Wonder Sagg

“This is Wonder Woman reborn, literally and metaphorically: fast, elegant, tough, smart…the savior of her people, their guardian and protector…avenging the fall of Paradise Island, searching to discover why Paradise Island was abandoned by the gods…”

New York Times

How I love that Wonder Woman is a Sagittarius. Comic book characters go on their first appearance & hers was on December 1 1941.

She’s super-Sagg: more politically active than most superheroes, prefers freedom in relationships (note how she takes off in her invisible plane whenever she wants space or privacy) a fitness fanatic and fierce feminist. Think also: bullet deflecting armbands and the Lasso of Truth that she throws around anyone to make them speak candidly and answer her questions.

Now, after the lengthy transit of Pluto through Sagittarius & with the square from Saturn coming to an end, Wonder Woman emerges in very much post-Pluto-mode: less garish, more toned, no more burlesque boots, sans all that hair product, possibly gay and with apparently an agenda to better understand her origins. It’s all so apt.

23 thoughts on “Wonder Sagg

  1. Go la femme Saggo!

    This reminds me of the doco shown on the ABC last night about the German paraglider, Ewa Wisnierska, who survived being sucked into a massive thunderstorm in NSW a couple of years back. She blacked out at about 7000 metres altitude, but continued to ascend to almost 10,000 m — higher than Everest, before dropping out of the sky, almost frozen, regaining consciousness and managing to land. She was back paragliding a week later! http://www.abc.net.au/iview/#/view/593762

    Mystic posted about her at the time and she’s a Saggo.

  2. Yay for Saggo ladees!

    As one myself, I have always loved WW!

    As much as MM!

  3. Ww has always been my fave superhero and now I know why!

    I have always loved that I got incarnated as a saggi.

  4. love it – as a sag i totally get it – except the boots, all the saggie girls i know are boot fiends, practical and sexy of course

  5. Two weeks ago I moved into a three bedroom condo and just this week the other party moved in (I’ve never shared before in over 15 yrs. except with Mom for a couple of years).

    But she’s a Sagg (12/21/57) Had both breasts removed not long ago and told me she is depressed….She seems very considerate, however, she needs the air conditioner at 70-72 degrees as is hormonal at present.

    I’ve had to close my bedroom vent as freezing to death. We will have to renegotiate the electric bill costs. Guess this is what my solar return for this year was about as the Sun was smack dab on the Descendant (other peeps, partnerships of all sorts, etc).

    I like Saggies tho.

    • Best of luck with your move Sweetpea, you deserve a happy space in which to contemplate… I hope your house share goes well. I can’t stand the cold and it is bitter down south in Oz atm. Freezing, hormonal, breasts removed, death, renegotiate, costs are all words that stood out to me here. So!
      Here’s sending you and your roomie an internet prayer of Heat, Balance, Ample Femininity, Life, Clarity and Abundance and Love. Xx.

      • What was great was that she totally read my mind and addressed this issue yesterday afternoon herself. Originally I was pissed (while freezing) but told myself to hold on and wait for further info. Grateful it came and I didn’t have to do anything.

  6. Sweetie, at last a place of your own or shared. Good Luck with
    sharing altho sounds large enough not to be under each other’s feet.
    Hon, look after YOURSELF as last 2 places, you have been ‘carer’ to
    them. Personally i was hoping you would find a place alone to create
    a space for a relationship possibility.
    70-72 is our 22 celsius……..not cold to us here in Oz but 4 degrees celsius
    below our comfort temp.
    I share a water meter only with my neighbour & was billed for his water
    as he has a veggie patch that would supply a family of 5 plus many tropical
    plants. So now divided 30/70. Why pay for someone else’s utilities when it’s
    ‘user pays’?
    Please don’t get sucked into ‘Wound-ology’ belonging to others, it’s a bringdown
    that you don’t need, especially as your work is empathetic already.

  7. me too, yea me too.

    I am late sag rising though and feel really pumped for all that goodness. Nothing wrong with freedom and I was just thinking to dig up my lasso of truth.
    Could one tangle that thing around their own throat?