AstroScape 2011: The Thrive Guide

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Anthony Burrill Via Gala Darling

AstroScape 2011: The Thrive Guide is up now:

* Sign by Sign Scopes for each sign – read both your Sun and Rising Sign, ideally.

* Info re the Zap Zone of 2011

* Mercury Retrograde Dates

* The Supernaturalist – genius, must-know dates for 2011 (love dates, Eclipses etc) so that you can schedule

* Eleven thrive tips for each sign

* Gorgeous illos…

It is $12 & it’s an Astro-Confidential so buyers are sent back a password which opens it & then it basically stays open for the next 16 months or whatevs, so you can refer to it when you like…You can purchase via Paypal here or email if you have questions…

28 thoughts on “AstroScape 2011: The Thrive Guide

  1. i just want to know when all this scorp-venus energy is suposed to start hitting i seem to be living in some sort of psychic convent -and im bored!!!

    • DITTO!!!

      I spent the weekend at a yoga retreat & now I’m not coping being back in society, especially as there is NOTHING happening in my life here…same old same old…I just want to retreat back to the retreat & not have to talk to anyone nor make any decisions other than which class I will attend …hold a bowl out for my food…sit in the garden watching birds….

      Over waiting for whatever it is I’m waiting for *sigh* I keep hoping that SOMETHING new & exciting will come into my life, hopefully a bit of romance….bit of hanky panky….but ….nada. Am over this nun like existence. Bah humbug.

        • Me, too. I’ve been keeping my eye on that Saturn as it goes over your Venus, Scorpy, tick, tock, tick, tock . . . has it passed all the way yet? How’s it going?

          • and yes i do know i’ve been whinging away on here for ages. but finally i think i just got so bored of feeling crap i realised i could just stop. so now i feel good again, and am trying to spread the joy.
            it’ll end eventually… xxo

          • yeah it’s me. Haven’t felt like commenting coz i have nothing interesting or positive to say. Life’s been fuqed since Feb, then post Zap Zone i went on anti-depressants coz i couldn’t cope anymore. It’s been over a decade since i’ve been on them. Was plodding along ok for a bit… just functioning, trying to find some meaning in this random meaningless universe, then i found out my mum has cancer, so I’m back in a dark hole again.

            Yesterday, Saturn was zero degrees on my venus and i spent it taking my mum to hospital to get a PET scan to determine whether the cancer is primary or secondary and because she has diabetes her sugar levels were too high so they were unable to proceed with the scan. So we have to go back again on Friday. The anxiety of not knowing is killing me and i can’t focus on anything.

            Yes, i’m looking after myself and eating well and exercising but there is no joy in any of it. Saturn on venus seems to suck all the joy from one’s life. One of my favourite quotes ever is from American Beauty:

            “Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world I feel like I can’t take it, like my heart’s going to cave in” I could always relate to it with Libra venus but not anymore. My heart feels like it’s going to cave in from ugliness, suffering and cruelty in the world.

            I don’t even know if i believe in astrology anymore. Not that i ever truly “believed” but it gave me something to hold onto – hope that after a challenging transit things would get better but they never seem to. Apparently one “pulls” after Saturn is off your venus, but that’s another two years away and i’ll be menopausal. So all I have to look forward to is a dry vagina! Happy days!

            See… now you know why i’ve been quiet. Nothing positive to say but thanks for thinking of me Shell, Inchy and UPV. It’s very kind of you all :)

          • Oh robots, sorry to hear about your mum… I sincerely hope Friday gives you and mum some measure of stability, at least in the sense of knowing what’s what.
            Re: antidepressants, I can relate to that, my dosage was upped a few weeks ago to stop me from checking out. Likewise, I felt there was too much ugliness & badness. (and finally told my dad about the childhood abuse I suffered – not from him, from another person). My body just shut down afterward and started psychosomatically sprouting all sorts of things, like it was puking all the bad crap.
            It’s good to hear you’re eating well and exercising, though, those are good signs.
            Do you have a trusted acupuncture person? That may be a go. I find the effects are more immediate than antidepressants, and at times immediate help, even just a bit, is what’s welcome, you know?
            And btw, with Mars & Venus soon to do fireworks in your sign, a dry vagina isn’t happening I don’t think. :lol: I’m thinking along the lines of goodness for you, like getting your joie de vivre back, even if just a tad.
            Thanks for letting us know how you’re doing. And just coz you had nothing “positive” to say, it’s ok to say stuffs about it, if you feel like saying more. If not, that’s cool too.
            Vibing lovely choc-covered ginger bikkies and lovely teas to you, bot! Tip: look out for when you feel some bumbleduckies hovering nearby, they’re the couriers. ;)

          • I’ve noticed you haven’t been around Scorpy Doll and wondered what was up. So Sorry to hear about Mum. Prayers..

            Big Hugs & Luv xo

            p.s., Sometimes I give the astro a break and just live life. Seems if we spend too much time figuring it out we actually aren’t in the moment. This is what I’ve found anyway.

          • I’m really sorry to hear about your Mum Scorpy. It’s great that you can be about to help her through it. When my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer I was on the other side if the world, talk about feeling helpless.
            I truly hope things start to look up for you. Take care petal xxo

          • hi robotnik, was also aware of your absence and hoping all is well with you. Sorry to hear that things are saturnian and about your mum having those troubles. Wishing you much love and support from afar, xx.

          • Scorpy, Glad you’re still around and at least “listening in” even if you’re not “dropping in” on the comments. Sorry to hear about your mother and the return to the black hole. I don’t have any words of wisdom that you haven’t pondered before, so just know it’s okay to withdraw. From my vantage point, I see this Saturn on your Venus as being about the heavy weight of responsibility and family duty. I also don’t see it as lasting two years, where did you get that? There are no Saturn retrogrades that would bring it back to your Venus. Just because Saturn stays in Libra that long does not mean it’s directly affecting your Venus for the same length of time. Saturn’s moving on away from your Venus, so you’ll get some brightness back in sooner than you expect. x from another Libra Venus.

        • robots, is this you? If it is, how are you! Been worried about you, hope you’re all good.

  2. It’s ok for UPV to have everything she wants including facial skin that’s free of stupid severe allergy attacks (that looked like it was going away two days ago but came back this morning rather viciously, even if slightly different in texture).
    It’s ok for UPV to have her smooth facial skin back dammit! Repeat as many times as needed.
    Time to don a burka or at least a veil or go find a cave.

    Mystic, awesome sign, thank you3x! Will purchase this as soon as I can.

    • THANK YOU to the generous gal who sent this fabu AstroScape my way!!!!!

      A complete surprise; I stared at the screen and kept reading the message.

      Magical Bumbleduckie blessings and thanks your way! :D (they know where to go, don’t worry)

  3. Having read the AstroScape for the new year, I’ve decided I want to be a Pisces. Aries and Scorpio sound same old, same old. I want to do something different. I wonder if I can work my Pisces moon and Venus into mega Pisces-ness next year. Think like a Pisces, look like a Pisces, walk like a Pisces…no, no, I walk like an Aries, that confident I-know-where-I’m-going walk? I think I’ll be somebody else next year.

    • Perhaps Uranus in Aries will turn you into a Pisces next year, A.S. SURELY you will not be the same on any account!

  4. I love this art. I want to wrap it up and send it to a family member of mine.

    She loves black. She also doesn’t believe the universe is an abundant place and that if i have something she cannot have it too. Envy is such a waste of time! We can all achieve our dreams I truly believe it.

    I am just too busy and tired right now to work out what my dreams are…

  5. It’s fantastic Mystic! Thank you. It really compliments the daily and monthly scopes. You don’t have to be a subscriber to get the full meaning of AstroScape but they will really compliment each other next year- consider it if you’re not a subscriber. I like the way it’s set out and the pictures are just gorgeous. I’m keeping my AstroScape from this year because I really like the description of things to do for each moon.