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Yes, yes, yes there is an Apres Zap Zone.  Saturn gets over squaring Pluto on August 21 and then, for prudence, let’s extend the Zap Zone out to the Pluto sextiled Full Moon in Pisces on August 25 and then voila…some golden months of clear astro-weather, compleat with several more conjunctions of jolly Jupiter with Uranus.

So do the Zapping with good grace – see it as something like spinach or sit-ups, not altogether pleasant but awesome results. Don’t wig out this week and lose all your hard work cultivating hardcore pragmatism and grace under pressure et al. Stay combative. Stay ON. Count blessings. If someone gives you the merdes, don’t bother ranting – just go. Or, if that is impossible, transform the paradigm. But don’t be fuqed with.

Remember that this is a bung-off between planets in Libra and Capricorn, so keep it all super-mannered. No showing that you are perturbed, even if you’re secretly psycho-bats. Access the power of the Zap Zone. It’s like a ‘cheat’ for faster-paced evolution. But you won’t get it via whining or stagnating.

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  1. Don’t want to speak to soon but all is going not too horribly for me during this time. In fact in many ways my life is positively mundane. Except – out of the blue – I have an issue with a Scorpy gal who has designs on my Scorpy guy. She was the reason behind a HUGE fight between me and last week – to the point that he was smashing things (we were cleaning up glass at 3am) and I was telling him to move out. He and I never fight EVER.

    We sorted it out mostly– but it is still s sore point for me (though I’m trying not to show this to him) He says that she is just being friendly – and she has no intentions. Which is total crap – she is so after him and he can’t (won’t) see it as he has known her a long time and doesn’t see her in that way. She thinks I won’t be at a get together this weekend – and he will be there solo. I was going to turn up and go to go hard fr*gging core at her – pure maniac whirlwind style (Aquas are quite good at maniac when they need to). But have decided after reading this to play it cool. Be nice even. Keep my composure. Maybe I can defuse the situation by icy composed niceness. Hmmmmmmmmm. That’s my main zap of this time.

    • Watch out same thing happened to me and well yes he is with her!
      The old we are just friends and you are a crazy jealous woman.
      Trust your gut!
      One of the things I regret is not confronting her about it.
      I would let her know that you know what she is up to.
      But not in a crazy way. Just let her know the boundaries.
      Good luck.

      • yeah i have not have had direct personal experiences with scorp interference [well not with men anyway] but perhaps straight-out adult confrontation might be best, like anon said, and in a place where she can’t manipulate the situation to her benefit e.g in front of an audience where she can play innocent/hard done by. in the “i’m onto you ” kind of way. Although blowback might be an issue, she might be more determined / might drive her further underground. i don’t know. do I sound crazy? lol
        Surprising her at the get-together would be priceless. but watch if you’re putting out scary jealous girlfriend vibes.
        Also check you’re not being paranoid [a good weapon of low scorps mind you, squeaky clean on the surface and make you think you’re the one going insane]. it could be that she is fuqing with you, waiting for you to destroy the rship yourself then she gets the spoils. worst case.
        then check your support network – who’s your backup? who can you send out as spies/intelligence? who can you trust properly. i mean, that sounds extreme but you need a couple/few people who are with you on this one.
        remember jealousy can completely fuq a perfectly good r’ship , eyes-wide-shut style [oops I just wrote eyes wide shit, hahahaha], so be careful, if you think she’s really doing what you think she;s doing. so yeah, be sane. like mystic says, vibe total control, hot, suave, fit, untouchable, use that to throw the enemies off, etc…

        being a vague pisces there may be others more clued into this sort of thng. just struck a nerve with me, i hope you sort it out.
        good luck, be excellent! x

        • “who can you send out as spies/intelligence?”
          Sounds like she could use Scorpophilia and her daughter on the case :)
          (a la google stalkery thread)

  2. Mark my words – men always know when a girl has designs on them. But the male code is to never-ever admit it to the female partner. My advice for what it is worth is to act really casual and unthreatened about it but be on high alert.

    If he wants to take advantage of the situation, you are learning more about him and your relationship more than you are about the Scorpio woman.

    • I agree with you guys – he knows it ( what Scorp wouldn’t). I’m going to calmly monitor the situation. If I go the blow my top route I think it could give her more ammo against me to weasle in on him . But I will let her know in a nice way that I am on to it.
      One thing I’ll say is he’s smart enough to know he’s got a good thing with me – I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t ruin that. *gulp*

      • Yes Little Joey – was about to suggest that a scene could give either or both of them ammunition down the track. Much better to appear smilingly cool and secure at the get-together I would think. :)

        • oops – yes what these guys said :S much more sane *what is it with me today*

      • Little Joey – you say “just being friendly – and she has no intentions”??? Bullsh*t. TLS is right – he knows full well what she is after and is playing dumb to you. Don’t play dumb yourself, unless you really don’t care what happens to your relationship.

        Adults who respect and care about each other talk about things. Adults respect boundaries. Adults listen to each other when one of them is concerned about something. Adults do not blow each other off flippantly or play dumb unless they are actually hiding something.

        “Playing it cool & casual” does not mean that you don’t raise the issue with your partner. You have a right to say when something is making you uncomfortable. You have a right to ask for more information and you have a right to ask her directly what is the intention of her behaviour. You don’t have to be hysterical – I agree that this is not appropriate and the calmer and more direct the better. But don’t confuse relaxed & casual with putting your head in the sand. Make sure you turn up at that party and if you get a chance corner the skanky mole, I mean other woman, let her know that you are onto her. I agree with TLS, this situation might tell you a lot more about your partner than about her.

    • Oh you would be surprised, men usually have no idea a woman is interested, even if she thinks she’s putting out clear signs of interest. Men are hardwired to be oblivious to women’s signals.

      • this may be a rhetorical question, but why would men be hardwired to be oblivious ? i would have thought it made more evolutionary sense to be attuned to female interest. you know, biology and all that…

        • I don’t know why, that subject has probably filled whole volumes of sociology books. It is fairly well known that women communicate through body language more than men, so women are sensitive to those signals, while men really just don’t even notice them.

          • Charles, my bf says would agree with you – he says he honestly doesn’t get the signals and that its me being girly. So maybe men just don’t get it the way women do? Or do women over re-act? Its very confusing when it seems so obvious to a woman what is going on and men go “I don’t see it”. It feels like the guy is being sneaky about saying they don’t see the signs – but maybe they REALLY don’t. Quite puzzling. Maybe it depends on the man and the situation???

          • Totally disagree with you on this one Charles, volumes of sociology books or not. People who act with awareness know exactly what they and others are doing. The rest is game playing and failure to own up.

  3. Thank goodness for you Mystic with your ever wise advice. Sigh… And just when I always need it most. Was going really quite well with the zap zone (and was quite pleased with myself too), until just recently and then – BAM- but your astro-advice always manages to come in the nick of time to help me get on a more even keel. So thanks again…I will take your words of wisdom to heart and pull myself out of this funk I’m feeling at the mo- and look forward to brighter days ahead…

  4. withdrew with grace from a mega bats family lunch on sat, bit my tongue whilst under attack from ranting aqua aunt. Choose mental health and ocean energy over nuts wacked out drama. Felt so much better.
    But(why is there always a but) my gem crush called me to meet up at lunch and turned up smirking with his ex(im guessing current again) girlfriend!!! totally crushed inside,curling up with carbs and red wine tonight,but smiled, was poliet and most ladylike to the happy couple.

  5. Ooh, so excited! My BF has contractions and I am waiting for the call to go to hospital and be there for the birth with her and her hubby!! Baby will either be a Zap Zone Boy with Moon in Scorp OR Saggi! As a Tiger year Leo with Scorp Moon I am hoping he gets the Saggi Moon.

    Just discovered a friend of mine is the Zap Zone Man. Get this, he is:

    Sun – NN – Lilith – Ceres – Pallas – Juno in Capricorn
    Rising – Chiron in Aries with
    Moon/Pluto conj – Uranus – Vertex – Vesta in Libra…

    8O non? I told him to get in contact with you MM! I hope he does for his sake, he looks quite unwell…

        • Oh dear! My friend had her Zap Zone Baby!!! I wasn’t able to be there as baby-sitter couldn’t be arranged ..boo. Oh well, he has Moon in Scorp like me, plus is Leo Tiger, I think I will be able to be an empathic auntie to this cub!! :)

  6. the marry yourself message reminds me of sagittarius photographer friend who has a tattoo of a diamond so she’s married to herself first, even if another ring ends up there, hers is underneath.

    seriously electric zapping going on. my ex completely flipped out at me. I am not going to go into the full story here as I am on it, but he’s being a shit and I am under some serious fire. I have a new man, I am super discrete in public with if we even rock up to the same things together.
    I’ve been completely zen in public on ALL provocations but its been chipping away at me. I cry in private when it gets too stressful and then I get back to my life, which is functioning quite nicely with out him now (despite being on super tight budget and timetable)- usual stresses included.

    I think I can add this on to my realisation list since ’07. man are they coming home

    *amusing side note. milord edith piaf plays as I type this*

  7. I’m suffering and I’m not even supposed to be in the WTF zone! I’m a Gemini for Chrissakes! My Cancerian partner is all over the shop. One day he’s in, and totally crazy about me, next day he can’t continue cause it’s all too hard. I KNOW he’s crazy about me but scared shitless because I’m going to change his world. I just don’t know what to do…well, yes…thanks to you Mystic, I will remain composed even though inside I’m going batshit. Well, I’ll try anyway.

      • *sigh* Wish I had some words of comfort but the pickin’s are pretty slim over here. Signing it, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

  8. Pardon my Virgo ascendant observation, guys; but at least 1/3 of the sayings written on that sign in the pic are the exact words of SARK ( Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy ); a famous inspirational artist/author from San Francisco. ” Live Juicy ” is just the start of it, but the person that painted that sign totally ripped off her work w/o crediting her. She has a website, if anyone would like to learn more her address is http://www.planetSARK.com. Cheers.

    • She has signed it “sark” at bottom right if you look closely. Virgo Merc conj Pluto.

    • I read Succulent Wild Women when I was about 17.
      I found her work both caring and lively, focusing on the positive.
      I am appreciating the reintroduction.

  9. Mystic I don’t want to winge, but I’m going to. I hate it, this Zap Zone business. I’m suppose to be on a holliday break right now but am hating every minute of it. I’m spending alot of *quality* time with this guy I thought I like. Thing is I’m experiencing very turbulent feelings and he is just way too detached and cool Sag for my Crab sensibility.

    when we are working in groups he is all about ‘I’ and not ‘we’. I told him this bother me yet he contnues this… Also I never realised just how competitive he is towwards me. Like he will rub in my face that he got a better grade then me last semester. To which I respond with catty sarcasm, which makes things even worst.

    arrrgggg can’t wait for this to be over.

    • You don’t sound like you are enjoy yourself oly, that’s no fun at all by the sound of it. Remember MM’s advice, stand your ground/eat mangoes naked!

      • thankd Andromeda, that imagery put smile on my dial. ‘i’m still going apeshit . Have to remain calm….

  10. Dear everyone,

    My (maybe simplistic) thought for today is thus:


    … that’s all I got…

    • thank you for this venus a-go-go.

      i’ve just been scrolling down thinking how wearing it is at the moment while formerly calm people i know are imploding around me staccato style. i care for them and it’s not easy seeing them this intense and tottering around in pain.however what you said.

  11. ooooh yes thank you mystic!!! I love sark’s words above… I am so grateful to have been zapped into alignment!! I love “marry yourself, dry your clothes in the sun and eat mangoes naked” these things I have achieved and I love it… how blessed are we peeps! Freedom!

  12. Once ZZ is over, I will be too tired to lift my mid finger to it. There, I said it.

    Zapped from all fronts (professional, family, health, money) and managed to survive, finishing perhaps not with worldly success like a qi-draining Gem friend likes to flaunt nowadays, but dead-set on where I want to be next year this time.

    Is it inappropriate adding names to sh-t list during ZZ? I didn’t act on any but noted diligently, their time will come.

    Every single caution saved the sanity Mystic, both on blog and on dailies.

    • Sounds rough Quad, I hope your wishes all come true for next year. Qi-draining, dead-set, survive… all your words seem to come from a hard place.

      I think adding names to your sh!t list is a great idea.
      My feisty Aqua sis likes to take down car-plate numbers to combat her road rage. She usually throws them away when she has calmed down, but it gives her a control at the time!!

  13. A Zap Zone observation:

    Why is this ` How to be really alive` list in the shape of a TOMBSTONE ???

  14. Spirt for what its worth I believe that the tombstone is reminding us to finally bury the BS (theirs and ours) and move on.

  15. This sign is cute but they misspelled “appetite” and clearly they are not allergic to mangoes. Even reading that gives me a simulated body rash. Did you know mangoes are related to poison ivy?

    Anyways the Zap Zone is trying to zap the tar out of me in the biz sector right now. ugh.

  16. “…let’s extend the Zap Zone out to the Pluto sextiled Full Moon in Pisces on August 25.” Oh for fuq’s sake this Sagg is struggling NOW to keep his big trap shut!

  17. GWARGH. Major drama between my Libra self and my Leo friend/crush/something (whose birthday is today, go fig) and I don’t think I really helped things. Hopefully after this bloody Zap Zone things will get better. If you messed things up now does that mean you’re doomed post Zap Zone? Like because you weren’t totally with it on some days you’ve messed up all your chances to improve things?

    (also MM your RSS feeds are a bit weird. All the posts have diff headings but the content’s the same – whatever the latest post was.)

    • Re RSS – have pondered more than 10 times re arrival of shadow zone of forthcoming Merc Rx – CRAZY comms/convos/switched travel plans/bung email sending from all devices/super fudging slow or non existent Internet have collectively imbued patience on steroids.

  18. the men in my world have shown themselves to be SUCH hard work that bypassing them sans trauma/dispute has been a cinch!!

    can’t/won’t elaborate but the wallpaper of their outrageous behaviors would make kickers movie plot to point if I hadn’t seen/heard what’s transpired even I’d err on the side of the antics being fiction not fact. thank GOD have heeded Mystics ZZ warnings – the process of self evolution is, well, astounding to point where a move to another part of the country’s on the cards – or 6 months of tranitting cities may be a reality.

    as for bats males -who needs it!!

  19. “Man, Know Thyself and thou shall know the universe and the gods.”

    -Temple of Apollo at Delphi

  20. If dark matter could speak, I wonder what it would say, overhearing Saturn and Pluto squaring off.

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  22. I wish there was more crackers and cheese it goes with the drink – have we got to the bit in the list where we find snails making love yet? can someone let me know when we get to eat mangoes naked? mmmm