Aries Like Yoda

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Yoshimasa Tsuchiya

So what’s making Arieans go all Yoda-like of late?

They’re talking about Zen, they’re on fasts, they want to move beyond their Id, they’re suddenly mindful…Let’s blame/thank Jupiter & Uranus back in Pisces.

They were both in Aries over June/July but then popped back into Pisces, thus triggering Guru Aries.

Truly, they’re the most profound peeps to know at the mo.

Come next March, they’ll brush the lentil lint off their hemp t-shirts, unfurl themselves out of the Lotus and go order a flying car on credit, register to run triathlons in three different countries at once and book drinks with a patent attorney.

Because that will be Uranus into Aries again. Until 2018.  But for now, they’re mindful and processing a lot of emo.

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36 thoughts on “Aries Like Yoda

  1. not this little black duck! mars in scorp is making me VILELY angry at the slightest thing!

    just had full on tanty at floriade ‘cos two nannas usurped the table my BFF and i had reserved by (like NORMAL peeps) putting our shawls on it while we queued for coffee when we got out the nannas had just flung them over the railing in front of the table and sat down at it!!!

  2. I LOVED the feeling of Uranus in Aries and can’t wait for it’s return. My best bud is a male Aries and he’s been SO ODD lately, now I know what gives. Time for a razzin.

    • I did, too! (The feeling of U in A.) I felt like I was channeling electricity. I was very sad when when things went underground again.

  3. Yes! My closest Aries has suddenly come over all saint like and sedate. He is my friends lover and she is mystified. He even used the word “oneness” the other day.

  4. Hmmm, how funny, i’m ordering a flying carpet as we speak ! (greener than a flying car..unless its solar ? hmm ..)

  5. ppppht feeling yoda-like? your’re an aries no one wants to hear it mate. wait for Them to catch up in a few years and start telling you your philosophy cause they read it in a selfhelp book. don’t say ‘i told you so’ either, you’re an aries. just know inside that they’re insensitive dickheads, that only scorps pisces cancers & gems are allowed to have feelings, only aquas, gems & libs are allowed to be complicated & only virgos caps & toros are allowed to be serious. of course, only leos & sagges are allowed to be fire-sign-fun. & cry yourself to sleep like all good rams. the sun’ll come out tomorrow.

    • Well, if you mix in your Moon sign and Asc for example, which are usually something else, you’re more than just “an Aries”. Love my Aries bits but also Cappy and Gemmie/Pisces bits, Jupiter in Sagg parts too…

      I don’t have a philosophy. They’re just beliefs and beliefs change. Yes, some of it is wisdom but in general, the great spiritual Masters don’t believe in philosophy as once one has had direct knowing, philosophy/beliefs are meaningless. So let other’s spout their philosophies and just smile, zen like. x

  6. Suddenly mindful? I’m 52% Plutonian on the Donna Cunningham questionaire. I’ve always been mindful….Pluto in the 3rd house conjunct the I.C. bi-quintile Moon in 8th ;)

  7. huh what? The aries around me are drinking like demons, ranting like loonies and generally being more like themselves than they usually are.

    Oh. processing more emotional stuff than normal? That makes sense.

  8. My aries pals(husband and wife born on same day) are getting fit and healthy to try for a bambino. They are currently in caffine withdrawral hell. No war was won with a thumping un-caffinated brain meltdown. Be strong Mr & Mrs Areis!!

    • Sure I could rustle up some hell fire for ya Prowls. :) How bout we go cruzin and yell profanities from the car window (and cop a 12 pack from the corner drug store and smoke)…

      Haven’t robbed any banks lately. Getting bored really. :)

      Casino anyone?

    • See this is a good thing about the US “cop a 12 pack from the corner drug store ..” If you tried to do that here they’d hand you a packet of Nurofen and tell you to bugger off! Not sure about the casino though Sweetpea, I have some kind of aversion to gambling (stingy Cancerian tendencies? can’t stand the crap music? don’t like things beeping and going woowoo at me?)

      It’s just that everything was going swimmingly up until end of July and now it’s flat, listless and apathetic. God I feel like I’m drowning in shitful hell pool of past reflection!! I’ve reflected enough thankyouverymuch. Stuff the emo and insight hand enuff of that too. I’m ready for some friggin ACTION. And I want it NOW.

  9. Well that is why I am so friggen calm at the moment. Usually my aries rising shatters my peace if is not completely solid, a little shake and I snap. Not lately I’m so calm during this kaos I have created, I am freeking myself out. Yah for all of the above I say, then i don’t have guilt trips later about my inappropriate spat!!

  10. Same here as Scorp loved the Uranus in Aries vibe….felt like one had woken from a long sleep and could carry out in real time all the meditative stuff, execute strategic plans, plough through weetbix hardened admin. Bring it on!

    Many Arians in our clan and yes they are all doing life changing stuff. Some have been forced to rehab themselves in clinic, under a tree, in a pub, others just quietly, well as quiet as a lovely Aries can :).

  11. I love everything with horns, horns are so cool.
    Pan, Eros, Hades all welcome over at my place for mulled wine anytime.

      • Keep thinking Andromeda’s avatar is Fallen Angel’s when I just glance at it but then realize Andromeda’s has the full frontal…. :lol:

        • Hahahah, yes except car horns!! Seriously cracking up, haha.

          This is a pic of Andromeda in chains doing a full frontal.. Don’t worry guys, this is for your eyes only, the boys in my hood are never gonna see me like this.