Thank Fuq For Saturn In Libra

Thank fuq for Saturn in Libra.

This may be a bit overwrought but i was feeling really antsy the last few days of Saturn in Virgo and now that Saturn is in Libra, i feel better, as if it’s okay to actually relax or to enjoy life. That I am “allowed.” Virgo is already Virgo. It does not need extra Saturn.  And, yes, Saturn in Libra is going to pick a fight with practically every planet in the sky over the next four weeks but the Zap Zone can be really productive energy. It’s stressy but more like “birth” stress than relentless details and beguilting grind. Lots of new things starting up over the next month.

Challenge Du Jour; One of the many themes of Saturn in Libra is civilised relationships. Let’s all try and resolve to have excellent relations with even the people who most annoy us. Yes? And what would be some of the ways we might do this? My god, I sound like my high school geography teacher. But  seriously, who has some good suggestions for getting on with difficult peeps or of even transforming the relationship…Saturn in Libra is going to be awesome.

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  1. What a Wonder Full illustration – as per usual, mydear!
    Yes, thank fuq indeed, many times over. I can’t believe I actually survived – 5’8″ down to 105 at 55 – Yikes!
    I’ve been tearinguptheweb reading about this here shift and I sez wisdom is writ in TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE cuz then you are what you’re meant to be and you will see and understand/be seen and understood by those who will empower you to get it on for the good of yourself and everybody else.
    Saturn in Libra: the good of you and other equals more than we have yet imagined.
    We ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for.

  2. Thank freakin hell that Saturn has left my Virgo rising, has to be better herein!

  3. im so feeling the exaltation – best way to deal w pass agg bitches? Having totally worked s in v im on track to follow long procrastinated about dreams and feel peaceful and quietly determined – bitches are all still looking haggard and disgruntled serenity makes them curdle even more – you deal w them by carrying on with joy in yr heart and a spring in yr step x

  4. seeing everyone as beautiful oddities and praising them for it…

    listening to the winds of change in the lives of those close to me, not just my own

    a healthy balance of thoughtfull attention and turning a blind eye.

    • That is just the best… “a healthy balance of thoughtful attention and turning a blind eye”. Love it – can I use it?
      Mixed in with don’t sweat the small stuff.
      I find silence is good with difficult peeps; just let them talk and then move away. Glide away, silently. I have work to do and friends to keep.
      YAY – Saturn’s gone and by the time it comes back, I’ll be too old to care much! Thanks for getting me through it MM

      • of course u can use it :)
        regarding letting annoying peeps talk and moving away, a scorp once explained to me that you don’t have to make eye contact with everyone, and likewise, you don’t actually have to pay attention to every word that’s being spoken. Sometimes the sound of a running BS tap can be quite lovely, if you don’t really listen.

        • “Sometimes the sound of a running BS tap can be quite lovely, if you don’t really listen.”

          Ooh, I like that. I think that’s going to be my new motto.

        • Hmm Is the necessity for eye contact a gem thing?
          It only recently dawned on me that others don’t make eye contact with strangers as often as I do .. I think I acknowledge everyone whether walking past or sitting in a cafe.
          Of course my sag partner thinks I am flirting :) .. hmm maybe … but I didn’t realise that is why men find me so approachable.
          I kept asking … do I have slut written on my forehead?
          Until an insightful friend said “you make eye contact with your sparkly blue eyes so most think you are up for it!”

          • yep all my Gemini friends see everything – eye contact is like breathing

      • yes, i do like the silent approach, trouble is that in some situations silence is the most (passive) aggressive response and it can get super ugly really quickly.

      • just saying Saturn is now on my ex Librans Sun, hope that will whip him into shape and slow him down at the same time. Hows your Libra fleur ex darl? Hope things are a better on that front xx

        • Hi Sassy – he’s mellowed a little since the local plod had a friendly chat with him – thank the heavens!

          And the hot Leo left about an hour ago…. :D I feel very much like the woman in the photo.. only slightly more happily blissed out…

    • I find i can do that jsut by listening and sometimes half llistening to peeps. Latest crush loves to talk so i let him. Simple really. Saves me openigng my big mouth. Am having the most mature rel I ‘ve had for years minus the tifffs but we talk them thru and move on .
      Gotta Love it.

  5. I have only one successful strategy to have excellent relations with even the people who most annoy me: I am never in the same room with them. If they appear, I leave. This is the only relationship I can have with certain horrid people: none whatsoever.

    • Good advice, I try to stick to it. If can’t leave, staring blank to space scares the hell out of them.

    • oh I use this strategy too Charles. If I don’t get out of their way I tend to let them know I think they are a dickhead in no uncertain terms.

      Makes it difficult when the mother in law turns up VERY BLOODY SUNDAY and wants to be enterained like she is a special guest.

      I try to be busy doing something else and ignore her ‘if you have something else to do just let me know and I won’t turn up’ guilt trip.

  6. storming into change with glee – deleting inefficiencies / outdated biz modes has lead to radical turnarounds with home, company structure, debt eradication plans – & feeling fabulous whilst alone at keyboard is a priority. cant help but be cheery down fone line / cyber connections……say it with a smile :-)

    FOCUS & ACTION be words du jour!!

    Zap Zone – teflon reflector shield’s in place, be warned!!

  7. Forgiveness and compassion. That old chesnut.
    Failing that, not taking them personally. Letting their shit be Their Shit.

    • aqua that is so similar to what I was thinking. Plus some [loosely remembered] quotes from a protection meditation: “this is my stuff… that is your stuff.” and “What I receive is filtered with love and compassion. What I put out there is filtered with love and compassion.”

      Basically practising forbearance, tolerance, forgiveness and letting go of whatever it is you perceive as barbs, slights, idiot comments, etc. It reflects worse on them than it does on you, in the end, if you make sure that you are the best person you can be as much as you can…

    • def feeling lighter. I have dropped the anchor that was chaining me to the ex. Now a lovely light yet strong connection that we both enjoy. And Libran crush has asked me to lighten up. Ok was being a bit too scorpy for him. So fun fun here I come.

  8. Am I the only one who began thank-fuq-Saturn-in-Libra era with “Don’t let the bastards grind you down” motto?

  9. loving the idea of Libran Saturn picking a fight w every planet in the sky – makes me plump up my feathers and jut out my chin – weirdly

    today’s major task was scraping my little sister (virgo) up off the body image floor – triggered by a bad hair cut no less – but poor love had really hit self disgust grief in a big way …

      • o thank you UPP! I will chase that one …
        and yes Bluelib, we live in towns 2hrs apart and I was very close to jumping in the car to nurture/primp/play …

  10. So. I decided to give myself a day off (cos if I didn’t I would have been working 15 days in a row, and that is complete bullshit)
    I worked until midnight last night, had a glass of wine and toodled off to bed. Was awoken by a phone call from a friend of a friend who is filming bands play a song the laneways of Melbourne, then screening them on Channel V. His band cancelled and he needed to find a replacement. He has 2 international acts he is filming in a couple of weeks time, as only shot 3 and needs the practice.
    I have no internet at home, and I had no plans to leave the house. I have 2 bands for him to choose from in 2 hours. Then go to lunch with my friend.
    He calls me up to say thank you and I point out that I also do sound work and post production, so if he needs anyone to fill in on his team then he has my number. He said he was looking for people and he will contact me in a few days.
    I am off to yoga in a second… and I also gorged myself on Nachos and lemon tart for lunch.
    And I don’t feel guilty. Not one bit. Its my bloody day off, damn it!

    • good on you Venus! *Yep* I can relate. Yesterday (last day of Saturn in Virgo) I got asked to work on Saturday!! That hasn’t happened in 3 years! (funnily enough, the last time i was asked to work a weekend and i ended up resigning)
      Anyhoo, I said NO! within a nano second. I’ve worked my arse off for two bloody weeks and the only thing that’s getting me through the end of the week is thoughts of a good sleep in followed by coffee & papers. NOBODY and no amount of money is taking that away from me this weekend!

  11. Definitely feel better for saturn in Libra. Was blown off by Cappo on the eve much anticipated meeting. He got cold feet so bad he blew whole 4-year friendship away which possibly says something about his ways with friendship. Logically I know to let go. Just annoys me so much – cos I am not small-minded and would have understood cold feet if just described as such. anyway sometimes I still write – just when I’ve something to say. Has been a muse. Feel like calling up and just saying hey, what’s up. Perhaps I am stupidly forgiving. Am I mad to do this? Part of me wants to make him squirm if i call but bigger part just wants my friend back. The things that happen to good women…. over men not so brave as us.

    • hear hear – your final sentence – actually related to the whole paragraph a lot – tell me your truth and I will have all the time in the world to understand/forgive it …

      • Thanks FireyBovine. Zactly, tell me your truth. The truth is that he can’t for whatever reason take the step and I will have all the time in the world to understand/forgive it….

    • I am reminded of Mystic’s note about being kind to Caps, they are in their own mini hell , or some such …. have a young cap friend who has gone non communicado – he is hard to tease in a light hearted way, seems to see it as me asking for a committment (i would never from him, but can’t even explain that without him running), or he’s knockin the backdoor down expectin carnal pleasure. Leavin him in his own little paradigm seems to be the way forward for me, and I will be kind, but not THAT kind ;)

      • Cap rising here… out of Virgo in Saturn and straight into a Zap Zone mini hell. As Greta Garbo said “‘I vant to be left alone”

  12. With Pluto coming into the mix, my approach in the imm. future is to see if I can do a little psychoanalysis of why he’s such a f*wad. I’m questioning him about what WOULD happen if he actually called me. What could be the worse that would happen? See if I can trace the source of him not calling me to some deep-seating feeling and identify that feeling.

  13. Woke up feeling the need to groom like whoa, dyed hair, manicured, booked first facial ever (wtf?), nothing seems beautiful enough. SURELY this is no coincidence? It only just occurred to me this afternoon what was going on.

    Feeling the shift, sudden letting go of irritating Aries ex, swooning over a Leo I’ll probably never see again but happy, friendship with Cancerian ex finally cemented 2 years after the break up, friendships in general re-germinating and springing back to life. Nice but still wary about the effects of this planetary maneuver on my mega Libra/7th house stellium and impending Satan Return.

  14. Me too, whoa! Had a desperate urge to groom. I am multiple Libra.

    Woke up, dyed hair, planned chignon hairstyles, bought make up to match hue of new hair, groomed, scrubbed and plucked.

    I got the feeling that I need to put much more sustained effort into my appearance, like hey, I can look quite good if I just make a fuqing effort. But it’s not even about that, its about presenting myself well.

    I thought HELLO to my new structured beauty regimes.

    Shift in relationship paradigm too. I can feel the energy change. Like the frequency changed. Change or break.

  15. I…whadyacallit…pumiced….my feet….

    “Don’t let the bastards grind you down” was for the final stretch of Saturn in Virgo….it’ll take a few days before you realize you are free…..

    I feel better, but not instantly. Started breathing again. Totally looking forward to all the new pretty fun though, I can feel it seeping through the cracks. Ahhhhh…..
    Aries folk love getting reborned.

  16. Freakin moody you are, mystic.

    said “Poor Libra!!”
    then, now “Thank Fuq For Saturn In will be awesome???”

  17. I am feeling soooo much lighter, Libra sun, but Virgo just about everything else so I am guessing (very new to this) that Saturn’s moving into Libra is great for me.
    I have been satisfying chocolate cravings extensively over the past weeks (ok, months!) but last night as i shopped i had a break through of sorts – the (gorgeous) Lindt on special all wrapped in gold paper, went back on the checkout shelf, with the thought that I really didn’t want it so why buy, I will just eat it, feel guilty and lay down more fat …. unprecedented behaviour, atleast since I kicked the habit this time last year, then fell off the wagon in October. I put that down to Saturn in Libra for sure – steely resolve to look and feel great (clean lines and etc) whatever the emotional cost.
    My dealing with difficult peeps strategy is to have pity (compassion) for them, to see through to the fact that they don’t know what their own shit is doing to them (and therefore the rest of us) and wish them well mentally (loving kindness) cos if they get their shite sorted we can all sigh a breath of relief. But I also no longer allow them to cross the line into my space (and still practising id’ing the exact position of that line with some); a very to the point comment or look usually does it. The switch between me, the loving, caring, peaceful soul to the fiery combatant sends the message that all the compassion and understanding may never do. And then there is always the door …..

  18. Lol – treat thy neighbour as thyself – its my usual approach, irrespective of whats going on. But if pushed? Scorp death stare straight into their eyes sorts recalcitrants out PDQ. I recently even graciously looked ex psychotic housemate in the eye and said hello. Deafening silence as a response – but I felt good that I was big enough to acknowledge her. Thats progress for me.

    Currently Saturn in Libra = empty in box….. It started yesterday. Its very puzzling as I cannot work out why! But am rolling with it – last week was flat out in the final throes of SiV, and the Virgo Moon. Finalised so much work stuff I was giddy. Am now focussing on getting my new little burrow sorted. I have my desk, my tallboy, and some boxes come down from the parentals house where it has been in storage for years, plus have bought a huge bookshelf from a girl here at work (my first big bookcase, am so chuffed). And am contemplating a spare bed purchase, and a washing machine purchase….. Oh, and booked the tickets to NZ for my grandparents 80th birthdays!

    I liked the final days of SiV, and am loving SiL – am polishing, grooming, organising my happy little heart out.

    And being gracious to all around me! Because they are worth it, despite how I feel about them

  19. SiL equals afternoonrollerskating date with a friend.
    Trying hard to not think about the ex that has seemed to have popped into my mind again. Which is most unfortunate. I was having a lovely time without him.
    Getting tired of me going over the same ground. One final trudge before Sept is it?
    Rollerskating, however, is fun… and exercise will make me a) pert and lovely and b) I can not concentrate on anything else whilst learning to skate. YES!

  20. Yesterday in the Melbourne MX (free afternoon paper) a cheery person wrote in asking everyone to please make more love with their partners so that everyone who works with them wouldn’t have to put up with their misery anymore!

    How Saturn in Libra is that?? : )

  21. Umm, the advice I used for myself when in a horrific office situation during 2005 was to interact with the person as if they were someone I had just met and might not have to deal with again. It allowed me to be distant but polite and really pissed them off because emotional reaction didn’t occur (in front of them at least). Also, by being distant I could examine their motives and techniques and throw them exactly back at them.

    Have to say though, that at the end of six or so months of losing many ‘battles’ I won the war. It was just terrifying and I gained no real satisfaction when my boss got the heave ho, nor did I like admitting to myself that I possessed as much bitchiness as them when I am pushed too far.

    I almost had a nervous breakdown over it, and when I finally got a letter solidifying my future, I cried like I had never cried before in my life – and hope to never again. The release totally engulfed me.

    • I try not to fight with people if am sure they will not be on my agenda after the next year. It gives me the perspective to respond and to challenge their claims politely.

      For a Pisces it is good to know the tactics to protect self, if the push comes to shove. You don’t need to use the skill on a daily basis, but it is always handy to have in your toolbox.

      • Yes, Pisces in CQ, great job. Remember that the next time when you’re in an tough spot: you’ve made your way out successfully before, you’ve got the right tools, so you can do it again.

  22. Ala dealing with difficult people…I try to imagine that from their viewpoint their behaviour is reasonable…and that may look upon me as being difficult. This helps me not descend into flashpoint anger about having to deal with difficult people.

    This doesn’t cancel out that they may repeatedly be difficult, but it does at least make me pause and consider that there are many ways to see something.

    I’ve recently come across a situation where someone started a conversation that turned strange, sort of interrogation style. I think I maintained my calm fairly well, but asked why they were doing it…with a how would I like it if I poked at their life choices…? From their perspective that type of conversation has been motivating. Hmm

    I find as other’s have mentioned being true to myself key.

    It’s also understanding that other people being true to themselves can be really really alien to my thinking. I’m up for that until they try to implement their way as the ‘best’ way. Even in this opportunity can leave the way open for negotiating whether or not we can agree to both be right, or whether we need to discuss limits of how we behave with each other. In extreme cases I just steer clear of them.

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  24. Oh yes, amen to that Mystic! me too, the last few days were TOUGH. And then on Saturday a blindingly obvious realisation about Saturn in Virgo: stop worrying so much! The nervous buzz of anxiety all the time – THAT is the cause of your stress, unhappiness, feeling that something’s missing – le it GO. Everything will just happen & take care of itself. That transit was damn hard.