Bliss-Witch Moon Rising

Remedios Varo

A Full Moon straight after the Zap Zone? Cue groans & petulant eye rolls. But noooo….this one is quite blissful. Even though, yes, Pluto is involved.

The Sun is at one degree Virgo and the Moon at one degree Pisces will be opposing the Sun.  It’s all done with by Weds dawn, no matter where you live.

Why so magic? Pisces Full Moons are always magic – they come at the Phoenix time of year, when Pluto is getting set to turn direct & all sorts of transformations, inventions, new truths and fresh relationships are becoming ready to be revealed.

Pisces Full Moons are only stressy if you’ve been So Virgo about things, that you’ve neglected your emotions or magic entirely. This one coming right after the Zap Zone is like the signal to regain some reverie and sense of everyday enchantment. Yes, even if the to-do list does still stretch into infinity.

Plus the Full Moon is conjunct Dark Moon Lilith & maverick healer Chiron: it is a magical catalyst. Now may not be the time to be blazingly foward (Mercury Retro) but it’s quite something so far as insights and revelations are concerned. Pluto sextiles for a bit of under-worldly oomph.

Your next sleep: fabulous dreams. Ask for what you need to know as you go into slumber mode.

59 thoughts on “Bliss-Witch Moon Rising

  1. fresh mint tea and an early night for this pisces. After my grizzle about no love (from magic man) in my life, I wrote a short but sweet manifesto for myself last night. I think this as as good a time as any to launch it into the universe!

  2. One smoky person furiously playing the cello to distract the other smoky person from inciting the cat to fart sparks???
    Ha Ha!
    You’re right – I feel better already!

  3. Absolutely overwhelming love for Remedios Varo, as well as Leonora Carrington.

    Dreams have been interesting as of late, complete with polar bear symbols of rebirth and regeneration. Looking forward to it!

  4. This may explain the slightly fey skittery feeling I’ve had all day.

    Like walking through unseen gossamer webs.

  5. agree re dreams interesting of late – deep, long, laden with symbolism, beginnings, endings, peace, insecurities, hope, snapshots to the future …… the oddest ppl poppling in on odd situations

    many I dream make ‘out_of_blue’ contact within nxt 36 hours ….

    “OOMPH” lol – mother uses as adjective to emphasise ‘style’ ;-)

  6. Love Pisces moons…feel delightfully loopy. Took some everyday enchantment in the form of a golden gaytime ice cream, how hilarious i found the name when i was a kid.

    For the last 3 days maps have been everywhere for me, hoping its symbolic of some upcoming travel.

  7. o bliss-witch piscean full moon is exactly what I need to soothe my sore body (viral aches), tender heart (merc retro communication breakdown – I sent a bitchy reply on his birthday sheesh), and the kind of ridiculousness of my life right now in general – can I just whinge a little and say, ‘I am tired of putting my hat in various and weird rings, being open to Whatever Next and Nothing is coming back’ – what point am I missing??!! It has been four months of this …

    • I can so relate to ‘putting my hat in various and weird rings, being open to Whatever Next and Nothing is coming back’

      Yesterday had to plug my ipod in walking home just to over-ride the looping track of the days confrontations about nothing playing back in my head. Hmm, may have looked a little strange singing and bopping along the road … but love the magic of music.

      • so reassuring to hear GemLeo – and am relating back re the looping track – it comes and it goes and it’s a bloody pain in the arse – but it is temporary – just some temporaries last longer than others

        keep dancin along that road – brilliant image – would have made me smile with you if I saw x

  8. Expectation of peace by itself is enough to perceive this Full Moon magical.

    Need a breathing space in solitude to simmer the last few months into wisdom.

  9. Thanks for the degree info on the Pisces full moon, Mystic. I was hoping it’d be close enough to conjunct my moon and it is, wheee!!!!

    It feels to me rather spesh to observe my Mercury return happen at the same time and degree as Mercury rx, and also this rather spesh-tinged Pisces full moon conjunct my moon.
    It’s like extra lucid and sharp Dreaming Life! Which is saying smth considering how ‘live’ my Dreaming Life usually is. Always a nice balance to the more challenging Waking Life of late.

  10. oh lovely this critical thinking mind needs to be reminded of the magic… already talked my body into blissing out post bath… now for whatever magic comes next…

  11. These images are amazing. If my dreams come relatively close then I too will be a very happy piscean.

    Full Moon –
    I have stated clear intentions and will shortly be lighting a candle. Universe you will here from me.

  12. Everyday enchantment, Mystic, this is my M.O.

    Am looking fwd to massaging tomorrow night and kinda envious of the recipient, it could be one of those “healing experiences” treatments that happen now and then. The most memorable of which was actually seeing massive butterflies in an enclosed clinic room flying around while massaging. No substances involved, just magic and bliss.


  13. Ba ! just found out both boys are Leo rising..and they are very ”don’t touch the hair”” indeed’ and strangley love to admire their hair in the mirror, mind this is at 3.5 months and 4.8 months .. oh the product we’ll go through here…in this trying to be palm oil free household…

  14. Pisces rising.

    Pinched a nerve in my back. First house can be the spine apparently, although I thought it was wherever Leo was.

  15. I keep reading the title of this post as bitch witch moon… i must transcend soon surely!

  16. Full Moon exactly on my MC/IC axis (Virgo at 1 degree midheaven). Hmmm, wonder what will manifest.

  17. Ooh is this opposition why my creative and logic energies are coming together nicely atmos? I have Virgo Sun / Pisces Moon opposing each other in my natal chart too.

    While I’ve been struggling with my job the past few weeks, I finally hit the nail on the head tonight and a light bulb went off … I think I have worked out how to capitalise on my Sun / Moon signs in order to manage both the logical/analytical and creative sides of my job. Maybe when I rock up to work in the morning things will start to flow smoothly

  18. Escaped bitter winter, with attendant smeary noses..
    Flew little sinuses to balmy north QLD.
    Took the insanely grumpy Piscean Pa. Every complaint I bit my tongue.
    After lovely evening, drinks with welcoming strangers watching the moon rise over the sea, more micromanaging.. Short conversation. All much sweeter now.

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  20. Not sure where the bliss comes in. Aspie daughter sent home second day at new school. Major eruption. Told teacher she was stupid.

    Who the hell STARTS the school year with a FULL MOON?!? Clearly no one asked my opinion.

  21. Who the hell STARTS the school year with MERCURY RETROGRADE? Fortunately my son started last week Monday and has escaped some of the snarls, but I do shake my head and wish I could wave a wand for all those who had to start yesterday. No way to start a new school year.

    • Merc Retrograde is pretty common. And I suppose helpful for retrieving all those multiplication facts lost over the long summer.

      Wish I had a want, too. Have spent most of the day in crying jags. Don’t know what to do with my daughter…

        • Oh, weathergirl, so sad. I’ve heard there are so many resources out there now on aspie issues, but I’m sure you’ve already dug out all there is. Maybe Merc Rx would be a good time to unearth some resource previously unrevealed though? Sending supportive vibes to you.

          • hi weather girl, i have 2 little boys with autism (3.4 months and 4.7months), know its not the same, but i have a couple of girlfriends with aspie girls – one in UK and one in NZ, the NZ one heads the Aspie parent support network over there, and i am happy to pass on her email to you … i”m in sydney if you ever want to chat . .let loose any pent up frustration / email etc…some marvellous people (mainly all cancerians ! – bless them!)work with my little ninjas and if you would like me to ask any questions/advise/help/resources on your behalf or even get a phone number – i am happy…the same was done for me, and still is, and as we’s all swings and roundabouts … supportive vibes too x

        • Golden fleece, you are precious! But alas, I am in the States.

          Your thoughts remind me I’m not alone and I need to reach out to the folks I already have around –or need around me. I also need to get my head back in the Aspie game. Actually have a book out for teachers, for which I’m (trying) now to write the teacher handbook! But Zap Zone has thrown me out of alignment. So much in flux here lately all summer –moving on/off tap, new peeps floating in–etc. No surprise, but clearly the Full Moon did its work in illuminating that last cobwebbed corner of neglect in my life.

          May ask for that email, tho’. Aspie girls are rarer than hen’s teeth. Would love some chat with moms with girls.

          • Dear Weathergirl, have phoned friend in New Zealand this morning – the first thing she said before i could get a word in was ”oh i’ve changed my email” … so here tis …
            She’s pretty tops..Sagg-contagiousness, and a creative genius to boot..if you google montana world of wearable art..she has taken out awards in childrens sections for past 2 or 3 years..knitting..buys old jumpers from second hand op shops and unravels them, and reknits them into work about her daugther … shes’ looking fwd to hearing from you when you’re ready ! x


            Hers in the work on the left..miro miro ..and it’s about wanting to be able to help her daughter to go different places and explore new things, and letting her take a piece of her own safe world with her eveywhere, to help her feel more at ease and safe in the óutside” world..(ive probably arsed this up a aries after all ! . .she’s be much better at explaining it, then again, you may not need an explanation !)…x

          • This is brilliant, GF!! Completely in love with WOW and a mother who would bring that to her daughter. I have a degree in costume design, so completely understand this on several levels.

            Thank you!!

          • Weathergirl, For whatever it’s worth, Dr. Loveland at Univ. of Texas Medical School in Houston, Texas, seems to be doing some pioneering work in this area.

          • Excellent ! you’re already on each others level !! in many ways … happy for you both and best of luck !

  22. The full Moon is on my Pisces Sun/Mn midpoint and MC opposite Virgo Pluto. Don’t recall my dreams last night but had a very productive morning.

    • I Like your skittle…. its an absolute crack up…. actually I love all the new avatars.

  23. Hmm.. another astrologer said that the Grand Trine is locked in for the duration of the Merc Rx, because it was active when Merc stationed. I refuse to believe it. I must disbelieve it, I have to make a job application, a dream job, and if I don’t get this job, I am screwed. And then I think back to the last “dream job” I had, that I took during Merc Rx, and it ended during the next Merc Rx 3 months later.

  24. O.T. But. I’ve noticed a lot of people unconsciously or rather, non-intentionally using ‘Spoonerisms’ lately. I’ve noticed in myself, in the BF and last night heard Rob Oakshott refer to or start to . . Goolia Jillard. Heh! My theory has it as something to do with the Pluto, Uranus Jupiter Saturn square thing. With Jupes egging on any of Uranus trickster tendencies.

  25. I took a job for financial reasons in a cosy little institution where bitter twisted middle aged women have gone to cling on to their petty power till they die or retire, whichever comes first.

    I am now, after 3 months, a whimpering wreck.

    • GOD I know how you feel, I’ve made some random vocational choices over the last 2-3 years to try and save for a house – Uranus + Jupiter transiting the 10th and Saturn in the 4th. I know we’ve never met / posted / spoken to each other before so maybe this advice is misplaced but waheeey, here we go… Please don’t stay if it’s hurting you – it’s not worth it – if there’s some lesson to be learned that you never would’ve learned if you’d stayed in your comfort zone then all well and good but if you’re just the accidental innocent bystander due to financial necessity get the hell outta there as soon as is viable – don’t make yourself sick.

      • Oh, whatevs, so needed to hear that. I’ve been trying to “push through” but it’s really hurting.

        I’ll check back as soon as this stupid meeting goes through, if that’s ok.

        Thanks for taking the time to post. Am Virgo so talking about personal stuff hard enough. This is just making me feel really powerless.

        Bless you that you could reach out while hurting too.


  26. Well fuq this full moon, I am SO depressed – like my whole body is aching with sadness – it’s the last day of saturn on my sun in the 4th and I’ve been a crying wreck all day and I don’t even know why only then there was suddenly a blurting out of ancient irritation with aqua that I’ve never been able to work out before and it all happened because I had to try and work out some dates from the past and I used google maps to see the places from the times to jog my memory and now suddenly I know what it is that’s been the essence of it for all this time. GRRR. I mean it’s good that I know – and it’s my problem not his although he was the catalyst – it’s how I’m dealing with it that’s the problem but FUQ THIS MOON AND SATURN and EVERYTHING JUST FUQ IT ALL.

  27. Full Moon reflection.
    Dreamt I was dancing last night. This feels like a good omen.

    Was reviewing past events since October 2009. The theme has been releasing. Three key people in my life, I decided not to go back, enter into the game, victimise myself, blame another or to make any form of contact.

    Over the weeks I have been struggling with the third of the three key people, initially feeling frustration and irritation, with pangs of loss and feelings of rejection. Then a light bulb moment occured (full moon), I had made the decision not to play that game anymore, back in the October. With this enlightened understanding I can now truly let it all go.

    Dreamt I was dancing last night. This feels like a good omen.

    NB – if they return I shall be ready.

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