14 thoughts on “Kanye West Is Jesus On Mars

  1. Angelina Jolie for Mary Magdalen –
    haven’t put too much analysis in, it just fits

    Joaquin Phoenix for Judas
    just for you, Mystic

    12 gorgeous and eye candy men for the disciples,
    may as well

    Hm, but not too sure where the Martian connection comes in exactly…
    are there evil spacemongering types as well in there?

    Lady Gaga would have to be in there somewhere as Something…with some chance to throw a full tanty. Maybe even Pontius Pilate in drag.

  2. And if it’s on Mars… these people should also be in there too, somehow:

    Jane Fonda (time for her to come back)
    Hugo Weaving
    Winona Ryder (another comeback)
    Timothy Dalton as a bad guy (he was so good in Hot Fuzz)

    Just want to see a lot of people back again, in something quite far out. They might not mesh with the Kanye, however.

  3. Lady Gaga as Pilate’s wife. You know, the one who had the bad dream before Jesus showed up next day in the office.

    Good potential for tanty moment there.

  4. First off I’d mount it as a musical. I’d cast M.I.A as Mary Mag and Bjork as Mary.