Astro-Query: Is Google-Stalkery Virgoan?

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Dear Mystic,

I have to ask – are Virgo and google stalkery in any way related? It wasn’t until the invention of google and my finding myself at home all day meaning to be creative that I discovered the temptations of it. It’s like gambling or alcohol to me. Just incredibly hard to resist and while I am doing it I know it’s bad but … If this were to be a feature of my sun sign it would come as a huge relief. Not so much a personality flaw as an astrological one.
Have a great day,

The Virgo Novelist

Dear Virgo Novelist,

This was explored a bit in the Sun Sign Survey How Stalkery Are You?

But i have just two thoughts on this: (1) Virgos are just meticulous at everything they do. So one second you are just casually checking out his F-book between bouts of novelising brilliance and then cut to two hours later and you’re checking out his cousin’s comments on some Playstation forum, looking for “clues.” (2) You should write a funny novel featuring Virgos and google stalkery. Or, pitch a serious, new o.m.g. type think piece/book about how the internet turned Virgos/women/feminists/relationships/whatever to stalkery?
I do think that if i wanted a spy, i would  hire a Virgo-Scorpio type, as i would want both discretion and a gloriously detailed dossier. Where-as if you hired a Leo, you would get great big gaps in your dossier due to the Leo checking out his/herself in the rear vision mirror (if stationed outside the house to ‘observe’) and wondering if it were time to schedule micro-derm. Or, if the Leo spy were doing it virtually, you’d want to know how them googling hair extension innovations info helped your situation.

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  1. So much of this was already covered in the comments to that other stalkery post, linked above, that it really is almost like beating a dead horse. I don’t think it’s just your Virgo nature creating the obession; you most likely have either Scorpio planets or significant aspects to Pluto as part of your makeup. This is based on my own personal experience with obsessive google stalkery – seriously, I wasted vast amounts of time for two years, sucked into the obsession. I have a lot of Virgo and a lot of Scorpio. The Virgo influence imparts the astute analytical skills needed to put the random clues in order; the Scorpio influence is the part that can dig deep to find all the possible clues (and the Scorpio part knows when to lay low, so as to better attract yet more information). Funny that Mystic suggests you write about it, because one of my friends still hounds me to write about all the things I discovered during that time. Aside from the dark side that I discovered about this one particular man, I learned heaps about simple practical things, such as how various social networking sites work, including that a lot of the stuff you put up there never can be erased. You didn’t ask for my opinion, but I will tell you that if you want to actually get back to writing, don’t do it on the computer. Pen and paper only.

    • I’m with you anon … peeps have no idea how little privacy (or security for that matter) is afforded by net interactions, it really is the wild west of communications.

      Unfortunately no matter how big you build the fence – if someone wants to get over it, then they will. Due to the sheer VOLUME of information shared, it’s unlikely that the average person is going to become a target, kinda like how fish and birds run together for protection – that is until they get involved in social networking sites.

      I recall Mia Freedman writing about checking out a prospective job candidate on Facebook and judging her quite harshly because she dared to “get drunk” and “have sex” on the weekends. Weird from the ex editor of Cosmo. What a friggin hypocrite. Totally none of her beeswax but what you gonna do – you can’t cry to the anti-discrimination board over stuff like that.

      Back to stalkery … people who stalk are lacking something within themselves. Stalking says more about the stalker than the stalkee – it’s a power and control game. There’s nothing glamourous about it. It’s a mental and emotional illness.

      • Right on prowlin! btw, anyone watching Perseides meteor shower tonight? Does it have any effect on astrology? and with the grand cardinal cross and all……. i dissolved my facebook account due to being stalked by a random blonde who actually lives the next beach over from me (who was v hot btw but BATS!) it was the final straw after countless folks from school and i mean primary school kept bugging me to reply to them and talk shiv about fuq all. Boring! and did any other guys get like uber -super model types in bikinis from exotic countries wanting to be their friend? whats with that? I did trawl girls friends list tho to check out their friends but thats not stalking … oh , and i have stalked/googled Mystic but there is no dirt on her! squeaky clean! if you can call that stalking?

        • That is so good that you didn’t find out about the Russian thing Damon.

          So wot happened 2 our dinner date, lol?

          Perseids & astro – i always get fantastical insights, dreams and interesting encounters with meteor showers…

          • Now im really intrigued , what Russian thing? hey the dinner date was supposed to be hush hush, remember! DREAMS! absolute nutso bats dreams at the mo and the most incredible thing happened , i woke up beceause i was laughing so hard. WEIRD! but very cool i thought . Its never ever happened to me before. I just couldnt swing it this weekend my plans are being foiled by other ppl . Damit ! its frustrating! Ive blitzed my course and completed my assignment and want to get it marked so i can get things cranking but teachers are like “hey Damon , just go over it all again and take your time” etc etc stuff that! its all good ive triple checked it but i have to wait for the rest of the class they say. BORING!

          • Im up for interesting encounters ! maybe at the lookout tonight high on the mountain top freezing cold 2am in the morning … you never know who i might run in to!……….( probably some weirdo/s) Should have gone to Sydney this weekend , oh well… (sigh)

        • Hey Damons, haven’t seen you in yonks? Hope you’re well. :)

          I reckon there’s a big difference between doing some casual research and actively trawling for hours to find dirt on someone. Like if someone is trying to sell me stuff … then sure I am gonnna bloody well research them and find out more. You can tell a lot by simply looking at a website – so easy to find out if they’re old skool, not with it, or just simply taking the piss because their website is not up to date and/or they’re using one of those awful free web templates that make anyone with a bit of design savvy want to puke.

          I’m sure the meteor shower has an effect … can we see it from Perth?

          • Hi Prowlin :-) yes you should be able to see it from Perth after midnight BRRRRR up until 4am it should be full on and like a big meteor with tail in several colors exploding into the atmosphere . Im thinking of heading up 2 the mountain solo ( sad, i know)and watching the show .

          • i just went investigating – can’t see them in melb as below the horizon apparently. but amazzing lame and cool, this fangled astronomy app i have on my iphone means i can sit here and watch them now, on my phone.

        • Oh Damon, you are so flirting with her ! Watch out or you will disgust anonymous again.LOL =_=

          • Ahh, is that ‘cos of the LiLo response? But someone had to say it…! :) Please feel free to flirt with everyone, I am sure you are a smokin’ hot surfer dude, free styling with nature and with great self awareness and lots of girls would love to tango with you. Bless. xx.

  2. It’s not stalking – it’s research. :D I am a super-charged Virgo (Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, north node and Asc) and am well-versed in Google-based research.

  3. YES!

    …. scorp ascendant, crab sun, and virgo moon. However, it is a fine line between stalking and research. Like stalking would include sitting outside one’s apartment, or doing random drive by’s. Whereas research is using the tools at one’s exposal to consruct, deconstruct an opinion on one’s personality.

    it is subtle yet the difference is there.

  4. omg yes…borderline stalker / overly analytically anal! My dad is virgo tech phobe and on facebook 24/7..uploads 80’s stuff my sis and i would rather forget…so have de-friended him to clear the space and lo’ my sis and i am in big trouble! He forgets we a) like our privacy and b)have a life outside i.e many forums like this, full time work,kids, outings, you get the pic? Virgo part of him has always clashed with my sagg big pic risk taking traveller….ooh dear (and he has told anyone who will listen as ive had friends call me on it! )

  5. Have Scorpio Sun in 10th House. Also have Merc., Venus and Neptune in Scorp. And I’d have to say I’m the best damn cyber-stalker, err, researcher there is!

  6. I used to work for a Private Investigator…( Scorpio stellium )

    Shhhh …don`t tell anyone.

    • So okay Spirit how do you find out if someone has had any domestic violence style violations or not? Because i have heard rumours about a particular man my g-f is dating and DOES seem dodgy to me – short temper etc – but what if he not actually evil and is just scandal spread by his ex-wife, as he is wealthy etc?

  7. What, no one is saying anything about Pisces? I just figured it was obvious. This double Pisces has to exert great (often impossibly great–as in, does not happen) willpower to avoid net-stalking, so as to avoid the disgusting feelings that result from things learned and images seen (not, mind you, feelings of disgust with self over stalking).

    Also, I have done physical stalking, including wee-hour 15-mile bicycle jaunts to a crush’s house just to try to glimpse–what, exactly?; lurking beneath the windows and under the hedges at dawn as a teenager while my BF and his family packed and set out on a trip (“curiosity”–I still can’t really explain that one); acquiring a car so I could easily zip over to my newly-ex’s place to look for strange cars parked out front (more recent than I would like to admit).

    Then again, according to a test (a la Kim Falconer, if I remember correctly–something Mystic linked to some months ago), I am significantly “scorpionic” (a score of 25), based on elements in my natal chart.

    But still… where are all you stalking Fisheans? No?

    • Oh ok I do admit to stalkery, but I really try so hard to control it. But I am also virgo moon & rising so I couldn’t tell if it’s a virgoan or piscean thing!!
      hmm but you know compared to other people i really don’t think i am that stalkery!
      perhaps it’s the scorp thing???

  8. without reading the rest of the comments, I would say that such stalkery may be universal; I am much capable of stalkery. what is the point? what so i found out that *actually* helps me or is useful? nothing.

  9. I’m a Leo with Virgo planets so yes I would be checking myself out in the mirror and taking meticulous notes.

  10. I’m a virgo stalker, yes. I don’t continuously stalk, but when I first meet a guy I definitely look them up on the web.

  11. Virgo sun/ Scorp rising – I do google stalk but is that worse than physically stalking? – I don’t do that and think Virgos would’nt dare do that either because of the morality thing. I do agree that we would take meticulous notes and get clues no one else could get through coincidental/accidental contact. Agree with others it is probably the Scorp side which takes my cyber stalking to check out all social networks and google entries for clues to piece the puzzle together. But again…I’d never turn up on your doorstep!

  12. I dated a Virgo with a Scorpio Moon and Mars for a few years, broke it off because I wanted out. He has odd ways of tracking me. For instance, he had his brother befriend me while we were still dating and after we broke it off, his brother suddenly became a really close friend. I still talk to his brother, but I’m starting to suspect it’s just his way of stalking me.

    Is that being too paranoid? I mean, he once hacked into my Facebook account and went on a friend-deleting rampage, mostly men I’ve mentioned to him once or twice or guys I find/found attractive. Why wouldn’t he send a charming Cancerian boy who listens to everything I say to keep tabs on me?

    Oddly enough, he too is a writer, and has a knack for finding the most interesting facts online, which is how he gets his inspiration.

  13. Virgo sun/Scorpio moon/Leo rising, and I check just about everyone out on Google! Especially someone I’m in some sort of relationship with – there is no excuse for not utilizing the tools at your disposal!

  14. I stalk – but its for fun with my 10 year old daughter! We have gotten ourselves into hilarious situations, especially when we did this in Paris! So much fun! You see we are actually spys and solving these huge crimes, like diamond smuggling. We have devices implanted in our ears to connect directly with headquarters. If we press our ear it takes a photo which is automatically sent back to headquarters to run through their database. Thats all the secrets I’m telling….but if you see a mother and daughter following you in Sydney or somewhere else in the world – be afraid! We are onto you!! LOL

      • Stalking games , lol, that’s a cool way to teach awareness of the environment to a kiddie, good one S!

  15. Asked my Virgo BFF about this and she said she thought it was sick. She isn’t interested in the internet beyond finding directions to the shops. Yet…?