Astro-Query: Mercury Retro Versus The Zap Zone?

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Dear Mystic,

I believe I may have a problem and I need some advice.

I’ve only been in my current position at work for 3 months, and have quickly discovered that my boss is a monster.  I’m wanting out and my sources tell me I wouldn’t be the first to flee her sociopathic, tyrannical, disaster of an empire, with about 5 leaving over the last 12 months.  There are multiple complaints against her re: bullying and harassment, but it doesn’t seem to stop.  No idea what sign she is, but she the most power hungry, unpredictable, rage-fuelled control freak I’ve had the displeasure of working for.  she has that superficially-pleasant, double-faced thing going on as well.  I’m doing the whole “super-composed” thing and trying to hold my power but it can be tricky when you’re being defamed and humiliated in front of others.

Apart from my boss, I quite like what I do and the majority of the team, but when it comes down to it, is that enough to make up for her behaviour, and the stress it causes?   So two weeks ago I made the decision to abandon ship and good luck to them without me (I’m the only therapist of my discipline one on the team, servicing 30 clients, so if I go there is nobody to do my work).  I started applying for a job completely different to what I’m doing now and I was very quickly called and informed I have an interview.  yay!

so that’s my bitch sesh:  my question” the interview is during the Mercury Retrograde.  I’m not sure how big a problem this might be, if any at all?  and as the process was initiated before the retro, does this lessen the effect?  I guess I just don’t want to jump from one sinking ship to a burning one, but at the same time, I don’t know how much longer I can stay on in this role whilst maintaining composure!!!

thanks thanks thanks, the daily mystic has been sooooo helpful lately too,


Dear Scorptastic,

How horrid…What sign is the boss, out of interest?  Okay, the Zap Zone – aka Saturn Square Pluto – trumps Mercury Retrograde. That is, the need to swiftly change your circumstances, show guts and activate your powers of transformation, grace under pressure etc outweigh any minor and temporary inconveniences that may result from the retrograde.  Just triple check all your paperwork & factor in extra time for appointments etc.  I always think that there is something to be learned from these characters – what do you think this lady has taught you?

And peeps, what are your tips for dealing with insane boss types? This situation?  Oh and Scorptastic, the pic above will be similar to you in a few months regaling friends with your hilarious anecdotes re your ex psycho bats boss wimmyn. Good Luck!

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  1. Is it true that Yoko Ono only made meetings etc on mercury retrograde because she knew she could always negotiate something better with the deal?

    Dealing with psycho boss? I just throw a tantrum and leave or boss fires me because ive told them what i think…Not good, maybe i get better with it as i mature..??

    • nice work yoko. i’ll keep that in mind…

      and i agree, life is too short to be shouted at by a psychopath. leave or overthrow them. mind you probably bad psychic residue if they are difficult to remove from the workplace..take a strong positive leader to step in. but yes anyway good luck ST

      • I had a libran tell me that Merc RX are great cos you can get a better deal later…
        … why not get an awesome deal the first time around?

  2. Leave. Life is toooo short. Treat your job interview as the avenue returning you to sanity.

  3. how to deal with insane boss types? say your peace and leave. for me, my job is certainly not my life so if i’m not happy i’m out (she says, it only took me 3 years to leave my last horrible yet rewarding job!). its not worth it in the long run for your health and well being.

  4. that gives me some peace. I am about to sign on a work contract thing that i can’t put off til after the retrograde. i’d like to think the zap zone is zapping up my bank account and financial stability [well it’s across my 3rd 7th and 9th houses so i don’t know]. so i can consider this decisive zap-zone clarity as signing on to a firmer $$ foundation to make my life more amazing and fulfilling. amen.

  5. You wouldn’t happen to live in Townsville? Because I had a friend work for a woman who sounds EXACTLY the same a few years ago. Or perhaps this same woman has migrated elsewhere to terrorise others.

  6. I have what I call my “Sacred Circle”.. it’s my sphere, my orb, the areas that I am influenced by on a daily basis. What I allow into that sphere directly influences me and how I feel about myself and my life, so I’m diligent in keeping myself surrounded by the experiences I want to have, and keep out the ones I don’t. I surround myself only with people that respect themselves … and in turn respect others. It’s really very simple.
    Sounds like you’re cleaning up your Sphere to me so … *ZAP* on!
    (Great picture Mystic)

  7. Your insane boss probably has an awful life and happens to be in a position of power, thus taking it out on the unfortunate few who are unable to do anything about it, less they lose their jobs or suffer further harassment.

    I would wager that if you engage with this person, and make them feel chummy, that they are also part of your team not just leading it, that you may find they warm to you. Take an interest in their life, and if absolutely nothing works then remember to be composed and sweet and smile when they are being horrible to you in front of others… the contrast will make people remember.

    • Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you act with these sort of people – they still turn around and manage to bite you, usually once you least expect it. Best avoid. Don’t need toxic people around you. A lesson I learnt early on and have always remembered.

      • I agree with both libran dreamchild and hummingbird.

        Insane bosses have their own aweful problems that they take out on the rest of us. But that still doesn’t make it okay.

        And yeah – sometimes they don’t respond to chummy behaviour – it just infuriates them more or makes them take even more advantage of you.

        • In the past I would have answered similar to Libran dreamchild, and I think that in the past (like the last 5 yrs or so) that would have been the right thing to do- i.e. be chummy, try the empathy route. But obviously those tactics dont work anymore lest we decide we can put up with the crashing and burning that comes after it.
          I am actually so grateful for this zap zone for pushing and pulling me into a GOOD position in my life, with my shit finally getting together

  8. Scorptastic – go read your wkly scopes for next wk immediately! Seems like next week is perfect for job interview and also how to handle any incoming crap from (soon-to-be-ex) monster boss. Take heed Mystic’s advice above and get the f out of there quicksmart! No job is worth putting up with such behaviour, as you already know…

  9. I have been getting zapped by my immediate supervisor recently as well – you cannot change these people. Basically their behaviour is often monstrous and highly manipulative, they are highly skilled in humiliating others, and making people think you are the mad, unhinged, incompetent or ‘difficult’ one ( I had a supervisor once who would say I cannot fault your work and then hunt around trying to find reasons why he should berate me, all in a closed office scenario where there were no witnesses to his appalling and relentless behaviour). No amount of love, peace, understanding etc etc is going to soothe them. The difficult thing is that they often hold power over their current subject of focus somehow – they are gifted in knowing what one’s vulnerabilities are, whether it is financial, i.e. they know you need the work, or whatever. Sometimes they just want what in their mad minds they think you have or perversely want to take things away from you e.g your calm or reason. no matter how well adjusted or rebellious you are these are terribly difficult scenarios to negotiate as their thrill, it seems, is in humiliating or annihilating others and it is often deeply masked. The catch is that their behaviour is so shocking and concealed that a lot of the struggle is in actually believing what is going on. And, the other thing is these people RARELY lose their jobs ….. so best thing, if possible, is to remove yourself from their controlling and destructive focus – so … may good change come your way and good luck with it all

      • Yeah sounds like the negative expression of a strong pluto. I’ve been there- i.e. been the monster and also been victim of one such monster. It stems from pain and deep wounds

  10. Okay, so.. Get out of there with your wits about you, I admire your remaining composed under such circumstances….

    This chick needs to know she’s freakin nuts. I can’t believe those people have been working there so long under her leadership and seemingly accepting her behavior.

    So I would totally leave, and when you’re set about your next few steps give this lady a synopsis of her tyranny, or get your soon to be former co-workers to step up and tell her about herself…. because it’s really unacceptable the way you’ve described it, that sounds just horrible. Something needs to change she can’t treat people like that and think it’s alright.

    good luck!

  11. My very first job at 18 in a pizza parlor everyone called in sick or had a faux funeral to go to and I was the only waitress. The beer pitchers and all the glasses stacked up higher and higer and finally I walked out. I have always contended that it’s my choice to be there or not and so I’ve never felt a slave to a job esp. if I am being humiliated and taken advantage of.

    I worked for a lovely Korean Chiro Doc and she wore her Chanel to work and drove her Mercedes Benz. Her husband is a chiro doctor elsewhere too so they are comfortable.

    The office mgr., upon my hiring, omitted that the Dr and her husband go to Fiji four times a year to scuba dive.

    I had to call the unemployment office each time she left so I would get paid….. Ridiculous…

    Before I read Mystic’s answer my first impression was that the zz is stronger so I would go with that energy!

  12. A healthy ego trumps false, non-healthy egoic personality disorder power.

    Ground yourself, upgrade skills and get outta dere.

  13. I have discovered bossy is a sagg —

    thank you all for your beautiful support! excited for the possibility of change, drastic change, in my employment. and yes, love my scope for the week…! (everybody should subscribe, if you haven’t you don’t know what you’re missing out on)

    prepping for interview, going to be ultra-organised!

    maintaining composure, staying serene, breathing and trying to remember that if I lose that she gets my power, and I’d prefer to keep it for myself!

    can’t wait to be the girl in the photo…

    • I’ve had similar experiences with sagg bosses. Actually, I now won’t take a job if the boss is a sagg. I figure that there’s something about my earthiness that cannot take them.

  14. If you can afford, or as soon as you can afford, get out. For obvious reasons: prolonged stress is expensive for your health, dysfunctional relations look like normal after long-enough exposure.

    If this job is not preparing you for your next job, then the boss is definitely not worth of your time.

  15. If at all possible, when you do leave try to do some sort of exit interview with HR or the boss’s boss. That way you’re at least trying to make it better for the rest of the team, who you like. Good luck with the interview!

  16. I had a similar situation in 2008-end 2009. I moved to Sydney to take up a role and well, within a week it became apparent that there were major personality issues and problems with the relevant team.

    I ended up moving to another area in a large organisation, but it cost me $60,000 in annual salary but my thoughts: I could gut them out, but what would be the prize for me at the end of it?

    Am also in the process of changing and have also applied for a job just before Mercury Retograde.

    What annoys me most about the situation in 2008-2009 is that they knew there was a problem and said nothing. Things got very unpleasant but I know that it will be behind me when I finally walk out that door for the very last time.

    Scorptastic: best wishes for your interview. And think back to what you were told at the interview for your current job. Did they tell you there was any problems? Did you specifically ask what the team was like? Did you ask why there was a vacancy? If you asked any of these, or other questions, think about what you were told…and whether it was the truth.

    • I think thats great advice in the last para- take this as a cue to really vocalise the questions you might have about the NEW job that way you can make sure beforehand what the situation will be like

      • What I forgot to mention was that I had an incredibly successful 15 months otherwise. Very high qi and productive as I was so determined to achieve, rather than sit in a corner rocking myself, which is, after all, what the bully wants you to do.

        As Mystic says, there are lessons to be gleaned from this experience.

  17. Her name doesn’t happen to be Bronwyn does it? LOL

    Seriously MM is absolutely spot on about what this bitch is teaching you, there is always an amazing lesson there. I’ve worked for 2 bitches from hell and the first one (the worst!) taught me so much! When I escaped I was all the more amazing from it, my credentials were fabulous and thats thanks to her! As for the 2nd well I learnt to speak up and actually tell her how unprofessional she was without any emotion/anger etc. It felt truly liberating to speak my truth from a place of peace. I had come to terms with what was happening, was not taking it personally anymore and could walk away feeling really good about myself. So thanks to her I understand if something is seriously not working I’m not in my heart and I need to check in with my heart and see what I should be doing…

  18. OMG I had and am having nearly the same situation as Scorptastic however I ended my boss’ bullying during Saturn in Virgo and have now embarked on career change with interviews yes….next week during Merc retrograde. I am with you in spirit Scorptastic and don’t worry – the retrograde makes you pay extra attention to what you are doing which is a good thing.
    As for managing bullying – definitely you need outside intervention/mediation but bullies rely on doing their nasties while no one is watching. Make HR / their boss do their job but the examples need to be documented. I have learned my lesson not to wait until I have a breakdown before getting HR help. Expose and destroy bullying behaviour at the roots!
    Good luck for next week.

  19. I have a question for everyone on here as I always find such good help here- I ran into my ex-best friend of about 7 yrs or so the other day and we have not spoken besides a happy birthday through facebook for 2 years, and not properly hung out for even longer. I have been going through a lot of stuff and seeing her again stirred up some pretty wild emotions ranging from a lot of different stuff, experiences we had, why we stopped talking etc. But when it came down to it, I mean when I was in a pretty clear head space after having a light session with this lady (first time I’ve felt good in ages, very surprising), I realised, that I think mixed up in those feelings is a lot of nostalgia and missing our friendship. I mean we had some great times together, we were together through all the formative years of our lives. She is extremely fun and charismatic and ‘up’ and my question is-
    What do I do? Is this some sort of mercury/uranus retrograde trick pulling me back into an old and dead time? Or is it just that we have both grown up and can begin the friendship again with new perspectives?
    Please help :S

    • hey pisceann, sometimes you have to shed friendships. i had to do it this year with a fish girl, my bestie from school whom married and abandoned me then reconnected with me after her divorce. we were housemates for a year and it was great! but then she ditched me again for a man and although I tried to work through it (i was left with rent all on my own and i gave her back her full bond) i still had some upset feelings. i tried to reach out but she snubbed me. so I say look after yourself, invest in yourself and those friends who invest equally in you – you can’t be the only one giving in a friendship, it’s exhausting. good luck x

  20. Dear Scorptastic,

    I attract these female sagg tyrants as bosses too! I am on my second at the moment (one for 4 years, this current one for the last 2), maybe it is a scorp thing? The thing with all mine is that they are/have been a complete nightmare to work with, but actually quite different out of work. Fun to be around, social. If in a slightly obsessed with being social kind of a way. ie They always know the band/event organisers/get in VIP, and make sure everyone else knows they are so ultra connected. Both have loved to name drop.

    Both have come down on me if they feel I am a threat, as soon as I make it clear that while I am no threat, I also won’t take their shit like the younger ones will, they usually lay off. The one I worked under for four years is actually now a friend, and one of the best referees I have. She is one of the first people I call if I am applying for something else, as she is so amazingly convincing on the phone to strangers. Possibly unrelated: both have taken hypocondria to levels I thought couldn’t possibly exist. Us scorps don’t get sick. We are robust, and have guts of steel. If we do get sick, we certainly don’t bang on and on about it. I find it very distasteful when people do. Would love to hear if Mystic has a theory about the sign most likely to uh, embrace their illnesses?

    • What is with these tyrants?? after this morning’s nightmare of nothing ever good enough even though done to her previous direct specifications I am convinced leaving is the right thing. I feel LIBERATED and empowerd by this knowledge.

  21. Nasty Bosses should always remember the Boomerang Theory…..
    Oh Yes, their nastiness will return to them x 10.

    Cosmic Justice.

  22. I learnt a lot working for a batty viscous gemini.

    I learnt that it is easier dealing with a nasty boss/work mate, if you are grounded. If you have a good sense of self, you can sort of ride the waves of crazy better. I found that looking at the situation and analysing where I had control over something, anything helped. It forced me to look at my values, of what I found important in how i dealt with people.

    I think what is so distressing working for crazy people is the seeming randomness of their decision making.I looked for patterns. I found that she was happy after dealing with children, and realised it was because she didn’t see them as a threat. Based on her actions and words, she viewed everyone over the age of 10 as a threat. So this showed me that she was operating from a pretty strong base line of fear. It also helped to consider that from her viewpoint everything she was doing was reasonable. Manipulative as all get out but to her reasonable. I used to wonder what had happened to her in her life, that this seemed the best way to deal with people… so on some level I developed a sense of compassion for her (while still wary of her mood swings).

    I learnt to let some of the stuff she said go, and addressed matters which battered at my own core values too much. Basically survival skills were to act with integrity humour and respect.

    • I’ve found through the years that most WOMEN who rule with a “crazy” iron fist….are all very insecure. Being a woman with power is still not that common. So women will try to act like they observe their male counterparts acting, which is emotionless and unfeeling (testosterone).

      Men sometimes rule along the same lines, but I believe it’s less common for it to stem from low-self esteem. Instead, it’s just plain old joy from being in power (again testosterone).

      Estrogen is SOOOO much smarter than testosterone though. We can feel and see and delineate situations that men (testosterone) are blind to.

      It will take a few more decades, but I believe women will soon start to realize the power that estrogen truly gives us. Testosterone has a place in life (fighting and fucking), but estrogen is much more intellectual. Imagine what we could do if we learned to lead as unashamed women, instead of trying to emulate men!

      I truly believe that women are one their way to being in power once again. We already comprise the majority of college enrollees now….and our numbers are increasing in business everyday. Along with our power to give birth, I believe that in the next 50-100 years, we might see ourselves in the beginnings of a matriarchal society again.

      It won’t happen until religion is practically abolished though. Almost all religions, no matter what god they worship, were created by men and thus their writings and rules put women second. Once religion dies….then everyone will be able to flourish equally. Man, woman, gays, and all colors of peoples.

      Wish I could be alive to see it.

  23. HA! I’m a Scorpio and I could have written that letter myself! Same exact thing happened to me exactly two weeks ago. I too jumped ship and left the flaming bitch in a lurch. She was a Scorpio too by the way! I have never been screamed at, defaced, and humiliated like that bitch did to me. After a 20 minute ass-chewing, I hung up on her! Then I wrote a resignation email to HER boss, ignoring her as though she didn’t exist, and walked out.

    I can allow people to be my boss, but I will not stand for another Scorpio to bitch THIS Scorpio out! So I whipped my razor tail around and slit her throat as best I could! I left without turning in a valuable report for the client….so the company will look REALLY bad: Like they “can’t keep their people”….which is true.

    I can’t help but wonder though…..her being a Scorpio, we were all supposed to be likely forced from a job two weeks or so ago. She had a reputation for being a flaming bitch and HER boss even warned me sweetly, that she “ruled by intimidation”. So I have to wonder if she TOO experienced a loss.. Maybe lost her job because she has been responsible for several other’s leaving just like I did.

    Part of me feels bad…like I stung a fellow “brother” or something. When I think of her, I realize that she is the “worst” parts of me. That everything she said and did to me, was something that I am definitely capable of myself, and even have DONE….but I only sting people when I feel they have hurt me or deserve it. And I feel like my discernment skills as to who deserves what, are much better than hers. I feel I am an EAGLE, while she is a lowly scorpion. Nevertheless, she is one of my kind, so I strangely feel bad about the whole thing.

    If she got fired…..she needed to. The Grand Cross could be leading her to becoming an Eagle like me! I could probably be friends with her, in another life…. Even though she’s a flaming rabid-dog bitch….I do (again, strangely) wish her well.

  24. I would like some advice too!

    Back in June, a very good friend told me about a vacancy at her school, which is twice the size of and has a much longer history than mine. The interviewer happened to be a professor of my alma mater and seemed quite impressed of my achievements. I was one of the final three candidates and they were going to hire two. I thought, “This is it.”

    Of course, things never turn out as expected. A big shot from my alma mater suddenly wanted to join the professor’s team and even agreed to a much lower salary so I was out of the game. But I, the fiesty Little Miss Leo, decided to accept the twist of fate and dedicated my energy to writing a book. My deadline is August 31.

    Then two days ago (August 18, 10:30am Hong Kong time), the school called and asked if I would still be interested in working for them. The contract is just for one year (two at my current school). I asked about the salary (I need to buy myself out from the current contract if I were to start on September 1 so money is one of the concerns). They said they needed to check some documents first. Fair enough. I contacted my referees, my former employers etc, to get the documents ready.

    It’s now Friday and they still couldn’t confirm with me the details of the offer. I’ve also put my writing project on hold. I really wanted to pick up the phone and yell at the HR people – JUST TELL ME HONESTLY AND QUICKLY IF SOMETHING COMES UP AND YOU CAN’T HIRE ME AGAIN!! I hope the delay is actually a good thing. My good friend tells me not to worry but other friends think it’s a bit weird that the school called when they couldn’t even give me any substantial details.

    I really hate making major life decisions during Mercury retrograde …

    • heya little miss leo.

      go with gut? what is your preference? this is a good time for change…

  25. I’ve got nothing to say on this, as I did exacly that, and ended up from a sinking ship to a burning ( and sinking) one.

    You know yourself best.
    Make plenty of exit strategies for the new job, too? Don’t get attached?

    I dunno.

  26. what I’ve learned –

    grace under fire, that I can be composed in diffiuclt situations, and that i value my own health and wellbeing over a job.

    not only do I have my interview, I yesterday I was offered work with a previous employer who was the most amazing boss I’ve ever had (an aires) he was nurturing, while structured and of course with his own ambitions, but we got along really well and the work will be interesting! ahhh, options… woo!

    • that’s great news scorptastic! See, it always works out for the best once you decide you’ve had enough. I always leave if things become intolerable. I even did a runner once after only 2 months of work because i was sick to death of asking when i was going to get paid ! Told a work colleague to tell the boss i wasn’t coming back.