Planet Aqua Man

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I don’t know why exactly, looked at this cover and i thought Aquarius man!  Maybe it was the slightly hysteric tone of the coverline?  So then i looked up Philip Jose Farmer and voila, he was an Aquarius!

His Wiki quotes a critic as saying that he “manages to be at once naive and sophisticated in his odd blending of theology, pornography, and adventure”. That’s so Aqua as well.

One of his novels is called Jesus On Mars. You’d think someone would option that on strength of the title alone. I would unhesitatingly cast Joaquin Phoenix in the lead. And you?

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  1. A woman a day! Sheeeeesh! As an Aqua myself, I think the Aqua’s don’t get “it” with romance. I just don’t think that we know what is the social expectation of what to do and say. Its so frustrating, cause we are nice caring people, we just show it in a different way. (OK – it’s a cold fish, slightly warped, odd way but we DO show it) So I think Aqua’s are lucky to find just one person who “gets” us and we want to be with, once in our lifetime – let alone being able to score one every day!

  2. Jesus on Mars….I’m thinking…Xavier Badiem!! of Riverworld about I notice;any reviews out there???

  3. Wow, yes! Xavier would be a fantastic Jesus on Mars.

    I mean, Jesus On Mars would be like the hottest career choice for any actor, don’t you think? And no reason why Jesus On Mars couldn’t be played by someone such as Courtney Love? It’s Mars – the atmosphere is different there.

    I can actually see Russell Crowe looking really good with some red sand dunes behind him although it could too easily turn into Gladiator In Space.

    It’s tempting to make it more youthful skewing and cast Justin Bieber but i really think Jesus On Mars requires a lead with some depth and maturity, don’t you?

    • Ahhh… “not a woman” That part is great. All kinds of visions spring to mind……. maybe would be a good role for Justin Bieber to play if that book were made into a movie? I’d guess some Aqua males probably would not be phased if he found out his dream girl turned out to be not a girl ( or human) – the one’s I know probably wouldn’t even notice. Also got to say – love the “Jesus on Mars” cover – I particularly enjoy the monkey with the little helmet .

  4. Great pulp! I read all the Riverworld series when I was 14 or 15, right before Heinlein. It was often slightly titillating and there was one female character who would undergo regular mood changes, who was the protagonist’s mate and he referred to her as a “chameleon species.” Totally sublimating his observations on PMS i think. Or he could have been married to a Pisces perhaps.

    • Yeah, I read the Riverworld series as it was being published, right around the same age. It surely was one of the most important reading experiences of my youth, I loved it, but there seemed to be a few elements missing.
      Then a few years back, they made a Riverworld miniseries for TV. I did a little checking around, and discovered that new editions of the Riverworld books had been published, with all the censored sex themes put back in. Since then, I’ve been wondering if I should get the new editions and read them. I’ve had poor experiences rereading old SF that I read when I was young. They just don’t quite seem as epic as they did back then. Many SF books have aged poorly.

  5. “wife who was not a woman” “25th century…”

    Sorry, I’d hope that by then all of that wouldn’t be too scandalous, whether it be a man or alien who was a man or robot or femmebot or whatever. Just some practical Taurean thoughts.

  6. Having been married to two Aquarian men, husbands number two and three- the last- my experience is that they have more than their hands full handling and dealing with one woman. Unless it is me that is more than a handful…too true.

  7. Just when I think I’ve escaped the Aqua zone, I just looked at the guy I’m dating’s chart. He’s got an Aqua Moon and Aqua Rising. I just can’t escape. :/

    Anyhow I strangely want to read “A Woman A Day” because I’m curious what sort of weirdness would be contained within. Damn my Aqua-curious-ness!

  8. Crispin Glover? No, Viggo Mortenson. Mmm. Space Monkey on his back, intense gaze and halo in place. Though hard to go past Bardem, great pick.

    Glad I am not the only one who yearns for an alternate career as a casting director!!

    • Did you see Viggo in “The Road”? … I actually couldn’t handle watching the entire movie due to the sheer gloom that it instilled … but Viggo certainly displayed his versatility as a character actor. Now there is one helluva top shelf haute Libran.

      • Lol, I have watched 10 mins, then stopped it as it imposed immediate depression. Braved 10 mins the following night, stopped it. I will have seen it all by October I think. Viggo is wonderful though, isn’t he!!

  9. Hmm I had recently got dumped by an Aqaurian male… and one of the things that I reflected on (OK sent a cranky letter to him about as this seems to be his preferred mode of communication for break-ups.. am sure that is Aqarian too) is that he said he wanted to find his romantic self again and be that person… which once I got off the upset baffled me.. His version of romance was one flower and one impromptu visit.. oh and we had a night out in the city for my birthday and he just wanted to go straight to bed.. and I dont think it was just for the joy of me… yes I can see he may have been either slightly delusional about romance because I didnt see it..
    I would love to read this book though if she wasnt a woman what was she.. and yes alien would make perfect sense to me for an Aquarian male…

    • Told an Aqua man that he actually NEEDED to call as in have a human voice convo, not just ask me out on a date over the web.

      He emailed again anyhow.

      I gave up…. :lol:

  10. My dear friend I call here the Aqua Psychic is male and he says all female Aquarians are completely crazy but the males are just f.i.n.e. He of course explores the multiverse in his dreams and I imagine has a female friend on every other planet? Yes, Aquarian males aren’t batty at ALL.

  11. Obviously, a woman (or man) a day is the perfect solution for Aqua commitment phobia. After the trials with ex-Mr-CBA, I’d started thinking that I was actually some kind of clingy leech lady. Until I jumped back in the dating pool and OMG, one drink and why is this bloody Leo texting me all the time and inviting me out and trying to friend me on FB? To some it probably seems charming. To me it just vibes deperate and a bit needy.

    (PS: Mystic, good to see you have snazzy new protections for your site – but I was only trying to edit my comment, honest!)

  12. “woman who was not his wife and wife who was not a woman”…

    As from the very outset, you crack me up Mystic.