Scorping Up

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Time to Scorp up with the Scorpio Moon in aspect to Venus, Pluto and Mars.

It’s the only way to go: deep, empowered, fervent and with a furious degree of focus/passion behind relatively glacial composure.

Sex, Metaphysics, Makeovers and Other People’s Money (eg; the bank’s $) are all suitable preoccupations for when the Moon is in Scorpio.

Everything else just seems so ephemeral, no?

Opinions are supremely clarified. Especially with Mercury in fixed Leo.

Believe in the Power of You but try to avoid actually starting a cult today.

Use the Scorped up astro to manipulate other peeps and you merely release the Scorping back to sting yourself.

It’s a great Moon to escort Saturn out of Virgo for another 29 years.   Note how many little details of the past few years are now finally being sorted; small but poignant.

Don’t dabble in voodoo on a Scorpio Moon..Astral travel could be harder to avoid. It’s an ultra-weird dreamscape this week.

32 thoughts on “Scorping Up

  1. been doing the scorp moon thing my whole (short) life with the moon-pluto in scorp. Never a better time for sex and spirituality than these transits.

    Regarding the other people’s money, damn, I know. Just came into unexpected cash and have been doing a (positive) 180 with loan people. So bizarre.

    Also, re: no voodoo, too late. Needed to weed out the snakes from the grass with no fuss no muss. It’s working.


  2. Slept only two hours – end of Saturn, lots to finish, but the dreams squeezed into that two hours? wow – getting the point in between sleep and wake, as dreams pounced one after another.
    Still trying to settle into wake world.

      • Hope the headache will disappear soon. Between drinking water and bathroom stops, no work can get done.

  3. Two things I cannot believe:

    (a) It took three pages of my dream diary to write my dream down this morning, so much detail & so very lucid.

    (b) It is the last week of Saturn in Virgo for 29 years…Wow!

  4. Always some kind of info revealed on a scorp moon to me, (here is hoping that gym crush guy will ask me out)

  5. Have just been deep in communicae with an imaginary wise old woman….healing and isightful.
    Ahh scorpio moon -tear stained pillows, sweaty sheets, weblike imaginings and deeeep breathing. Shadow dwelling and lifelust, what a way to roll a few days.

    • …. welcome to every day in our world … would you really want to stay?

      • Lol – was having an interesting convo with self today on this matter. How can people blithely wander through the world and not routinely (ie daily) delve into the shadow world? I realised today how much I miss my friends who are as intellectually rigorous as I about EVERY thing. I too can be blithe, carefree, go with the flow (yay for Sagg), but so crave my old uni friends. All now being terribly important in Canberra…… Meh

  6. What a freaky pic. I have moon in Scorp and I must say I am feeling very comfortable with this moon. Have been feeling weak and irritable the last two weeks and yesterday I finally got it together. Feeling strong and if not glacial.

    Had a VERY Scorpio encounter this afternoon. A new Cappy friend stopped her car and just fell into my arms sobbing. She recently had a miscarriage, felt no one else ‘got it’ among her friends. She has a Masters in Psych. (Scorp bonus points) and felt she shouldn’t need help, poor thing – we all need help at times and people interested in the depths of the psyche most of ALL, I would have thought.

    Revealing suppressed dark feelings to a friend – Scorpio Tick
    ‘Soul-mining’ – Scorpio Tick
    Bubbling repressed emotions – Scorpio Tick
    Issues re the reproductive process – Scorpio Tick etc. etc. I could keep going!

    • As a fellow feline Andromeda, i too luuve Moon in Scorp which is probably more due to my Kataka Moon/planets. Definitely fave time of the month (also Fish rising, and Scorp Moon highlights my ruler Neptune in Scorp)! Glad you are feeling better. Babies and toddler years are soo exhausting, something you never forget. x

      • Thanks fluid feline! I need that perspective every now and then… :) everything can be really incredible and uplifting with the kids one mo, then a total screaming chorus the next! It’s hard but thankfully I seem to handle it all pretty well all up. Probably because I’ve spent years lonely and yearning, so I know, this is better, kicks, screams and all!

  7. avoid starting a cult today… ha ! on my first day at maritime college i purposely sat away from all the other class members at lunch . A lone student came over and sat next to me and i did my hocus pocus with out even thinking (first member!). By lunch time i had three quarters of the class and the teacher surrounding me while i held court . I may be a closet psyco but i though stuff it im making my move and im taking over (the world) or my little slice of it …… Picking up a new horse (4×4) tonight cleaning the rust of my sword later and shining up my armor. (new threads and foot ware) new haircut in my mind. Damsel in distress… My ship is on the horizon and docks very soon and its name is Amity( my favourite place from my childhood on Stradbroke Island) very symbolic . Astral dreams are SO vivid and bordering on freaking me out but i LOVE them! Saturn is nearly gone (thank FUQ) looks like end of and era and the dawning of a new age… my new motto is…….. “semper fi.” Bye!

  8. What happens if you don’t get eveything out of the way before Saturn changes into Libra? Is it enough having mars and venus there to tie up loose ends?

    • Very good question, am feeling like a hamster running in a wheel going nowhere.

      I would like to ask for an extension.

      • Yeah, me too. I don’t know, I feel with a bit more time I could set up some great structures from what I’ve learnt with Saturn in Virgo, I feel like I’m just getting started……But I guess I’m still pretty young…sucks though that it wont be in such a prime position for EVER

        • Maybe the whole idea is figuring out what we learned since 2007 and then start the implementation when Saturn is out Virgo. Don’t know.

          Been noticing signs, still not comfortable with the new system: either am a late learner or the lessons were an encyclopedia length, couldn’t finish on time.

          Oh a better expression: it is as if am driving a new car, but not sure what the engine can and can not do.

          • Yeah I understand exactly what you are feeling. I was really hoping that was the case- learning the lessons then implementing after. For me there is kind of no way to implement them until that time as I just don’t have the resources (a saturn lesson).
            And yeah it feels like I need to implement a whole new system in a couple of days because its clear the old one isn’t working. Is there a way to accelerate psychological process anyone!?!?

          • it’s not like you have to pack up and walk out with everything half done, or half thought-out. I read somewhere that the lessons etc don’t always become clear until the transit is over and we have a clearer perspective [e.g. easier to look back 18 months than try and analyse while we were in the middle of it. ]

            just keep doing whatever it is you are working on, don’t stress, let things happen as they happen and keep your foot on the accelerator if you feel you need to. Maybe just be sensitive to the change in pace or vibe in the coming months as SAturn continues into Libra?

          • I am making lists, for whatever comes to my mind and on what the last three years have been about.

            For all trouble spots, following Mystic’s advice: have a plan. Plan A, B, C. Since Plan A never works, am making sure Plan B is way better than Plan A.

      • do what you can. you are the power source. is the list do able anyway. mine isnt’ but hell with stressing. x

      • what happens when saturn goes out of virgo and i havent finished sorting everything out yet!!! does that wiff of organisation that i was just getting comfortable with disappear… but if saturn has been in virgo most of my life, then, really its not like i just started on this project, and hopefully the shift of saturn will for all of us start the dawning of a new time

  9. It’s funny this thing called “processing.” I find journalling excelerates it, as does any activity that suspends the conscious monkey mind for a period of time ( even nano-seconds ) As a mental health nurse and Virgo it’s kind of my day job. Ha ! But seriously, sometimes it’s a completely non linear, unpredictable thing. But then suddenly you get it. Writing definately helps tho.

    • Yeah I’ve found that too….In these last days when I become overwhelmed I just sit down and write stream of consciousness and it always ends up with a few breakthroughs…and then I have to get back to business! lol

      • I had a really useful, clarifying breakthrough using stream of consciousness writing a couple days ago. I had a dramatic end to a relationship that had dragged on for several years past its sell-by date (for once it was him not me being the drama-queenie). Realised that pisces ex had unwittingly shaped my whole world view and that I had been looking at things his way not independently … I defined myself in terms of him for so long – now I have to figure out how to redefine myself personality-wise – scorp re-invention coming up. Really feel like I’m turning a corner here – scopes for today are spot-on, thanks MM.

        • We are living parallel lives!
          My redefinition is coming through quiet time, journalling, going with the flow, noticing the signs around me and…. doing nothing.
          Taking a moment.

          • That’s the right way to do it. I really feel the need to do nothing and just relax, let the insights come to me … it’s really unfortunate that at the moment I have full time work, 2 study projects to hand in and a freelance job to complete for a client – and that’s just this week. Plus I have a bad cold. I never seem to be able to coordinate it correctly so that I can just relax and do what is best for me.

            I have so much running around in my head that I have no time to sit and think about life in a serious way – and when I do take time, I often am so tired I can’t think properly – so no wonder it took me so long to come to my senses about that relationship! I am definitely not doing it right most of the time. Need to take more moments, somehow.

  10. didn’t manipulate as much as sway things in favour. but saved me needed $$
    I can feel the pressure on but see the light at tunnel end. I have slogged pluto transit many a year into saturn transhit forming me into a ball of steel. I am going as fast as I can without compromising eating sleeping needs. they are my rules. megabeasts can deal x

  11. Ooh ah
    What a crappy book cover, just the sort of thing found at home.
    I think the true defining moment of Saturns exidus from Virgo will be when Mars accompanies on the first.
    Metaphysics definitions are many : my fav is the assemblance of knowledge.
    A little bit structural, I know, and so is this book cover.

  12. hurrah for glacial composure!
    hurrah for Mystic using the phrase glacial composure!

    must. deal. with. banking. stuff. explitive.