Zap Or Be Zapped

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I  have been known to ignore my own advice.

For example, buying a new computer and signing a publishing deal during Mercury Retrograde. Both of them wonked out in quite spectacular and batso fashion.

And there were a series of ludicrous der-dating episodes with The Uranian when i knew that I was telling everyone else to beware the ides of Venus, Pluto, Full Moon and Mars squaring or whatever it was. But voomp; one come-hithery text and i was goo-goo, Saturn would have had to crash through the roof to have an impact.

But that was last year or whenever. This year, I am embracing better living via sanguine tranquility and sanity is a pre-requisite for relationships, no matter  how hot the person.

And so it is that i have been thankfully obeying my own Zap Zone advice.

Guess what? It works.  The Z.Z. is only just getting going and already I have suavely resisted barging into someone else’s business (though it was tempting), summoned up powers of assertion to avoid being gimped and am tapping into Zap Zone super-will-power to give up sugar. It’s all more involved than you might think.

So Zap or be Zapped. If you can’t fling up the boundaries and/or set some limits, then you are likely to get Zapped and then fester with resentment that is so vile for your complexion/sleep patterns. And  note that Mars is in Libra as it goes challenging all these planets: So yes, any aggression that comes your way is likely to be passive and guilting/manipulation is all around.

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  1. Baby boy is in the zap zone – front teeth emerging through bright red bubbly gums. Two cucumbers down one hot bath to go..

    • So yes, he is trying to “fling up the boundaries” (teeth), but cannot ” set some limits” on his pain and is being “Zapped and then festering with resentment that is so vile for your complexion/sleep patterns”!!!

      He has a Capricorn Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, MC & NN but then Aquarian Moon, Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron and Lilith… I think he is my little Tesla!

      • I know that this is probably so inappropriate to suggest and MM, in her sugar-free zone, will probably shoot me in cyberspace but my mother used to apply brandy to the dummy when me and my siblings were teething.

        • I might stick to the old bonjela – I’ve tried both and the alcohol isn’t nearly as effective. My poor Nana had vaudeville actor parents who had her on the sauce in quantity from the get-go while they were busy hamming it up on stage.. Ah, the bad old daze.

          PS My boy has Cancer MC (d’oh), dreamt I was walking on top of his natal chart last night, the planets were the size of basketballs spinning above the houses. I kept thinking something does’t make sense. It was a fun astrology dream though!!

          • Stop the bonjella asap it’s active ingredient is aspirin which can cause serious problems in young children. In fact never give a child aspirin till they are over 12years. Why bonjella is still in common use for teething is a travesty.

          • I’m a grown up so I figure I’ll still occasionally have a tipple – do you have any helpful links to credible sites or organisations for the mothers who read this so they can make an informed choice re the welfare of their children?

          • That’s good to know Anonymous, I will research this.

            Must add I feel antsy that you are still anonymous though. Don’t know why, it’s your choice of course, but it doesn’t sit well with me. Wouldn’t you like a i.d.? I don’t think Uber would go anon. but I sometimes think you are she…

          • That’s what i was thinking too Andromeda… but i doubt that UV would go anon. Some anon posts do sound like her though…

          • Yes, I don’t know how to make that face FF but it’s how I feel about it all too!

          • FF that was the best thing that’s happened all day (y’know apart my kid’s sweet actual smiles!), thanks very much!

  2. Gawd. All I’ve been doing is setting boundaries ! And I’ve still got ’til the 22nd to go. Sigh…Still, zap or be zapped :)

  3. Hah.. am fired up for Zap zone or just working through my rather fluid and ambiguous boundaries of the past.. am happy to say I am enjoying saying No!

  4. Spent the first part of the ZZ fighting off people that have got really narky because I’m not Mummying them anymore. I admit from childhood conditioning I’ve put others before my own needs & wants much to my detriment. Cutting off the supply lines has caused some strained dialogue in the last 24hrs. Now it’s not like this has just come up in the Zap Zone it’s been evolving for some time now.

  5. wow, just received a provocative, manipulative email this evening from a friend/ biz partner. right on cue… I feel quite perturbed but am handling it thus far.

  6. Who am I if not putting the emotional needs of others first ?
    Also conditioned to get underneath others so can help them fly.
    This is good in business, (if not taken too far) and the checks come rolling in.

    In personal life,… exhaustamente. Others going huughhh ?

    “Why- can’t- you- keep- being- the- nice- one- and- keep- absorbing- all- of- our- negative- energy- so- we- can- bulldoze- through- life- without- a- conscious thought” ?

    ‘Cause I’m tremendous and I’m a Leo and spent good money on very good therapy and it’s working and that’s how come. ZAP.

    • hmmm classic example of Zap Zone passive aggressive, guilting / manipulation in action.

      – can’t own it personally, therefore must project onto others
      – does so in anonymity without divulging or sharing a personal story
      – picks on one line from previous poster taking the message out of context whilst utilising the ad hominem strategy
      – sad

  7. Well, the ZZ kicked in yesterday (no pun intended with the pix but great illustration Mystic), when I nearly came unhinged toward someone who I had to set some very strong boundries with.

    Lead on, ZZ!! Perhaps I should warn this person that Uranus is now in Aries and I’m due to come unhinged without a moments notice if anyone DARE try to fence me in.

    Bulldozer anyone? :)

    • go sweatpea! Uranus is currently squaring my sun. Hanen’t had a ‘normal’ day in a while.

      Expecct the unexpected :D

  8. I’m tending to the ZZ by doing what I like. BBQ’ing baby back ribs, having family and friends over to watch True Blood. It’s a weekly ritual and lots of fun. Fuq the ZZ, at least for tonight!

  9. Started the ZZ by re-establishing a huge boundary – I deleted my blog. I realised that I was falling back into my old schema of seeking approval. And given that I only recently learned that I don’t need other people’s approval it was important to me to put the boundary back in place.

    Having some major passive aggressive thoughts atmos. Am working hard resisting the urge to let them become anything more than thoughts.

    • That’s a big deal Herby! Like burning your diaries… Strangely I clicked on your link to have a look the other day but got dragged away… I come and go with Facebook in the same way, find myself writing comments that are likely to get a response, then get cross with myself. Keep your chin up – it’s hard to ponder looking straight ahead I find.

    • Great that you catch yourself in the act so to speak Herby.

      Think with me, esp. with Venus opposition Neptune, I’ve had to learn to really hold some boundries as it seems peeps try to control/manipulate/use others due to their own emotional needs and haven’t ever examined those needs or what drives those needs. Often, they’re not even aware that they’re doing it but now I can smell it a mile away.

      Lately, and for some time now, apparently someone has had pre-conceived notions of what they want or think it should be concerning their relationship with me. Yesterday I had to set them straight and I know their mad but I don’t care. Too bad. Take a look at yourself. Afterwards, today, I detected pass-agg behavior but again, too bad. I do a little mini “inner giggle” at such behavior. It’s kinda like watching someone fight with themselves…

      My roommate of one month is gay and that’s fine, it really is. But I don’t care to hang out on her bed watching movies. Just was all a little too friendly-friendly for my taste. I barely know her besides and wouldn’t want to hang out on her bed no matter what sex she is.

      There have been so many things that she seems to want to instigate….Go to the movies, do this, do that. She says she’s lonely but don’t look to me to fulfill you baby. I’ve went through lonely for over three years during my back surgeries and survived, and I lived alone at the time.

      Meanwhile, I cannot be asked for ONE MORE THING, helpful wise, money wise, or whatever the hell wise it is. I was truly flippin’ my wig yesterday and was so angry I was shaking inside. I told her to do her thing and I’ll do mine. She has friends from West LA (and she knows peeps in very high places, she was a t.v. writer in Hollywood and has had a relationship with a very high profile star) but, she wants to bring these people out and have me meet them. Yesterday, I told her I don’t want to meet her friends. I came here to have a quiet little life and sock some money in the bank as the rent is low even though I live on a golf course with 33 swimming pools :) (Yes, 33 if you can believe it) …Where did it say I wanted to get totally emeshed in someone’s drama?

      And I’m not even telling you the half of it.

      Some people don’t have healthy boundries at all and it will be a cold day when I let them continually intrude on mine.

      But what brought all this out Herby was you realizing you were seeking approval. This individual is also and I hope for her sake, like you, she finds the means to love herself. I’ve done her chart and she is under EXTREME ZZ poo-poo. Extreme..But it’s not about coddling her, it’s about her getting her act together. Perhaps with me being a veritable B.I.T.C.H. as far as honoring myself she’ll get something out of it.

      Okay and now back to my latest fave….”Alejandro”…

      “I’m not your babe, I’m not your babe”…

      No shit….lol

      • Venus conj Saturn opposite Neptune is sitting at the heap of my relationship problems. Once I read what one with this aspect can do is to draw the boundaries at where Neptune rules and allow self-expression there.

        Compassion for self is a difficult trait to learn.

        • With Sun & Mercury square Saturn I agree. I’m not completely there yet, but, much better than I was certainly at a younger age.

          Had a tarot lady tell me in my late 20’s that I sought too much approval from others. Glad I’m over it but deep down, as human beings, we all want to be loved and feel we will modify our behavior in order to get that love.

          Okay, and so you were sleep deprived? OMgoodness. When I’m sleep deprived I start seeing things…Awful, awful feeling to not have enough sleep! x

      • She has Mars square Pluto and so I DO need to watch my back a little as far as the pass-agg…

        • And her South Node in Taurus is conjunct my Taurus Venus. Glad I nipped the money thing in the bud as she may be lookin’ for a suga momma…


          • Is it too naive or inappropiately presumptious of me to suggest that you get another room mate/move out?

          • No, it’s okay. Think we got it straightened out yesterday. She’s on one end of the condo and I’m on the other. I’m not home that much as it is. And, I’ve realized we’re going to have various issues with many different personalities. We can’t run away from them all.

            However, I will tell the owner of the condo about my feelings if I feel I need to. Too soon too tell. x

    • Kudos to you realizing other people’s approval means diddly squad. Having trekked the same road sometime ago, I have one quibble to add, at one point you will realize your own approval does not matter either.

      As it turns out last week’s passing out at the vet was sleep deprivation induced seizure. Simply put, my physical body decided to shut down, while my mind was driving at high speed for the last several weeks, I have to save this, do that, take care of such and such.

      What happened is I was seeking my own approval.

      Contemplate also saying – it is OK, good enough is OK, before your body screams at you – enough!

    • I’m fascinated by blogs Herby – a conceptual / sociological fascination – your comment re personal boundaries is interesting – thanks for sharing it. Saturn in Libra’s going to be interesting – its the first time we’ve had it with the virtual relationship being in the mix in full swing. Deciding not to speak often speaks volumes strangely enough. Not that it matters but I visited once and the garden and self sustaining aspect of it was a lovely window into someone else’s world. Sometimes gardens can teach us more than people can. I wonder if your decision was brought about by a planet transiting your vertex.

      • What does it mean when a planet transits one’s vertex? (genuine question because would be interesting to work out)

        • vertex is a point in your chart – it’s a stationary point where when transited by a planet sudden meetings or life changing events take place eg. I was in an accident with a drunk driver when neptune conjuncted my vertex – when it’s not being transited it’s kinda benign and just hangs out waiting to be activated, not really “doing” anything. The myth it relates to (vertumnus and pomona) is about gardens and acceptance / transformation and the pleasure you derive from gardening + sudden choice to delete because you feel you are searching for approval via blog – which is what vertumnus did to try and woo pomona – made me think immediately of your vertex. You can find the vertex as one of the choices in the list of asteroids in the chart section on and Kim falconer’s site has the proper rundown about it – she’s one of the links on the left.

          • Oh wow whatevs. Am going to do some more reading about it when I am home tonight. It will be interesting to see what my chart shows because my garden is intricately linked with my journey to accepting my transition (which was a pretty significant transformation). Thanks for the food for thought.

          • Funny thing is if I hadn’t seen the food you grew I never would’ve thought – if you do discover anything & feel like sharing for astro nerd reasons I’d be interested to know.

          • Hey whatevs – I’ve looked up the vertex. Mine is at 16′ Pisces 6th House (natal). There’s nothing transiting it atmos. Mercury is transiting my anti-vertex but I’m not sure whether that’s significant.

            There are some things about the myth that interest me because there is a synergy to the myth and some reasons for starting / ending my blog that I don’t care to share publicly. And they have a lot to do with Mercury.

          • interesting – that was a totally no pressure request so thanks for the feedback – mercury is one of the few planets not involved in the zap zone!

          • You’re welcome. I had to go investigate so thought I might as well share.

            Zapping away here :D

  10. What’s tripping me out right now is not so much the Zap Zone, but something MM said about things from 2005 coming full circle. Can anyone point me back to that post?
    I’m on the verge of getting a job involving something I was studying in 2005 but veered off from. Now all my experience of the past 5 years is coming together in one position — awesome! Plus, the people from that time are showing up again.
    It’s fuqing fascinating!

      • Last time I was deciding to let him in my life he literally got on his knees…In the kitchen of all places…lol

        Hmmm, taser, eh? Shall I do a shot from each nipple kinda like Katy Perry’s whipped cream (in the video?) :lol:

        • Look if there were no pumpkins in wicker baskets on the floor of that kitchen you know it’s going nowhere don’t you?

          Is this the counterfeiter sweets? The pisces? If it is and those times are on the rise again maybe be super wary of your housemate and their neptunian vices – working on that whole people are transits theory – this might be your once and for all time for those kinds of boundaries with those kinds of people – esp with her work in film, she’s def a creature of neptune’s realms. Look after yourself hon x

          • Yes, doll. Right on…big thumbs up. Thanx.

            No, Libra was the counterfieter. Pisces tho has Leo Moon and Mars square Neptune in 8th. Huge pot head. He used to throw his pot stuff out after I’d cry “I can’t remember my dreams!!” (after smoking pot myself)..Just can’t live my life like that long term except for a “good time” once in awhile.

            As I’ve quite drinking, smoking and gambling (lol, whose the addict here?) When I saw her lug in the wine bottles, packs of cigs and then THE POT, I was like, Oh shit.

            Yep, this gal’s neptune on my Neptune and Vertex opposite my Venus and her Nodes.

            SO seeing my own dysfunctions through her (to some extent, not all as theres actually MORE…) . I AM compassionate but I do her no favor by enabling.

            Universe is a freaking genius by letting me see this but spiritual teacher said that “you will begin to witness the rest of your personality as outside of yourself”. Jung said something very similar about fate…

            So much of this is who I’m not at a deep level and who I cannot be if I’m going to make it to the next level in my life.

            Scares the crap outta me. x

          • I read that jung quote the other day too – yeah, what he said. If I hear any “I can’t work out what happened, I just went to powder my nose in the little girls room with her” stories I might go all mars conjunct regulus in the 3rd on you hehehe.

  11. I think my boundaries were established at birth, and I can out passive-aggress almost anyone. However, I’m starting a new job in a couple of weeks, and they don’t know any of that. It’s going to be an interesting time.

  12. My god, Sweetpea, might we know some of the same peeps. I live in SoCal, not far from WLA. Well, anyway… I had an all out sparring w/ the most narcissistic 81 year old who has literally overstepped our group’s boundaries one time too many. You see, because she is old, no one has had the gumption to tell her like it is. I unfortunately, but now I realize fortunately for all involved, I did the honors. I first I was kicking myself for not heeding MM’s advice, but then realized, NO, this is exactly what she was talking about!

    Scorpio in SM

    • Well, good for you too George. Sometimes it all gets too much and peeps get away with bad and inappropriate behavior just cuz other peeps too chicken shiz to say so. You may have done her soul a fave as it might have woken her up a bit..

      I can see us all now going into a ZZ frenzy :lol: I’m off to the grocery. Who there can I knock up side the head? lol

      Oh, SM….Santa Monica? (first I was thinking San Marino by Pasadena)

      • Well, i thought SM was something else entirely, specially
        being a Scorp.

        Is it only Mac that gives Gravatar?
        Mostly i only recognise personages by their avatar but
        only ‘tableclothes’ come up.
        Saggi’s are not in ZZ but after Pluto in Sagg & now in my
        Rising & Venus, it’s more transformation in the never ending
        story.. ……anyways am too old to be zapped by anything earthly.
        I fear nothing but being bored or boring.

        • Haven’t been back to Gravatar ever since my posts were not showing up when I tried to use mine. Will get another one soon (get kinda lazy).

          I was thinking S&M too!

  13. I don’t even know what’s happening anymore, all I do know is that it’s stressful and annoying. Everything is spread too thinly and it’s brittle, snap, zap, zap.

  14. Wow, just set boundary with doco producer for whom I dished out some professional TLE action a couple of weeks ago. They have hours of talking head footage with me, and rang to ask if I could do some ‘pickups’ walking through Martin Place. Answer was instinctive Zap Zone: ‘no, sorry I feel really awkward & uncomfortable walking around for no reason (ditto leafing through book, fake typing, and fake filing)’. Polite, but No, just No.

  15. Yes, I realized that SM might have been misconstrued as something else entirely…. Sorry about any confusion.

    • Sorry not needed…it was a double entendre :-)
      Assume you are a fan of George Sand’s writing
      or the dressing style?

      • Haha! I know…. otherwise I would have signed it INTO M. And re George Sand? Her fearless living is what I admire her most for.

  16. A strange low key piece of lsynchronicity and perhaps metaphorical zapping – today, a week to the day after I was gifted a pair of shoes, another pair of shoes were stolen. A pair that were .5 a gift from the same person a year and a half ago. The first, a sturdy pair I use daily, the second more beautiful and delicate. Stolen because of my own carelessness. In the process of finding a substitute pair of shoes that were suitable for dog-walking, I found a pair of runners that are Directly associated with 2005 and a big romance that turned bad – was sure I had thrown them out – they’re in the bin now!

    • Wow. That’s a full circle….

      “These shoes are made for walkin'” circa 1966 Tina Sinatra?…Gosh I used to love that song as a kid…I wanted a pair of go-go boots bad!

      • Figures Tina be walkin’ all over with Leo Asc and Aries Mc!

        June 8, 1940, 9:01 AM
        Jersey City, NJ (Etats-Unis)
        Sun: 17°34′ Gemini
        Moon: 18°34′ Cancer
        Ascendant: 3°18′ Léo
        Midheaven: 19°26′ Aries

        • so funny! – love that song too – it regularly comes up on my MP3 as I pound the pavement with my dog and mentally sift my love life – My Mc is Leo, Sagg Asc and Aries Venus/Mars – something is clicking here ;

          I seem to fill up more with myself when I walk with my dog around and around this town

  17. I love reading these. Its like a mass awakening along the ‘i’m not your slave/go to/life crisis cleaner/odd jobber/scape goat’ lines.

    We are all realising that saying no does not devalue us.

  18. weird 2005 has just become pivotal for me – in a good way – I laid down the boundaries then so it might just work out for the better…

          • yes! he’s the best. What was that guy who hung with hims name? Was it jeremy? god now I have the theme song running round my noggin. Might have to go do some interpretive dance to work it off. Saturn in libra makes this libran WANT to exercise – maybe mars is helping.. yesterday I even considered purchasing a piece of exercise machinery and the function probably would have overridden the usual need for form… I digress – love the white tip of his tail and his little waistcoat.

          • Yes Jeremy the bear.

            I started exercising again on the weekend but I don’t have any planets in Libra.

  19. hey Mystic – so good and a relief to know really, that you sometimes ignore your own advise – you are human too! I ignore what you say almost all the time, get carried away by the heat of the moment and bom!! have falled face down. But somehow I am listening too, to your zap zone advise. God willing, things will be JUST FINE after that!! :-)

    • Anyways, its good to post-rationalise via astrology. I rekkon eventually it trickles through to the subconcioussness.

  20. MM, I just finished my detox! So zap to all the cafine/alcho/food crap I was having before.

    Helloooo veggiieesss :D

  21. Mystic, I got rid of all my sugar cravings in a kinesiology session with this fab lady here in Sydney. They were pretty severe so I was absolutely gobsmacked by the result xx

    • Scorpophilia, are you in Sydney? I would love to get the contact deets of your kinesiologist. I saw a really good in my 20’s, many moons ago but have lost his number and since then have only encountered dud ones.

  22. Photography is a good outlet for whatever creativity I may have: Pisces rising – compassion, Sun in 3rd – compulsive need to communicate, Pluto in Virgo 7th – a critical eye to what is around.

    And I found a net based photography contest, and decided to send one of my pictures. Not that I expect recognition, but a step to self-encouragement; that I don’t mind having other people see what I see too. Lo and behold, once the submission was closed, the picture was one of the top rated and hot categories – still not important, by my count at least 1000 pictures were included in these categories.

    I was so happy when I noticed that, informed all VIPs in my life and a week later – today- received an email – So did you earn a prize or something? Rather than sending a wtf? message, I donned ZZ protocol and wrote the point was not that and too bad he couldn’t get it.

    The funny thing is am no longer following the contest, in between dropping out of exhaustion and the kitty surgery, I decided if there is anything to know, they sure will find me.

    So – ZZ episode # 1283: Finish ditching the dullards and pass-aggressive twits before ZZ is over.

    • Hey Q good on you for putting it out there – and good luck. I had a phase of trawling calls for entries a few years ago and I realised a few days ago when I found some of my entries that it was never really about winning, it was about feeling good enough within myself to put it on display and not just for my tutors. You’re right about it not being about winning etc. Building up the inner strength to put it in the public domain is a big deal. It’s good to practise for the time when you ARE entering to win : o) Self promotion doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Do you think you’ll keep doing it? Let us know if/when something happens x

  23. I think I’m officially zapped. I’m so zapped I can barely understand what zap zone is right now.

    On the bright side, I got a new job despite the wierdness.

    Maybe you zap and be zapped at the same time!

  24. Zap Zone is a bit crap for me at the moment.. my ex boyfreind (Aqua) who I was on a “hiatus” from after an 18 month relationship emailed me to say he has met someone in the 2 weeks since we hadnt seen each other. The difference is that I didnt buy into victimhood and told him to go to hell… Emailed me!!! And said thanks for my freindship!!!!! This is the fish that roared..

    • Some people are just yellow streaked pussies.
      Be glad to be rid of him. Be very glad.

  25. Yeah… I gave up sugar years ago. One of my greatest triumphs. Apart from having a date-rape drug effect on me, I suspect it’s an intimacy replacement. Health-wise I think it’s all about the Acid/Alkaline balance. You know… Saturn/bones/calcium/alkilinity leaves me so much more chilled. I’ll get my sweetness from my wonderful friends. That real sweetness feels like a dynamic thing