Your Moon Sign, Your Fridge…

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Question One: What is your Moon Sign?

Question Two: Go open your fridge, what is in it now?

Question Three: Taking both the fridge and your Moon sign as symbolic of how you choose to nurture yourself, how does what is actually in your fridge now fit with your official stance on self-nurture or even basic sanity?

Question Four: How would your ideal fridge look?

Question Five: Is your fridge more like your Sun or your Moon sign?

Points to consider;

* In Feng Shui, the fridge should naturally be clean, scented of vanilla and vibing abundant.

* Nutritionists would like it to be groaning with antioxidant rich vegetables and lean protein to go in our well planned meals.

* Mine is bi-polar like the one above, as befits Moon in Libra/Sun in Pisces. There is chocolate. There is wine. There is fennel. There are vitamins.

* Once upon a time i thought this Saggo guy i knew who kept his rolls of film in the fridge along with chilled vodka was the epitome of cool.

* Geminis (Sun, Moon, anything) genuinely think being able to make a salad at any time is awesome.

* Leos want you to be impressed if you open it. Swank champagne or designer choc lifts their spirits, just to see it.

* Cancerians feel secure with stuff in there, just in case. They secretly favour pre-packaged meals; hate the taste and the processing, love the look of them all lined up, so promising from the packet picture on the front.

* My friend Aqua-Girl has just gotten rid of her fridge and it has to do with Neanderthin/Paleo-Peeps never having a fridge/Eco/local food and Chinese Medicine saying winter food should be warming, not damp-creating.

* Every single Virgo fridge has chocolate in it, always. Even if it is just the flakes they left behind at midnight.

* Aries men often think a fridge without beer in it looks wrong, somehow.

* Scorpios disinfect their fridge and think past-use-by-date food is insanely immoral. It mortifies them.

* Sagittarians often get asked to pay for the repair of the fridge after they have left a holiday premises but claim to never remember why exactly. Why?

*  Pisceans, infuriated by the bland symbology of fridges, will tend to paint and decorate them the most.

* Librans pretend to love eating because they think it’s sensual and they know it’s life-sustaining but they’d really rather have a fridge full of plonk, cellulite reducing waters from volcanoes on Mars and perfume.

* Taurus want you to grok how gourmet they are. They will ensure you can differentiate their fancy brand of turmeric from the other – naff – brand you might have mistaken it for without the Taurus correcting and lecture-ranting you.

Don’t ya think?

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  1. My Fridge: Nothing out of date. Filled with mostly vegies and pre-prepped dinner that can be chucked in the oven/microwave so that you do have to freak out about cooking shiz when you are busy. Freezer section is mostly frozen soup, blueberries (for breakfast) and loaves of bread.
    A lot of condiments. One tub of vital greens.
    One shelf is the grog shelf. This is the Scorp housemate’s land of plenty.

    Moon in Libra

    (However, you should see the apocolypse cupboard of doom. Our house has enough tinned food to make a bomb bunker feel overwhelmed. The house hold both work casual workers and go through periods of poverty. We stock up for ‘winter’. Winter hasn’t happened in a while and we mostly just eat the fresh fruit and vegies. We are running out of cupboards.)

    • Forgot the other 2 questions.

      Sun Toro:

      My Ideal fridge is my parent’s. Just becuase it’s my parents:) And, between my Gem Mum and the Virgo Dad, there is nothing missing and everything is fresh. Always. It’s like some sort of frickin voodoo.

      My fridge is probably more Toro than Libran.

  2. I’m in the wrong house then coz mine is part libran and Leo but mostly everything is out of date. My moon is scorpio so maybe my fridge is low scorpio. Also its a reflection of my life as a part time worker/mom/bon vivant/goddess etc etc but def not a cook.

  3. moon in pisces and im a lot less critical and anal when i have my own fridge and fondly look at the old capsicum until the day i feel like getting rid of it, than when i share with others.. okay so its really bad double standards, but Im honestly reflecting on what a fridge nazi I am with others. When I share a fridge with others, i spend too much energy huffing and puffing over spilt milk!! Much better with own fridge, where i store all my grains and flours (which is not much for self) nuts, spices, I like mm’s aqua peep prefer room temp veg and fruit in the winter, so the fridge is practically bare…. But most important are spirulina, mega B, vita c, herbal tinctures… and some zen quotes on the door!

  4. Pisces sun, myriad planets in cancer. Fridge packed to the rafters with stuff that comes in handy during cooking and loads of home made goodies

  5. OH, and always always has plonk or mixers for spirits, and usually beer too

  6. Scorp sun Leo Moon. Always struggled with having people over, and seeing my empty fridge. Probably some left over slivers of leftover fancy cheese getting hard in the tucked away places of the fridge. Some veggies in the drawer, past their used by date. Maybe, if I’m lucky some booze. That was when I lived alone.

    Now the fridge is fully utilized, and no two days are the same in there… Packed to the rafters one day, empty and post-dinner party the next. Fully re-stocked the day after for the next hiking trip preparation..

    • I have a madd passion for fancy imported cheese as well…an obsession really.

      ( Scorpio Sun )

  7. Ok despite the fact that I’m extremely tired after 1 and a half hours at rugby training in the rain (ok I was under shelter drinking crap canteen wine) but anyway couldn’t believe our boys were made to go over time (all because this weekend they are up against the only team that has beaten them in about 4 years and the coaching/management team are perhaps all living their dreams through the boys..yes i degress)…

    Q1 Kataka Moon
    Q2 Milk (Low fat and full fat) yoghurt (greek and vanilla), feta, eggs, black olives, bacon, leftover lamb curry and rice, rocket, tomato, shallots, celery, sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini and cucumber, paw paw, apples, dark chocolate, mint slice biscuits, chocolate custard tubs, Baileys, Chardy, sun dried tomatoes in oil, apple juice, a lemon, avocado, low fat cheese slices – well you asked.
    Q3 Leo Sun – I’m actually sharing the fridge with my Pisces mum who has either a late Gem moon or early degree Kataka Moon – I think Kataka definitely fits better considering how she eats and wants to feed everyone at all times!! I have to watch it as I she almost takes offence if I refuse food; and I do not want to gain weight! Leo Sun is ok with her fridge as it nutures my children very well thank you.

    Q 4 My fish rising can’t decide if I like the constance of my mother’s fridge or not. And she is a Fish Sun LOL)

    Q5 Definitely more my Moon or even my Virgo planets – she has Mars in Virgo and she eats on schedule but so healthy.

    When I was on my own and kids with their dad I would skip means and either eat out or eat toast or occasionally a lean cuisine (yikes). Think I am now getting 10 different vegies every few days.

    And as for food past its use by – yik – Pisces mum will scoff and say it’s fine. Must be a generational thing, she is astounded by my kids absolute refusal not to mention their knowledge of food. it’s an educational experience all round.

    • 1 – kataka moon too:
      2 – pretty much FFs list, lots of vege and leftovers but no low fat cheese and no choc, biscuits or custard. Yoghurt, Mustard (very important), butter, anchovies, capers, homemade pickles, large container of supreme miso that has lasted for ages. mineral water.
      3 – i like to be able to make a meal out of nothing. or have the resources to make a meal whenever I like. I do have a very full dry larder (pulses, grains, spices, nuts,pasta). I think arien high minded ideals of health and fueling vs comfort and nurturing aspects of cooking for others and always having somehting in house.
      4 – ideal is of course one which makes fizzy mineral water. lots of veg.

      similarly when single or alone i often survive off of fruit, cheese on toast and pasta.

  8. Cancer Sun Moon in Libra. Why do I keep a slab of puff pastry in the freezer from the days when Christ was a child? Because I’m going to make a beef pie one day…In fridge, olives, wine, out of date mussels, jar of roll mop herring (yum!), cauliflower and half a cabbage. Beef casserole for tomorrow. um. yes I live alone.

  9. Moon in Scorpio
    yoghurt, feta,eggs,grated cheddar and parmesan,onions (red & brown)
    sweet potato, pontiac potato,carrots,beans,tomatoes,avocado, pumpkin,multigrain bread, butter,garlic,quince paste, caviar, sun dried tomato pesto, basil pesto, skim milk,water

    Freezer is close to bursting with protein vegans would be horrified by, stock and sauces I’ve made to circumnavigate the need to throw things out as they get close to use by date. I get a bit weird about waste. Yeah I have blueberries up there too.

    Also I’m out of vanilla thanks for the reminder.

    I think atm I am stocking my fridge probably a bit more to the moon…and

    I’m sure there are times that my fridge looks more leo, but that’s usually when I stock up on the more easily perishable goods like booze and more exotic cheeses…

    Ideally I would have a special fridge just for booze. Ohhh I’d have my ice tray always full though. I keep intending to put flour and spices in my fridge but keep forgetting…so ideally I’d follow through with that too. Other than that I’m pretty happy with my fridge as I can pull a meal together pretty quickly from it when I’m tired or when an opportunity to share presents itself. All it takes is a quick trip to the bottle shop and some fancy pants cheese and I’m good to go.

    • I am also a Scorpio Moon. Virgo Sun

      Check out this synchronicity:

      Greek yogurt, sour cream, eggs, grated cheddar, romano, and parmesan, onions, gold potatoes, carrot juice, black beans, tomatoes, lettuce, limes, butter, garlic, Taramosalata, milk, various juice, water, etc

      Freezer: Chicken, cuts of beef, and a couple of asian and mexican dishes for lazy days

      Cabinets: whole grain pastas, couscous, curry makings, whole rolls, oysters, caramel candies…list goes on with spices and cans/preserves (mostly whole ingredients)

      I just did a wine rack, it looks marvelous. A booze fridge isn’t a bad idea- I prefer to get it from the tap though


      • Yeah VS, snap. Congrats on your wine rack….the wine fridge is more of as swank/wank factor thing…so I attribute that to my Leo sun. Also the only cold wine I drink is mostly white and champers with friends…although I would love to have a ready supply of vodka laid down in the wine fridge. Red wine is staple.

        I’m in the process of redesigning my kitchen to work for me as I am today. I co-designed this kitchen at 27 with my Leo ex. I’m turning 45 next week… Present day me would rip out the overhead cupboards and have shelves that are low enough for me to reach easily. My pantry needs are mostly pasta, dried pulses, porridge and the odd tin or tuna and tomato and dark sauces (balsamic,soy,tamari et al)
        Again my ideas about waste included wasted space.

  10. Leo Sun – Moon in Scorpio

    Chock full of market vegetables, organic milk, butter, soy, cream, beer, dijonnaise, various Asian sauces (oyster, black bean etc.), assorted chilli sauces, pickled herrings, brie, blue cheese, shredded tasty, parmesan, feta, dips, jams, eggs, half empty wine bottles, cooked soups and birthday cake.

    Frozen organic chicken, lamb chops, beef and pork for roasting, puff pastry, flat bread, boiled bagels, rye bread, ice-cream, frozen left-overs, gin.

    My counter would be acceptable in Con the Fruiterers House, it is overloaded with three huge fruit bowls and a cupboard full of pears, three types of apples, bunches of bananas, oranges, mandarins, kiwi fruits, passion fruit, lemons etc.

    My laundry doubles as a pantry and has boxes of soy/rice/oat milk, slabs of tomato passata, tomato tins, beans, lentils, cooking wine, olive oil etc. etc.

    Hubby is a Gemini and he has his Moon in Cancer. We get a lot of “World War 3 starting soon?” type comments.
    He shops fortnightly at the market and Aldi, while I go to the super once a week for extra’s. We like cooking and fresh food and currently I can’t get out much, so we are saving money by being more organised about shopping.
    Our boys are only 2 and 6 months – can’t wait to see what our kitchen will be like when they are teenagers!!!
    So I guess our moons represent our obsession with a full larder?

    • Can totally relate. See above post :)

      I’ve had a membership with a local co-op for a while now and try to buy as fresh as I can. Could do for a butcher in this town


    • Happy Birthday Andromeda I hope you have an awesome day/month/year/life.

      When I saw your freezer section I thought, yeah I just ran out of rye, but there is still some pumpkin and pepita bread up there. I love getting some good sourdough based breads and slice some to freeze. If I have an unexpected influx of people/spontaneous party they’re great to toast on a low heat and load up bruschetta style.

      I’m not sure if you’re in Brisbane or not..I know FF is so I thought you may be interested if you don’t already know about them, but there are a couple of good open to the public warehouse style places in Balaclava St West End. One has lots of Indian stuff and the other is more deli of the world type…with the most massive open freezer filled with cheese. I bought a 25 cm wheel of tasmanian camembert for a little of $20 for the Sagg daughter’s 21st.

      • Thanks LL! I do the same re good sourdough/rye, fab. You have just given me a reason to move to Brisbane! My hub has family up there and it is always on the cards that we might go for a year or two. I forgot to mention the apple pies in my freezer btw… :)

      • You are such awesome folks! Thanks for birthday greetings FF, Quad, ScorpBot, Sassy, VS, Lexi L, Lexi, U&PV. (*twists paw, tilts head, twirls tail in big shucks gesture then dashes off to stop toddler spilling milk*) :P Big respect and hugs to you all, you make my day.

  11. Hellloooo!
    Every fridge should contain beer… mine has james boag stubbies, and ice cubes.
    Fresh organic vegies, milk, coffee (in glass container), curry sauce, butter (not margarine… toxic!!), eggs.
    Freezer contains crumbed fish (birds eye) and McCain superfries, blueberries, frozen home-cooked meals eg. bolognese and soup, and bread (living alone, I never use bread quickly enough)
    Fruit and chocolate should NEVER be refrigerated. Especially tomatoes!!!!!!
    Sun: gemini Moon: Taurus Rising: Aries

  12. Sun & Moon in Gemini!

    Contents of fridge: Stacked with prepped fruit & vege, salad is definitely & always prepped ready to go! There has been no sign of juice or soft drink in here or any type of processed food since 2007, but there is COFFEE nestled on the second shelf :D .
    In fact everything in my fridge is prepped & ready to go. Fridge definitely more like my Sun & Moon sign, no decorating of fridges here.

  13. Q1. Cancer moon
    Q2. Fridge contents rapidly approaching zero. Typically filled with dairy and veg. Fridge is officially considered ‘empty’ even if there is edible stuff in there.
    Q3. Yes, with Cancer Moon an empty fridge usually makes me uncomfortable, but as I’m not in a good mood lately (§%@% zap zone + Saturn return), yes, my fridge reflects my mental state – right now it’s more like self-loathing than self-nurture. Regardless, mould never enters my fridge. Never.
    Q4. Ideally me fridge would reflect a nice combo of my Libra Sun and Aqua Asc. I wish that during my day-to-day existance I could happliy live on vitamins and water, ie; no cooking, washing, choc/carb induced therapy, food wastage, mould growth potential, elec costs, etc. That way food and eating could truely be specially occasions where one could enjoy the process and indulgence.
    Q5. Sometimes carbo-mania infultrates, but then Lib will call Cancer an FB and suddenly there will be veg again. Also, hypo-medi-cosmo skincare is stored in the fridge. For the bloody expense, the über-potentent live strains of Vitamins A&C&E will not be subjected to wobbly room-temp variations!

  14. capricorn moon…my fridge is clean and full of veg, soya milk, organic yoghurt etc. I work in health/nutrition so feel incredibly guilty if I feed my family or myself any junk! Although I always have a huge bar of dark chocolate in theside shelf!

  15. Arrggghhh – typo
    Fridge is official considered ‘empty’ if there is no milk, even if it contains edible stuff

  16. 1. Aries
    2. Two kinds of lettuce, cabbage, apples, yoghurt, strawberries, lemon juice, peanut butter, pickles, lots of cheese, rice milk, regular milk, leftovers from dinner last night, cranberry juice (the real stuff), …
    3. hmmm…I like clean, light, cleansing living mixed with a cheese plate and stack of crackers.
    4. This is pretty much my ideal fridge. I would keep it a little more organized if I had time.
    5. I do think of the content as Virgo and the chaos as Aries. Though, kind of Aries in serious detox, fight fight fight mode is kind of the content two. Ok, back to question 3 – it is totally how a self-sufficient moon sign reflexion. ha!

    • No chocolate in this Virgo’s fridge. Do have chocolate in the cupboard for cake making, but tend to forget it is there. Crisps however, are a staple. Also not in the fridge.

  17. Q1: Cancer sun, aqua moon
    Q2: Fridge is full of organic food: seasonal vegies, soy milk, yoghurt, tofu, chocolate, coffee beans, real butter, brie and tilsit cheeses, tahini, Tamburlaine wine. I don’t overstock cos I buy organic so feel guilt if I don’t eat it all. I don’t panic when it gets low on food – I just go shopping
    Freezer has portioned cooked meals, frozen berries, frozen GF pizza base, frozen bread, frozen organic peas
    Bench has a huge bowl of organic fruit, incl avocadoes, my fave food
    Pantry organised, labelled, with loads of organic legumes, grains, herbs, spices, tinned vegies, cereals, pasta, eggs. Almost impossible to run out of cooking options, thus no risk of low-fridge panic
    Fridge is almost new and quite small, silver-coloured, freezer door covered in orderly magnets from overseas travels
    Q3: Healthy eating = better mental health for me as well as healthy body. Ingredients mean lots of diverse and enjoyable cooking, one of my favourite things to do
    Q4: MY fridge is my perfect fridge – why would you have a fridge that wasn’t?
    Q5: Natural therapist, love cooking – defo reflects Cancerian (self-)nurturing side, Aqua order. I think both sides reflected in food choices but also in the fact that I don’t ram the healthy eating message down other peeps’ throats, they’re just my choices that make me feel good

  18. 1 and 2- Gemini Moon.. Lots of salad stuff, fruits (papaya, apples, strawberries, bananas, Rice Milk, Cranberry Juice (real stuff too), Pomegranate Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, ground chicken, white corn tortillas, tilapia, fake eggs, cream (for strawberries and cream facial) and now.. LOTS of vitamins and minerals.
    3- It fits pretty closely with what I do to nurture my body. (amazing that you nailed the Gemini moon fridge)
    4- My ideal fridge would be as it is now only I want glass storage for my veggies and certain grains. I keep wanting to do that but keep getting side-tracked.

  19. I think the fridge reflects my virgo sun. Very clean neat food ready to make lunches or simple meals. Nothing overtly strong or messy.

    No chocolate, too high in fat.

    Gem moon : yes of course i have salad ingredients. Had some for dinner tonite. Makes me very happy.

    Aries rising: ha ha i just put two elegant beers in there which pleases me greatly even though i do not drink beer.

  20. Taurus sun & Aquarian moon.

    I have a clean fridge with nothing past the use by date. Lots of sparkling mineral water and soy milk. Occasionally fruit juice. Lots of fruit and veg and salad ingredients for sure- I grew up with gemini vegan sister and i’m so used to eating those things I can’t go without them now. Yogurt and dairy- good quality. No chocolate but taurus sun likes pastries and occasional donuts/beautiful cakes.

    My leo rising loves pretty packaging and aqua moon means I love anything new/ new products and foods. All the signs for excess are there but it’s not really true.

    Overall a well balanced fridge with all food groups represented. There’s always more than enough in there but I hate to waste things.

    In the freezer- home made soup (from my vegan gem sister), wholmeal grain bread, frozen berries, peas and sometimes ice cream. No frozen dinners thank you.

    • I’m a Taurus Sun, Aqua Moon too. My fridge is similar. I have a good collection of apple cider vinegar, chlorophyll, pomegranate juice &,every other herbal fad that I feel healthy having in my fridge but neglect to have each day…

      I like having a selection of veges for a salad at any time but somehow they die before I get to use them all :(

      Also HAVE to have wine/champagne at all times otherwise there is no point to a fridge!

      • Oh wow I don’t know any other people with taurus sun/aqua moon! It can be tough to balance- obviously one sign absolutely needs change and new ideas where the other is so security oriented. Aqua moon can get you into things quickly but Taurus sun makes it hard to move on/ get out of things/situations when you want to. In some ways taurus sun/ aqua moon is represented by half a ‘sensible’ and half ‘I have to try this new [whatever] once’ fridge.

        I was nearly going to put wine but I don’t have any in there at the moment. I’ve been on a health kick of late.

        I have read in health astrology that herbs and healing foods for aquarius includes pomegranate and that it is very good to drink lots of water. I have gone through phases with pomegranate juice. I think foods that are high in magnesium are also good for aqua. For taurus, celery is good and so is mint…

        • That’s me in a nutshell Water Pig! I jump in….then find extrication difficult. Well, I should say that was the old me. New me is not going to follow that old pattern anymore.

          Thanks so much for the food tips. I have so much crunch in my salads that throwing celery in won’t be too noticeable ;)

  21. 1. Moon sign = Aquarius.

    2. Half a lime (for my rum, ginger beer & lime addiction), ginger beer, milk that I know is past its due-by date but not thrown out yet in case it’s actually still good, basil pesto, jar of jalapenos, jar of pad thai curry paste, a bit of cheddar cheese that I cut some mould off of yesterday, 3 sugar snap beans.
    Freezer is ice cubes, vodka, and a dress I am trying to salvage from it’s current chewing-gum state of ruin. The dress has been there some time.

    3. I am flat broke so have no food in my fridge. This fits my official stance of: any money I have is spent on books/booze/bands/boys, because I get a free cafeteria lunch at work everyday so at least I won’t starve.

    4. My ideal fridge is full of fresh vegetables, herbs, fruit, juice, yoghurt, beer, hummus. I like being able to eat easy, no-fuss good food when by myself, but also to have the ability to whip up an awe-inspiring gastronomical storm if friends/family drop in.

    5. My fridge probably reflects my sun sign (Pisces) more. Food is a pleasure for me (hi, Gemini asc.) but am too busy daydreaming in a park/napping on the couch/sleeping off a hangover/reading a book when I actually have time to go food shopping.

  22. Scorp/Sag Moon. My own shelf is mainly green things, a lot of swiss chard, falafel, humous, ginger paste, plum jam and juice. Cider and chocolate mouse at the weekend. If I had my way it would be gleamingly immaculate but alas I share it with some Librans, a Gemini and an Aries who seem to actively enjoy making it vile. Not to mention the fact that it’s about 100 years old and leaves leaky fridge jizz all over the floor *SIGH*

  23. Question: Saggos often get asked to pay for repair for fridge but have forgotten why.

    Answer: We are well-meaning, and solicitous, but quick, CARELESS and CLUMSY-AS-ALL-GETOUT. You know the bottom bits with the see-through lids for veggies and shit? Well in some fridges they are really easy to break if you pull out the bottom compartment quickly and with great flourish after several (read 5) champagnes to make salade-to-go for your friends…And then there’s those times when you get a cleaning frenzy cos its raining and you don’t have a ticket to Paris or Lima and there’s some new (virgo) man who might notice coming over – read: let’s do this quick – and you yank out the compartments and woops….Needless to say, I recently did this to my Gem flatmates fridge – but being a helpful Saggo, I then glued it back together, and had the whole fridge clean as a whistle when she returned from Bali recently (when really, I would much preferred to have been in Bali too…)

    • Hmmm… I’m not sure about this answer – my fridge is merely decoration in the apartment. It is always empty because I am never home. Too many people to do and things to see and all that….

  24. 1. Aqua sun, Scorpio moon (I think, I’m new to this).
    2. Pounds and pounds of fresh vegetables, six kinds of cheese, sour cream, plain yogurt, milk, soy milk, almond milk, butter, several kinds of olives, pickles, good condiments, enough pre-cooked food for two days, grapefruit juice, blueberry juice and bread. No fruit, no water — those must be at room temp. The freezer is filled with good beef, chicken, pork, fish, more vegetables and more bread.
    3. Um, if you don’t treat yourself well, no one will? I don’t know. I hate running out of things that I use frequently (fresh vegetables, milk, etc.). I cook huge meals, and we (Scorpio sun, Aqua moon daughter) eat all of our leftovers.
    4. Ideal refrigerator would be an enormous side-by-side stainless steel number arranged so that I can see everything — thus tossing vegetables before they turn to mush.
    5. Current refrigerator is neither sun nor moon. I AM mortified by the mushy vegetables; waste is appalling. I hate knowing that the refrigerator is the most power-intensive appliance. Cleaning the refrigerator is my most hated household chore. When I do it, it is scoured, disinfected and orderly. It’s past time.

  25. Leo moon.

    Not much. Raspberry jam, seaweed facepack, olives, Greek yoghurt, salad cream, old lettuce, older bananas, half a cucumber and more carrots than is strictly necessary.

    I’ve been away tho so I guess it’s a Sagg fridge also, the freezer box door is broken (by ex, also Sagg) and there’s holes where I attacked the iced up bits with a hammer..

    I don’t have an ideal fridge really; as long as I’ve got milk, cheese, fruit n’ veg I’m happy.

  26. Aquarius Moon / Taurus Sun

    Fresh milk, French or Danish butter and real parmesan cheese – always. Bread in the freezer in case I can’t get fresh. Salad greens and a variety of fresh herbs. Condiments – mustards, pickles, walnut oil (salad dressing). I tend to buy small amounts of meat and vegetables as needed, rather than store them. I never put fruit in the fridge as (a) it hinders the ripening process, and (b) it looks so nice out on display.

    My best friend and former flatmate is Aquarius Sun (no idea about his Moon). He always insisted on an endless supply of broccoli (for antioxidant purposes) and kept a jar of truffle paste prominently on display.

    I also constantly clean the fridge – at least once a week. This is probably a combination of parental influence (two OCD clean-freaks) and having worked in the food industry. But I even clean the outside of the fridge constantly and can’t stand anything on it, like magnets. Again, parental influence.

    Which makes me wonder, what influence does your parents’ astro have on you?

    • Oh I have taurus sun & aqua moon, too. I just replied to someone earlier that I don’t know anyone with that combination… Your fridge sounds like mine- especially buying things as you need. Only, I always end up buying more than I need. I only put magnets on there if I have to remember something extremely important. My parents are aqua and sag so I would clean the fridge more than they do. They have libra and scorp moons though which are quite different. I definitely think family astro has an influence especially if you are/were surrounded by a lot of one particular sign or if a sign like pisces features prominently in your chart. I’m not the best person to comment on this though. Good question…

  27. *sigh* note that i live with my husband (aries/scorp/leo) and my sister (aries/pisces/libra).

    my ideal fridge (me being virg/taur/cappy), was the one i had when i lived alone. bread. cheese. soy milk. jam (two kinds, probably). beer. white wine. apples. carrot sticks. celery. generic slim fasts. yogurt. yeast. cottage cheese. bagels. cream cheese. assorted condiments, but never too many.
    freezer- creamed spinach. lean cuisines (for work). frozen fruit (for smoothies). microwave bean burritos (i blame the taurus moon for this weakness.)

    as it is now, i shrink in horror from my fridge. my sister is a militant vegan, and cooks all the time (i can’t be arsed- i’m a creature of habit, and would happily eat the same three meals for years.) there are things with leaves i’ve never seen before sticking out in there. tupperwares of mystery leftovers. rice pudding. RICE PUDDING. i ask you…
    things have died in the back in there, i’m quite sure. i can’t find my garlic. the crisper drawers… oh, the crisper drawers. hubby goes in and rummages indiscriminately, making the mess even more astounding…

    *moment of silence for co-habiting virgos, please. it’s hard on us.*

  28. Sadge moon and I don’t have much in the fridge beyond salads for work and chocolate and water. Yes, really. I’m not home much and hate cooking.

  29. OK, now you’re just messing with me, Mystic. First there was the bit about Merc in Virgo diet of Evian, vitamins, and adrenaline. Now you’re showing me a fridge full of water and juice, and what appear to be books (?!??)

    How about this for a Virgo diet: I’m on a 3 day mandatory fast, clear liquids only, plus Magnesium Citrate, Polyethylene Glycol, and electrolytes. Some of you may recognize this horrid cocktail, but for those of you who don’t, you don’t want to know. Don’t google it either.

    Anyway, Mystic, you got me. I am starving so I’m in the mood to talk about food. My Taurus fridge:

    Mostly empty, I haven’t been shopping in a week, and I’m on a fast so I don’t want to go shopping. So I merely have: A pound of Black Cherries, a pound of 85/15 ground chuck (no hamburger in my diet, ground chuck only), a box of a dozen eggs with only one egg left. Half a pack of tortillas and some shredded Mexican cheese, an expensive brand of chipotle salsa, and some fake crab (I like fake crab, it’s cheap). Some shredded parmesan, a pound of sliced Muenster cheese. A bag with half an onion (for quick slices) and a bag with half a green pepper (from my garden). A big bowl of experimental coleslaw I made that isn’t quite good enough to eat but isn’t quite bad enough to toss. One stick of butter (I just found out I can buy one stick instead of one pound, I rarely use butter). Misc gourmet condiments like Worcestershire and horseradish. A pound of miso paste and some weird Japanese condiments like pickled ginger. A box of chicken broth. And here is where you really bust me: two very very expensive bottles (small bottles) of imported ginjo sake. A liter of tonic water and some mixer ingredients (untouched for over a year, maybe two). In the freezer, several pie crusts and filo dough leftover from pies I made last Thanksgiving, frozen veggies, and a couple of packs of freezer burned meat that I’m trying to pretend I didn’t let spoil. Frozen imported yakisoba noodles. Ice cube trays filled with purified water. And a frozen pizza (that was out of character, wasn’t it? That’s what I used to eat for dinner every night).

    OK, so the questions.
    1. Moon sign Taurus. Sun sign Taurus. They’re conjunct.
    2. You read what was in my fridge. That was every single item.
    3. I think you guys might recall I was in a dietary rut, eating the exact same foods at the same meals every day. This is a huge change, I’ve actually been cooking for myself somewhat, as part of a self-care campaign. I try (and usually fail) to buy one different food every time I’m in the grocery store, bonus points for vegetables or fruits.
    4. I don’t know what would be in my ideal fridge, maybe leftovers from gourmet restaurants. But I know what I want it to look like: a big, oversized Sub-Zero fridge with stainless steel doors.
    5. My sun and moon sign are the same. So while I might try to impress you (sun) with my gourmet cooking talents, I will also try to mother you (moon) with good nutrition. That is, on the rare occasions when I cook for guests. And whatever I serve will be beautifully presented on my vintage Fiesta Ware dishes. Oh you should be privileged enough to have my signature dish, yakisoba. Hmm.. now I still have the same old problem, it’s still just too much trouble to cook gourmet meals for myself, but I will go to extreme lengths to cook for guests. But I am cooking a little better for myself, even if I don’t go to a lot of effort.

  30. Leo sun, sagg moon
    I still live with my parents, so what’s stocked in the fridge isn’t up to me. But, if I was living along I would have to have bread, sourdough and wheat. I cannot live without bread. I’d also have bruschetta to go with the bread, iced green tea, carrots, red peppers, lettuce, ginger, stuff to make a salad. Fruits too. I generally snack on toast with nutella, peanut butter or bruschetta. I hate cooking, but I like to make delicious snacks sometimes, esp. if no actual cooking is required. If I had to cook for myself I’d have like, curry and naan bread all the time.
    I cannot stand old food. If it’s been in the fridge awhile I won’t eat it. If it might be even a little expired, or possibly expired, I can’t eat it. I used to drink alot of milk, but we’ve gotten some bad jugs of milk recently, they tasted really gross so now I dislike having milk.

  31. Right now Mystic?

    An almost empty bottle of green tea & 1/2 gal. milk.

    Some condiments. Some cheese. 1 Salad. 2 eggs. One container cottage cheese and pineapple.

    Freezer has four slices of wheat bread and one “healthy” style frozen dinner.

    Last night I ate no dinner because I went through a drive through late afternoon and had a cheeseburger, fries and mango smoothie. :)

    No way after massaging 7-8 hrs. I’m gonna cook dinner. I eat what I want and sometimes I need it as fast as possible….

    Cappy Moo-Moo :)

    • Do have my vitamins tho and “22 antioxidants” veggie powder with protein I put in juice.

    • Lol – no dinner for me either… But I was being woo’d by a plush hotel, so scored champagne and hor’s d’ourvres instead….. hehehehehe

      Sometimes I do get the odd good work perk!

  32. Moon In taurus
    Assorted organic Veggies Kale, Daikon Root,Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms, Carrots, Cilantro.
    Corn Tortillas, Whole Milk organic coffee, Sprouted Bread,Ghee,Orange Marmalade
    Beer, Champagne.
    Freezer- Hatch Green Chili,
    Like My Fridge to be clean If any item is close to expiration goes to Trash.
    Fresh is BEST including Fridge.

  33. What I picked up yesterday was a great example of the bipolar nature of my fridge: peaches, garlic, tub of spreadable black cheddar cheese (divine), flatbread, Irish oatmeal, organic butter, loaf of cinnamon bread.

    Besides that, fridge has a bunch of veggies, eggs, sausage, a boatload of condiments, several bottles of wine (though unopened for several weeks now), fish, chicken, berries, and only chilled vodka and frozen buns in the freezer!

    Gem sun, Virgo moon, but live with a Leo sun, Aqua moon who does most of the cooking. Generally pretty healthy, but not without its fatty treats like sausage, etc.

  34. Aries Moon / Libra Sun

    What do Aries Moon women typically like? I hate beer (in fact, I’m indifferent to alcohol in general – but I especially dislike beer).
    You nailed the Libra proclivities as usual, though – for years I reserved half my fridge for perfume storage (that stuff doesn’t keep forever, you know!)

    Loads of supplements (three Virgo planets + three planets in the sixth house), eggs (free-range organic), hummus, cucumbers, green apples, olive oil, organic yogurt, tahini, almond butter, vanilla-flavored organic soymilk, tamari & umeboshi plums.

    Brie, cake, muffins, eclairs, frozen pizza, cooked pasta, oranges, lettuce, ice cream.

    Fast food or red meat.

    • Oops, forgot your other questions.

      Fridge is probably more like my sun sign – self-indulgence mixed with health concerns, plus heavily reflects all the virgo in my chart. I’d guess the Aries moon aspect is that there’s a lot of stuff to eat in a hurry when I’m busy.

      What I wish is that there were more variety & homemade meal leftovers so I could have a proper sit-down, rather than running out the door with almond butter on a rice cake.
      And perhaps a bit less less brie & ice cream. ;)

  35. Aqua moon

    Fridge contains, coffee, parmo cheese, japanese beer, mushrooms, anchovette paste, natural yoghurt and a chorizo.

    Possibly the aqua moon that makes me resent having to cook, feels completly ridiculous that you need to eat at certain set times.
    I tag along with my Taurus pal to grocery shop ( i spend an awful lot of time looking at magazines and cheese) she has a meal plan set a week in advance, the very idea gives me the hebby jeebys!! Who knows what and where you will be and what you feel like eating.

    I think my fridge represents my urge to wonder and not be home tied to the bloody kitchen sink!!

    An ideal fridge would be a big walk in one that i could go sit inside in summertime and eat watermelon.

    The crab sun has been overruled by the aqua moon on the fridge.

    • OMG I used to walk into my moms walk in fridge at her shop to eat watermelon as a child!

      Aqua Moon here too! :D
      Crab rising

  36. Chanel parfum, omega oil capsules, strawberries, water, rose petals in syrup and bicarb soda but also dead spinach and mouldy pumpkin and almost desicated shallots in crisper – Aqua moon.

  37. Aqua sun Kataka moon.

    Contents: condiments 20%, fruit n veg always high turnover & usually organic, chinese herbs, medications, Mightymite & jams (we in the upper parts of Oz keep these things in the fridge), insulin, 3 different cheeses always, Australian bush flower essences, leftovers – dog usually ends up with this, herbal tonic from naturopath, lol it’s more like a chemist/naturopaths drop off point. Ms Solomon’s curry & laksa pastes.

    Actively limit anything made or owned by Coca-Cola Amatil, Kraft etc in private protest.

  38. Virgo Moon: things have to sit on the right spaced shelf. No small bottles on tall shelves. Maximum use of space. No dying things in there.

  39. Scorp, Virgo Moon and Pisces Rising

    My fridge is FULL! Every kind of milk (organic, soy, hazelnut, almond, oat) Maca and cocao powders and liquid vitimins of all sorts. I also keep all my baking stuff in the fridge in tupperware containers, gluten free and coconut flours, alimunium free baking powder, pumpkins seeds etc etc Even rice and pasta are in tupperware in the fridge. I have a fear of those horrible insects you see in flour so everything goes in the fridge, in containers and theres a bit of a system happening! Certain things go on particular shelves. I love to cook! My daughter is Taurean and she loves good quality, tasty food. The only cheese she will eat is parmesan so there’s loads of that too! She hates snacking and likes proper meals :)

    Also, lots of fresh organic veggies and fruit (never ever without my favs, broccoli and red capsicum,carrots, spinach and strawberries.) I prepare meals in advance so normally an Indian or Thai style veggie dish and pasta for my daughter. Freezer is full of 4 kinds of bread, loads of rasberries and wild caught salmon

    And yes, thers’s always organic chocolate :) and there is never anything out of date…shudder!

    And it is due for a bit of a clean, I spilt some cinnamon powder and even though I cleaned it up it gets everywhere and keeps reappearing!

  40. Cap moon/ Kataka Sun: Wish I had a glass door on the fridge.
    Top shelf currently displaying fresh prawns, avocados, dips of sweet potato and cashew, fresh beetroot and crab; stawberries, ginger kisses and a cold shoulder of perfectly slow cooked lamb. And of course icy cold beers on the bottom shelf ( the coldest part of the fridge.) : ))
    Fridge bugbears-
    1. Kids who keep opening the door and looking for something to miraculously appear that wasn’t there ten minutes ago
    2. Anyone who leaves the door open while having a nice little chat…..

  41. Moon in Pisces and Sun in Virgo. I am always caught between my dreamy Piscean ‘she’ll be right mate’ attitude to the fridge in which things go out of date and get forgotten until they smell. And my Virgoan need for cleanliness and order.

    The fridge is about food, which is about sensuality so Pisces almost always wins out – until I Virgo out and empty the whole darn lot into the compost or rubbish :D

  42. Wow….I am a pisces sun/aries rising/moon in aries. My fridge is just like Mystics….wine, cheese chocolate and vitamins, plus fresh wheatgrass and other chinese medicine concoctions….It is a bit of a mess, but I always feel good after cleaning it out every couple of weeks. I think the wine and vitamins expresses the dichotomy of pisces well. I indulge (over-indulge in the vino)…and then think the huge doses of antioxidents will rectify the damage!

  43. Virgo Moon, Cap Sun, Virgo Rising

    Because there was a Cap moon this weekend just past (my 5th house) my fridge looks extremely out-of-character at the mo. An enormous vat of incredible soup, homemade pesto, bread I baked and left overs of a cake I also baked. Capricorn moon on a weekend always sees me enter some insane MasterChef zone.

    Ordinarily my fridge reliably has the following:
    – Milk
    – Butter
    – Beer
    – Tonic Water
    – Chocolate (including Mystic’s prescribed Virgo Moon chocolate crumbs – Everywhere!)
    – Various jars of condiments and sauces for the Cap Moon cooking fits
    – Rotting vegies left over from the Cap Moon cooking fit that was side-tracked by an invitation to the pub.

    My Sun and Moon are in Trine so I think this is the ultimate fusion of Virgo-Cap fridge behaviours.

  44. Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon and (currently) 8 slabs of “emergency” chocolate waiting to be consumed :D Must-haves: almond milk for tea, cheese, eggs for baking. Pre-packaged meals would be prolific if it weren’t for allergies. Love to bake, but laziness outweighs cooking.

  45. Moon in Sagg. I have one of those couldnt care less, out of date, mould growing fridges. I just seem to forget how long something has been in there.
    If my fridge shows how I nurture myself I dont know how im doing.

    Mozarella cheese, gherkins, olives, pan bread packets, yoghurt, several soy milks, hummus, tomatoes, three cartons of eggs, bottle of rose wine.

    I dont like to cook, but when i do, I cook the most bland stuff. Anything with lentils!! Lil Aries boy is sick of lentils ;-)

    Cancer sun. I always have some dairy in the fridge, I find milk to be very nurturing for my soul.

  46. Chocolate IN THE FRIDGE?!! What are you thinking? LIke cheese it should be eaten at room temperature – otherwise just tastes like brown crunchy stuff….

    So no choccie in my fridge but there are fresh vegies, lots of greens in the “crisper”, soy and organic cows milk, bd yoghurt, vitimins, organic muesli, beer, wine, condiments (which I try to keep on top of use by date ewise but recently chucked a 2005 bottle of oyster sauce – ewww!), eggies, cheese, bread, hommus, gherkins, olives and hummus too…
    Freezer has bread too, frozen left over meals that I get all anal about and want to keep “bunker style” for an emergency, frozen left over wine for cooking, blueberries (for breakfast smoothies), dog bones, soup stock….

  47. Q1: Cancer Moon

    Q2: Condiments / Sauces (eg sweet chilli) / wine / butter / paneer / soy milk. Nothing else as it is currently freezing EVERYTHING – so a $bomb of veges have had to be thrown out. Service man comes tomorrow….. Freezer also a bit bare, peas, bread, old wine for risottos etc.

    Q3: Lol – as fridge is broken, its symbolic of the need to prioritise my health and well being over and above anything else. It also shows that I love a glass of wine….

    Q4: full of vege, goats cheeses, and makings for gourmet meals at the frop of a hat.

    Q5: Scorp – so sun. Its empty but for wine….

    My mother the Aqua, but also with Cancer moon has an epic fridge, so I could echo V-a-G-G…. I want her fridge….

    Point of interest? My mum prioritises food over sleep, whereas I prioritise sleep over food….

  48. I cleaned my Mum’s fridge on Sunday. Even though we are both Pisces hers is nothing like mine….she’s big on frozen convenience meals, curries, champers, medication….it was well due a clean though, now looks more sparkly than mine so will have to do mine this w/end….sigh

  49. aqua sun and leo moon

    usually, fridge is empty except for a couple of random items which could never be put together for a meal. i have learnt that if i stock up most of the stuff goes off before i eat it so i hit the shops every 1-2 days and buy whatever i’m craving if i can’t find someone to cook for me or someone to eat out with.

    however, at the moment doing the sugar/gluten/dairy/flavour free diet to sort out tummy issues so have some fruit and veg and stocks of frozen fish, chicken etc. also have a bottle of champagne i got as a thank you which i’ll crack open when this fad is over.

    i love the idea of a fridge full of fresh and organic fruit and veg but (i know this isn’t a popular thing to say) i don’t like markets – for 2 reasons, they’re finishing by the time i remember they’re on (why are markets relegated to the early hours – what about people who like to shop when they’re awake in the late arvo or early evening!!) and the slow walking faffers.

    • I can’t handle the noise and bustle of markets, makes me crazy! If I had to do the shop then I would only do it early morning when it is quiet. If I didn’t have a family, I would only do it on my way home from the club. :)

    • I’m lucky AB my virgo dad grows organic vege…so as long as I visit I have an endless supply to some great stuff…

      I am starting to eye a piece of dirt off for my own stuff though. I think this spring I want more than just pots of herbs. I’m thinking of striking some cuttings off the box hedges out the front and going all versailles kitchen garden-ish. Probably won’t even hit the fridge…I can shorten the distribution channel from ground to sink to consumed that way.

      • Ooh, you are lucky LL, am also thinking of getting into the garden…versailles kitchen garden sounds AMAZING I don’t think I am up to that level at all. Happy planting-harvesting-eating!

        • I’m not sure i’m up to that level either…lol but am willing to give it a go. I figure the box will sort of soften the very firm edges I will need to make to keep the kikuyu grass from over taking anything edible. Also clipping it will keep me monitoring what’s going on. I remember being a little person being so fascinated with each new leaf on my vegie patch…I think I can blame/attribute that to the taurus rising. I think if I do this soon I’ll have a chance to play with the soil a bit first mixing organic matter in etc. Today was so warm here it felt down right summery. Loved it.

    • AB, don’t know where you live, but I order my organic food online and get it delivered (for free). It’s really good value. If you’re in Sydney or surrounds (I’m in the Blue Mountains) I highly recommend Never had a dud product and their weekly $35 fruit and veg box (which lasts me for 2 weeks) is great.

  50. I notice lots of people on the blog don’t have much food in their fridge (there is simply no room for make-up in my fridge!) I am guessing it is all because they are so intellectual as this blog seems full of verbal types?!

  51. god i hate markets. Brilliant for cheap flowers that last 4 eva though.

    My fridge is cliche Leo: Top Door Shelf: Nail varnish (Essie – absolutely the best and far superior in every regard to any of the french products, best colours etc) Scent – three different chanels: cristalle, number 19 and the limited edition gardenia one…
    Middle door shelf: cheeses – blue, parmesan, cheddar, ricotta, something wanky i forget name of
    Bottom door shelf: san pellegrino, orange juice for bircher muesli, champagne, white wine.

    Rest of it: A whole pile of greens for my Always Tomorrow health kick, kids school lunch stuff, strawberries,eggs

    Freezer; an ice pack for when i over do it at the gym or fall over drunk. the latter is VERY rare.

  52. Moon, sun, merc, saturn in Gemini in the 4th and as such whatever is in the fridge changes and varies a lot depending on what’s happening. Or not happening.

    Note: when in love, I cook abundantly and have loads of delish healthy leftovers.
    When only loving me I tend to eat out more. I have venus and Mars in cancer so if they don’t really love my cooking or let it go cold on the table there’s strife.

    When time poor there’s expensive brands of things I sometimes can’t identify.

  53. I am back living with my parents. I have a Scorpio moon, yes I get mortified, if something is past the date, my mom who has Capricorn moon, Leo Sun always is like its fine!…I sware sometimes she is a border line hoarder. She buys gross food that no one eats not even her self, it will be in our fridge for the longest time.
    I have Aries sun, every fridge has got to have DRINKS! I’m a girl, so I would prefer some mikes hard. My mom though, isn’t really a drinker. But my dad who has Cancer moon, Libra sun. Has his own personal fridge in the garage packed with beer. When I am leagal I am definetly having some mikes hard in that fridge.
    I use to hide vodka in my attic,(good times) but nowa days I would rather spend my money on other things.
    I hate the new fridge my parents have because it doesn’t fit everything in it very well, and it doesn’t have an ice maker. Come on! its 2010 thats crazy that we still don’t have one. (I have Aquarius mars)


  55. Libra sun and moon…

    I live in an rv (1st house venus/uranus in sag?) and at this moment i have…

    a huge bottle of smirnoff, cranberry juice (no high fructose), 3 bottles of seltzer, leftover takeout, sriracha, berry preserves, dog food, butter, beer that someone left after my birthday party, and uh thats it, dude! Guess i’m more sag than i thought.

    Probably not very sane or nurturing right now…especially because i have no half and half for my morning coffee.
    Ideally i lile to have a few basic elements…a fine mix of health food, endless condiments, and tons of drinking accoutrements

    I am definitely representing moon libra in 11th…i like to have my friends around. And all the sag and sun 12th probably influencing the alcohol thing…hiccup

  56. My Cancer Rising loves this thread.

    Sagg Sun, Aqua Moon

    Three packs of Sambazon detox kits(cant do juicing yet as I am saving up for a Vitamix), Kombucha, Green Smoothie, Berry Smoothie, Few Gallons of Artesian Water, Sparkling Water, Green Tea, Grapes, Grapefruit, Dried Barberries, Kale, Flaxseed, Oatmeal with Omega 3’s, Probiotics, Miso, Tofu, Feta Cheese, Eggs, Udon Noodles, Bonito Flakes, Olives, Sauce/Condiments, and Film.

    My fridge is really utilitarian too, but thats my Mars in Virgo I think. I stock what I can realistically consume in the next week or two. Dont like old food in the fridge – traumatized by my Cancer SN mother that has(which I am sure) committed expired food blasphemy most of her life. I like to eat out when I can at the moment(mindfully) as I had spent many years only able to consume a very restricted vegan diet, and this is me “letting my hair down” in a way, lol.

    I wont go into the content of the freezer however. Thats mom territory and quite frankly Im afraid of what she has in there from who knows when. I dont touch or go anywhere near her stuff. I dont eat frozen food anyhow, not even ice cream. I keep some hash browns and sausages for my brother though. He’s a Toro – meat and potatoes kind of guy – and likes me to cook for him.