Astro-Query: Piscean Identity Crisis

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Corinne Day

“Dearest Mystic,

How are you? Are you surviving the zappage? Is the kitteh safe? etc…I have to write [I generally avoid doing this as I know you get a squillion emails every hour] I am having a Pisces crisis…and I know you may be one person who understands!

This is naturally occurring because I am comparing myself to other peeps, naturally of other sun signs, and I find myself wanting.  (Rule no 1, don’t compare yourself to other people?!) I don’t know how this started. Well yes I do, it’s because of a recent Toro-moment that has got me a little shaken and stirred.

I am having trouble seeing how Pisceans [other than you *obviously* ;)] stand out in any special way.

I feel that I am not magnetic, impenetrable and sexily threatening like a Scorpio.

I am not charismatic and stable and caring like a Cancer.  I am not a photographer/boat-builder/woman-about-town like a Saggitarian.

I am not tactile, simple and stoic like a Taurus [sigh].

Nor do I have the unshakeable convictions of an Aqua, or the teflon-like emotional invulnerability of a Gemini.

Not as seemingly together and socially adept as a Virgo.  Shite at relating, unlike lovely Librans. Clearly no self confidence, opposite to Leo. etc etc.  You see? crisis. It’s totally fuqing with me…where is Pisces in all of this?  Are we all in martini bars and trawling jewellery stores for creative inspiration? Sitting up in bed with our laptops reading about something obscure, looking for the next art exhibition?

In more lucid moments I tell myself to sort my shit out and stop feeling so pathetically sorry for myself.  But in the face of city living [after a long hiatus] amongst photographers, therapists, beautiful people, fulfilled creatives [ah the dream] and efficient, happy professional types, whatever, well it all comes crashing down.  I just feel so… of little consequence. What sets us apart?

Maybe I really am nothing more than an advanced dishcloth. lol. This may be one more for the therapis couch than my lovely astrologer but hey, it’s worth a shot.

love you mystic baby,

The Freaked Out Piscean xxxx”

Dear Freaked Out Piscean,

I think this is just a hangover from Saturn in Virgo for so long. Pisceans are fab, rad people; multi-faceted, sexy and unique. Read the Pluto in Capricorn self-help book, go fix the Feng and re-read Hi-Lo Pisces.

Jupiter & Uranus are conjoining in Pisces on Sept 18/19: sudden serendipity for Piscean peeps for sure…And then there a few more such lucky conjunctions between now and next March. Cherchez Le Grip!

Oh and maybe it is a Chiron-in-Pisces crisis so you go through a stage of feeling crappy and then voila: the vision of greatness actioned by you with intense chutzpah and authenticity etc?

And maybe find some Pisceans you admire to model off?

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  1. Most of my bestest friends are piscean. I love their wit and astute observational skills, I love that they don’t smother me as a person. They are clever and clean and have a great eye for fashion/design etc. They are great to go out with. If I had more minutes before job two I would espouse more. Oh and they are really grounding! LOVE my pisces friends immensely. My equal fave are my scorp friends, for similar reasons. Chin up, you guys are sexy!

  2. During those times I gently recall that as the 12 sign I am all signs so therefore house the best and the not so of the other 11.

    That picture tells so much
    wellies – taurus earth
    sleek mane – virgo essence
    transfrom from the wreckage – how scorp
    pink curtains – very libra
    determined stance – leo/aries for sure
    boohoo simplicity – pisces
    fly vague – up for the adventure sagg
    looking outwards – aqua
    2hr schedule – cap watching for productivity
    painted gal – gem making the best of it
    securing the base – cancer

    Corinne we pisces are all that and then some.

  3. Holy shit, just found out that Corinne Day – the brill photographer has died after long illness (brain tumour). This is sad news! Was she an Aqua?? RIP Ms Day, & you will live on in your pictures….

  4. you know someone once told me that pisceans are the most evolved of all the star signs. that we all probably start off aries, in some life or another and then work our way through the zodiac … then with everything we’ve learnt we become pisces… and when i meet piscean people, i truly believe this.
    My Grandmother and my husband are both pisces, my sister and i are both pisces rising (thank heavens to mercatroid) and some of the most beautiful people i know are pisceans … they arent trying to get you to love or like them, nor are they in your face , they just are, and it is most definately part of their charm (for me). .i think them wise, and not needing to be in the spotlight … i feel drawn in to them, as though they have some secret knowledge.that they just might impart on me if i can be still and patient and not distracted and all over the shop .that they dont have to brag about, they just know..i’ve also never met a Piscean with an ”agenda”’… love ém …

  5. Corinne – a cuspy: aqua/pisces – what was it recently that Mystic observed, that aquas vibing more piscean or vice versa??

  6. Pisces people are wonderful! My best friend is a Pisces. The best lover I have EVER had the joy of being with is a Pisces. I wake up and the first thing I do every morning is turn on my email to receive wonderfully astute wisdom from a Pisces.

    Pisces shimmer an otherworldly persona around themselves. They are poised, wise and make the most wonderful confidants. They are generous with their time, caring and prepared to listen even if they don’t agree with what you are saying. The Pisces I know are rarely judgemental, have a fantastic sense of humour, are seemingly compossed / self-contained, value their own company and have the most vivid dreams and often remind me to consider life from another perspective.

    I would not like my life to be bereft of Pisceans.

  7. This may have fuq all to do with anything but someone may be able to help me …why do i attract beautiful women who have cancer? i just met another one while over on the island thats 3 in a row now, whats it all about ? the law of attraction i am trying to grasp and understand i am staring to think i am responsible for attracting these peeps and my aqua brain wants to know why. Why cant i attract a beautiful healthy girl ? and are Pisceans meant to be on their the last incarnation ? as in im Aqua so i have one more incarnation to go as a Piscean ? i heard that somewhere or read it in a book once…. like we all get a turn at being different signs?

    • From my understanding, we are on our last incarnation when we become enlightened and then decide if we want to come back or not. Many enlightened Master’s were/are of all different signs. I personally don’t feel a truth button with the linear “because one is a Pisces they are on their last incarnation”. Just don’t feel it works that simply (and no, I’m not just saying this because I’m an Aries! lol)

      Just my opinon. Know you’re just one sign away Damons! Make a run for it (enlightenment) now, I say! And then there is the belief (somewhere) that we eventually end up doing our chart backwards…Good gravy don’t know who has the answer to it all in this manner (except someone who is enlightened) as once enlightened, it’s said that we have transcended our chart and we are no longer bound by this particular solar system (things to that effect). Just tid-bits I’ve picked up here and there… I suppose also that whatever one’s sign whilst enlightened on earth, is because that person is supposed to embody a particular archetype and universal energy. Christ, a Pisces, embodied love, Buddah, a Taurus, wisdom and so on.

      Meanwhile, sorry about your predicament. That’s tough our lovely surfer man.

        • Yeah Buddah is a Taurus my little bro is born on Buddahs birthday and was actually blessed by the Dali Lama when he came to oz years ago. Its cool about the women with cancer dont feel sorry for me. Im just wondering what its all about i mean i can kinda see the part i play in all this but im thinking maybe i should be doing it for a living as in getting paid for it or join a volunteer organisation or charity to help counsel these peeps it comes natural to me.

    • Damons – i just remembered seeing something in the archives here about uranus-tricks/messages coming in threes – perhaps you have some uranus action manifesting ??? Just a thought … also, may I prod the idea of ‘healthy’ … it comes it goes … so does beauty …

      • when i say beauty i see some kind of beauty in all women i mean i can focus on one feature that i find beautiful and i see the soul and spirit also. I am attracted to the popular stereotype too dont get me wrong i am a man after all but it only goes so far i can take it or leave it and 9 times out of ten ill leave it . Ive always gone for the girl from the farm or the shy girl in the corner or the one with no money . Jesse is good looking but i was more attracted to her spirit honestly and her choice/selection of high heels… hows that for a contradiction? im so bent.

    • Realistically I suspect damons your hook ups have a lot to do with the prevalence of the HPV virus. Along with whatever it is that you’re attracting / trying to work through via your significant other/s.

      • OH GOD SORRY – I just realised that potentially sounds a bit ummm… well maybe rude – in case you’re not aware damons cervical cancer is caused by a virus (is that the cancer they all have?) and the statistics of the adult population who carry it are epidemic and that combined with the fact that many women don’t have regular smears means it gets out of hand and goes from pre-cancerous lesions – which are NOT cancer, hence the “pre” and can be successfully treated with lasers to the big C faster than you can say CIN 1, 2, 3. If you’ve slept with anyone who has HPV you should be going the condom route (no pun intended) so the chances of it being spread if you’ve picked it up are reduced. It’s a crazy virus – people are now getting mouth cancer from it if they’re into fellatio as a pastime. I LOVE that I just said fellatio – am I allowed to say that here? So yeah – you might just be living somewhere where it’s flourishing right now and people maybe don’t know they have it until it’s too late.

        • If you have HPV you should also let your partners and ex-partners know because they can spread it even if they don’t have symptoms, even if they are male.

  8. My role model in life is a Pisces, I wish I could be more like her. In fact whenever I emulate her reactions, life flows with ease

    On the other hand, I swore I could write the same letter to Mystic myself. I don’t feel as happy as I thought I should be, and yes comparing with others is more frequent.


    • Dear freaked out Pisces
      As a Pisces rising, should tell you one mishap with Pisces is: until they understand their power they may lost even if their power and uniqueness is told to them over and over again

      The moment a Pisces understands his/her power, she/he is powerful beyond whatever had set limits before. Fortunately for the rest of us majority of Pisces is compassionate. :) enjoy your uniquely compassionate being for all of us. As a gem Pisces is what saves me from being my evil twin :)

    • My best mate shorty was a Pisces and he was actually part fish as in amphibious he didnt go too well on land and preferred to be on or in salt water and lived on fresh fish like a dolphin. He was a real waterman. His claim to fame was he slept through a cyclone on his dads trawler while the rest of the crew cried for their mums and after surviving the storm some vowed never to go to sea again…. he was a good bloke too but never got over this girl he had Jo, she sailed into our lives on a beautiful 45 ft yacht one day while we were enjoying a few beers at the wharfs beer garden . Love can destroy or make a man ive seen it with my own eyes . Make em or break em. Some guys just never get over that one special girl , wonder if that s true especially for piscean men. Pisces women are lovely!

  9. My mother was a Pisces sun/ Leo moon and she was freakin’ AMAZING! Brilliant, beautiful, kick ass, ahead of her time and not scared to make a fuss if it was for something she really believed in. And freakily, amazingly psychic. EMBRACE your Pisces. They are gorgeous, funny, sexy, smart, dreamy, loving people. That’s what sets you guys apart. Don’t let those “beautiful city people” get you down. Remember you are a BIG fish baby!!!!!

    • Am embracing my Pisces ascendant. Need the healing waters nearby, have my head in the clouds sometimes, but feet (feet! – buying MORE shoes??!! pisceans ruling the feet) on the ground. Dreaminess, but honouring my own specialness & setting the good useful boundaries.
      Rev up the neptunian creativity & receptivity! (without hitting the bottle too hard in the meantime!)

  10. Yes it is cool about my bro but i can tell you he is far from reaching enlightenment i can assure you! hes a little terror and so bovine but i love him heaps. And i get your drift sweetypea. Thankyou.

  11. What’s not to love? Even when life is shit, we pisceans can imagine/ phantasise immense beauty and live there for a while.

    Open minded, creative, loving, soft but strong…but full of self-doubt so confidence does go up and down. My advice: stick to the imagination when confidence is low – relish the times when your confidence is sky-high. Learn to embrace who you are and leave other ‘ways-of-being’ to other signs/ peeps.

    • My friend shorty was an ideas man and inventor and together with my aqua mind and his pisces brain we would conspire/ conjure / imagine up some really way out ides (throw a little shiva into the mix and far out! ) often i was the only one who could understand him besides his mum and even she had trouble understanding him at times and loved a chat god you couldnt go anywhere with him hes just ramble on for hours about an idea he had for a boat design to a stranger and try to get the stranger to hand over thousands of dollars to finance the project! fuqing tripper but a nice tripper and ahead of his time…

      • Oh that’s hilarious.. I noticed that when I end up meeting up with Aquarians.. particularly men I turn into a Pisces wheeling and dealing bloke and get carried away being an ideas man.. and I am all woman.. I love bouncing off Aquarians.. particularly men..

        • i think we “get ” eachother. Aquas and Pisces . You know fish swim in water . Aqua carry water and fish swim in it . They can breath in it . I love how fish can do that ….

        • i just got that cf…… i love bouncing off Aquarians particularly men. Or maybe im taking it the wrong way? I love bouncing off Pisces … particularly women…..

  12. Well, in all honesty (what you said further above Damons about Pisces men and “the fish that got away”. I wouldn’t mind it if the ex Fish still yearned a little (he used to say “you’re the one who has always been in my heart”. Anyone who has ever been special to us, I guess a little place in our own heart hopes they still care in some manner). Think his Leo Moon Mars was just a little too proud sometimes tho and his Aqua Venus too detached for my earth placements to handle. My Cappy Moon tho got on wonderfully with his Pisces Sun.

    He “did” compare himself to others quite a bit and took his low self esteem out on me. If only he would have taken a moment to look inside he would have seen that was what was going on. A part of him was simply to proud to admitt anything and then if he did, he’d say he was sorry and then repeat the same behaviors and patterns all over again. Absolutely maddening. Told him he was the sorriest person I’d ever known and that I didn’t want to hear “I’m sorry” anymore. Also told him he was emotionally retarded. All of this sounds rather cruel, but I still loved him anyway for so many of the wonderful Piscean (and other signs stuff) that he was (and no, he was not really emo retarded, just well, perhaps a bit delayed :) Tarot lady told me he wasn’t going to get it until he was 50. So, three more years for him. THEN I might consider taking him back. Aries Dad told me also to not date men below 50 years old. So hurry up you, you, big ol idiot. If I’m still single you may still have a chance!)

    From my limited experience with Pisces (as far as how many I’ve known), I would say a Pisces would discover their own uniqueness when they are conscious of themselves in the manner that they don’t project rose colored glasses onto the loved one and then when we don’t measure up to their vision we remind them of their own defects because then that is two down. In a relationship, a person cannot be an equal until they have done their own homework.

    But my Piscean co-worker. She is always kind to me and listens when we compare notes on important, feeling, things. She is always available for a hug and there is a very wise old soul in that 25 year old body.

    • Mystic is THE most profound intelligent mentally stimulating woman in oz im starting to think and a Pisces but i think M may be a Kiwi im not sure… i detected a hint of an accent. Not that i have anything against Kiwis i love kiwi women , they rock . So do Australian women and American and Irish and European and Ukranian and Brazillian and so on and so on etc etc …..

      • I detected a hint of an accent as well! LOL! And btw I always secretly thought she was a pisces like me, but I’m sure everyone reads her posts and think she is actually living inside their head … what a woman!!

  13. Sweetheart if you keep carrying around that energy that you are “not special” then thats the energy you put out, thats what the universe hears and thats what other people pick up when they meet you – its a no win situation! Time to give it the flick me thinks!

    We were all born with natural talents and fabulosity, but if YOU don’t believe it no one else will. You can say to me well you’re a scorpio and I will tell you that I also have pisces rising – so I completely understand Pisces have amazing energy. Every Pisces I know practically has a fan club everyone loves them. See that in yourself honey and you will rock :)

    • In my zen training when i was in my early 20’s i was taught to deflate the ego and that i was “no one special” i was as signifigant / insignifigant as a blade of grass and equal to a grain of sand or a rock in a creek bed. I understand my strengths and weaknesses / abilities and am aware and careful of not comparing myself to others it leads to vanity or bitterness and desire / attatchment leads to sorrow and suffering. Its just really hard to practice a method that it thousands of years old in a modern day society. I am special i know that . I am . I am who? who am I? fuq im going to bed.

  14. Off topic – Mystic, so glad you just sent out the Daily Scope for tomorrow. Was just feeling distressed and teary re my husband from whom I separated in Feb. Been missing him lately. I do know we have to be apart and it was just so comforting to read that these emotions are planetary pulls.

  15. If this letter had been reproduced with the sun signs blanked out we would have all known that a Piscean had written.
    I think Freaked Out Piscean is doing what most Pisceans in my life do extremely well – feel a tad sorry for themselves in a sensitive, sweetly jaded and intimate way.
    I am sure there are madly elegant, in tune, psychic, and worldly Pisceans out there but I have met less of them than I would like (I haven’t met the Glorious MM, but am sure she is such). I have met even less of those warrior Pisceans that pop up sometimes, but they do seem omnipotent types when I read of them.

    • What I want to know, is why our Freaked out Pisces did not mention Aries, huh? WHY! WHY!

      Lol…going to bed too…

      • unshakeable self-belief of an Aries… dispassionate focus of a capricorn… the freaked out piscean felt like she was going on a bit i guess x

        • Unfortuneatly, it is shakable sometimes UP! But I like hearing you say that just the same. I was doing a stereotypical Aries temper tantrum (in jest..A little bit of “laugh at oneself” humor…We’re supposed to have tantrums so I’m going to have one here and there just for emphasis as my dispassionate Cappy Moon looks on like wtf? lol x)

          • hehe. aries and cappo combo must make for interesting times inside that lovely head of yours sometimes SP! cool-headed cap vs. aries “what do you mean, stop and think?!” xx

  16. I love hearing all your wonderful comments about Pisces.. but dear Freaked Out Piscean my biggest draw card for my current joyful adventure.. and I am now 44 so have been struggling with myself for a long time.. is really loving myself and being really happy in grounded with myself and now this is finally being reflected in the world around me.. we can be powerful creators of our experience of reality if we learn to observe..

    Although I so understand about the trouble relating I don’t find it easy but its just practice and I keep practicing the more comfortable you get the easier and more open it can be. Incidentally I had a blind date with another Fish tonight.. turned out he had the same birthday at me.. very trippy .. like looking into a very fluid mirror.. he was just less there thus very frustrating. Be present and the world is waiting for you to be there :)

  17. Dear freaked out piscean.
    My Pisces moon redeems my Gemini facade of emotional invunerability, and my Leo facade of self confidence. My taurean bits especially love it because it too glorifies in simple wonders like trees and the ocean and can spin me lovely stories to bring them to life. I hope you can turn your list of nots around. There is value in being emotionally vulnerable, and not ego inflated, and not stoic.

  18. pisces sneak up on you – might not be so “obvious” as some of the other signs in what they are good at… they are good at just being human / not taking themselves too bloody seriously / but still (often) having quite strong talents and commitment.
    They probably go wrong when they start doubting themselves, if they go with their own flow, they seem to handle quite tough / full-on things ok but still have that lovely way of charming you in listening to you / taking you a bit seriously or just reacting sporadically to things as the case may be. they seem a bit healthier when they are able to vent a bit on whatever it is and have distractions in between the other stuff (without fighting it overmuch).

  19. Mystic what’s happened to the RSS comments feeds? haven’t had any since this morning. I miss them. Is it just a Merc Retro glitch?

  20. Damons, I haven’t read all your posts but…

    if you are attracting woman after woman with cancer, there is a reason for it. why don’t you ask your intuition and see what it comes up with? Good way to do it is write the question in your dominant (usually right) hand and see what comes when you answer with the pen in your other (left?) hand. Just give it a go.

    It’s obviously to teach you something but what that is, can’t tell you. Could be to not be afraid of cancer or to see the cancer ahead of the person, could be that these people have some strength or gifts to teach you, it might be something from your past that is flaring up, it could even be a precursor to something you might face yourself. (no idea)

    Just ask and see what comes.
    And also remember a lot of cancers are really 100% curable.

  21. Pisces Rising and also been feeling sorry for myself lately. Must be chiron.

    Thanks for all the Pisces comments!

  22. I`m feeling it for you sister. It will float off soon enough as stuff does and you will be along the path a little further with more insight.

    As for…

    “Sitting up in bed with our laptops reading about something obscure, looking for the next art exhibition?”

    Well yes, frequently and I find it rather meditative :)

  23. Hey freaked out piscean person … pisces is a mutable sign and probably the most mutable of them all – being water, they can slip in and out of many situations and experiences, taking on the form for awhile, then moving on. So being mutable, I’ve found “how the pisces” manifests is hugely influenced by their asc, moon, venus, mars and mercury.

    Like my best friend’s husband is a Pisces with Toro Moon and Cap Mars. The guy is a money making machine!! He’s really driven and ambitious .. and yet, and yet .. that Pisces bit still floats out. For all the wealth he creates he’s not that attached to it, it’s more for the benefit of his family and to be able to indulge his real passion – music. The guy’s got sound studio in the spare room filled with all the latest gadgets, music making dooverlackeys and a shit hot guitar collection.

    A good friend of mine is Pisces with Scorp moon … he’s studying psychology and counselling, and even before that was always banging on about human behaviour, the mind and all that scorpionic analysis stuff. But it took him till he was 30ish to work out that’s what he wanted to do and spent most of his 20s floating around being shy and living in online computer games.

    My daughter is a double Pisces, with Gemini Moon, Aries Venus and I can’t remember the merc and mars … but needless to say NO EARTH. So she’s pretty haphazard and vague and on another planet half the time, the concept of hanging up wet towels is like totally alien … but she’s already vegetarian (huge Pisces trait), has a bazillion friends and is a great communicator. Would not be surprised if she becomes a writer of some sort … hopefully she might actually bother to learn to spell one day.

    Other Pisces I’ve know:
    – aura reader
    – psychic communicater with passed over people
    – corporate climber now living in the sticks growing mung beans (maybe not exactly mung beans .. but some farming thing)
    – numerous artists of some description

    And that’s just the average fish you meet in the local pond. Don’t forget Einstein, Steve Jobs (Apple inventor), Ansel Adams(photographer), William Hurt (fuqin awesome actor), George Washington, Schopenhauer(philosopher), Billy Corgon (Smashing Pumpkins), Tony Robbins (crazy motivational speaker that bounces around in bike shorts), Dr Seuss, Alan Rickman (dead sexy actor great at playing bastards), Rik Mayall (comedian) … and that’s like just a few of my favs!!

    So there you go … you’re in good company!

  24. I can relate…..
    something in the air I think- I’ve been frustrated with my Piscean indecisiveness- the helpless tendancy another of my friends ( Pisces female )calls it “swimming in circles”….
    But. If you want my two cents. Pisces get dumped on all the time because they are so soothing and reflective of other people. Aaaand, if you want to remember what is so beautiful about yourself- try to get out into Mamma nature, preferably by the water….She will remind you.
    I get way over stimulated in cities….need green and blue to feel at peace….

  25. I attract Pisces women into my life as friends. I know something of the angst that Pisces have, because they are so receptive to everything including bad vibes flying around the place. But Pisces I am sure are really genuinely compassionate people – there should be more of them in teh world. They really want to help and do. Pisces are great. Also, we all have our great points and what we are not great at- look to teh road ahead…you’ll find your diamond there and celebrate whats inside you.

  26. Dear Freaked out Piscean,
    I know that space very well.
    It passes, like everything else & we become our rising signs or our moons or whatever. Maybe it rather nice to have that nebulousness, that wishy washy useless feeling from time to time. I really think it would be AWFUL to be gung ho all the time.
    Another (at times) Freaked out Piscean

  27. Dear Fish Out of Water,
    Go dancing you have a beat a movement a rhythm that vibrates as you and you alone it is unique cause you are one of a kind . Get Back In the WATER.

  28. Umm Mystic? Did the Piscean who was contemplating meeting the Aries ex go through with it.. or swim away?

    Just wondering…

  29. I can’t get over how much care and fishy appreciation is out there…wow. These comments are all so heartening and inspiring. No matter how much you try to convince yourself of certain things, sometimes hearing from other people, or at least knowing how others see you (as in see pisceans – the haute ones that is I guess) can be a massive push in the right (or new) direction. Love indeed. I can definitely add that for everything caring and supportive said here about fish people having an identity / self esteem crisis, the same amount of awesomeness goes for the writer (or their sunsign if we’re talking signs) – in equal measure…

  30. I know exactly what you mean. I always feel like I’m a shadow, or a mirror: I can mimic the crazy awesome things other signs seem to have, but it doesn’t come organically.

    • OMG really? But that’s AWESOME – did you know pisces rules magic mirrors? Have you tried meditation / theta or similar? I have pisces MC and I’ve found things like that to be really helpful lately. Maybe also check out myers briggs tests online (cos they’re free) and see where your innate strengths lie. You WILL have them Essie.

  31. Mutable as hell, oh yep. So though I hear you, fellow FOP, it will all surely pass.

    Bathing in the warm and fuzzies from the cascade of fishy love triggered by your plea to MM. Thank you friends-of-fishies. I find my astro-ID tricky to comprehend and have also recently been mooching. My Piscean sun’s discombobulated by my Leo moon and Aries rising – as if they give it grief for being a bit too la-la-la.

    Hmmm… as an astro-novice I find it hard to express this confusion, exactly… :-)

    Love this site – MM’s genius insights, fab choice of images (I get lost down rabbit holes following the trails) and your comments – been reading for ages. My first comment evah. Yay!

    BTW, noticed the lovely Mystic no longer offers individual astro reports… d’ja think the rising demand for her fabulosity now means she’s too time-starved to do it?

    • Oooh!!! I got tusks, birdy legs, green spaghetti arms and I’m wearing my brain on my head! It’s just how I’m feeling right now!

    • Ooh, feel like I’m somehow missing out on some more personal Mystic-al goodness & wisdom via the (missing) individual astro reports… Can’t find any info from divine MM on why this may be so….
      It was gonna be something worth saving up for – gift to self.
      SO grateful, though for all her hard work & fabulousness in this site!!
      Love you, love your work MM x

  32. Freaked out Piscean,
    As a fellow piscean I have learnt that instead of focusing on what you don’t have all you need to do is focus on what you do have! Think about things YOU want to do. It seems to me that perhaps you haven’t found your field of expertise? Just focus on what talents etc you have and expand them! Then you can say well I’m awesome at … so when you see a stable cancer you can go well I’m a free flowing pisces! Or whatever takes your fancy :) Don’t give a crap about what others are doing (unless you want to learn more about their stuff) go do want you wanna do baby! Also, I believe that we are all capable of doing everything. Free your mind and you’ll be capable.

  33. you are all Amazing. every one of you. Thank You. your gracious, inspiring and cool comments have made a difference for me, helping to shift some crud i had in my brain about who/how i am. subtle but profound. thanks again love from FOP xxxxxxx

  34. you should read the tao te ching – stephen mitchell translation, if you haven’t already. its a good read for everybody but i feel it is very watery in essence, and piscean in particular.
    i like this one:
    The supreme good is like water,
    which nourishes all things without trying to.
    It is content with the low places that people disdain.
    Thus it is like the Tao.

    In dwelling, live close to the ground.
    In thinking, keep to the simple.
    In conflict, be fair and generous.
    In governing, don’t try to control.
    In work, do what you enjoy.
    In family life, be completely present.

    When you are content to be simply yourself
    and don’t compare or compete,
    everybody will respect you.