Solar Heat, Light and Self-Belief: Don’t Forget…

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Saturn is opposing Uranus and nearly squaring Pluto, Jupiter is squaring Pluto and soon to oppose Saturn…Mars and Venus get in on the act and many a peep is coming to crunch-crisis flashpoint…Especially the cardinal signs: Cancerians, Caps, Libra and Aries.

But Mercury in Leo is a reliable source of heat, light and fabulous living resolutions. Every moment of the day and night, you get to choose your attitude and Mercury in Leo likes to keep it glam, chutzpah infused and fixated on big thoughts, hot scenes.

Just so as you know.

38 thoughts on “Solar Heat, Light and Self-Belief: Don’t Forget…

  1. Oh, that’s nice Mystic as tomorrow celebrating Cancerian Sun, Leo Merc daughter’s 24th! Sure we’ll have a great time with all that warmth and maybe a cocktail or two.. ;)

    As for cardinal me, I’ve restructured financially so no stressing. Just some follow up to certain things as Saturn gets the hell offa my rising/mars…

    Pretty pleeze?

    • Oh, hadn’t noticed ’till checked the astrodienst chart you have down below (still brill idea of course!) but Leo Merc trine my Sun and POF-Nodes. Make that an extra spesh b-day for my daughter….

      So much to catch up on and maybe we’ll twist on a table top or two!!

      • Hey Mystic….was just getting ready to do my daughter’s Solar Return chart, but no wonder I had the intuitive moment this morning regarding getting to work early (mentioned on current D.I.Y. thread) and feeling someone was trying to contact me or I should be calling them…

        Trans Leo Merc 12 degrees conjunct natal Uranus 12 degrees in 3rd! Both trine POF at 12 degrees Aries and that’s what saved my ass!! lollllll!!

        Totally groove… Genius Mystic…You help us put it all together even if it means sitting here on line and just meandering around awhile and blabbing on and on…

        thanks a mil…

  2. YES! I have noticed a change in energy – feel like the vibe is becoming less and less about gazing at the inner sanctum and tinkering & more about emerging restored.

    • Oh darl, I’ve often wondered, my astro near twin-ness (Sun and Moon), how you are or where you’ve been.

      Are the inlaws giving you the shits again? How is the shop doing? How is the little one and your dancing going?

      x SP

      • If it’s any consolation at all, I absolutely and literally “can’t see a thing” from a distance (your pix with your glasses reminded me), as I’ve lost my glasses. Not sure how I’ll make it down the freeway tomorrow.

        If someone were to say in some PROFOUND way “I see you…..” I’m afraid I might grope them inappropriately…. :lol:

      • Hey love. Wow, thanks so much for thinking of me. Yeah, the ex-in laws are still being turds. They have gone to the complaints tribunal to object to me being trustee for my child…I can’t believe their attitude. I have been slowly cutting them off. If it weren’t for my childs attachment to them I would have told them to go f*ck themselves a long time ago.

        Not being able to vent is causing the weighty depression, as an aries I am action, and for 12 months I have been holding all action within. I am seeing a shrink monday, so I might be able to cry awhile and release some of the energy.

        The depressive state of my physical body has led to me exercising less, I am exhausted all the time, I still dance on monday nights though. I am putting on weight which also annoys me greatly, and all my hot clothes don’t fit…

        Prowincat, I am gonna be the toughest mo fo this side of brunswick when all this is over. And thanks for your insight too. I guess its just I am exhausted from ‘being strong’. I want to scream and yell and cry. I want to kick the bully’s in the shins. I want to tell them how cruel they are and how much they have disrupted my girls life, and mine. I had a dream I did it last night. It was very good.

        I also dreamt about having too many beds in my house. There were like 17 or something. I have just written to my flatmate and asked him to move out in two months. I want my home just for me and my baby, with ample creative space and scope for love to enter our lives fully. I am no longer able to be responsible for the needs of anyone but myself and my child. No more vamps. No more cleaning other peoples mess. No more compromises. I am often gutless when it comes to disappointing people, but this is my life I am compromising. My life is for me. I guess I am getting stronger.

        It is amazing to have support of people you don’t even really know. And we also have so many supportive and wonderful friends too. We are truly lucky, but being stronger is what I have to be.

        I will be tempered steel, covered in chocolate.


        • “tempered steel, covered in chocolate” – go girl!! Been wondering how you are doing, hope you get those wonderful things you are dreaming of soon. Xx.

        • SO Sorry AAC darling that I did not reply sooner but I ‘m finally on line at home and not using the doctor’s computer or the library.

          I understand about the ex inlaw issues. My eldest daughter is having trouble with her ex mother in law. Oh dear what a story replete with lawyers and everything as my new son in law wanted to adopt my granddaughter as the real dad does not interact and has not since she was three. Her step dad has been her dad since she was four…..

          Never the less, my daughter and her family are in a good place on many levels and it sounds like you’re in a good/better place too!

          I was thinking that some vitamins and some greens in a drink might give you a boost. I’ve been doing that and I feel great. Have been at the
          pool on several evenings and it’s 80 degress out. When one floats on
          their back, one can watch the palm trees against the starry back drop.
          It’s quite nearly spectacular. At night, with the sound of the palms and
          the warmtn, it feels like Hawaii. So life is good in that naturish/healing
          type manner.

          Don’t think some peeps realize that it’s true, what you said, Aries needs a a break from being ~strong~ (the same way some need a break from whinging! lol). And a break with being “strong” esp. with a Capricorn

          I like what Noel Tyl said of this combo..”A Radiant Rock”.

          So there you have it. Aries can’t help but shine baby even when they’re a a rock!!haha…


        • The other one… He says he loves himself in this song and that he’s
          gonna shine like a star” ; )

          Hope you don’t mind Mystic.

    • sun in cap…having the same bleak moments … workplace and coworkers give hard time….ugh!

    • it’s ok … you’re just being tempered like steel or chocolate – to make you ultimately stronger through being more flexable ;)

      Chocolate coated steel … is that a Saturn in Libra metaphor or what? LOL

      • thank you prowlncat…i just hope it would stop …my soul is soooooooooo tired

        sun, jupiter…4th n 5th house in cap…

        • that was actually for AAC … but easily applies to you delilah. These dark nights of the soul can seem formidable but from my experience – greater peace, truth, awareness, insight and serenity will result in the long term (important for 4/5 house cap). The overall manifestations of course will be positive in all areas of your external life. Quit resisting. Feel it. Own it. Accept it. Whatever It Is. You don’t even have to work out the big picture all on your ownsome – that’s how Uber Cool and generous the Universe is. :)

    • oh god – I know exactly how you feel. I cracked at a friends party- got drunk, broke a bowl and burst into tears! How embarrassing – being shown to be a small weak and needy child infront of friends and colleagues.


      (the ariens need more sun and joy)

  3. ok we have our election date: 21 August. When pluto squares saturn and mercury goes retro. interesting to say the least.

  4. well that’s nice to know re the Merc in Leo which I have natally. Don’t think my digestion could handle another round of Zap Zone insanity. I actually had a bit of drama this week via my client’s client going troppo for reasons unknown. Potentially it could have ended up with me being stiffed for 12 hours worth of concepting work. Didn’t blow my stack, or cave in and stew in a brew of bitter resentment – just stated my case and boundaries and handed the results over to my own Personal Jesus and it sorta sorted itself. hehehehe Tres impressed.

  5. That is exactly how I have finally come through my trial by fire – this week I finally grokked the insight that I get to choose my attitude, and I won’t make myself a victim any more- that takes my power. It is all about my choice! I am seeing how a situation in which I thought I was powerless can actually be beneficial to me. And also, how it was my own poor choices which led me to the bleakest time of my life.
    It seems so obvious, but it took me a lot of self-work to realise that we all have power within us which can never be taken away by others. I just had to stop locking myself into the little scenarios I thought my life was going to be like.

    • Spmalr, I had a very similiar inspirational flash this week.
      Uranus in the 8th?
      Back and forth in a trine to your asc?

      • And it was just like a flash wasn’t it?! I can’t believe that I have been beating myself up for so long, and the answer was always there….

        I have Uranus in Scorpio a trine with my Sun inthe 8th.
        You know more about transits than me, so I don’t know what has been going back and forth in regards to my ascendant, which has saturn bang on close to it as you know.

        • Is your asc early Leo?
          Mine’s at O’32, with saturn at 28 cancer, so transiting saturn doing the virgo/libra cusp and transiting uranus doing the pisces/aries cusp have been sextiling and trining, back and forth.
          Your’s would be kinda the same I guess.
          I’ve also got them doing that to my sun/merc, so it feels a bit like puzzling through something for ages, then flash! (or just puzzling through something for ages, and no flash…)

  6. my cat is my soulmate through all of this. Normal or not, that’s just what’s workin.

    Agree with Friday, the sunface is mesmerisingly beauty-full.

  7. To quote a line from Robin Hood- engraved on his sword- not sure of its ancestry.” Rise and rise again ’till lambs become lions”. Merc in Leo :)

    • nice quote, Tamberlaine. I’ve found myself playing and replaying Eartha Kitt’s “Minke Shminke” recently. That Diva had the big cat mode down pat. Pat, pat, pat..purrrr
      as much as Leo is glam and good bling it’s also about the pleasure of love, no? Can any Leonine types testify please?

      Meantime, back to Eartha..
      “minke schminke, money schmoney
      think you’re hot now, dontcha honey
      what have you got,
      if you haven’t got love

      love is just a simple thing that you can’t buy
      you can’t get wholesale, honey
      why try?”

  8. Gawd I’m hoping to embrace the I chose my attitude ethos after coffee and a hot shower. My car starting shuddering at red lights last night. I was able to propel my car with universal good will to my daughter’s to check if it was something basic. Noooo not basic. So then I found that due to my mind being a little distracted late last November in planning for the Sagg’s 21st…I let my RACQ membership lapse.

    At the moment I feel like I’m getting to experience the flawed strategy in my (what I thought was reasonable) care of my car. I get it serviced, I thought I was a member of the RACQ….I was able to remedy this last night and then a call out revealed that if I am away from home and the car needs a part not in the repair van I’m close to fuqed.

    Up to last night I did not regret having paid off and then chopping up the credit card.

    I am aware that none of this is end of the world stuff, but it sort of does my head in a little on some levels as I don’t have as much flex in my budget for this sort of stuff as I thought…

    I’m finding also that it’s highlighting a few flaws in how unreservedly people are in assisting if I get stuck. Considering that these same people are the ones that I tend to assist without reservation ….

    I badly do not want to ask my Virgo Dad for help.

    So am hoping somewhere between a hot shower and piece of toast that my attitude shifts to focussing on what I am able to make happen…and maybe also note how people react when I need something from them.

    I think it is a matter of currency. I am generous with my time, energy and sharing my space with loved ones when in need ..I’m feeling a little miffed to find that there is a much more limited version that occurs when I may ask if I am able to share their space if the repairs to my car turn out to cost more than I expect or have access to until Friday.


  9. Awww, honestly LL I would help you if I could.

    I battle with the “I am always there for you, but where the hell are you all when I need you?

    My virgo dad still goes on about the money he lent me for rent over 18 years ago, so I ask nothing and expect nothing.

    I do hope the toast makes you feel a little better….

    love and hugs

    • 3rams the thing is that Dad would help…he loves helping me and it would feel like a backward step to ask. I don’t want to leave myself open to the disappointed look of haven’t you prepared for that…or have to watch him wrestle with himself to not offer advice of how I could do it better… We have got to the point where we agree to disagree about what it worth worrying about, would prefer not to lose that ease. Worth it I think to mess about.

      The disappointment with the other area of my life is I think more along the lines of I know they’d help me financially, actually did so with the RACQ…but in this case I just wanted them to say of course I understand if you need to stay over a couple of days no problem…and instead I got I have things to do that won’t work. I figure myself for a pretty quiet guest. I clean, cook and pay my way…so as I felt so unwelcome yeah bit miffed. Will get over it.

      My Dad is in another town and would just wave the magic money wand over it and it would all go away. I figure at the age I am I just need to buckle up and think sideways and make it happen. Have just been triple checking my budget, and will be able to pay the mechanic on Friday. It’s just a bit of a shock when you find out some midgety bit of the engine is worth around $200 just for the part alone. Am bracing myself for possible hours worked.

      Ta for love and hugs….have worked out bus time table so will be able to access double shot coffee soon. I expect my mood will likewise rapidly improve.

    • “I am always there for you, but where the hell are you all when I need you?”

      Yes there seems to be alot of that happening with this current astro…as Mystic puts it “demolition astro” no more Mr Nice guy!!!

  10. Had nice thing happen after today’s sort of blah beginning. After I navigated the bus train bus combo to get home. I found that the last leg of the journey was driven by my daughter’s old school bus driver. He ended up giving me a lift right to my door and said nah to me paying him. Bonus.

    A little bit of kindness goes a long way.

    • Good to hear LL. I have faith in the law of karma. It’s just the timing that’s a mystery. Good luck with your car. x