Weekly Scopes Are Up

Romain De Tirtoff

The Weekly Scopes from Saturday 28 are up…And right this moment, the Moon is approaching Uranus.

It’s not exact for another 18 hours or so so that’s 18 hours of hyper-zing, nerves, sensitivities, random electrical shocks (if you’re Piscean/Aquarian/Uranian) & super-genius.

It’s also a bit fuq-off-already – not because of anything vile but everyone so wants their freedom & space under this influence.

The Moon hits on Uranus once a month and it’s a good time to schedule in for when you want to brainstorm something up into a breakthrough moment.

Eureka flash away but don’t go whining for cuddles or to be “understood.”

Who cares? Stay cryptic.

58 thoughts on “Weekly Scopes Are Up

  1. Pisces rising, Aqua moon. Head for the clawfoot tub, bring Bataille, replace winetime with green tea to avoid body upset, and create enough bubbles so no one can find you? On my way.

  2. OMG I think I slipped into opposite world and now suddenly I want a hug and no-one’s available???? LOL TYPICAL This has gotta be saturn’s doing. I am SO gonna to take him out. Old he is and stealthy I can be.

    • Ha! (At the last line, not wanting a hug and no-one there – sending virtual hugs for that one)

      • I feel suitably virtually nurtured hummingbird – thanks : o) – whenever I see your nom-d that seals and crofts song comes into my head – my parents used to listen to it in the 70s. It’s a nice little memory that one.

    • I too was all – Whaddya mean no hugs????? I don’t get many anyway, so now I’m going to be stuck with Aqua mother who can be parsiminous with hugs anyway on the weekend. The cat won’t be much better – she’s got a low tolerance for unnegotiated snuggles…..

      • I love an aloof cat – the ones that are all over you really bother me – the aloof ones are so much more enigmatic. When all else fails I suggest gin for your mother and catnip for the cat – they’ll both be all over you like a rash – hugs on tap.

  3. I have been doing the random ridiculous zapping all fuqing day. On just about everything too. And I’m pissing off the new man for being too needy. And I’ve had a genius breakthrough idea for the new biz.

    *sigh* as an aquarian it is utterly devastating to be such an astro cliche…

  4. “Libra Scopes: Love weirding begins?” It’s been weird since start of June! Oh Lordy.

  5. I can’t believe how many electric shocks I have been getting over the last few days! I gave the cat a pat *zap*, I filled up my water bottle from the tap *zap* & people who I handed coffee over even got a zap!! 8O

  6. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh trying so hard to communicate with people who Ive had fallings out with on this mercury retro. I hate using mercury retro as an excuse not to put myself out there and step up in this domain. I think most of my trouble comes from convincing myself things are going to go badly because mercury is retrograde. As if the planets have more power than our own freewill. Its such a misconception. Not trying to have a go at anyone except myself here

    • Try not communicating at all. Let them initiate revisiting things with you. Be aloof. The world needs more loof.

        • Yeah….but I’ve been more than aloof ive been completely hermitudish for 2 years. I dont want to be aloof anymore. I dont want to be the arsehole. I want to take initiative

          • The loof is not necessarily an arsehole P – sometimes doing nothing is the cypher. A la the dalai llama. Taking the initiative suddenly after 2 years of hermitage during mercury retro means your sudden communication is potentially likely to be misunderstood by the peeps you’re assailing – are uranus and jupiter giving you a jolt? Feel like you just HAVE to do SOMETHING? It’s not just mercury you’re dealing with – it’s the combinations – the cosmic wheels within wheels. Now’s more the time to be planning how you will take the initiative so you can act after the retro phase – not that I’m any expert on that. If you’ve waited this long to take the initiative taking it slowly might help you navigate things more easily. And obviously freewill is involved but it doesn’t have to be free range – there’s a lot to be said for having a strategy.

          • P – if you feel compelled to communicate could you hand write letters of your thoughts & feelings to the people yr desiring to reconnect with / resolve stuff but NOT SEND them? This allows you to release feelings & if you ponder, review etc over next 10 days or so I sense you could have some mega break thru understandings that will REALLY make a diff when you connect in a cowpoke of weeks ie post Retro?

            As whatevs say – if you’ve hung on this long a smidge longer ain’t gonna matter


          • *couple of weeks* ….. iPad retard STILL not trumping the autospell monster lol….

  7. My random weird idea for the day, personal astro charts/books/computer program that is a choose your own adventure type format with all our Dave characters, Saturn girl, Joe Uranus, the minister for enlargement and of course mars, the cucumber. So mars gets sock if Saturn hinging in his ear and can a. Run off and whinge to Joe who is only too pleased to throw a spanner in the works, b. Go for a swim cause the moon is in pisces, or c. Recognize the validity of dome of Saturn girls concerns, flick his cucumber hair about a bit to show he Sony pleased at being ‘told’ whilst be secretly glad to have something to get on with.
    Imagine, you could come up with scenarios that acted out different aspects, oh the fun for the family!

    • Oh my god I just re read that. Phone predictive text knows brand names! I can’t be bothered correcting, sorry. It’s just inane waffle anyway.

  8. mmm – The Pisces moon is making me quite a Loof re the demands of HOT Leo. He wants communique re intensley private aspects of my being NOW. I shall demure and be restrained for the evening.. no not like that.. sleep calls.

    Thanks for the weekly / daily / oracle guidance Mystic. Always.

  9. I’ve been feeling the fuq-offs already for past 2days…but now think I’m starting to feel the zing (none too soon either!)

  10. came home yesterday to find Mr Fish has drilled a big fish onto the front of the house… ! hilarious ! off a sign from a fish & chip shop in Coogee a friend painted and they were going to throw out..now we’ll be “ýou know the house that crazy redhead lives in ? the one with the fish on it?” go you crazy neighbours !!

  11. Oh wow. Yes, something has been going on for almost 9 months now and yes, it has culminated recently and is finally settling out and ending. Glad to hear its really over (through my own choice of course, but that was made before I knew about this trend)

  12. Woke up singing that “Dont fear the reaper” song like wtf?!!!! Looked up the lyrics they’re about rebirth and the cycles of life..nice very nice lyrics… released in the 70’s….

    Have had a few break ups on fb, few people shouting their agression on the streets etc. Ex hub told me that guy at his work got fired for starting a fight with the boss. My cappy friends are no longer feeling on top of the world like last week…. What the fuck is it with Pisces Full Moon?….I didnt feel anything, nothing from me…just everyone else…Cant hack the lies, disillusion or uneasy feeling rather dive into a bottle of something?? Just a guess…

    • Hmmph girlfriend just got proposed to…. think well if she can handle this astro well……

      YET nothing for 4 yrs. WTF

      • Sassy, a proposal during Mercury Retrograde? Think about it. either just one of them or both of them are dealing with incomplete information. Let your Mars in Scorpio stand back and quietly observe what happens when Mercury goes direct. Watch esp. what happens in early October. Is the proposal still standing by then? A friend of friend was proposed to during a Mercury Rx last year. She’s still single.

  13. You’d think that knowing full well about the whole fizzy uranus moon thing and the full moon being on my MC that I’d rein it in a bit, dial it back, less is more etc etc etc…. But no, that’s not what I did was it? No, after so many months of saturn being iron fist in velvet glove for me, the day after it leaves my sun I go for it. Just can’t help myself. Read the mood of the room, lay it all out there and trigger a revolution. It’s not like there wasn’t a need for it but why why why is it always me? People who love me say that’s what they love about me. People who hate me cite that trait as their reason also. Renegade. Maverick. Coyote. Hermes. Trickster. Whatever. I am so at the point of realising that you can’t fight who you are deep down inside, you just have to own it and use it for the greater good. Which is what I did. Fingers crossed I’m not the sacrificial lamb over it. That would be inconvenient. Sigh.

      • O god I did that thing I always do and said some stuff out loud that was bubbling under the communal surface and suddenly it was all go and peeps were agreeing and voicing their opinions. In my experience – and you know, I have a lifetime of it – it’s usually not opportune to be seen as the one who can mobilise the malcontents – luckily these malcontents are articulate and smart but still so bloody typical that I’m the catalyst. Pointing at the elephant again feels a bit alien after so long under saturn’s thumb. Pandora. I just checked my chart out and Jupiter, Uranus and the Moon are conjunct my natal pandora + chiron on the MC. So very very apt.

        • Ahh yes, the old pointing out the elephant in the room, Always thought that was a merc-pluto arena. Do you have that aspect?? Dont beat yourself up too much. xx

          • interesting sassy – I just had a look transiting mercury is conjunct my natal Jupiter Pluto conjunction in the 3rd house. And thanks for the kind words – it just feels so lame to be a grown up and still not be able to bite your tongue. Aqua thinks it’s hilarious. Loves it. Big mouth strikes again. I’ve been so under control from Saturn for so long and now suddenly my true uranian self is lurching out unannounced? It’s all been so sedate for so long I got a bit of a fright.

          • Jupiter conjunct Pluto in the third, and that’s in Leo or virgo? Sounds like a tendecy to dramatic transformational outbursts to me. That’s kinda funny, how would one control that? Oh yeh, Saturn *snort*

          • ah don’t worry about it whatevs. I don’t think being a grown has anything to do with it where Uranus is concerned. I spontaneously opened my big mouth twice during the ZZ. I have natal Uranus square moon in Sag. It just comes out of nowhere. Better out than in I say. :)

          • “a tendecy to dramatic transformational outbursts”

            it’s in virgo and pluto is also conjunct uranus which then conjuncts my sun. Who needs eclipses. My life is a cluster fuq of dramatic transformational outbursts. Saturn’s lulled me into a false sense of security – I’d forgotten all about the lightning strikes.

          • yeah see this is why I hang here. Fanx ladeez. I don’t feel as lame as I did when the impromptu workshopping started. I have cried so much in the last few days it’s absurd. Sometimes I just wish I was normal. Aqua told me yesterday to get used to weird cos it’s never going to happen. That’s his way of “helping”. xxx

          • A guru type peep once said that one person will always articulate what others are thinking, but perhaps don’t have the courage to say!

          • “i’m not weird, i’m limited edition” saw that somewhere the other day. Love it! You don’t want to be normal whatevs.

      • No dude, I feel like “why do you always do that?” I feel like “why do you always go and fuq it up by opening your crazy mouth?” and the fact that everyone got on board just made it worse – like there was no avoiding it then. Why do I always have to say the shit that everyone else is avoiding? That’s probably a rhetorical question.

        • “Why do I always have to say the shit that everyone else is avoiding? That’s probably a rhetorical question.”


          • There us always someone who has to say the shit. I don’t imagine you want to be one of those who does the avoiding? The real question us the outcome really isn’t it? Like will it all go crap now and be your fault, or have you painfully begun a positive process?

          • Fingers crossed it’s the latter shell. Cos sometimes I really fuq things up for myself. Do you need an app that corrects predictive text? : o)

          • I just realised maybe the reason I love studying is that I get to point at elephants and it’s constructive – it’s cathartic to find a way to use it that doesn’t make me look like some kind of revolutionary / ringleader. I always thought it was just a diversion. Maybe it’s bigger than that.

          • Ha no, I need an app that stops me faffing about the net on my phone when I should be working. I like the study realization. Run with it I reckon.

  14. This is an outrage! Against mermaids in general, and Picsean mermaids in particular. I’m really swimming in stranger tides, people. My grandfather was a lighthouse keeper and my grandmother a mermaid. I may be quite fuqued. Is there any body out there? Ahoy!?