The Moon in Taurus Triggers Virgo Vision

The Moon into Taurus now triggers Virgo Vision and that is not a bad thing.

In fact, it’s fab.

Mars is gaining on Saturn in Virgo now and we’re all doing Virgo Vision, on way or another; getting a grip, staying in focus, being precise.

Taurus Moon enhances that and it’s also grounding in the run up to the weekend’s total New Moon Eclipse in Cancer/Kataka.

It’s officially more intense than that last one but not so stressy, for reasons i am exploring in the Scopes & Daily Mystic mail-out.

For now, grounding thyself via Earth Angelic style initiatives – food, body, garden – is a great move.

Clean, sensual & organized gets you through.

It’s also a good antidote to any Venus-Neptune weirding.

27 thoughts on “The Moon in Taurus Triggers Virgo Vision

    • me too – 4 planets in virgo and i can’t file to save my life – nor throw anything out!

  1. Solid. I just revamped my pad and delved deeper into massage. No freakazoid episodes yet, but then again I’ve been too busy….cooking spicy meals, sleeping late, developing better personal boundaries….still felt amusement at the 3 day bender story of a Cancer acquaintance who lost his job and wanted a bar full of drunk strangers blowing up fireworks in his apartment…..
    pacing myself between utter scotch abandon and daytime stretches, cleaning, altar feeding, and instructing friends through the comedown of bad drug experiences I did with the first Saturn-Virgo binge.

    Things are working well, in a few more weeks it’ll be even better


    • Your’e doin’ well VS…the message is in the massage.
      Drug test kits for all are imperative & a proper network
      with feedback & information.

      Back in my hippie days there was a journal called ‘High Times’
      with centre page of description of all street ‘mind alterers’ pharmacolgy,
      colour effects good, bad & cost expected.
      The worst of drugs now is the amount of hands they pass thro’
      as the vibes cling & testing before imbibing is difficult as the ingrediants
      change constantly. They will ‘mutate’ the DNA is some way or other & change
      the cells.
      May i suggest an informative book ‘Can’t Find my Way Home’.(America in the
      Great Stoned Age, 1945-2000) by Martin Torgoff. Worth a read truly.
      The politic’s will amaze you.
      Rest well…

    • VS healing vibes for your journey. Pacing is good and a good support network. However, the best person to tell yourself you are doing well is yourself. No one else can say it and mean it as much as yourself. Go girl

  2. Oh man! I wish my sewing room looked like that!!! I totally love it. Alas, my sewing room is always a pigsty. Can someone come clean it up for me puh-lease? :p

  3. I’m there!
    Been feeling overcrowded by Winter. Heavy clothes
    & 2 unwell animals to care for.

    It’s work staying bright ‘n breezy when i actually want to BITE
    someone…anyone. Not ANYONE…i want to bite the old Vet i went
    to 3 times before i found The Country Vet straight from ‘All creatures
    great & small’ or that other TV program…Country Vets? Brilliant.

    Have noticed a couple of dear women friends have been very gloomy
    lately. On & On about ‘The Earth’ BHP & mining etc etc.
    Had to remind them about ‘Acquired Helplessness’ via media & not
    to buy in unless physical action against themcan be taken. To concentrate
    on their own Universe which ends at their fingers & toes (& crown).
    Maybe we all need to take time out in that pristine environ above & from there
    re-organise the World :-)

  4. It’s a trick. I cleaned my house to have a party last night, and then everyone cancelled due to bad weather. Now I have a cleaned up house for no reason. Ha.

  5. Fingers crossed I get approved for a 2 bed flat this week, and I can go ahead and move into my own space – WITH NO MORE NUCKING FUTZ LUNATIC VIOLENT HOUSEMATES. Or my mother….

    Phew. Don’t mind me. I’m just so ready, and totally craving my space, my kitchen, my things, my rules. Its so hard for me the past couple of months because I am camping at my mothers (bless her heart, I am grateful), in a area not serviced by public transport, and I don’t own a motorised vehicle (bite me – I am NOT cycling 50km down a bloody mountain to get to work in the big smoke, esp after being sick). So I have to fit in with mums commute timetable, which is hard as I am trying to recover from whooping cough, which means when I need to leave work early, I can’t as no where to go, so I’m in a catch twenty two of stay home and work (not as effective as can’t access everything I need when I want to, and means I have to lugg laptop back and forth which gets old fast) or go to work but take 2 steps forward to health, and 1 step back to sickness making me ineffective again.

    So new flat, in the inner city, with public transport on tap is needed ASAP for sanity, autonomy and maintenance of self/friendships/other…..

    So cleanliness is next to godliness.
    Order = peace
    Visualisation of me in new home
    In bed by 8 for 10 hours sleep (minimum for function currently)
    slow cooked foods

    • Ask the Universe with a loving heart PMS and she will deliver after you’re over the Nutzy frustration part you’re feeling now. She needs a crystal clear message to be heard- or pray to whatever you’re into. Smudge yourself! whatever it takes.

      • LG – I have, I’ve prayed, smudged, visualised the whole works. I even stopped, and allowed my body to heal before house hunting again. During the previous eclipse I ewas able to close of the whole horrible sage from last place (oh the relief).

        And I’ve just had the property manager call me concerned because the rental price is slightly over the 1/3 of pay margin. I am also aware of this – but sometimes space et al is more important than anything else.

        In the lap of the gods right now.

    • I hear you postmod. I’m camping at my mothers’ too. Back here today after 10 blissful days housesitting at the Toro mansion. Things haven’t been too bad with my mum, though it’s early days and I haven’t had the kids here since she’s been back from OS. Things could get interesting then! Good luck with the rental app. From memory you are in Bris? Rental prices are so ridiculous. Last time i rented was in the early 90s so when i was deciding what to do after sale of house i couldn’t believe the prices. Decided to bunk in here and wait out property settlement. Hope it won’t be long!

      • FF – rental prices here are exorbitant. I used to rent in New Farm, $285 for a 2 bed, 2 bath flat with great kitchen etc…. Now $290 gets me 60’s vintage slightly dodgy duplex, with a bathroom that is dire…. Needs must, but really, its a joke.
        Glad all ok with your mum – things deteriorating here….. Hopefully its just eclipse season!!

    • And the universe delivers – got the flat, and a minor melt down re finances…. I know I’m moving into new era, but its scary to be starting into one, especially after the past couple of years which have been so tough re living situations. I am living with faith, I have contingencies in place, and I have the budget to end all budgets (and a job, health, love etc).

      Ok. Living the dream.

      • yay! that is fantastic news for you postmodscorp – smudge the space before you move in eh? its going to feel amazing! x

  6. I totally dig that room .. love the ceiling .. love the light … love the floor .. love the spick and span let’s get down to business and do some work vibe. I would change the chair to a lovely big red faux leather director’s seat with wheels for whizzing from the printer to the desk to the library of art and design books to the ipod dock. And it’s missing my whopping great screen … but aside from those small details … perfecto.

  7. Well, I will try to get into the vibe then.. that paperwork is still on the piano! The little carpet is sweet and I quite like white painted wood but the Feng Shui makes my head feel like a triangle.

  8. My mind is becoming like this room. I’m so use to chaos that it feels weird but I’m being drawn to more colour in my life – clothes, pics creative stuff that if my mind is zen white then thats Ok.
    i have a new man chasing me which is also weird and I am being so ‘in the mo’ its not funny. Lot to be said for Aqua rising sometimes as oposed to my usual clingy Venus in Kataka. he is Venus in Sagg so a good balance to dampen down my Kataka yearnings.

  9. I bet it’s a page from the new IKEA catalogue …. great space!!

    • OMG…your nailed it!!
      The room is symbolic for freshness whilst doing indoors
      for Winter.

    • pegs – all the product, rug, cushions, trestles, stool etc with possible exception of the pendant lamp are 100% IKEA …

      LUSTING after the broad floor boards, white room & lashings of natural light …. xox

  10. i absolutely love that room. it looks like pure heaven, functional, bare, clean!

    i had an attic room as a child, liberation from sharing with my sister, oh how we fought!

    toro sun, virgo moon, kataka rising.

  11. Dear Mystic: I’m really missing your Astro-Witchery posts! Please continue talking about herbs, fortune and beauty! :)