The First Feng Shui Real Estate Woman

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My Gemini Feng Shui lady is now a Real Estate Agent. I think this is a world-first. I love the combo of Commerce and Magic. It is VERY Pluto in Capricorn.

If you are in Sydney, she can sell your house for you and yang it up so you get a better price for it. Feng Shui for sale is different from the Feng for living in it. You forget tranquil & go for profit – loads of red in the prosperity corner, i gather.

Even if you are not in Sydney, she can do a pre-sale boofing up consult for anywhere in the world. You just need floor plans and the date your building was built. E-mail & say i sent you.

And if you have no intention of buying or selling any real estate at ALL but just want a fast Feng Shui fix for prosperity, here is one of the best tricks of all: Clean your oven. It sounds stupid but it works. You get in there like a manic and ensure it is absolutely insanely clean and voila – more funds. I think it has to do with the oven being a symbolic hearth.

Loads of opportunities for enlightened and creative Commerce & Magic tricks from September onwards as Jupiter & Uranus move to make some more inventively lucky conjunctions.

54 thoughts on “The First Feng Shui Real Estate Woman

  1. Fantastic! I will be flinging Liz’s info around especially to a few peeps struggling at the moment. They have a great property to sell but the potential buyers keep dropping out. I bet Liz could sort it out in a jiffy! Btw am still wearing my pig pendant. :)

      • I would have the doorway and the room beyond. In fact all of it.
        And a manservant to clean my oven. I have no time currently, as one of my friend recently gave birth and I get to go meet their little man this evening!
        Hear’s hoping being born in a zap zone does not make for a hard life. He was very reluctant to make a move!

  2. I want that doorway too, divine!!

    Am cleaning out my oven tomorrow with gusto!!

  3. I have an electric oven, a wood oven and a wood stove. Should I clean them all? I need some prosperity for a new business!!

  4. Thank you to the georgeous Mystic – oven cleaning is fab – also make sure all your burnres and elements are in working order.

    Another great tip for creating $$$$ is clean out your South east corner.

    • thank you Liz! oven…check. SE corner…hang on I think our front door is there! hmm. more $ coming in than going hopefully.

    • hmm – does that entail replacing missing NOBS on oven?

      SE corner about to have MAJOR reshuffle – THANKS!!


  5. I literally feel ill with desire at the sight of this door-way. My Cancerian/2nd House/past lives in Asia are jumpin’ up and down in my head.

    Thank you Liz and Mystic, it’s midnight and I am off to clean my oven.

    • oh yes, my mouth is watering and I feel dizzy with pleasure each time I scroll up. I am happy knowing that something so beautiful exists/existed in the world.

  6. I always wondered why this wasn’t a given; real estate agents using feng. It makes such sense. Every time I look at a new property to rent (I’ve looked at a lot over the years) I get disheartened because every home seems to have shockingly bad feng – exposed beams, toilets opposite the front door, vertical blinds etc etc. I swear that potential landlords pick the worst homes to buy as investments. As a tenant it’s been so despairing at times I figured it would be easier and less stressful to get someone more skilled in this to do the legwork. Congrats on the new venture Liz.

  7. AGREE Empress – Real Estate Feng makes as same genius sense as a Mystic consult on the Astro Synergy of oneself & new biz partner!!

    Have had Liz Feng consult on high priority – which frustratingly kept getting delayed c/ essential life stuff – thankfully – as – now house to be ENTIRELY reconfigured avec new inhabitant & brand new layout / walls etcs :)

    Having spent career to date immersed in the Interiors sector, Feng spatially & energetically is as important as sound design plan. Will report back soon with the ongoing excellent results – stand by!!


      • U.P the meta-morphing has been GI-NORMOUS!!

        by time Feng in place & Mystics Biz Astro applied – watch this space – ti’s exciting!!!!!!!!

        PS wish Delia would re surface so can recant recent Art Fair & associated antics

        a Hellfire Swingers club, a He-She man called Lin Lee, another close encounter with Bill Henson et al tales – all unconnected other than the chronology timed during course of Art Fair

        • bring her back!

          shes’s only been away because she’s had a stint in jail, she got all Li lo after her massive zap out involving 7 kinds of uppers and downers, a bottle of gin and her merc convertible, swerving manicly taking out pedestrians at zebra crossings on the high streets screaming the words to ‘new york new york’ after her shiny younger rival publicly out shoe’d her at the last opening

          she cried for 4 days at the thought of no makeup in jail

          • you know Delia, she always hides out when the going gets tough, or ‘withdrawing to regain her strength’ as she prefers it to be known. As soon as the astro calms down and the memory of the jail stint wears off she’ll be back with bells on.
            I think she’s waiting for Venus in Scorp because she quite fancies trying out the new thigh high boot, burgundy velvet corset and leather undies outfit she picked up at the Hellfire Club.

        • word out is Delia emerged from the incarceration stint – ‘DETOX at the Golden Door – & at a DJ’s parade was heard loudly lamenting to a magazine hack that the then boss didn’t touch her up – & how she’d get her tits out in flash for a bag from the 5th floor – the story dribbled into her Champaign re life was hell having been forced to hock her shoe collection after a WHOPPING over-bid on that Starck-designed Manhattan development, accidentally made charged up with Columbian Magic Dust!!

          Heading to Melbourne for the annual Art Fair antics the drug/bomb detector thingo went off like an exploding nuclear plant & Delia squeeled it was that new Chanel face powder prior to being marched off by security – released several hours later – seemingly having paid more than lip service to the Federal Police – she was allowed to board the last flight out before the no-fly-zone was enforced ….. by her midnight arrival all art events had splintered to various private locales – she ended up barhopping dodgy joints in Fitzroy with the He/She man/girl Lee Lin ….. & things kinda went south from there…..

          • South – to Port Melbourne, as she’d heard that’s where all the AFL players hang out, and if it was not to be the DJ’s boss, she was sure she could get one of them to feel her up. If only she could remember the address of that Port Melbourne apartment where those St Kilda players said they’d be.
            Lee Lin promised he was well known about town and could get her anything and anywhere, though she can’t recall how she ended up at the topless bar near the Richmond train station, when someone had suggested they go to the Corner that’s not what she thought they meant.

  8. an excellent idea. I want to see more and more of this kind of melding of the esoteric / alternative practices and mainstream biz, for good not for evil, of course.

  9. Hmmm. . . I don’t bake, so my oven’s been unused for years. However, I do store large pots and pans inside it. Is that bad? Would it be considered “clutter” which I know is not good feng shui?

    • i reckon it might be good to try a fresh approach and store the pots elsewhere for a while, try out a simple cake/muffin recipe [or roast potatoes, casserole, whatever – you don’t have to be a pastry nerd to use an oven, actually maybe you can phone a friend to help if you really need help??] , if only as a symbolic gesture :)

      • I can make a roast potatoes-with-rosemary dish, and bake a store-bought pizza. . . so yeah. But what are you really saying? I HAVE to use the oven? Why? (Is that some feng shui thing as well–using the oven?) I do use the stove top, since I cook every day. [puzzled and befuddled]

        • Sagitta,
          Its symbolic, honey…
          yes, if you use your stove top, the whole ‘fengshuiing’ of it with a darn good clean will heighten the vibes. all good.
          If you don’t ‘use’ the oven, then you are symbolically not utilising a source of potential ‘nourishment’ in your life.
          Yah? u c?
          Wealth is different things to different people, so consider that nourishing all parts of your life with all available sources would be a ‘good thing’. Making sure those sources of nourishment are high in energy is very very cool.
          Currently your oven is saying ‘I have unused potential’. Symbolically, you are storing tools for nourishment, and neglecting their potential significance..

          …long comment xx soz

          • Truly enjoyed your post aquascorp…

            ‘I have unused potential’ (thinking purely “oven-speak” here)

            Yet alas, when did a woman ever need a freaking oven to achieve her potential? Seems we tried that…again and again…to no avial…

            Let them (the men) make their own damn dinner…

          • I feel it true however that what we put into something does affect the vib…Food wise, etc.

  10. Girlfiend in UK who has yet to sell any of her fabo wares on Etsy just asked
    ” can i just clean the SE corner of my oven ? ”

  11. actually one thing i love about this doorway, apart from everything, is that it looks like a breaking wave, with a feathery lip curling and all the little eddies of water showing in the detailing ..aahh

  12. I’m surprised about oven cleaning for prosperity, I always thought it had something to do with fertility. Over the years I have often cleaned ovens for pregnant friends- as 1. its difficult for them to bend and 2. I don’t want them being exposed to those fumes.

    I’m having a huge garage sale at the weekend – perhaps I should clean my oven first!

  13. Wow, what a gorgeous photo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for the combo of feng shui & real estate… I know there’s a show on in the US that pairs a home “stager” with a feng shui expert, and they go into spaces and get them ready for sale. saw it once or twice, can’t remember what it’s called… am not much of a tv-watcher. but i recall it was rather funny, because the traditional stager was a bit of an eye-roller with the feng shui lady. who… i think… may have been her mum! :)

  14. My oven is pretty clean, yeay!

    Question though: what can I do when the whole stove (oven is part of) setup is old?
    I rent, and can’t get a replacement since it still works.
    It has a funny bung grill door but I’ve fixed it with cotton string. Everything else I’ve scrubbed clean, well as clean as I could, during a mad stove-cleaning session a few years ago. Even got the top frame thingy bit to shine again. Was busy with all manners of clanging, scrubbing and banging things around the dogs got kinda scared and retreated the furthest they could get from me.

    • Our environment is a reflection of us – so look at your home with fresh eyes and try and interpert the signs. Even as a Feng Shui consultant I still have things I need to de clutter, fix, etc. I am also renting so know your situation but as long as the stove is in working order and clean then that is fine.

      Just as a tip.

      SE – abundance
      N – Career
      NE – study and learning
      NW – helpful people & support
      W – children or new ideas and projects you give birth to
      SW – marriage and partnerships
      S – fame and reputation
      E – family relationships and health

      If you are feeling stuck in any of these areas I really recommend a really, really good clean out. Not just a tidy up but a good “get rid of the old to let the new in” type of clean. Trust me, you will feel and experience the difference.

      Also check your front entrance – it MUST be inviting, clean, clutter free.


      • Liz, that is mucho appreciated! Thanks so much for replying!
        Re: front entrance, it’s a constant thing with the birds and possums, cleaning after them! The broom and some soapnut solution, a good combo. They like the nice trees near my front door, so I don’t mind.

        It would be cool if you expanded to do real estate in Melbourne. :) Let us know if you do, and good luck with the new gig!

  15. ha, so i guess having a dead plant in my south west corner aint a good thing.
    best get round to repotting the rosemary then.

    A broader question Liz if you don’t mind (congrats on the real estate thing by the way, very cool combo).
    Things like filing cabinets, cupboards are always going to be a bit clutterish (in my world anyway), but if externally they are spick and span does it somewhat defray the effect? Or is it a bit mutton dressed as lamb?


    • Hi Shell, It still represents clutter. I remember going to a clients place and everything was perfect until you looked in the cupboards. Bascially this signified that he was trying to lead the perfect life on the outside whilst on the inside she was a mess – which in fact was the case. Just archive and make more space :)

  16. Front door in south east corner…Eeek! Door is as clean and uncluttered as a door can be. Any advice? Am needing all the prosperous inducing help I can get at the moment…Me and the oven have got a hot date scheduled for tomorrow night.

    • Having your entrance in the South East signifies that abundance (including money) is very important to you however it doesn’t mean you are any good at attracting it! You are on the right track with keeping it beautiful however then you go to the next step which involves Flying Star Feng Shui which is more complex…..ahhh soooo many layers!!