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Tim Walker

Moon in Libra means beauty, poise, harmony and equilibrium are sought but fuqing hard to get as the Moon also triggers the Zap Zone (Saturn square Pluto) quite substantially.

How can one be tantric & Zen with an endorphin infused complexion on a diet of caffeine, electrified barbed wire, stress from without and constant cussing?

Count blessings, pace thyself & remember this whole phase is even harder for peeps with no awareness of the Z.Z. or who have underlying psycho-bats issues.

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  1. This would explain my desire to frou-frou my hair, to the point of getting how too instructions for a kick-arse chignon, and my complete lack of ability to act on it.

  2. I love this pic, Mystic. She’s where I want to be at the moment. Standing in a picture frame just pondering stuff whilst looking feminine and floral. Purty. I’d just like a big glass of wine and dark chocolate to complete the fantasy.

    In an odd twist to my Zappage freakery, Sagg ex who declared he’s moving out and leave me with nothing has decided to leave most of his stuff (whitegoods, etc) so I don’t have to do a mad scramble to buy any. He’s moving into a fully furnished place with his bro and so he thought he’d help me out. What tha…???

    And he’s being so NICE. One of the reasons we broke up is because he’s been in such a snit for yonks. I guess he learnt nada from his Pluto transit. Maybe it’s kicking in now and he’s actually being healthy, happy and NICE. Tactful, almost. Well, the Sagg version of tactufl? Sheesh, what next, dare I ask???

    Maybe your heads-up to be tranquil around psycho-bats ppl is paying off for me. I’m being the most calm, controlled Cap I’ve ever been, channelling my ever-smiling asc Libby Fleur a la PM Jilly Gilly…

    • Stress Princess – loving how you inverted your blog ID!!

      Just this morn pondered the RLP monicker – coined by Mystic AGES ago on the old blog as being typically Libran I couldn’t settle on appropriate ID. being neither a rockstar nor publicist seemed fair to change …….

      same same re Le Ram. was prepped for impending Zap Zone implosions that, to date, never happened – so then I focussed on what was NOT there / NEVER will be & concluded time is nigh for splitsville (again) etc etc aided by timely appearance of Aqua man in another city ….. Le Ram’s playing teamwork & oozing all the fun bits which has left me biding time & focussing on self evolution – wait & see if, yet again, his pendulum swings & the angel morphs back to devil.

      focus on yourself & let his story play out – see where you land in a few weeks?

      xox RLP xox

      • Ha! I always thought you worked for Interview or was editor of some cool, low profile zine of some sort!!

        Equi Girl – my SaggEx was really helpful once we broke up. I think when people are moving on to where they want to go they are able to feel more generous again. The down side can be that you remember why you liked them in the first place! I think it is good to let him display his better side, but not be carried away by that. He wants to do the right thing is all I think. Best wishes and good luck with the house story too. Have you spoken with the sibling yet? :o

        • Haven’t yet talked to sibling yet, Andromeda. I’m waiting until there’s a break in the astro clouds and maybe then I won’t be so worked up and I can approach without the knot of rage my belly.

          Plus I have learnt a wonderful lesson about myself this week – I’ve evolved! Oh sweet!!! Well, I shouldn’t get too hyper because Pluto has only started his transit of my Cap 3rd house…

          But procrastination used to be my thing. Worrying myself sick, not sleeping, etc. Now I’m actually physically restless when I can just deal with the hard shyte and move on.

          While I’m not looking forward to raging against the sibling, I really don’t want to put this stuff off for too long. It seems proactivity is overcoming my sooky Kataka moon tendencies to wallow and quiver and hope someone else does the crap work for me. This is sooo much better for my skin, hair, under-eye circles, etc!! And I think my Libra Asc is kicking in with the “wait until the anger subsides so it can be a win-win situation.” Is this what maturity feels like? ;)

          Saturn is only half-way transitting my 12th so hopefully I’ll keep on finding ways to be stronger/ happier/ less stressy!!

      • An avatar speaks more than words….boop boop betty boop,
        it’s fun to say.
        OMG i sound blonde :-)

  3. also explains why1st call today was to brow guru – at least hot brows will detract from scaly skin (eep!!) – vat of rose oil here I come!!

    then 2nd call to hair guru – re repair advice for last week’s hair disaster. knew should leave hot hair as hot but no – asked him to be tricky & now the ends are Fugged / Fried. Fugged.

    FYI – his tip to rejuve driest of dry ends?
    teaspoon of Almond Oil, massage in & leave 10 mins then rinse or wash.

    AND every spec of dust is driving me insane – trust me there’s piles!! could clean like a maniac but am sick & on a role with the evolution process ….. house can be cleaned, ideally by someone else – later …. :) xox

  4. That dress is divine – very Ophelia from Hamlet – with the Yoric skull (from the grave scene) as a meaningful accessory. Love it!

  5. It’s an interesting image – the skulls, the wedding dress, the standing in the frame alone.. I think I read that we are all analysing our relationships more deeply with all the Libran action going on?

    Well I am – astrologically at least! My question is regarding the south node and relationships. I have been studying a bit about synastry as it has come up of late and realise now that apparently GemHub and I may be living in the past so to speak… 8O

    I have NN in Sagg – he has a stellium of planets (Sun, Sat, Merc, Venus) in Gemini on my south node.

    HE has NN in Cap – I have a stellium on HIS south node (Merc, Venus, Sat).

    My Gem ascendent is exactly conj. his Sun is the good news.

    I love our smooth and harmonious ability to get over differences and we are both incredibly happy together and feel very natural with each other – despite vast differences in our personalities.

    But, now I am wondering if our easiness together is bad news for us as a couple? I have read that marriages often have strong south node action.

    Don’t be concerned I will freak out, be free to be blunt, but I am very curious about this. The upside I perceive here could be that raising a family is pretty smooth as we share the same ethics and don’t really argue much.
    Does anyone have experience with this aspect of astro in their life?

    • ooo Andromeda, you just inspired me to look at my nodes with his nodes – and OMG – opposition …. my north in virgo opp his south in virgo (also his sun) – do I have that right? so, my south in pisces opp his north in pisces – feels like a crazy click to me … anyone have any ideas? …. karmic action I think has been mentioned before …

      • I read somewhere once that your perfect match is to have your nodes opposite each other exactly as you do – but then pretty sure Mystic said it wasn’t good when this happened?.. Or maybe it was when their signs were the same as your south node? Yes Mystic please clarify!

          • ergh, I described it wrong – our SN’s and NN’s are conjunct each other? Virgo to Pisces . . .

          • I think this might mean that as he is going to need to learn Piscean things that you can help him with that and feel comfortable with that? It’s just a guess! I am sure it means more than that. Then I suppose you need to see both charts to see how he energises your chart and what he teaches you… I am sure there is a crazy click there regardless of who is good for whom :)

    • ‘I am wondering if our easiness together is bad news for us as a couple?’
      would you prefer the alternative?

      I’m just making this up – but how about looking at the solid south node connection as a way to help each other move toward the north node. Because of course a conjunction is also an opposition. Do you have any useful north node trines/sextiles for eg. or are their compatiblities in house/sign positions of north nodes (e.g. his is in the 9th).

      • p.s. I have looked at the south node thing a bit as I have noticed they turn up, but what I have found online seems pretty contradictory/vague. I like the idea of comfortable past and less certain future rather than bad past good future thing. The idea i get is that north node connections are hard, yes you learn something but fuq you know.
        I have someone in my life who gives me a grand trine of their saturn to my moon and north node and whilst I can defn see the value, its bloody painful sometimes.

        • Of course I don’t prefer arguing or a negative alternative! Astrologically south node connections, as I understand it, seem to be about ease that turns into a kind of growing out of each other (as you have been there done that).

          For me I had a SaggEx who was a terrible trial and while he taught me a lot through being a pain in the bum, no doubt stimulating my NN into action, I am thrilled that I’m not with him.

          He was latin, we travelled and lived overseas and did lots of Saggi/9th house stuff – so I feel like I well and truly lived out that NN already.

          Finding the Gem hub and having an easy time I have valued like mad as a result of the Lo Sagg qualities experienced!

          He has a stellium of feminine asteroids on my NN (ceres, Juno, lilith) – maybe that’s good? He inspires nurturing in me or something?

          I guess my question is:
          Can south node connections be a happy aspect for a marriage?
          I really do like your interpretation Shell, I just haven’t read it elsewhere!!

          • from what i have read – happy marriages is exactly what comes out of strong south node connections, because of the ease, familiarity etc.
            North node connections may be, as with your sagg, too much of a rub to stay in for a long time.
            maybe think of the south node as being a past North node, you learnt the lesson the last time and so now you get to have it in a much easier format? (I am just making that up)
            maybe your kids bring up some north node things?

          • “while he taught me a lot through being a pain in the bum, no doubt stimulating my NN into action, ”

            that’s interesting way to see it Andromeda, and very useful!
            my ex-toro and i had uranus (me) conj NN (him) and some other strong uranian aspects – much uranian hair-tearing out, and oh the lessons… his sun was also exact conjunct my jupiter , we had fun….

          • sun conjunct your jupiter sounds delish UP! I can’t imagine a toro being upset by a crazy fish???!!! Much. I bet he attracted craziness (ie you) he couldn’t express for himself – that’ s a fun role to play in a relationship. :)

          • I had a very intense connection with someone whose SN & Venus was conjunct my Moon.

            It had very many qualities of comfort, familiarity…..I think I mourned my connection to the middle east (as I did not mourn that loss nor see it as one, to that culture, when I divorced my husband, Iranian. I had my girls and they were the eternal connection, you know?)

            But through the other with SN-Venus and my Moon, through him I mourned the loss of my connection to something…a place…a time… very deep and profound, I felt. And I cried and cried for weeks and months.

            Also Andromeda, I suppose it depends on the house in which they fall/and or rule…

            The SN-Venus-Moon connection was in the 8th and so geared for my emotional transformation.

            But yes, I would say SN connections can be very, very profound and deep, deep, deep so why not work in a marriage, eh? Only one will know if they have outgrown the past association or if it is still viable by their continued association.

            You would/will know so of course trust that…x

            With those asteroids on your NN, my first off simplistic impression is that he honors the Goddess in you…

          • Thanks for commenting Sweetpea, you always have something profound to offer! It’s funny as both our NN’s are socially oriented, mine in the 7th, his in the 11th… This sounds anti-fem, but I have always forced myself forward, I like sheltering behind this man and pushing him forward a bit!
            He is the quieter one, but is adept at finding the exact right thing to say when he opens his mouth (I gregariously wander about with my foot in mine).

            I so understand the idea of parting ways being more than just the person Sweets. My ex’s were from other cultures and I loved and missed that when they were gone too.

            Oh, I loove the idea of him honouring my ‘Goddessiness’ – we all so need that from our men. Xx.

    • Andromeda, I just googled the aspect and heaps of stuff comes up – depending on what planets are aspecting which node etc but south node does seem to suggest ‘have known you all my life’ ease …

      and I did think, south nodal stuff, could be read as fulfilling past life’s promise/incomplete business – depending on what you believe of course … appropriate musings for current neptunal undercurrents :P

      • Incomplete business, eh? Maybe south node aspected relationships could be the karmic version of “if we haven’t met anyone by the time we’re 34 we’ll get married!” ;) I love Neptunian musings..(MC in Pisces).

      • My True Node (same as north, non?) is at 10 deg Sagg. My best buddy in high school was a Sagg and she changed the direction of my life (for the better as she brought me out of my nerd shell and into acting…) And I met my Sagg Ex when I did my first prof theatre production (he was my director – but that’s not why I got the job. Eww.) which kinda proved to me that I could “act” and lead to more confidence and thus more acting gigs.

        Does this mean these Saggies are pointing me in a direction that I’m supposed to be going if my Node is there? Or is the MC more your “calling?” Either way, Sagg seem to be lucky for me – for a time. I guess like Sagg, it doesn’t want to stick around for too long ;)

        • I never thought of Saggi’s being the arrow holders for you, but I guess that is an interesting thought. SaggEx helped me understand what I really needed out of relationship (by being inconsiderate but nonetheless).

          The MC versus NN does confuse me also… Is it life direction versus working sphere direction??

          • MC is to do with your public image – what other people think of you, but not necessarily the truth – just what others assume about you. It also covers hobbies and things you do for fun that you could turn into a career if you chose. MC is the line you cross to transition from 9th house – studies, philosophies and beliefs into 10th house career and service – and is also opposed by the IC which is your ancestry and early childhood experiences and home. North Node is the path you make for yourself into the future – not necessarily anything to do with work or hobbies, depending on where it falls in your chart. Although if yours is in the 10th it probably will be to do with those things. South node opposite is the old comfort zones you fall back on that are the thing that can become a stumbling block if you don’t consciously try to move out of your comfort zone. South is things you already know North is your new ground.

          • i think the MC/NN stuff is really interesting to think about. My SN is in my 9th in Taurus, loosely conjunct my MC.
            So my SN is in the 3rd, which one would think is a graet place for a Gemini to be going.
            But it’s also Scorp, and squished btw Uranus and my IC, thus wanting psych depth stuff. And I have a loaded 10th house.
            So its like my SN easy bit is being academic/theory driven, and my NN challenge is to communicate that. But it is also about soul mining, whilst my 10th house stuff wants it all manifesting in practical tangible ways.
            It is quite amazing how this plays out in my work(10th hosue sun) and the different areas/challenges i face in how i want that to be useful.

          • Do you mean NN in the 3rd hon? – your future lies in communications and your close to home community – which is something you’re studying? Uranus in the 3rd is GREAT for communication especially using new technology and especially with the gemini angle. Your south node being in the 9th is interesting considering your comments on the other post about feeling like you’ve got nowhere yet you’ve achieved these amazing things with studies – a scholarship? ONYA : o) But it’s your south node so you’re never going to feel like that’s anything grand because it’s old news for you – you’ve done it before. Maybe finding ways to use new technology to promote and communicate community based projects and networks will give you some satisfaction? And working with a charity or aid organisation? I dunno, just rationalising what you’ve said. You’re right too – saturn’s boring.

          • Yes, north node in third. Too much code. Funnily I am still rejecting techno aspects in my research, face to face interaction all the way.
            Ta love.

          • Have you ever heard the bob marley song that goes – the stone that the builder refuses will always be the head corner stone? Totally saturnine I’ve always thought – I am in many ways a luddite – I use wooden tools for some of my work, so I totally get where you’re coming from – but in other ways figure technology isn’t going to go away, may as well try to use it to enhance the work or ease the load. Bring something else to the party you know? I just read in astrology + aptitude that your NN SN combo is all about studying & research as opposed to blind faith – so what I said before was totally arse about face – research + scorpio 3rd house works because it’s ruled by pluto – digging deep. Have you got astrology and aptitude? If not there’s quite a lot of it that’s browsable online – but it is one of the best books I’ve ever read in terms of working some of this 10th house MC stuff out. I feel a bit sad that you don’t feel satisfied. It’s all because you’re saturn’s bitch isn’t it? That must be DEEPLY irritating on so many levels.

          • Hi whatevs, that was a brilliant synopsis of the MC & NN and their functions!! Thanks so much for that. :P You are a great writer!

            My NN is in the 7th (Sagg). MC in Pisces. Always enjoy relationships, prefer one on one and, like a lot of people on this site, I have made the occult studies a big part of my life.
            With my Sun in the 2nd house I hope that in the future I will make a living from some of the things I have spent a lifetime studying in my own time.

            In the meantime..

          • Ah yes being saturn’s bitch is a tad crap. But I’m not sure I’m unsatisfied. Just when doing an overall evaluation the last year and a half have been crap, despite all the positive work related things that have happened.
            From what I understand the SN NN thing is more about esoteric sage ish compared to public communication stuff. I am typiyngvthis on my phone and it’s gone all weird now. In conclusion Saturn is boring, research is fanb.

          • whatevs and shell, do you think it would be a good thing for a couple to have NN’s in the same sign? I know a couple with NN’s in Pisces and I always have wondered if that would be a good thing?! Thanks if you read this.

          • I guess it’s a similarity, in the same way shared sun or moon sings would be. The houses would then shape how that would be expressed, which of course may send that similarity off in way diff directions.
            I am totally making this up, but my belief is that isolating single factors is only useful to a certisn degree. It’s how they work together. Find anything interesting looking at the charts of your kids?

          • Totally agree, re the isolating of things, but hard to discuss in this forum otherwise!

            But it is interesting to me how much No.2 son has in common with his dad – NN in Cap (son 3rd, hub 11th). He has Scorp Asc and I have Moon in Scorp, but otherwise…?

            My No.1 son has Sagg Asc almost exactly conjunct my NN. 8O (His NN is conjunct his IC (early life/mum influence?), Neptune & Chiron – in Aqua). He is dramatic and emotional like myself too. :)

            Family synastry and how it flows down the generations is really curious stuff.

          • O! my mistake, soz shell – I misread this as dissatisfaction : “I’m trying, where’s the results? Like I am back at another ‘what now?’ point, and could really do with a bit of evidence to show that all this bullshit has been worth it. Really though what I want is evidence in specific areas, the ones I’ve not really ever done that well in, rather than the ones I’ve always been able to nail with a bit of effort. Still none of that. Which is why I am sick of thinking about Saturn, cause it all seems to be thinking, and despite being a Gemini, all my Taurus bits want tangible results (and my leo mars wants them NOW!)”

  6. I woke up this morning i didn’t recognise myself
    in the mirror. Twas scary. Think it’s from all the heating
    & hot air, being inside, yep, drinking coffee, perhaps the SAD
    syndrome. Maybe because i haven’t been working, so the energy
    ain’t flowing, moving & grooving around. WoW. But if being a SunLover
    caused new sagging then need to cure like with like.
    It’s like i’ve aged 5 years overnight.
    So calling on Venus “bring in Spring’ so i can re-flower.
    Maybe the Universe being tetchy with me coz i said ‘i looked younger than
    Jane Fonda’? ‘No you don’t’ it sent back to me.
    If anyone says to me ‘have we met before’ i can reply ‘No
    as for half my life you weren’t even born’.

    • Ha Peg you made me laugh! Yes I feel the same!! – after years of everyone telling me can’t believe how old am I, that I even have children, let alone how old they are- you mustve been a child-bride and all that – yes for past few months I feel it has all finally completely caught up with me! Roll on spring is all I can say too- hopefully with brighter weather we too will feel (and look!) brighter! Ps am sure most of it is in your head also..

      • Honey HummingBird…ON my head in IN my head :-)
        But thank heavens for make-up & winter being over soon.
        “Contract in winter-expand in summer’ is the way of Nature.

      • same same same re age spurt…… next minute catch reflection provoked flash fear surprise re accelerated oldness – ouch!!

  7. “beauty, poise, harmony and equilibrium” can be obtained, just not via the usual Venusian methods which tend to be pretty smarmy and superficial.

    Saturn sq Pluto has had me:
    – cleaning out old love letters (irk)
    – cleaning out old maudlin diaries (double irk)
    – having deep convos with peeps that have been on the periphery and suddenly decided they want to be in the inner circle (very untrusting about this)

    • Your angle on venus always makes me laugh prowlers. Re the peeps on the periphery – maybe it’s you that’s suddenly letting them in?

      • yeah I distrust Venus completely. Cancer in Venus natally is not entirely a comfortable fit I find. I never actually know what to do with it and attack is the best form of defense?! ;) Re the peeps – it probably is me letting them in … cautiously. heh

        • “Cancer in Venus natally is not entirely a comfortable fit”

          The only thing about my eldest’s Venus in Cancer, as she is an excellent and loving mother, is that she would call each night when my granddaughter was ready to go to bed and my g.d. would end up in tears as now she’s missing her Mom…Would have to assure she would see Mom soon, etc.

        • Mmm venus shat me for years – weak was how I saw it. I realise now there’s so much more to it tho if you can balance it. And re what sweetpea said – I bet you ARE an awesome mother and wouldn’t that be what venus in cancer is about? Get the feeling you’d be totally THERE for your child in every way you could.

        • Hmmm … yeah it is a bit of an emo “mummy” placement both with your actual mum and whomever else you “mother” … I tend to mother the most inappropriate people i.e grown men who should know how to bloody well look after themselves – slowing easing that one out. Re being a good mum .. the heart’s in the right place but my disfunctional family background has meant having to plow through a world of shit just to get good at the basics of mothering and quite frankly it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. I think the emotional sensitivity of Venus Cancer (espesh at 0 Aries point) really grates on the Saggy lets get on with it moon, Gem I don’t friggin want to know Asc and the airy intellectual Aqua top of the chart. Integrating the two is challenging.

          • sometimes I wish it was emo prowlers – it can manifest as steely indifference/intolerance my libra styles usually – but not always – override the desire to come across like a total hard-arse. I swing between “I can see you’re struggling, what can I do to help you with this?” and the “adapt / evolve or perish, get back to me when you’ve made your choice” approach. Plutonic + same gem ascendant. Weird thing is my mum is totally hard core strong in some pretty crazy ways and yet weak and in denial of reality in some others. Not balanced the strength vs weakness. Spose it’s what we all have to work out really. Even tho it’s totally about you am thinking anything you do to help yourself is going to help your child so it’s a win win for the prowlin family unit.

  8. OH GOD, that explains why iam impossibly angsting about the multiple taurean with saggi moon…

    • UP – left you a msg about this back on the “Where Do You Go To…” thread. Don’t angst! We are all feeling angsty with this effing Zap-Astro at the moment. Your feelings of angst may have nothing at all to do with that particular person so don’t ‘load him up’ with it (transferance), if you know what I mean.

      • nat, thank you my sweet. And you needn’t worry – this delicious, talented, turmoil-ed friend of mine is very un-married. Having said that, I don’t know his specific romantic situation right now [part of the turmoil].
        Thank you for your sage advice. He openly admits he “thinks too much” too – in my view that is far better than thinking not enough. possibly. my stress with the toro-types who i become interested in relates to the same advice you offer – be straight, simple & authentic – it sounds so easy doesn’t it…. Authentic I can do no worries, I detest fake. But Straight? when I can’t work up the courage to present my true feelings on a platter, sliced and diced and easily interpreted by someone else, let alone myself…. Simple…when my feelings are like a vat of spaghetti vongole [whatever] in a sauce of ‘we were once lovers’ …I will use your wonderful words to guide my approach nonetheless. There is no rushing. [I have moon in capricorn, relationships with people like me are recorded in geological time]

        and yes you are so so right, i am going through ridiculous turmoil over this guy and I am blowing it stupidly out of proportion. Yes, it IS zappage. I realised this today as I was wigging out about something – thinking ok so finally the Zap has caught up with me. I am sure that he triggers something unconscious in me – that is the only way i can explain it. Other people are only a mirror for our souls, etc.
        anyway thanks for listening. and the great advice. How wonderful you have direct experience of such ppl :) xx

        • PS. I suppose straight can also just mean saying ‘I am feeling confused’ – we don’t have to have it all worked out do we… :)

          • Exactly! Straight does not mean “totally sorted out in all dimensions”. It just means call it how it is, or name it. It can help to add “at the moment” to the end of the statement. For example, I am feeling confused about a few things at the moment. That way it is not final & forever, but an honest statement about how you are feeling at this point in time.

            Yes, I completely agree with you that being straight & simple is not always easy! But it is worth trying for as it gives clarity to the other person and also to yourself. If you told him that your feelings about him were mixed up like a bowl of spaghetti at the moment, he might understand better. A food metaphor would surely be appreciated by a Taurus :) It could even be a special food language that you make between you to broach tricky subjects. Useful to get clear if he has any ‘side dishes’ on the go at the moment.

            Funny that you say this bloke says that he thinks too much. I agree I would prefer that to not bothering to think at all. But it might get a bit wearing at times? The Tauruses I know can stew a bit. Or it seems like stewing to others when really it is just their normal processing pace.

            Good luck with it UP. Always happy to help if I can. x

    • hey, I dreamt about a crazy man on the loose in my local main drag- mayhem is the right word. rather fuqed up actually, rare for me to dream crap like that.

  9. Ah yes.. insomnia from 12 – 5 am this morning. Then my keyboard was infested with gremlins – need new keyboard (and currently using next-doors). My application for legal aid regarding an impending court case was rejected on the basis that I have a mortgage. My employment contract has been delayed .. again so I haven’t been paid for the last three weeks. My ex has written a letter to the CSA asking that my tax-free scholarship be put on top of my previous income assessment – even though that was two years ago. And the HOT Leo has just sent an sms saying he’s too tired to come over to my place tonight.

    And did I mention that I accidently set fire to my kitchen this week?


    Luckily I know a Lovely friendly lawyer.
    The CSA has said that my ex will have to pay more if I update my estimated income as I’m currently earning less.
    I’ll get paid eventually – which is luckier than some.
    HOT Leo – not so big a deal.
    Friends have brought round a camp stove and extra gas for me to use while I clean and repair my kitchen.


  10. Beauty, poise, harmony & equilibrium??? Not today it ain’t. Everything but. What a totally craphouse day. What is it with people and their crap splurting out all over the place? And why do they want to involve ME in it? Go away and pursue your stupid crap on your own time! Had THE most frustrating day at work – kind of Mercury Retro x Zap Zone x Stinking Headache to the power of 11. Great for a group meeting to re-write a technical publication. Not.

    Family sh*te going down as well (they actually called me in the middle of my meeting today!). Drew my boundaries on that one. Not getting involved. Then the apparently simple job of replacing a simple pane of glass in a simple window in the house (kookaburra flew through, he is OK) is now at 6 phone calls, 9 different people and 10 days later and the effing thing is STILL not replaced. They actually turned up today to fix it but didn’t do the job (despite broken window being left open for them as arranged and having given them my mobile number). Why???? Because I wasn’t here at home (hello, I work full time as I have explained to upteen effing people on the effing phone…). They left 2 messages for me on the HOME number to let me know they were coming (what, did they think I was actually hiding inside or something???). When I finally figure this out (1pm), I ring to see when they are coming this afternoon to complete the job (since it is THEIR error not mine)? Nah, they knock off at 2:30 on Fridays. OKkkkkk, so what time will they be coming on Monday so as I can BE HERE for them? Dunno, might not be able to do it on Monday. When will they know? Monday. Faaaaaarrrrrkkkkkk!!!!!!!! People! I fuq’n give in.

    Beauty, poise, harmony & equilibrium? Does that come in a Sauv Blanc bottle?

    Got to say I loved the Virgo Moon yesterday – awoke in a cleaning frenzy and transformed the house before I went to work. Suspected Virgo Moon and confirmed it later that day. Do Virgos wake up like that every day? Sorry for the vent. Going to find that bottle of Sauv Blanc. Good luck with the Zapping everyone.

    • Nat, you have my sympathy. What is it with tradespeople who think we are ladies of leisure and just wait around all day for them to turn up when they feel like it!

      Have to say i enjoyed reading that little snippet of your day. My jaw dropped when your family called in the middle of your meeting, chuckled at effing this and effing that and the window guys knocking off at 2.30 on Friday was the icing on the cake. Hehe.

      At least it’s the weekend. Enjoy your wine. Lovely new avatar… Jonquils? :)

      • Thanks robots. I feel a bit bad about venting but glad if you got a laugh about it. Maybe the Kookaburra was trying to tell me something?!

        Yay, Yay & Double Yay for the weekend. Clear sunny day predicted here & no wind. Yes, they are jonquils. They were scattered around in different places in the garden and not doing so well. So last year I moved them all into a new garden bed together and they have powered on. That photo is of this year’s flowers. They are just about finished now. Did you know that bulbs make next year’s flowers as the leaves of this year’s plants are dying down? So it is useful to fertilise them after they finish flowering and still have green leaves. Amazing little things they are. Hope you have a lovely weekend too robots x

        • kookaburra = healing begins + support of the family unit according to some animal totem books I read a while back. I think the meaning of the totem would change as you moved from nation to nation tho. Good luck w the window. Good tradies are hard to find.

          • thank you whatever for this info. This bird breaking through the window was definitely auspicious and I have been reflecting (no pun intended) on the symbolism and on areas where I need a tune up. Support of the family unit is a bit tricky to interpret… my family of choice I get; family of origin is a different matter! :roll:

    • oh wow, nat what a day! and sympathy with tradies thinking you can just sit around all day waiting for them to show up, clearly their hands are painted on since they are unable to actually call you, do these people not have diaries, appointment times and contact numbers in there!?!
      anyway i am glad the kooky is ok. I hope it is not your lovely, giving, sympathetic nature and great listening skills that makes people want to drag you into their dramas [hoping i didn’t do that just then in my loong post up above ;) ]

      have a lovely, relaxing weekend. having a cup of mint tea for you. the vino’s done already x

      • Thanks UP. On reflection about yesterday, I reckon my biggest problem was me. I reckon I was trying too hard to draw boundaries and separate myself from other’s ‘stuff’ & getting more & more frustrated in the process. A bit more acceptance from me of the way things/people are (i.e. sometimes crappy – including myself) and a bit more detachment would have helped yesterday. You know that idea of ‘control by letting go’ – such a great concept but sometimes hard to tune into in stressy situations. Anyway its done now and a new fresh day lies ahead. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend too x

        • yes – new day, new everything! glad it’s over for u!

          as for control by letting go. it’s a great concept. I had never really put a name to it before, but now that you have, I think it’s one thing that my ex-toro helped to teach me via the University of Uranus! Previously I had identified it as “the art of non-commitment” which it probably is, if we think of commitment as getting involved in any situation, whether someone’s crap or going to your girlfriend’s party. Either way it lets situations play themselves out a little, letting nature take its course without us getting involved where we don’t need to /want to be… interesting thanks for the idea nat! have a fab weekend

    • Hey natski … sorry to hear about your lousy Friday. Guess what? I had the most effing fuqing effed day from hell on Friday too … and yeah, like you wrote a few posts down (which I related to) – mainly due to me overracting and behaving quite irrationally and getting ZAPPED up the freakin yin yang. *sigh* Maybe it was just Cancerians day to cop it … I dunno. Mine was around family too – fuq sometimes I wish I could divorce ALL OF THEM. Better now tho … ish.

      • Yes, I was thinking I was doing alright with the Zapping but whamo, it got me good on Friday! Hope you are recovering from your Zapping. I have responded by doubling my morning excercise (no matter how late it runs me for work) and changing my diet. I have no hope in hell of changing family or anything else so I am changing something I can control: me & my routines. After only 2 days I feel much better – even tho butt muscles are sore :) Keep on going prowln. Cancerians Cope.

      • Dear Nat, my sympathies to who are always helpful
        to others needs a pat.
        Glad the Kookaburra survived tho’.
        Enjoy your glass……x

          • Thanks for the pat Pegasus! Sorry for the venting. Yes, I was glad the Kookaburra was OK too. He flew right past me afterwards. A young one I think – but even the youngsters have a massive beak. I am enjoying my (second) glass of Sauv Blanc and I will enjoy my new pane of glass one day… Thank you x

          • I would totally be looking into Kookaburra totem medicine nat.

            Swear to God, during a massage this week, heard a crow as plain as day. Was in a floaty place.

        • Thank you LG & Sweetpea. Will look into the totems SP – good idea. I live in the bush with lots of animals & birds, so I have encounters with them every day. It is such a joy. The other morning I counted 18 different types of birds in the garden. As I was hanging out the washing 5 kinds of little birds were in the tree next to the clothes line (for the birdlovers these were: Double-barrred finch, Yellow breasted robin, Willy Wagtail, Striated pardalotte and Superb blue fairy wrens). Amazing. They just joyfully & earnestly go about their business.

          • Wow, that’s alot of birds and I’m sure so neat and lovely to have in one’s environment, let alone identifying them. I looked up the Kookaburra. They’re cute! If you care to divulge (if not understand), what part of Oz do you live in nat? I’d love to look it up on line as I love “going places” that way.

          • Sweetpea, hope you enjoy a tour of regional NSW here:


            Yes, Kookaburras are amazing birds – the largest living member of the Kingfisher family. Very ancient looking. We have a couple of the small Kingfishers here too – the Sacred and Forest. BTW ‘bush’ or ‘scrub’ here = forest or woods in USA.

            If you like birds, this is a great website:


            You can click thru to Birds, About and hear some of the most common Australian bird calls, including the ‘laughing’ call of the Kookaburra. We call it ‘laughing’ but really it is about territory :) There is also a link on the homepage to a webcam of some White-bellied Sea Eagles tending their nest. Bit slow to load but great images.

          • Thanks so much nat! Can’t wait to explore those links once I get back from the pool today (Sunday). As a matter of fact, yesterday I put my things down at the pool and there was a crow’s feather as if waiting for me. Feeling the support of Spirit lately as I keep on top of this ZZ energy!

  11. I just wanna cut my hair, when is the zone of zapp over? Course I could get it cut before but perhaps good to astro flow with the go, you know?

    LOVE that picture, the colours, flowers, romance…libra rising!

    Insomnia for weeks, strange emails of unwarranted accusation from people that hardly know me, ex lovers ranting on facebook about new found love, (promptly deleted him and it feels good!) And yet flying solo and feeling really grand in the scheme of things.

    Perhaps its the power of Fri 13th?


    • Weird stuff, huh? Whats the go with that? People projecting their shit onto you again……Im just keeping my head down, not bothering anyone, well I hope I am. Strange things. Well, I had my haircut and coloured last week. Im sure its ok yes…After feeling really down and just not motivated. Mystic did say in one of the daily do use the energy to reinvent, make over, buy new clothes etc..for katakas anyway.. Or did I read it wrong? :-0

      Hope you are well aqua?

  12. Yesterday this Leo was particularly wired up and I forgot about the meteor shower and watched some insipid celebrity talk about some movie on a talk show.

    Some GROUNDING exercises are in order. Cleanse, breathe, protect, ground,
    eat some sushi.

  13. Oh thanks Sassy, I am actually really well thanks, despite my little rant.

    Sipping a crisp white wine and enjoying the sound of rain on the rooftops in Paris so can’t complain. I just had a strange couple of days around the new moon but interestingly very liberating. And a goal for the new moon was to let of finally of recent ex, so deleting his ‘frienship’ seemed apt. Though I do feel fondly towards him, there’s only so much of the ex gloating about new love that I can take!

    Oh and the salon which I thought was shut till end of August, is open, so haircut comes on Wednesday! Have Leo multiple conjunct so salon visits are a highlight.

    Nice that you got your hair done, am sure its fab.


    • ~Sipping a crisp white wine and enjoying the sound of rain on the rooftops in Paris so can’t complain~

      I guess not… Lucky girl! Paris my most fave city in the world (so far)