luscious.