84 thoughts on “Astro-Poll: Which Sign Is Best At The Pass-Agg Power-Sigh?

  1. Humph, I can’t vote as I’ve never observed this. Ex Cancer and Cancer daughter never sighed pass-agg and I’ve not been around enough Virgos or Toros to know.

      • Kids never even talked back…Just took “the look” ‘and they were toast. lol

        My Cancerian daughter did teach me alot about patience tho and devising workable ways in which I could let her feel in charge/empowered with making choices (like clothes choices when she was little for example).

        Funny how you’re a Cancer with Aries son and I’m just the opposite.

        She taught me about patience and your little one, how to bang your fist.. :)

  2. my mother. she is a multiple gemini and aqua ascendant. but MAN does she do the Power Sigh. I can only attribute it to her Taurus moon as that’s the one in the options?

  3. my power sigh is not really pass-agg, more blatantly exasperated, but i find the taurus sun pisces rising has the worst pass-agg anything, but maybe thats just because shes my sister… pass-agg is so repressive and horrible… yuck

  4. had a taurus gf who was absolute expert at this. so effective i still remember in detail how it sounded/made me feel 4 years later! >:*

  5. Yes, I voted for Libra. There I said it. Purely on experience though.

    And before anyone thinks I did so in defense of Cancerians, oh nooooo. Sighing is not in our Pass Agg Arsenal, just fyi. Threateningly brimming orbs coupled with a truly innocent demeanor is (it being truly innocent as we can’t really distinguish some of our side ways from straight as we rarely take that road, i.e. our beguilting has authenticity as we have emotionally bought into it, really we ARE suffering).

    Further, the most powerful pass-agg Cancerian weapon is the Ether Emotion Overload. That is we plug into the Universal ether, loading nth horsepower of emotion into that thing and directing it to the object of our affections (who else would be worth beguilting anyhow?).

    Screw words, you can feel the atmosphere go humid with our sad little thoughts of the wrong you’d done. So sighing no, mind meld yes.

    • yeeeeeeeahhh … honestly I have no idea about the meaning behind what you just said but it sounded cool and ROCKED anyway!

      I voted Virgo.

    • actually FA i get what you are saying. Once the emotions get a look in, anything can be true/real because one Feels It. Regardless of sanity.
      I have a totally sharp-witted, searingly funny, charismatic cancerian gf and MAN she can be so emo. It’s awe-inspiring. a force of nature.

      • Oh you know us so well, Peg.

        Just imagine that as we sniff & offer you a home baked cookie we just toiled over the last 2 hours, eh?

        UP, you hit it on the head. For the most part I don’t actually subject peeps to the full force of my Cancerian Emo Weather, I have Moon in Aqua so even I get a bit snippy with myself for being a sook. However, it truly is a force.

        Which I like to think makes us more empathetic and compassionate when its anyone else’s turn to have a whine..being that we’re so good at it. haha

  6. Oh, and why Libra? Because from what I’ve seen, it is better than breaking diplomatic silence..or so I conclude. An outburst would be so un-pretty, discussing it to the nth has been weighed and deemed not the path of least resistance, but a sigh can be afforded.

    They have all sorts too.. the Exasperated, the Impatient, the Something Smells Bad in here…ad nauseum.

  7. Taurus deffo!
    My Taurus sister will do stuff for you, even though she really does not want to – just to be able to do ‘the sigh’. And she’d rather die, than admit it.

    It drives me fu*king nuts!!

  8. Well my aquarian child (virgo rising virgo moon) has perfected it and if there is no reaction, she will come closer wait for eye contact and do it again – Bigger – with arm flaps and eye rolling.

    • But I did vote cancer only because like FA says it can be loaded with so emo vibe it makes you jump.

  9. Toss up between Cancer and Virgo, they both do a good one.. we do seem to do alot of sighing ;-) but on that note I dont know any Taurus folk.

    Never known any Librans (and I seem to collect Librans, all bf’s past the age of 17 were Librans and I married one, if im attracted to a guy I just know he will be a Libran) I cannot recall them sighing they would just give you a strange look and carry on or just try to talk to you in a rational way, no sighing!…Leos are pretty good at, but its more of a dramatic flavour of their delivery then pass-agg. I dont think I do it purposefully to make people feel bad, I do it alot when im on my own and very stressed.

      • One other astro site recently, he wrote a Virgo persona type thing and boy did he get hate mail, it just kept coming and coming in the end he changed the whole website. Really nasty comments and you never thought a Virgo could do that huh? So slide by way.. ;-)

  10. I do a fantastic pass-agg sigh, I can say with all due modesty. Libra sun, libra rising. And yes, my vote went to Libra, gotta be honest. It drives my husband nutso, but then that’s the whole point of doing it, isn’t it, lolol?

    • You know, come to think of it guys, noticed the Pisces co-worker with Libra Moon does sigh. Course in a doc office it’s not like we can go ape when exasperated.

      She’s got Mars and Venus in Aries opposite Moon. I gave her the low down about the full Moon this week. Asked her if she has a temper and she said, “well, did yell at the fiance this past Monday”…hehe

      • Well there’s exasperation, and then there’s emotional manipulation. Pass aggs feel they can’t get what they want through normal give and take, so they resort to trying to ‘punish’ you into what they want or make you pay for your dissonance. blech. (All they deserve is to get dissed…!)

        • Agree AS. Different “sigh” type catagories!

          I ended up voting Libra as Scorpy patient this morning has been married to one for 22 years and confirmed he does “sigh” pass-aggly!

          Trying to picture my Libra bro but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen him. He’s got Sagg Moon and don’t think he sighs much really. He’ll just tell yer ass off pronto. Done…zip…..zippity do-dah!!

          • And what I think is funny too is that when Kataka was little, about 3 or 4 yrs old, (she has Saggo Moon), a service man came to the house and she said “Mom, he’s fat as a pig”. Thought I was going to die.

            He said “well, they speak the truth”.

            Think the Moon has alot to do with it too.

  11. Think moon sign is more powerful in determining power sulking ability and maybe mars/moon aspects. Just an obs …

    • Oh and every powersulker I know has moon in mystics listed signs for this poll – including myself! I voted kataka but feel equal choice was libra.

    • Good point Anon. I have Moon in Aqua. So I don’t sigh a lot, but work out a BUNCH of frustrations via technology. If I didn’t have my super phone, laptop, wifi whatever hooks me up, I’d probably be in a downright tantrum.

      First, because I have a LOT of discussions with my technology. Second, I sometimes think having the internet can solve anything. A fallacy but it calms me down.

      I do have Virgo Rising so the ex used to say I had my blank “Concierge/PA” look of tolerance which is meant to mask what I’m really thinking as I utter placid neutral comments such as “I see.”, or “Interesting.” Or, “Very good then.” While I’m obviously thinking, “you fuqing wanker.”

  12. Libra Rising tho my browser won’t let me vote (?!) and mine is a short sexy gust of a sexy petulant thing. At least I think it is. I used to think i looked cute when pouting too – then i saw a SHOCKER of a photo.

    Cancerian men are terrible at this. They also do pass agg YAWNING. I know a Crab banker who does this to great effect. Never rude. But sighs and yawns to signal end of meeting or whatever. He is married to a friend of mine. He is a prize PRICK.

  13. Libra, from experience. Ex-coworker but also beloved Librahub. Not frequent but drives me demented when he does his slow release sigh, then tightens lips and gets very *absorbed* in whatever he’s doing (which is definitely not talking to me).
    Me, clueless: What’s wrong?
    Him, silent: *nostril-flaring*
    Usual egs.: I forgot to empty the dishwasher like I said I would….blimey, sorry!
    Talk to me, dagnammit!

    • Actually, I live with an all-fire husband (Leo Sun, Aries Moon & Ascendant) and he blows his top and it’s all over. I used to wilt at this and really get moody with lots of pass-agg sighs. But we talked it over once and he explained that he just blows his top and gets it out of his system. So I know do the same. We have some huge yelling sessions and we start laughing and it’s all over. To my surprise, it actually feels a lot better. But I do indulge in the pass-agg sighs when I feel really filthy.

  14. Gotta be Taurus. I find myself doing a huge, heaving sigh once in a while, for no obvious reason that I discern. I wish I could quit doing it, it seems to draw attention. People look at me and wonder what is going on.

  15. none of the above. Why arent Leo on there. i have been sighing for weeks and no one has noticed sheeet

  16. Hahahah!! Voted Cancer. And there it was, the blog agree-eth.

    My Aqua Sis says, “I’m not passive aggressive, I’m aggressive aggressive”.

        • absoulutely sassy how dare kataka win this race? We should win on hair style alone. But Katakas do sigh with deep conviction and you don’t really know what you’ve done or said to be the object of their sigh . They just vamoose back to their mud hole and keep sighing that no one undertands them boo hoo hoo. Don’t start me on low katakas (sigh with a swoon)

          • Ex Kataka didn’t sigh. Virgo Moon would just wait quietly and then ask to Aries wife “are you okay now?”…After my hissy fit.

            I’d say, “yes, but where were you?” Perhaps in another room sighing out of my sight? hehe

  17. oh dear, oh dear, i’m a toro with virgo moon and kataka rising, that should make me the queen of the martyrs according to this poll! and i rather suspect they are right, at least sometimes, LOL!

  18. I had to vote for Virgo, as the Katakas I know (my BF and another good friend of mine) don’t really do power sighing, the Toros I know (my ex-BF) don’t do power sighing, and I don’t know enough Libras to make any judgment calls on that. However, the Virgos I know are masters at power sighing.

  19. Pass agg behavior *shudder*. From experience, had to vote Libra. Now we’re only talking about those who don’t deal effectively with their emotions, others, etc. Love Libes. I think scales are like see-saws — let’s see how high and low we can go! Need someone to balance the world out!

    I worked with a Libra who was busy smoothing the world out and if you didn’t follow the rules, the sighs started. Then her repressed annoyance with being unable to control things would come out in snippy sort of comments and she’d be very embarrased. Poor thing. She meant well.

  20. Cancer is in the lead (!) They got my vote, it is unbelievable. “Just say it (dammit)” is what I keep thinking. I even have Mars in Libra, but *no way* would I pull this. Why not just be honest? But even when probed they won’t say shyt. I guess I shouldn’t get annoyed cos that means they’re getting their way :0) Must think of them as children and be done with it..

      • Ahh, disagree. There are they just choose not to verbally express, to at least make their ideas heard. The worst is this specimen I know, Mars conj Saturn in Cancer, h12…he’s seriously in need of assertiveness training.

  21. *flounces about, rolls eyes, makes loud breathy noises and sulks like Edwina from AbFab because Cancer is in the lead*

  22. I voted Virgo b/c my ex accuses me–a quadruple Virgo–of this all the time (can you tell what kind of week I’m having?), but thought it was hilarious that Cancer won being that HE is Cancer rising:) And, although I seldom if ever accuse him of this behavior, I’ve certainly thought it for 20 years. It’s so on the mark.

  23. Sighing is also about your chakras being out of balance. i have a technique which stopped my sighing of last week ( teen mum from hell week).

      • interesting. The horrid Libran bully ex work colleague used to sigh all day. Nobody and nothing was good enough. She had Mercury in Virgo and was a closet alcoholic. Stood close to her one day and she reeked of a brewery. *shudder*

    • it can also be about fending off gastric wind and indigestion :mrgreen:

      *sighs muchly after that RIDICULOUS grand final*

  24. I voted Cancer (before reading posts) because of just one Cancer
    woman ex-friend who used to tell me i talked too much.Was on
    receiving end of such sighs many times.

    Interesting you say about chakras, LeoGroover, as i actually ask people
    to ‘give me a big sigh with a sound’ to relax the heart & open the throat.
    It sooo works.

  25. its crab hands down….i even fake my power sigh for effect.
    its hard to put into actual words sometimes, but a sigh is universal.
    Im a p.a. For a virgo and our communication is a mix of sighs and looks.

  26. Ha ha, I love that Taurus is an option. I’m a Taurus and I have the BEST SIGH for when people around me are being generally idiotic. I’m still at university so it happens quite often. Tee hee!

  27. I do sighs – not as much now as I used to. Never forced, always involuntary, almost like sneezing. A huge breath which I don’t mean to take which just fills my lungs and out comes the sigh. Very relaxing. I don’t have much going on in any of the given options, but reading what peeps have written so far, I do have a major thing going on in Sag (planets out of phase in my first house) including Neptune and Mars, and I also have moon in Pisces. Love to sigh – it’s cathartic – but you can’t make it happen if you want it to be good.

  28. My sister is a Libra and she does it so much, that her cat SIGHS too once in a while. I’ve never seen any other cat do that before!