The Latest (Plutonic) Wave

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This model  is a multi-Saggo making an awesome post-Pluto comeback, as in she’s 44 and on the cover of Vogue Italia and with a tres Pluto in Capricorn look – that steely hair. The contemplative, more mature mermaid also makes me think of Neptune in Pisces.

The latest wave is, of course, Pluto in Capricorn.

All around us are signs of the end of eras; corrupt, sexist or patronising business models seem to be in trouble (have you checked out the cloned cows debacle? Vile) relationships busting up, new ones in the wings, lucidity and smashing up the clutter of faux friendships/time sucks…You know.

Pluto in Sagg (1995 to 2008) was like a party-era in a way; i was reading somewhere that the cult of huge celebrity-infested parties to promote things is dying, as the real slebs prefer not to attend. That resonates. We’re all working harder and wanting to be relevant in this latest era; leisure has to be actually relaxing, not something where you wish you had a stylist.

Unexpected bonus of Zap Zone Stress: One way or another, you get more empowered because you kind of have to be. Or else.  Regardless of all the planets making squares and oppositions (stressy aspects, think – forced growth) in the Cardinal signs that make up the Zap Zone until August 22, it is essentially Pluto in Capricorn being stimulated.

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  1. This may not be relevant to the post but; this morning I was accidentally/ coincidently in the same place as PM Julia Gillard and my local member candidate. I hung around to hear whatever the great announcement(s) would be for our electorate. There were mostly reporters photographers and camera persons present, not too many members of the public. So I think ‘great, this gives me a chance to meet and ask a couple of questions.’ So I step forward to meet her and am promptly told by (PA perhaps?) that I am not to ask questions, but I can have my photo taken with her. My response was NO if I can’t talk well then NO. So I quickly back up and walk away. Now I just have this WTF feeling. Not about to be used in a media campaign by anyone thankyou. *Zapped *

  2. Ha ha, nice post. I totally relate to what Mystic is saying about being genuin or empowered. I have suddenly become…I dont give a fuq about what people think and actually I am turning out to be okay. My litte ways are not as repellant as I thought they were for so many years. I quite like them (revelation!)

    • sbh, yes i agree. emotional and psychological inner peace, a sense of personal adequacy and self-reliance. whethern this is just the getting of wisdom or something more astro, i don’t care.
      It’s like my worries and concerns are on auto-reset to “feeling awesome, all the time!” It’s so strange. I mean I still have moments but almost every ‘moment’ seems accompanied by semi-instant learning and getting thru it. Maybe all my reading, thinking, work on self has paid off? Have I re-wired myself in a more effective way? I refuse to be dogged by anything. If it feels crap, I ditch it…it’s working so far!

      • “…personal adequacy and self-reliance.” Very nice to read that, UP. You’ve done well x

        • hey there nat, thanks…[and how are YOU?]
          i have been reading up on what natal saturn in my 2nd is here to show me [plus mystic’s commentary about saturn areas polished up etc..], and the significance of the 2nd house in general. Also the influence of the Toro, in his positive taurean ways. So I am working on being one of those people who has grasped the saturn placement…we’ll see.
          Now to Uranus…

      • I second all that! you just clarified all that I have been feeling.

        also, Love this line- “One way or another, you get more empowered because you kind of have to be. Or else.” :) Everything happens for a reason.


  3. So right – as per usual MM –
    Unexpected bonus of Zap Zone Stress: One way or another, you get more empowered because you kind of have to be.
    Am I finally getting it?! Better late than never.
    Howzat catlet – Tesla BTW?
    (PS I ‘squealed’ on an astrology content thief last year – they lost their gig with a national paper. No regrets. It’s just plain wrong.)

  4. Well yikes, I guess I could. I told Jon Cainer it was a fellow here in Toronto called Phil Booth, who had a column with the Toronto Star. He was heistin it lock, stock and barrel. Cainer kindly offered me rewards which all very well but not one’s motivaiton. As you said, you work hard to make a living – it’s just theft, period, the end.

    • Noooo!

      That’s why Phil Booth disappeared?

      That was as I started paying attention to it….. What a scammer!!!!!!!
      I feel dirty.

      Good on you Sabina!

  5. So Neptune in Pisces + plutonic = maybe the reason alannah hill is so… out of touch with reality?

        • O.M.G i am haunted by that woman and her idiot comments. If someone here would be kind enough to quickly summarise thew situation for our overseas readers, it would be fantastic. i went looking for her birth data but none…I am still catching up on schedule after having spent hours dealing with sewage and content thieves.

          • AH is def more Coco the Clown than Coco Chanel. Well put SMH. She is not “controversial” she is a stupid publicity seeking mole. So 80s.

          • I have always steered clear of the clothing because it’s petroleum derived but in some ways I wish I was a loyal consumer of it so I could write her a letter and tell her I would no longer frequent her stores because of her comments. What’s her son going to grow up thinking re what’s an appropriate way to treat women??? I’m relatively non-judgy about most things but that just isn’t right – appalling.

          • Note all present at DJs gig were DJ sold fashion brands & Allanah Hill no doubt being publicity hungry hence her ‘Sorry Sale’ – can someone in Sydney tell me if she already has her Oxford St windows plastered with that monicker??
            She takes womens rights back to the 19th century…..

          • just happened to walk past her shop this evening, no posters on the windows but it was empty inside! Was quite pleased. :)

    • a ex friend of mine knows and lives near Alannah Hill and apparently she HATES women, just hates them! Will not talk to them at all if she doesnt have to. Their opinion from knowing her was that the clothes she makes are for dolls, not real people …..interesting..

      • I remember reading once she said, re her ex – the father of her son – that she dreaded him seeingher without makeup, so made sure was fully made up at all times. I just thought how very sad…obviously quite Agee issues going on there..

        • thats right, her son has never ever seen her sans makeup and hair done. She gets up really early so she’s fully made up before her son wakes….so not in touch with reality…..

          • oh what a horrid woman! I remember reading that article about the make-up too. Think it was in Sydney magazine many years ago.
            Her husband at the time had never seen her sans makeup either!

            So much energy on keeping up appearances and hiding behind that tragic outdated make-up mask. Wonder what sign she is?

          • I think she invented a new one since obvious her brain is absent and looks are all she has to rely on?

  6. after all these years with Pluto was passing through my 12th house and now finally in the 1st and man oh man,it feels like freedom to me!

  7. for overseas people…we have a large department store David Jones (DJs to most) – which i happen to love, great labels, great models etc and the 40-something male ceo was recently forced to resign over allegations made by a 20-something female publicist about sexual advancements made towards her by him …a nasty, prickly situation in itself which died down for a couple of weeks and recently reemerged in the headlines when the 20-something publicist suddenly slapped a $37m (about US $30m???) lawsuit on the store (and him?). anyway, out of NOWHERE comes this ridiculous, asinine commentary from a fashion designer (who stocks her stuff there) who said that she had always wanted the ceo to ‘touch her up’ and get it on with her…completely disrespectful to the situation and absolutely none of her business. she is now having a ‘sorry sale’ to apologise for her comments. she should have just stayed out of it may be???

    • I think the fact she goes on to say this re half the proceeds of her sorry sale “I might pass them on to the nice girl with the hyphen in her name. I’ve forgotten her name.” is totally offensive. Will the proceeds from sales at DJs that day be going to the nice girl as well? And saying I turned into my mother as a way of explaining yourself???? OH MY GOD The footage of her making the comment – which had our living room turn septic within milliseconds – shows Alex Perry wincing as she says it. If the man next to you is wincing as you speak you’d think that’d be the cue to shut the hell up.

    • The sale is so stupid. Obviously she thinks everyone just thinks she is as cute as a cherry-covered bow.
      That Alannah! So zany.

  8. It is so odd as it ignores the obvious point – she does – that sexual harassment is when a sexual advance is unwelcome and rebuffed…generally speaking it comes with the complication that the person making the unwelcome advance is in a position to determine aspects of your future career/job security/reputation etc. So to say that she would have loved for him to harass her shows a degree of ignorance or – no – COARSENESS – that is astonishing.


    • Yes – talk about flaunting your ignorance. What I thought was especially compelling about the Alannah Trainwreck was that she obviously IMAGINED she was somehow doing the right thing by saying “Buy my clothes, & I’ll flick some cash to dear little what’s-her-hyphenated-name'”. Lights on, nobody home.

  9. Kristy Fraser-Kirk is having her saturn returns – wonder where her Jupiter is? No matter what her astro is or what the outcome might be, I think she’s an entirely courageous young woman for taking this very public action. There’s so much bullying and harassment in workplaces that’s ignored or the victim of it is made to feel like they should just leave. I think something like this, if her claim is successful might make businesses and corporations more aware that they need to create safe work environments for their staff. The weirdest thing about Alannah Hill’s comments on radio when apologising is that they pretty much draw the conclusion that the person she was initially trying to protect with her wacky comments is guilty.

      • hmm nearby are transiting mars + venus – something I’ve learned from recent plutonic + saturn in virgo + uranus oppositions is that people are not science experiments to be dissected by me and my over-analytical mind and I’m sure KFK is going to be dissected enough in the public eye – I decided after I wondered that I wouldn’t even start to take it apart to see how it works. It’s def portentious astro for some big legal actions to be taken successfully tho.

        • ah come on, of course people are science experiments!
          As long as
          a – the self is always the first subject
          b – you don’t go making all sorts of judgemental/slanderous claims about others based on your dissection of them
          c – the dissection of others is most often used as a tool to dissect/better the self.


    • If you read the statement of claim carefully, most of the legal causes of action she is pleading (and there are several) actually don’t relate to sexual harrasment per se but an allegation of misleading and deceptive conduct and misrepresentation…in relations to statements made at her recruitment interview, some statements made by DJs in its announcement of the CEO’s departure to the ASX, or something like that.

      So peeps: under harrasment laws, you are likely to not get so much $$$. Better to frame your cause of action in another light.

      • interesting K-Gem, thanks for the explanation, I understand now why they keep referring to DJ’s public statements after McInnes leaving.

      • thank you – interesting – I am so on her side – DJs sweeping something like this under the carpet just reeks of old trad saturn vibe place needing to be revolutionised. Women are not merchandise.

  10. ps Thank you Mystic, for your positive spin on the ZZ. Feeling empowered rather than anxious and afraid is definitely the way through this. xx

  11. I love your observation about the changing times with Pluto moving on. It’s very palpable at the moment – the shift from glam waste is best to a new era. I thought it was just me getting older … :D

  12. Nat yer crackin me re yr Aussie ‘stupid publicity seeking mole’ Hilairio!!!

    • thanks RLP. a bit harsh of me maybe (shallow is better than stupid) but yes, mole is one of my favourites!

      • Twas uncharacteristically catty of you Nat, and must confess, I liked it a lot!

        • Ha! Lexicorn, my darling, don’t get me started. Moon in Aries enjoys a good blast occassionally, espec in the direction of the inauthentic. Scorpio Rising usually chooses to shut up but likes to hit its target when required. Thankfully, Mercury in Cancer earnestly asks me things like “Is this compassionate?” “Could you say this better and more effectively without swearing?” In this A.H. case Aries+Scorp won.

          Love words & language (Venus in Gemini) – especially some Aussie ones – they make me laugh. Boofhead, dipstick, troll, skanky mole, trog, pog… I could, sadly, go on and on. I guess your High Goatyness does not partake in such uncouth boganness as name calling? :)

  13. I ran into a lecturer last nightwho seems to have almost convinced me to do a Masters in Media Archiving and Preservation.
    Or maybe I could do a apprenticeship in sound design/foley/film and TV audio tech.
    Maybe I should ponder both options until after the zap zone.

    The apprenticeship would lead to more sexy/creative work… but there is much synergy with the archiving/preservation stuff. Much.

      • or can one lead to the other, or can you find a back door way into the other one? ie. I love to find ways to do everything I want. there is a way, if you love both, you can make it happen. Talk to as many people as you can and ponder the options until you have to make a decison.
        Which option will give you the the most support (e.g. $, creative mentoring, future paths opening up)? which option makes your soul / mind happy, etc ect
        happy decisions xx

        • See… the preservation/archiving stuff is incredibly interesting. Intellectually stimulating. I love looking at how media has progressed and I love the idea of make this available to people.
          I also like _making_ stuff- which the archiving would not allow me to do.
          The synergy is as follows: I am currently talking to a heap of people quite high up in the media archiving chain at ACMI and NFSA about reel to reel live performance recorded by the community station I work for. These have been left in a cupboard and gotten mold and are slowly falling apart. I am being all some sort of wheeling and dealing champion to save these historical pieces of Melbourne music. Then my former lecturer points out a correspondence Masters course that I can do at Charles Sturt Uni, which my Aunt used to be quite high up in the HR food chain… so I am asking some questions there.

          After volunteering on a workshop about foley work for animation I was reminded how fun it was (one an awrd for my sound design to animated episode that you view on your mobile phone). I have asked a former lecturer from my uni for leads about the foley and he has replied so that is something I am going to chase up.

          I figure: research through the zap zone… weight up pro and cons and see which takes off… Maybe. I dunno.
          *scratches head*

      • maybe you found it with your humourous speaking?
        information deliverer/entertainer ….
        trainer/engager/conveyor … something

  14. This model looks like she’s had too much home made impure colidal silver. You know that disease you get where your skin and hair actually turns silver…

    • I thought they turned grren blue? I tried colloidal silver but did not really notice a diff..I think Pluto in Cap is bk to basics…less fussy miracle supplements and more loads of spinach and all.

      • colloidal silver isn’t really a mineral supplement – it kills germs, they used it in hospitals before antibiotics were invented. It’s why the rich lived longer in ye olde times – they had silver cutlery and plates. It’s used in some poulty farms now – health dept noted a marked change in bacteria readings after it was introduced. Taken internally something to do with the shape of the molecule means things bond with the colloidal silver (I’m not a scientist so this is prob not the right words but it’s the gist) and then the body flushes the silver out and the toxins and things it’s killed leave the body efficiently. Otherwise if you have parasites you’re trying to get rid of with other treatments they can be killed but they are not removed quickly??? Colloidal silver really helped me with environmental allergies. I used if for 2-3 years – never went blue.

        • I was looking at my bottle in the cupboard the other day thinking perhaps I should take it up again. I think I only lasted a week :(

          • OMG did you do the whole rigmarol – what a weird word that is god knows how you sp it – that they suggest? The cup a day or whatever it is for a week? It was so full on but worth it in the end.

    • here in the Jsc+Jack campaign – shot at dawn on Maroubra beach last month ….

      BTW lovers of perennial quality attire & those unfamiliar with the label – get on board & check it out – suits all shapes & sizes & worn by DIVERSE customer base xox

      • i love their stuff! delicious fabrics.. unfortunately out of my money-saving price range at the moment

  15. I let my greys grow for four months … so I have a mass of black hair threaded with 2 inch chunks of steel and it’s mainly at the front. People look at me funny – I mean they LOOK, possibly because they’re not used to a young face with grey hair. Others who knew me before I let my roots shine now treat me quite differently – especially the men – which I find utterly pathetic. Fuck ‘em.

    • Salt & Pepper hair is great! Specially with young face.
      Very sophisticated & up on trend. Silver is the latest ON
      hair colour.

  16. Good way to put it fuq ‘em :).

    Dealing with your own forced growth is the easy part, it’s others and their resistance to your change thats that can be the stressy bit. Or others that are fighting to stay stagnant, it’s not always easy to get out of their way when they are imploding. Pointless assisting and why support them in their illusion. Dunno, it can give energy to one’s own cause.

  17. Wow, I just learned (!) that Pluto has been transiting my 7th house for ages and is continuing there for a while. I have been separated and gotten married within this time, I hope that is ok! Wonder what Capricorn will do for this transit for me. Stabilise? I hope so!

  18. Am against the grain here, but i thought Allanha Hill’s comments
    quite amusing on ‘the hyphenated girl’.
    37 million is outrageous!!!! Was she not gutsy enough to say to
    him ‘go fuck yourself’ or not possible to say with a hyphenated name?
    Strangley never liked AH before her faux pas, but do now.
    Which one of the babes is publicity seeking, one who gaffs or one seeking
    squillions in compensation?

    • peg, you know shes committed any money she wins to charity, right?

      im w kirsty all the way. for too long people have doenplayed/dismissed sexual harassment.

  19. I am absolutely on Team Kirsty – sexual harassment was the bane of my life as a young woman. I went into advertising thinking i could rule the world, willing to work my butt off to be good at what i did and totally professional…got hit on constantly by the boss of this one agency and he’d always ask me in public if i was getting any, if i’d gotten laid on the weekend, had i had a boob job. It was awful and none of the guys had to do anything other than do their best, shine at what they did…it’s paleo sexism and i don’t want my daughters to go into a workforce where it is seen as ok. This is the biggest sexual harassment suit in the world to date AND the ban on gay marriage has just been repealed in L.A. – the times they are a changing.

    Also, i was talking to some retail fashion insiders last night who made the point that if the store ceo in question thought he could treat one of his media executives the way he did imagine how the hell he must have carried on with the junior salesgirls!? They are officially employed by peeps like Estee Lauder etc, i gather, so v.tricky.

    Pegasus, you don’t say go fuq yourself to the boss of your company. She told him no several times, that is the whole point. And guess what? If she had have fuqed him that would have wrecked her career as well. There are loads of bars, brothels and clubs in this city where a man with money can go and hit on as many chicks as he wants. Why do it at work? It’s a power trip. Fuq sexism.

    And re A.H – it is ALWAYS the plain women who stick up for sexual harassers and worse. Not sure exaxtly why.

    • Well written points, Leo Socialite. Sorry you had to go through that crap in your work place. It is an abuse of power and privelege and no one (of either gender) should have to “put up” with it. I hope your daughters can live & work in more enlightened times.

    • exactly

      its bad enough when a CEO thinks he can use his power like this but when other women re enforce this behaviour as flattering attention it makes me want to injure them. I am not even that hot classically and I have coped an arsenal of sexism BS, thinking my ideas and professionalism would be admirable traits.
      no, not so.
      London was the worst for that ever. I even had ceo offer me position that involved a trip to manchester as a trail with shared room!!!

      go Kristy x

          • yep. I said “i hope we won’t be sharing a bed” and the job offer mysteriously disappeared due to er.. recession costs…
            he said it would be necessary as we would be working very closely together and needed to see how we get along
            then proceeded to call me constantly with offers to events and weekends away to meet some “contacts”
            he must of thought I fell out of Christmas cracker..
            I used to get quite a lot of that sort of older man attention when i was younger but this was last year and I was 29! I have always been a tough little bitch in that regard but what if you thought you had to do these things to get ahead?? They do it because they think you can’t touch them because you are insignificant. Disgusting

  20. When i was 19 i got asked to go see this t.v executive to discuss “my ideas” and was SO excited, i stayed up three nights in a row writing them out and perfecting them, deeply thrilled and devoted – get there and it was 6pm, the time he’d suggested. He was already drunk sitting on a couch and i was there with my little bag of ideas – he blowharded for about half an hour about his greatness and then tried to kiss me. I was seriously so horrified as to me it was like he had crawled out of a crypt or something, compared to the boys in my set, and then when i said no he talked dirty, he raved on about opportunities in television and that i needed him to “mould” me and then he unzipped his fly…the whole thing was revolting. No rape. No assault apart from a few bruises from him trying to grab. Weird thing. I went to this woman his age who worked in television and she was like ‘oh for gods sake don’t be so stupid, why do you think he was asking you to go to his office?’ – was like she was mad at ME for even giving a fuq and also jealous…
    I think T.L.S. is right as well to link the timing of gay marriage thing to this – there is a whole slab of society (Capricorn symbolizing patriarchy/status quo) that prob needs a damn good transformation. Maybe this is the start. I should have made this into a post lol

    • Glad you escaped relatively unscathed Mystic, Ms & TLS. This kind of experience is all too common in the work place. Men thinking they can use and take advantage of females just because they have them cornered in a work situation is WAAAY past its use by date. And it is WRONG. It is an abuse of power and position. I have had several instances of it during my career, incl being felt up at work and the ‘surprise’ of shared accomm’ and bed during a work trip with one boss (I waited till he passed out and then I slept on the couch wearing all my clothes – not actually sleeping but planning my escape. Quit my job as soon as I got within striking distance of my town and my own transport. Yuck. Still makes me shudder).

      Saturn-Uranus-Pluto, please blow this old paradigm it to bits forever!

    • oh honey. that is just awful. bruises from grabbing and drunk as well???
      man hes lucky you aint naming and shaming now…


    • Reading these stories just makes me *shudder*

      Hopefully Pluto in Cap will put an end to all these shenanigans. There’s definitely change in the air.
      Here’s another story!

      “HP’s Mark Hurd Resigns After Sexual-Harassment Probe”

  21. Sorry, have been self-employed since 25 so no bosses to deal with & outta
    touch with real-life in the work place.
    I stand corrected due to not knowing how hard it must be in these times to
    deflect unwanted attention from men.

  22. Honey I got self employed asap as well! Believe me…I sexually harass myself now

  23. Had this 60ish year old patient who only let one, blonde, specific therpist massage him but sometimes I would have to fill in.

    One morning he had forgotten his little silk boxers so I said it was okay as he would be under the sheet anyhow. He said that it was okay back as he didn’t need a sheet…lol… Told him that I would be more comforatable if he were covered.

    When I went out of the room to wait for him to get on the bed, I told the doctor that it was too early for a full frontal…. :) The doctor (Mr. nice Cancer Sun-Asc, Aqua Moon, Gemini Merc), said if he bothered me to let him know.

    One time I told the VP of a large trucking terminal in LA that I didn’t come to work to play footsie with him. I was 24. He was really mad at first but ended up apologizing. I’d been bent over a file cabinet and he was lewd and it was yuck.

    I was called a whore in Farsi at one job….My Iranian husband to be had a cow and he threw my waitress uniform on the counter at the restaurant and told them I quit.

    Stories…..all kinds of crazy crap.

  24. Hey i just found out that the Vogue cover and inside mag pictorial is meant to be a statement on the BP oil spill and that the necklace she is wearing is actually made from something recycled from that oil spill. Tres bimbonic not to have picked THAT up. She is actually meant to be transmitting the essence of a washed up seagull.