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Venus is – thankfully  – in Libra and gliding toward a stately conjunction with Saturn. Both signs do well in Libra. Cue the introduction of an almost supernatural calm and savvy re relationships.  Or maybe we’re just all too fuqed from the Zap Zone to make juvenile scenes or go whoring after anyone.

Venus in Libra and all her gracious living plans is slightly at odd with the Dark Moon in crabby Kataka.  One will do whatever it takes for beauty and poise: Venus-Saturn is discipline for beauty/romance/art/truth. The other wants to crawl under a doona with the whole tray of macaroni cheese or whatever the carbophilia du jour.

Rest mindfully. There is a super-snazzy New Moon In Leo coming soon. The ultimate buck the fuq up, get a god-damned blow-out and go get on with conquering your realm sort of a Moon. And then there are a couple more weeks of the Zap Zone to go.

Remember that your most major lesson or insight from last week is one that ought to endure. Soz if that sounds pompous!

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear of all your troubles with cybertheft Mystic. Thank goodness for scorp robot your gate-keeper, and the others who have helped. Can’t wait for the new moon in Leo, I have multiple Leo so let the lioness roar ! One question about a void moon. My mother’s funeral is in the virgo moon void this week and as a virgo sun, what advice would you give on the best way to handle it ?

    • oh no, i can’t take all the credit. It was a group effort and props to Prowlin for all her knowledge on blogs and mirror sites.

      Blessings to you Tamberlaine. I don’t have any advice about funerals. You’re a Virgo! I’m sure you have it all under control.

      • So Scorpalish, sounds like Saturn conjunct your Venus is actually quite lovely, no?

        • surely you’re being sarcastic sweetpea? you couldn’t be further from the truth. Going through a tough time at the moment. I’m being zapped to death by Pluto and Saturn on Venus and MC sucks!
          Life’s a bit of a drag at the moment. All my inner work has not manifested in reality and i’m just tired and sick to death of processing and growing and not seeing any reward. All i want to do is sleep …

          • ~Venus-Saturn is discipline for beauty/romance/art/truth~

            It sounded nice with Saturn exalted in Libra and Venus ruling Libra anyhow.. :???:

            Sorry to hear things are not so fab…

          • Maybe it’s a good time to invest in some art SR??? That you can gaze at from the bed when you wake from slumber? All those generational planets hooking up together is making this rough at times but I’m sure you’ll get through it and come out shiny and fresh at the other end – try not to give up now the end is nigh. I always find the niggly end bit of a transit is the worst. Especially this saturn / pluto crap. Uranus and Jupiter I’m down with but Saturn and pluto are heavy and slow. Hang in, we’re almost there!

          • Also, suppose it IS different with trans. Saturn on your Venus rather than trans. Venus zipping by Saturn…

            As we all know, Saturn don’t “zip” much… :) x

          • Perhaps do a Venus Return chart as that’s going on esp. right now/soon if you have early Venus in Libra.

            Following Kim Falconer’s steps on her site regarding Returns could be heartening as it’s a new return to your birth position, a new “oomph” so to speak, energy, perspective.

            What one must do with Returns (aside from the Solar Return on Astrodienst that does it for you automatically), is bring up a fresh chart of the day transiting Venus (or whatever planet) enters your sign/degree.

            Then the chart must be fine honed to the EXACT degree, minute, second of your natal to get a correct Ascendant. It takes playing with the time element on the Astrodienst input info area…

            Anyway, can give you a peek perhaps of what to come in the following couple of years as I think that’s how often Venus returns to the birth position. I forget…

    • Tamberlaine, very sorry to hear about the passing of your Mother. I’m not sure if you are posing the question about a funeral during a void Moon to Mystic only or to the blog generally. But if I may offer a response from my perspective… a Void Moon is kind of apt really and signifies the reality of this force of nurturing (what ever her style of that was) leaving your lives. Void Moons can feel like the tide is out and we need to nurture and comfort ourselves. With respect to the best way to handle the funeral and yourself during a Void Moon in Virgo, I would look at it from 2 aspects. Firstly, attend to your emotional reality and what you personally need to do in the present to honour your Mother’s death. Take the time to do that whether it is something that is part of the funeral or not. Secondly, attend to the practical & organisational requirements of the funeral and make sure that people who want to contribute feel involved in some way. This may help you be less confused and overwhelmed and give her the kind of send off that you want for her (or that she wanted for herself).

      My over-riding advice is to keep it as simple and real as possible. I personally find over the top funerals gauche and the simpler ones that I have been part of are much more touching and genuine. There is no rule about this of course, just that simplicity is often more beautiful than over-complication, especially when people are feeling emotionally drained as they will be. Hope this helps.

      Best wishes to you and your family.

      • Thank you so much Nat . Precious advice that I will keep close to me during this rollercoaster time =_= and SR, anytime you want to be on my cyber-side, be my guest. They say ( and so does Mystic ) that you guys make the best spy’s. But I also acknowledge it was a team effort. Good one, you guys. Good will triumph in the end. I truly believe it.

        • How rude of me. I jumped into the comment stream without noting your news.

          I wish you much strength, Tamberlaine. I agree with Nat. Simple is best. And the Void Moon is perfect symbolism for the loss of a mother. Void Moons also present the possibility of surprises within the emotional pause. I do not mean to suggest anything negative here. I think of Void Moons as “cruise control” time. Everyone will have much to think about and feel long after the funeral; let it ride. Forgive yourself for whatever you may think you’ve overlooked. Don’t press for perfection. Sometimes something floats to the surface of your consciousness during a Void when your emotional motor isn’t rapping out its usual patter-pat.

          I’m sure others here have more to share on the subject, VOC Moons and otherwise.

          Again, wishing you much strength and a sharp mind while you make arrangements. Peace to you.

          • I was born on a VOC Moon and life has been well, interesting.

            On another note, my mother left a lovely blessing as when she died Jupiter was conjunct my Moon.

            You eventually might want to look at the transits in your chart for when you first heard the news.

            When you’re ready of course.

            Hugs x

          • Wanted to clarify something as would not want to leave in-correct info. here for you Tamberlaine. I certainly recognize however that you have more important things on your mind but just in case you come back,

            I did a Composite Chart of my natal chart with the chart of the time my Mother died (time, to the best of my knowledge).

            Jupiter in the Composite chart was conjunct my natal Moon.

            Someone in a different forum suggested I do the composite and it was very telling. There can be a comfort in understanding things this way.


    • Hi Tamberlaine, I hope your mum’s passing was peaceful and that you’re going OK all things considered. For me void moons are a phase of transition so from that perspective it seems like pretty apt timing. If your virgo sun gets all the details sorted prior to the day as much as poss – and I know you will : o) – so you don’t have to sweat any little random things that may occur on the day, I’m sure all will go well. It’s a nice symbolic void – earth into cardinal air sign – your friends and family will be able to come together and experience the high qualities of libra afterwards – all those great memories and anecdotes that I’m sure will be floating on the breeze where you are – a shared celebration of your Mum’s life. xxx

    • So soz to hear of your loss Tamberlaine and i think a void moon in virgo – for any occasion – just means you cannot expect things to go as planned. So just try to be really open and fluid to this.

      • Best of luck Tamberlaine, I don’t know if it helps, but a friend told me the transition to the new level by your mum means she joins your guides and angels in supporting you, she will give you new support and warmth in another way. Sorry if that isn’t appropriate for you and best of luck with the funeral.

    • Blessings for this wk Tamberlaine, Am sure will all go well and just as it’s meant to be xxx

  2. About Venus…and love of Fashion & Beauty.
    Thanx for that ‘Jac& Jack’ link you mentioned.
    Just saw some of their scarves in April Vogue & remembered you
    mentioned them & went to site to explore. Fantastic, all in my colours…none.
    Adore it, neutrals, soft fabrics that move, comfortable & draped, simple
    & unadorned.
    A couple of pieces are Must Have so will have to order. A great
    incentive to return to work to pay for them. (after Aug 22).
    Karen Walker doesn’t do it for me, it was that i have 1 sweater
    of hers that has worked for 10 years w/o fail til i shrunk it & then
    was used to keep Minks warm :-)
    Almost adopted a 10 year old Siberian Husky yesterday, til i came to
    my senses. They have a 10-14 yr (15 total max) lifespan.
    Both of us in the Twilight years or is that Autumn of our lives.
    That’s Romantic……..(and expensive upkeep).
    Said to owner IF she hadn’t placed her by Fri 13 to let me know
    & i’ll figure it out someway, as feeling they might put her down if
    no home found.
    If she has the blue haunting eyes & silver ‘mask’, then i’ll be smitten for sure.
    Very curious as to WHY after 10 years this Husky is being re-homed.
    She, the dog, is camping out in my mind & just can’t forget her, tho’ unseen.
    Read somewhere that dog’s evolved US, not the other way round.

  3. Major lesson learnt? 6 months down the drain… never was, never will be . Jessica has had someone long distance the whole time ! i was just…. i dont know what ? pawn in a sad game ? im growing my fringe so no more disturbed attractive women can see the ” its ok to break/fuq with my heart” sign on my forehead . I asked for it i guess , i was told. I dont know weather to laugh or cry. And its supposed to be blessed for romance celestially at the mo ? i dont know about anything any more if i cant trust my intuition/gut what do i do? Get over it i suppose and get a life! This being a gentleman and being mr nice guy is really getting me no where …

    • Damon… don’t go changing cos this chick was a knob. never stop being a gentleman or a nice guy… just don’t be a doormat. A delicate balance, I know. I have been trying to work this one out for years.
      And you are being blessed by no longer being caught up in this situation, leaving you free to invest time in a realtionship with SOMEONE YOU DERSERVE.
      Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck..

    • honey if you think of it as being down the drain you’re wasting it – it’s raw now but later when you’ve had a surf or spent some time in the sun and salty air you WILL feel better. Maybe it’s time to love yourself up a bit? Give yourself some of the nurturing you feel inclined to shower on others? For men I know this is hard but you have to give it a try if you want to change this pattern you’ve got going on with the ladies – go back a few months and read the posts you made about jessica from a distance ie: now – it’s amazing how you can see your patterns and the things that trip you up more easily that way – it helps you see yourself more objectively and adapt your behaviour so your life improves. I’m sorry you’re having a shitty manifesting of the venusian vibes x

    • Blessings come in many disguises Damons – it’s only that sometimes it’s just down the track we can recognise them. She wasn’t the right one for you…obviously..or it would have worked out…tho it hurts now, one day soon it won’t and you can move on, see it for the lessons and experience it was…and then meet someone new who fully deserves you and who you deserve. Keep up the hope and don’t let any bitterness overwhelm you X ps no you weren’t a pawn, sometimes people are just confused with their own sh*t and it’s got nothing to do with anything we do or the way we are xx

    • I’ve been where you are (in my version.)
      About 2 years ago I met a guy, who I believed was my match on every possible level. He psychically and spiritually manipulate me, like only a very damaged and potent person can….. Low Libra sleeze- as we discussed on an earlier thread. Even though my rational, with it, developed self felt certain things were true, I went through a lot of other stuff anyways…..
      In a head fuck, your intuition is the primary casualty. Takes the brunt of the blows…. Why do you think you consulted all the psychics? My opinion- based on my (non) relationship is that you needed to trust someone elses intuition cause your own was being stamped on and vampired…..
      But now you are free….
      What I needed to do, and I’m barely ahead, was grieve.
      Grieve, grieve, grieve. I found my own insights, and yours are in there, too. In all da mess that are your insides served on the platter….
      Just take it easy on yourself, kay? Take your time, as much as you can… you will feel better, I promise. Not much, not anytime soon.
      You got the message, and there is more pony in all that S$%T. Just….later…..Now, be good to yourself…….

  4. Just glad im not any more sensitive than i already am. The last few girls ive been involved with have really toughened me up a bit in realms of the heart. Ill learn not to give it away so easily one way or the other … lets hope . Here endeth the lesson…. ive had enough!!! and ive had enough of consulting fricken psychics jeez i could have spent a month in Tahiti this winter, the amount of money ive spent on them is just stupid! Another pattern to axe from my conditioning in the past! would have been better spent on a good shrink……maybe i do have mother issues and what is it with sick woman ? the last two have had no wombs due to cancer and alll have been mentally unstable . Anyway peace be with you Tamberlaine and i hope the rest of you enjoy the venusian vibes this new moon. Bye x

    • Poor old Damons! You’ll be right. Its life. Its your journey. Don’t beat yourself up now but yes, maybe think about your patterns and what small changes you might make next time. There will be a next time!

      Sorry to break the news but our lessons never “endeth” – not for any of us. That is the point of life – continuous growth and continuous change. But they are not all as heart-wrenching as the particular set of lessons you are doing lately. Did you ever get that book I recommended a long time ago (‘Manhood’ by Steve Biddulph)? Or ‘Intimacy & Solitude’ by Stephanie Dowrick – it is brilliant for figuring out what we are responsible for in relationships and what we are not. Its also a very good tool for seeing the bits of ourselves that we give away and gives good simple ways to fix it. Gold.

      I think that saying you have ‘Mother issues’ is a bit harsh and over simplistic. Your Mum did the best with what she had at the time. However, it may be time for you to review some of the ‘rules’ she may have passed on to you (about women & men or maybe about your role in relationships?) and come up with some that better reflect who you are now. Don’t give up on yourself or play the victim, please. Do take responsibility for yourself and do what you need to do to feel better about yourself & function better in relationships. You can do it!

      • No victim here! just hope shes happy and wish them both all the best. Shes in love with him …. hes a very lucky man to have her love, Jessica is a very special lady it was just never meant to be with her and i . Ill always have love for her no matter what. Life goes on.

    • oops, sorry, meant Venus in Libra + Pluto in Capricorn

      ( moon in gem = typing too slow for thoughts)

  5. get a god-damned blow-out and go get on with conquering your realm sort of a Moon” spot on MM
    major lesson from last week fits perfect with new beginnings conquering my realm astro.

    i had a ” Don’t take anything for granted” kinda week.
    Jsut when I was getting comfy at work bam I got a gentle “your time may be up”nudge. Not upset as I felt it ws time to move on however major rethink of life direction time.
    Being 40 something its a challenge

  6. Such lovely thoughts from everyone, even from you Damon, when obviously you are hurting so much at the moment. I am so grateful. I realise I sounded so matter of fact about the death of my mother, but in truth it was 7 years of watching her demise to dementia, having my mother turn against me in the early years when she had been my confidante and my inspiration, terrible guilt and feeling I had abandoned her because it broke my heart to see her. I was at war with my eldest brother, isolated from my other, and losing my mother by degrees. Death by a thousand cuts. And then, I had a dream that my brother told me she had died. 4 days later she was admitted to hospital for breathing difficulties. For the next 13 days I sat vigil by her bedside. My brother’s and I taking turns until I was almost psychotic from lack of sleep. I am a nurse so understood the health system, but still, I fended off a few health professionals who wanted to jab her with needles. She could no longer talk, or walk. Only I seemed to be able to understand her. Only I could calm her. My brother resented me for it I think. I took in music that I loved (she was a musician and child performer) filled her room with flowers, brought our family’s little dog in to sit on her bed. Still I warred with my brother.But by day 3 I could trust the nurses to follow what we had decided would be the way my mother would die. With dignity. Not in pain. I could go home, rest , try to take care of myself. I had developed a chest infection, like it was in sympathy. She had pnuemonia. I would calm her by massaging her hands, reminding her how strong and tough she was. How there was no room for panic now. We talked about who she would see, the music she would hear where she was going. I’m not sure why I was so sure, but I knew it was true. By day 12, she had calmed and was unconscious. Somehow, we had travelled to a place where we were united as a family.It had been such a journey. Living moment to moment. We were all there. Then we went home together. The next day she died. I was woken just like my dream, except a lovely doctor told me my mother had died peacefully 15 minutes before. I think she waited for us to find ourselves as a family, again.
    I’m sorry for taking so much space to tell her story, our story as a family, but I thought that all those who have blogged and shared such lovely thoughts, deserved to hear how my mother died. Thankyou everyone. Over and out. =_= Peace and love.

    • That is beautiful Tamberlaine. What a wonderful daughter you are. Thanks for sharing your story. So apt to hear it with the Moon in Cancer. Peace & love to you too. PS: I so admire nurses – such a noble profession.

    • Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful story. The way you wrote it I feel like I dreamed it myself. Blessings Tamberlaine, you made your mother an incredible gift. Xx.

    • what a lovely story Tamberlaine. I was curious to know how she passed away this morning but wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to ask, so thanks for sharing. And sorry if i seemed so matter of fact this morning. I never know what to say in these situations. I’ve only been to one family funeral – my aunt. We weren’t that close but she did appear in my dreams 3 times to tell me she was okay, which was nice. I hope you drop by in the next few days and let us know how the funeral went. xx

    • Thanks for trusting us with your story. I hope you week brings you and your family whatever you need to get through this together. xxx

    • Tamberlaine, just read of the news of your mother’s passing – sorry for your loss. What a beautiful time to have spent with your mother, preparing her, as it were. Blessing hugs to you during these times ((((((bh)))))

  7. Beautiful Sharing Tamberlaine……
    As one going through a lot of Losses this year, it is soothing to read your story.

    Hugs to you, and best wishes with your grieving……..