Neptune In Pisces Already?

Vogue Italia Emma Summerton

A la the August issue of the Vogue Italia beauty supplement, it’s like Neptune is in Pisces already.

Note: Neptune hits Zero degrees of Pisces, the sign it rules, in April 2011, for the first time in 163 years.

This image is mega-Neptunian; mystical, beautiful, a concoction of ‘spirits’ in front of her, the flowers and the butterflies, half like an ancient bordello look, maybe so modern she’s an alien witch visiting Gaia.

Neptune is always so come-slithery.

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67 thoughts on “Neptune In Pisces Already?

    • I know a Neptune-Moon-conjunct-in-the-12th-house person who would just love her. (that’s the same as a Pisces)

  1. She’s blue. Is she an Avitar wannabee drowning her sorrows coz she didn’t make the grade or get the right hue of blue.

  2. Mystic when are you going to start a facebook group? I know you’re not a huge fan of such thing, but I would love to see images and posts like this appear in my news feed. All you would have to do is copy=paste a link occasionally, and wella, new audience.

    • She had one but they chucked her for being a person/group.
      That chick needs a good slug of that red drink, she don’t look like she’s having much fun.

        • A late Pisces sun with a lot of cap and libra? Saturn and Pluto are bullying her into giving up her neptunian ways, she’s lost in an argument in her head.

          • FUQ don’t even go there LOL it is enough to put one to sleep. I SO WANT SOMEONE TO WIG OUT AND SHOW THEIR TRUE NATURE. Preferably Tony Abott, but I’ll settle for anyone who’s willing – apart from Mark Latham who’s just sad and gauche. They keep going on about jules ousting kevin and that labour has not got the ETS off the ground – have they forgotten that Tony ousted Malcolm because he was about to get the ETS going on WITH labour? Tony is the reason it never happened. HE shafted Malcolm. So many lies and red herrings. They’re all just different shades of beige until they gain control and then they suddenly go all technicolour on us. GRRRR

    • I seriously hope ‘wella’ is meant to be VOILA, as in the French
      expresssion meaning ‘there is’ or do you mean a new audience of
      Wella Haircare.
      VOICI is ‘here is’.
      Sorry Darling Lib, to correct you, but it could help you in future…it’s
      my Virgoan Mars at work as well…wink wink.

      • Dyslexic Libra lovely, thanks. I crack myself up regularly.

        Ms. – Mystic’s blogs go viral (as we see with the extend of the numerous comments on most of her blogs), put this into FB and friend’s news feeds and Mystic could reach a much larger audience who would probably love and even need her advice. Plus increased income and a greater public profile which would prevent further copyright issues.

        If she created a ‘page’ and not a ‘group’ she should have no problems.

        I’ll shut up now ;-) Lib Sun Lib Mercury.

        • Thank you but i am banned from F-Book but there is a “share” function at the bottom of the posts so you can share any posts u like on twitter or whatever

          • You know, I don’t understand why you are really. There are so many astrologers with pages who regularly post. So lame.

          • @GeorgeSand Does FB actively ban astrologers? That’s awful! I know they try to force biz pages to work differently so you can’t connect with actual people anymore. An FB person can only “like” your site. It basically forces you to represent yourself as an actual “person” which most people use their biz name, which is illegal according to FB TOS. so dumb.

          • Someone has already set up ‘mystic medusa’ fan page on Facebook. I think you could ask the admin peeps to hand it over to you, as it is your work they are discussing & some other celebs have taken over fan pages recently too!

    • OOO NICE WORK LUV – so happy for you – such an amazing feeling to bring something out of yourself creatively that in some way is synchronicitous or in tune.

      Maybe that’s the value of pluto in the 4th – designing beautiful things relating to the past or some link to your ancestors or the tribe you’re from – being able to dig deep and bring that past stuff to light? Does your venus neptune or mercury aspect pluto – maybe from the 5th?

      • aw. that is nice. loving the leo surge atm. funny you mention ancestors, they keep popping up but a lot of my influence is on nostalgia of sorts.
        just checked my chart. venus/neptune sextile pluto one degree but pluto is trine asc too

        you still on the lottery roll ? :)

        • That window was open for about 5 days and then the well ran dry but I walked away a happy punter. Sudden freelance at good rate is how it is happening right now – all over the MC. Strange you should say that I bought a lottery ticket today and then realised it was for the wrong day and got a refund. It was the eclipse that gave me the wins – I might backtrack and watch the transits – if everything’s retroing soon there should be some kind of repeat of similar aspects… for the benefit of astro nerd research and your impending jupiter transit will let you know if I can repeat that action : o)

          Your ascendant is cancerian? Nostalgia?

          • interesting.
            uranus is random in wins so maybe you work it in bolt stages? great you getting it out there though. trust is half the battle I think x

            no my asc gemini though late gem- 24 degrees
            I think nostalgia in period terms is libran in many ways (my pluto)
            but its 4th house. Gemini wants to make new bent and slant on all things. its not cancerian feel much more neptune/venus really.
            meh, astro cliche … x

  3. She’s eyeing a bowl of fresh walnuts and thanking her preferred deity that she remembered to accessorise with the but (lol) NUT crackers.

  4. Maybe she uses the nutcracker like some people use a rubber band. Although it seems a little extreme. But hey maybe she needs that extra jolt to move her past wistful.

    • “needs that extra jolt to move her past wistful” lol

      she’s so beyond narcissism and so beyond bothering, and that is way cool.

  5. she really could eat an extra sandwich each day, can she even lift that cocktail with those skinny arms? apart from that she is probably cookng up sme sort of amaazing music in her mind, i am thinking a more electronic version of sigur ros if we were to go by appearances alone. or maybe new realms of rhythm and moog. now that would be wonderrful.

    either that or she’s a PA in the city by day and does the dress-ups in a surry hills bar come sundown

  6. She looks as though she is just waiting.. come slithery indeed.. dont underestimate the wistful look.. I am wondering what 2011 will bring :-)

    • skim reading this stream thru thumping head-flu-fog misread your post in shorthand as

      ‘Mystic I love your creativity along with your guts’ as in Love Yer Guts lol xox

  7. reminds me of an adult version of Delirium from the Sandman series, fish songs and all.

  8. I don’t get it exactly.
    I always think of black leather and tatoos as very scorpy…am I missing something?

    • scorps wear them like a shell though, she’s wearing them like a translucent skin. Scorps don’t ever reveal their depths superficially, they just give clues and strong signals. Leather and tatts are so potent scorps love them.
      Pisces invite you into their depths, wherever the heck that might lead, and in this case she’s got the whole intrique going on with the garden skin and the shredded, semi permeable leather. Even her cropped hairline is draped like a curtain for the stageplay of the eyes.
      Haha, I dunno, that’s my take

      • ~scorps wear them like a shell though, she’s wearing them like a translucent skin~

        Guess one would need to have piscesrising as you do in order to understand that (or to certainly know the difference anyhow!) ;)

        But esp. the “permeable leather”…You truly do have me there good for sure..hehe Surely that is the Gem influence of using intellegent discriptions and such?

  9. Eventually when goes into Pisces, Neptune will move into my 10th at 5 degree Pisces and then trine natal Neptune, Scorpio, 5th.

    It should be quite lovely. My roommate has stated as far as the book she can help me out with connections. One just never knows what may pop up, no?

    • thx Emily, the pics are very dreamy, ticks all the boxes for neptune and pisces dont they?. Alcohol, drugged out look, big jewels, dark bar..weell i will be channeling this look mid nxt year huh, in lecture theatres. (no paid job)

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