Leo Luxe: Happy New Moon!!!

Super-Mod Matthew Westmoore – Ohlala Mag

Happy New Moon and may this next lunar cycle – until the next New Moon, that is – be Hot and Radiant. Feel the glow.

Hair flicks and creative temperament are perfectly appropriate. Why hide the greatness?

Bonus: Having an ego in rude health and big, grandiose dreams will help get you through the Zap Zone.

Gleam as you strive for positive and elegant evolution.

23 thoughts on “Leo Luxe: Happy New Moon!!!

  1. RIGHT ON, Sistah!
    This is the kinda thang I like to hear you say: cool, concise and oh so apropos: your forte.
    You’ve articulated the zeitgeist.
    Saynmore, saynomore.

    • Yes! Until the FullMoon of the 23rd Aug.
      Go there fast as next best dates are Moon in Libra 13 Fri
      miday til early hours of Sun morn.

  2. hot and radiant. ok sure. but how do we know if it’s working??? and on the right people, right dimension, …

  3. Oh were you talking about something important I was too busy looking at his chest.. sigh!!!!

  4. Is the blog getting a hair-cut? I can’t the see the avatars. Maybe he/she’s just being zapped.. Come to think of it, what is the natal chart of the blog? Is Delia Antwerp Aars the blog?

    • good opint Ando when does this blog have a birthday!

      And happy grandiose fireworks kinda birthday to all the Leo’s out there in MM blog land

      • Back at ya LG.

        And what’s the mood on leo people you know at the moment?

        Personally I’m moving between awesome and sort of mellow happy, with a couple of little snafus…but I spoke with a senior leo today and she was so fricking negative I’m going to just give her a wide berth for the moment.

        I just wonder what the mood in leo land is for other’s atm? I am starting to feel like the only one that is not grizzly lately.

        • Fuqing terrible my sun-venus-uranus leo mother is being a nightmare.
          Subtle underhanded remarks and grouchy as hell

          • aww sass sorry your mum is being nightmare material.

            Did laugh a little to think she is pulling off subtle underhand remarks. Subtle really?

            Except yeah that’s sort of what the senior leo was doing + the cats bum look while expressing opinions.

          • ya subtle, moon-neptune SCORP so she is the best at it!!

            She is feeling the turn of 50, so I think that has something to do with it..keep away from senior leo at work huh..

          • Did i miss your birthday LL?

            Happy birthday for whenever it is. Happy Birthday to FF and all the other lovely Leos. :)

          • Thanks Sassy. I was last thursday. I for the most part had a lovely time of it. I stayed at a lovely urban b&b, bought my country road b’day dress, got the mac ladies to do my makeup for me, got some more makeup, had tasty dinner with family/friends, went out for cocktails, spent the next day feeling pretty spoilt, sauntered about Brissie, had lovely lunch, bought books, went to the art gallery, found out some more stuff about the writers festival…another nice dinner and then home with my load of nice pressies feeling pretty mellow.

            My only hiccups were my Dad singing me happy birthday and then trying to pick a fight trying to move my boundaries to suit him, and having my wallet fall out of my bag (at home in the middle of the carpet, yet I didn’t see it till I got home 30 ish hours later.

            I spent the morning feeling a bit zapped as he was the first person I spoke to that day. It took a bit of work to not fall into me feeling really put upon by his timing and demands. I did eventually realise that it was his timing and his demands and that I didn’t need to let that colour my world, or actions….Finding out that I’d not packed my wallet put me off my pace for about 30 minutes, till i could get to the bank and get money to fund my happenings. Although I was shouted dinner out. Anyway point being it sort of sucks to have your birthday in the midst of the zap zone, but it’s possible to still have a good time.

          • sorry scorpbot. My brain sputtered a bit…not as coherent as I’d like. Thank you both for birthday wishes.

            Is your Virgo dad being a bit zappy too at the moment?

            As in all to ready to help a growth opportunity arise through their ‘guidance’?

          • Snap LL – same day as me, good to see you had a (mostly) good time. And thanks Scorpy :-) Happy Birthday to all the snazzy Lions out there.

          • Belated B’day to you too FF. Also hah to the snap. How nice was it having a warm day ? I hope you had a nice time of it.

          • Hey LL, glad to hear you managed to have a good birthday in the midst of the zap zone. Even before you asked about my Virgo dad I was going to say “oh dear, nothing like a Virgo dad to rain on one’s parade” Hehe.

            I feel for you. I really do! A few months ago at a family gathering my dad made a thoughtless comment that really pushed my buttons and I had to leave the room to avoid exploding in front of everyone. I was seething and fuming for days and vowed never to speak with him again. A few days later Mystic did a Saturn in Virgo post and the penny dropped. So i forgave him.

            One must forgive Virgos for they know not what they do with their constant criticisms and disapproval of failure to meet their high expectations.

            You can’t change them, so it’s best to walk away and try not to take it too personally. Sometimes i think their “guidance” (which usually comes across more like control freakery) is their warped way of showing they care.

            Still… it sucks to be zapped all year round with a Virgo dad! :shock:

        • Yes Happy Birthday Lionesses and Lions! I am rather grizzly and zappy atm, but am sick so.. Good luck with your Den Mother Sassy.. ;)

          • ;-) Hahah.. I just start flattering her and tell her how wonderful she is and that seems to work!! Yes happy birthday to all the lovely Leo people on the MM blog..

  5. Oh were we not supposed to get a haircut recently? Or not approp time for it? Too late had a haircut and colour on the 5th