Time To De Zap

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Paola Pivi

Technically, i time the Zap Zone (Saturn Square Pluto etc) to end just after the Full Moon. ie;  by Weds.

Just because the Full Moon has its own version of intensity.

But the Saturn-Pluto square has passed and the Zap Zone is basically done with.

Time to retract claws, start cycling down off the caffeine/grog/adrenaline & lower the alert a few Defcon points.

The Aqua Moon offers superb detachment for realizing precisely what the Zap Zone of the last month has been trying to teach you in terms of strength, wisdom, power and/or maturity.

Anticipate more ease, some hyped up rejuvenatory rest/relaxation, withdrawal of some major irritants and more fun – less fear.

Seriously, who is zapped up and now needs to get a little less caffeinated and defensive?

84 thoughts on “Time To De Zap

  1. Whoa! I’ve dealt with a few of those customers, man I felt I was being tested on how many thousands of coffee’s I could make in the one weekend & I was getting electric shocks from the zapped… I am exhausted! Now I am off for a bike ride & a run!

    Great Pic BTW!!

  2. Oddly, I feel elated. To be honest, I felt this way all through the ZZ. Okay, so my shoulders feel like they have rocks in them which need to be kneaded out by some uber-muscular massage therapist, but I actually look surprisingly fresh – as in, not completely drained, stressy and dehydrated. I’ve been run off my feet and thrown into chaotic situations but the crap has slid off me and only the feeling of satisfaction has remained.

    I know I’m a Cap Sun/ Merc/ Venus but at an audition this morning, I was told to lower my age on my form from 35 (my real age) to 29 as I didn’t look 30 plus. Hello? Really?? Can this happen everyday please?

    Thus, I can’t actually bitch about the ZZ as I seem to be doing alright. I’d say even better than before. And apparently looking better than before too. (Touching wood.) Is it wrong to be saying this just yet? Is my personal ZZ still to come???

  3. ” looking better than before too”

    I’m not sure doll as we seem to have hatched wings and a thing- a- ma -jigg on the noggin’….lol

  4. when the latest chapter of my zap zone crap arose on the weekend, I exercised a more assertive and selfish approach… likely, maybe try for a win, not just survival. so it didn’t get to me so much. but the whole ZZ… wow, daily little zaps of all kinds, parking ticket, deadlines I didn’t know I had but couldn’t possibly renegotiate… etc. plus some great things, like performance opportunities being offered which mean I’ll really have to up my game. in the last week I felt like an overzapped blob of jelly… zap zap zap.

  5. a headache, no doubt hangover from the super-evo spurt, lingers post one of the most surreal life phases to date.

    now time to lock & load plans & implement life changing decisions – a task this morning that’d be far easier if the friggin email server wasn’t down on ALL devices. only on deadline. yeah had to create a gmail address to file my piece – classy!! go Merc Rx!!

    off for a massage & spa treatment (she wishes!!) ;-) xox

    • BTW is anyone else EXHAUSTED – as in absofuggin-lutely EXHAUSTED?

      been fending overwhelming urges to give into sleep since Thusday – not alone with MANY in my circle complaining they feel utterly depleted / sans energy etcs

      Have full on week this week & dreaming of feeling fresh, sparky & energized!

      Anyone else super-pooped??

      • i’m pooped too… have been exhausted all winter, but felt my energy pick up a bit this past weekend and this morning even got up early to exercise.

      • I’m seriously wrecked! I would love to curl up in bed with a good book and to find myself asleep after the first paragraphs … the rain outside isn’t helping.

        • i have a stack of books on my coffee table waiting to be read…have same desire to curl up but with the fire going, and me on the sofa

      • I am hearing you rlp!

        I just went for a ride & a run, I feel much better for it. Best remedy for being exhausted, it totally works for me. My Mars in Virgo perhaps? Or could be the Gemmy (Sweetpea calls me that…) beans jumping around, i am not much of a relaxer as you might have already gathered…. ;)
        Do whatever works for you rlp. x

        • Think excersize is the great equalizer Gemmy! Swam, exercized in the pool this a.m and must admitt when I put that first, (*ME*, and that aint just Aries talkin’), I do better the rest of the day…Endor-fins…(dolphy like, no?)


        • BG dyslexic reading ‘I just went for a RUN AND HIDE” ;-)

          SP – endor-FINS – love it!!

  6. How’s this to fitting farewell to the ZZ: Rufus Wainright, playing Friday night at the Greek Theatre in Hollywood, dressed as Orpheus? Perfect!

  7. Um, Sweetpea, Equilibrium Girl and double kataka all have the same avatar? That’s weirding me out…

    • Think we were all blue patch works before…

      But referring to the “thing a ma jigg” on the noggin’…..Libran, Sagg Bro used to call my hair (in that fashion) “refried confusion”…oR, “bush on the roof”…

      • Yes, in order to communicate with us any longer, one must be a little green man or woman with bat wings and a little bush on the roof…hehe

        • lol, “bush on the roof” ah yes Mystic changed the no name avater to lil green men with bat wings…

          zapped to the max, cant shake this anger off. I had been handling the zz so well and then boom the last few days I turned into an angry banshee that cant stop..

          • Ah, this reminds me that I often wish for a boxing bag to hang in the garage. Perhaps an idea, Sassy? Angry banshees can be fit banshees! :lol: Or so I’m thinking trying to channel zapperific energy.
            Off to google where to buy one now, nothing too massive, or it’ll knock *me* down. Hope the garage roof holds.

          • lol, great idea UPV, yes yes yes….would love to do some kicking and punching…the gym is not working for me anymore, need something heavier, maybe check the papers for an old one. :-)

          • funny, been very much feeling the need to punch something (someone) of late. gonna start doing kung fu again instead i think.

            my little panther is acting a bit like that leopard up there. channelling being pissed off me for perhaps.

  8. Well. I’m glad it’s over. I’ve felt like that ad on tv for indigestion relief – the one where all the bad food flies at the person… but in my case it was bad problems and people.

    Definately been worn out, like some of you. I gave in. Spent most of my spare time (and some time where I should be productive) in a comatose, sleeping-pill induced state.

    Zap zone may be over, but Mercury retrograde is still screwing with my head – but thank the Lord I’m going away on a vacation soon and I plan to indulge in a massage a day to knead out the knots that have turned my shoulders and neck to stone.

  9. i can say that saturday was one of my most draining days ever. it was like all the zap converged, ghostbusters style, in one area for one last attack or something. or it was being purged by the universe.

    strangely have gotten through it quite well. my aries friend went into hiding last week because it was messing with her big time. she was much too fragile to cope and is only just re-emerging from self imposed home isolation. Too many zap hits and not enough hugs.

    • Ahhhhh, that may explain my lil Aries boys behaviour over the last few days, we have had tantrums thrown, screaming, crying, hitting…me just wanting to fuqing escape..hope its all out in the open now and we can just be nice and lovely from now on

      Hope you are feeling better now aquaphobe! x

    • Same here aquaphobe (i typed aquaphone then, he he). Felt absolutely heavy & tired on Saturday and was just dragging myself around to get things done whilst dreaming of sleep. So Saturn. Didn’t help myself by then staying up until 12:30 Sat night transfixed to election results. Today it is like some great weight has been lifted and energy is flowing again.

      • yes, hope your little aries has gotten thru the worst of it Sassy. :-)

        hahaha…pondering over a name change to aquaphone…i’m liking it!;-)

  10. All this yak about needing some professional kneading, you’d think I’d be booked out, being a massage therapist. At least I could be had I not been too busy restyling my inner circumstances during the ZZ to reply to emails and phonecalls. In pisces rising fashion I have dealt with the stormy weather by playing sandsculptures instead of “working with others.”
    This Aqua moon and merc in virgo is brilliant for the final tweaks and finetunings before reemerging to the pragma….after the full moon in pisces that is..

    • They are kind of odd aren’t they. Maybe it is to encourage peeps to upload their own avatar. I had become used to everyone’s different coloured table cloth avatars. Why was the blue & white one so common I wonder? Has it become the mad christmas tree dancing with a snake or the masked pea with batwings?

      • ok, looking for upload image options. Maybe I need to get off my phone to do this and revisit ye olde neglected laptop.

  11. now commencing salary negotiations…. I consider this to be a saturn-pluto field test of my recently engineered boundaries and self respect / what am I $$ worth.

    • hey folks, thanks nat yes i think I took the right approach, came out ok. still feel less assertive than I should, but this position is a bit of a step up so I guess I am working my way around that.

      4x gem, uranus is still transiting my 9th house atm which sits over pisces and aries.. I don’t know how that relates to solar houses…I have a mismatch b/w signs and houses!

      • Well done UP. Keep us posted.

        The House is ruled by whichever sign covers the start of that House (i.e. where the cusp of the House falls). I think most charts have the cusp of the Houses falling somewhere in the 30o of the Signs (rarely neatly at the beginning) but I always interpret the House as being ruled by the degree of the Sign that the cusp (beginning) of the House falls into, even if the rest of the House covers another Sign. Hope I have explained that properly. Proper astrologers please weigh in to correct me.

        • so that would mean pisces rules my 9th house, gemini my 1st, Sagg my 7th. OK that makes a *bit* more sense. ta,…

          • yes, it sounds like the beginning of your 9th House is at X degrees of Pisces, so I would interpret Pisces as ruling that House, even tho the later part of the 9th House is probably covering some degress of Aries. In the natal wheel charts from Astrodienst (Placidus style), The Houses start with 1 on the left hand side and work their way anticlock wise around the circle until the end of the 12th House meets the beginning of the 1st House. If my attempt to help has just further confused you, email me your chart and I will make sure.

  12. Just goes to show the power of Mercury. Its close approach to Saturn, Venus and Mars set off its own mini-zap.
    Combined with the opposition of Jupiter and Uranus, and the tilt of the Earths axis nearly aligning nicely with it all.
    If I hadnt been zapped so much, I might have missed it.
    ‘Tis truely nearly spring !

  13. Yup totally zapped…in some kind of underworld journey. Not sure where its going and really unfamiliar territory – like a blank canvas…..

  14. Think I may have been zapping a bit with some weird angry emails I sent to my ex (who I would have yelled at anyway if he didnt manage to run and hide) hence the emails.. but feel quite at peace now and understand that it is a good thing the relationship has finished in so many ways… bring on the Venus thing coming up.. am hoping for some fun new adventures..

    One of my freinds said that I should have played cool and not sent emails but I needed to say what I felt and to be honest what other way was there when I was dumped by an email.. was it bad to zap in the zap zone? Or necessary.. hmmmm??

    • yeah its like that age old question “What came first the chicken or the egg”
      Glad you feel better after the zapping of the ex, whats done is done and probably meant to be done…if that make sense lol

  15. Looking fwd to some mighty rejuven-action!! Makes sense – was higher than normal on my caffiene intake lately. Time to clean up the daily habits & chill out!!

  16. I feel so stupido to ask but… how does one upload an avatar? I think there used to be a button/ message/ something and I had originally thunk “bugger it, I’ll go with the blue and white napkin” but now that green pea with a palm tree for hair is freaking me out!!!

  17. Are we there yet? Is ZZ really over? :) can I have one of these cute alien avatars?

    Am where Shantaram author described: haze, wounded but glad to survive after the crisis.

    • ‘Shantaram’….who was that writer, the bloke who broke out of gaol
      & flitted to India to help the outcasts with medical help.
      Read the book & loved it. An outlaw like me.
      His follow up book is/was due soon.

  18. OMG, was so negative, paranoid, depressed, etc this weekend and blamed it all on my perpetually cycling illness (depressed immune system) making me mentally/emotionally bonkers. I think it was that, but also the Zap Zone hitting me hard…moon in Virgo, so could that be why I was so emotionally wrecked and just wanting to hide out alone and not be exposed to the tiniest thing that could hurt me?

    So glad THAT’S over!

  19. I have a really horrible 2 weeks (deaths, man troubles, job fear) and have been drinking heavily to cope… DEFINITELY time to dry up and sort my head out.

    • I’m sorry to hear that you are dealing with deaths and man troubles, let alone job worries, MsX.

      sometimes there’s nothing like getting wasted, often and a lot, to help us postpone dealing with anything..been there…

      Now it looks like you know where you are at and you are feeling better able to face these events. You can do it, dig deep, remember to look after yourself too. Better things await you my friend xx

  20. this week ahead looks sublime, astrologically. Trines and watery full moons and full-o-goodness virgo mercury, even if retro….still merc sits pretty in virgo.

      • I’ve got Venus/Aries. All these pics have been inspiring me! The one of the leopard with the coffee is so cool!

  21. Resumed yoga practice today (after living with a painful sports injury for nearly three months!) and having a major declutter
    Only one blue mountain coffee today. A friend bought me a small sack of this and I need to eek it out, its so lovely.

    • Me too! They’re fuqin wicked!!

      Zap zone? MEHHHHHHHHHHHH. I just gave up. Aside from a slight raising of the pulse on election night have spent the last coupla days doona diving, with phone on silent, watching crap movies like 2012 and Clash of the Titans, eating pizza and thinking “go fuq yerself world”. Pluto and Saturn together SERIOUSLY stuff up yer party. Not inviting them again. hmf!