Weekly Scopes R Up

Aleksandr Kosteckij

Weekly Scopes from August 14 are now up and if you’re feeling the Zap Zone, zoom down the page to read or re-read the Zap Zone Protocol. It’s the at-first-it-seems-sociopathic-but-actually-it-works guide to navigating the next ten days of Saturn square Pluto.

The Sun-Neptune opposition is forming – super-psyched dreams and artistic consciousness amidst all the power-tripping and zapping.

And speaking of Neptune, i am loving this artist, he is utterly, totally mysterious…so Neptunian and all he seems to paints are beautiful, crazy dreamworlds…the goddessy one on the scopes page is heaven. Or click thru above to see it as well.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Scopes R Up

  1. Wow, I just clicked that link, those images are beautiful. Makes me wish I could be there in one of those dreamy worlds…….. I like the comment about the artist “Whomever you are sir, good job at evading the entire Internet” – makes him seem even more mysterious and cool!

  2. I love it. Surreal and detailed.
    Aleksandr Kosteckij looks like the light to Zdzis?aw Beksi?ski’s dark…

  3. Awesome!!! I am strangely reminded of Yoshitaka Amano’s works.
    These are gorgeous!!! I keep wondering how that lacey anemone looking chandelier is attached to that guy up there. His leg?

  4. Awesome, I dream of having the ‘Conversation with the Gods’ in my house.. wow. The scale is so Dr. Seuss my dreamscapes sometimes look a bit like this. And I love how everything is dazzling and bejewelled.

  5. Loved Kim’s Astro-flash in the Daily Scopes this morning Mystic! Thanks again for you existence.

  6. weird weird dreams

    I was trying to explain to this tattoo artist my design then I fell asleep in her chair and this woman put all these horrible tattoo’s on me that I did not ask for. one was the ingredients of bottle of japanese oyster sauce down my left arm in green ink WITH half done brand label and a naff slogan sayings on my palms like a tiny henna script!

    Sun square neptune I’ve been feeling it hard.
    Trying to see, make sensible decisions but its not easy in the dark. everything effects everything.

    hahahahha I just figured out my dream
    fear of over branding
    my subconscious is hilarious
    ok back to it


    • Since August 9th I’ve had loop-de-loop dreams of strangeness. Hairy german neighbour meeting me with his pre-pubescent but hirsute-like-a-40-something sons.

      Squeezing a blackhead on my nose and squishing out worms from my nostril at the same time.

      No notebook at my bedside those past few nights – have to place one there this evening.

  7. AM not not taking on friends guilt. Came so close but deleted that txt. I’ve got enuf of my own being Catholic raised I’m guilty of and for everyhting dahling! Thx MM

  8. PS Mystic – the password protected pages (weekly scopes, nightly scopes) don’t have copy protection embedded in them. It was active a few days ago but is not present now.

    I think this would spare you further grief from the Intellectual Property Stealer who is re-posting your work elswhere.

  9. Well this zap zone caper finally hit – with a massive blow out on Tuesday night on wine – leading to me dry heaving all Wed morning. Looking back, the alcohol intake between 3 people was quite low, but it still was over a bottle each. Today I looked back over the weekly scopes, and the last few daily scopes and the astro flash’s from Kim (amazing extra those flashes) and it all finally clicked for me. I’m in the middle of a massive paradigm shift – I’ve been wanting to take alcohol out of my life for about 2 years, but have been really stuck on the social/ritual aspect (hello, I am a scorp – theres always a ritual). Now, in the middle of the zap zone, thats no longer a valid point. The sheer relief I feel knowing that I don’t ever have to buy wine again. Drink wine again. Sleep badly again due to wine. Feel sick in the morning due to wine. Its amazing, as if 100kgs has fallen off me.
    Anyway – just wanted to share how good it feels to be in the zap zone, evolving as fast as I can!

    • Wow, good onya!
      You weren’t a Brisbane pre-Ekka-holiday alcohol victim were you? I was!
      Next day I was all peppermint tea and Supergreens… once I’d had a nap or two.

      • Guilty…. Even down to the pep tea. No greens tho, managed vegemite on toast for dinner….

    • Wow PMS, congratulations on making that decision. I’m always impressed with people who can chuck the booze, it is so embedded in culture it makes it kinda complicated. You go girl!

  10. onya PMS – go get em tiger!!

    YAY re Libra’s ‘time/money/space deficit’ break – bring it goddamn on!!