Saturn, Uranus…The World

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Yes the Moon is in Aqua and now waning away…But the Full Moon ain’t to blame for enervation, ennui and yet the sense of magical expectancy

Saturn and Uranus are in opposition for the final hit in the series that began back around Halloween 2008.

And so now, here you are, that phase is done with and the stage is cleared ready for the next act.

If you want, tote up all the balancing brilliance you manifested, trying to achieve both Saturn ends (success, survival, security, money, maintaining standards, strength) and Uranian desires (independence, emancipation from crap, freedom, liberty, individuation, cool new ideas, utopian ideals) and how did you do?

Even if you’re still super-conscious of what you have yet to achieve (and Mars nearing opposition with Uranus wants everything fuqing right NOW or else) or what you had to give up to get where you’re at or wondering why a relationship that involves both sanity and good sex is hard to score TAKE a moment to appreciate what you’ve accomplished since Halloween 2008.

And schedule up some more sleep and/or massage. Drastic astro can strain the nerves.

72 thoughts on “Saturn, Uranus…The World

  1. Beautiful deck. I used it for years not completely understanding it. I am certainly worn out. In the space of 4 weeks I have shed a partner, my flirtation with cigarettes, other smokeables, alcohol, meat, or anything that has a face, my beloved dog of 17 years, and now my mother. Yes this astro is draining….

    • Oh dear Tamberlaine, that’s so very much in four weeks… Best of luck to you.

    • Hey, it is OK and not OK at the same time. Some times it is one breath at a time, even one day at a time is too long to endure. But always, remember one breath at a time. *hugs*

      • Basically the same words I was saying yesterday, Quadrupled. I said, okay, taking things one day at a time just is not going to work this week. Until further notice, we’re taking it one hour at a time.

    • Holy draining astro, Tamberlaine. Cyber hugs and cups of tea to you (((hugs))) (Hope you still drink tea)

      • U & P too. A complete stranger met me yesterday and said “you look like you need a hug” gave me one and I burst into tears. Public grief is, I think difficult for Virgos. And sometimes written humour. And yes I still drink tea. :)

    • I would highly recommend you taking up at least two substances in order to avoid serious blowback and a rash of crap behaviour that you may really not like in a month or two down the track … your choice as to what those are

      • I took your advice ( very sensible it is too ) last night. Downed a couple of glasses of a neighbours home vineyard shiraz. Yes, they own a vineyard !
        But it gave me terrible indigestion. :(

        • Faffing indigestion…tres Virgo, non? Have you tried combining the finest fairtrade tea and chocolate (pref dark), Tamberlaine? It might do the trick with avoiding blowback, per prowlers suggestion.

        • one of the other things you’ve recently given up is great for stomach probs/nausea – I suggest combining the two for effacacy : O)

        • yeah it’s hard when your digestive system spits the dummy and says “Enough Already!” … how does one find pleasant things to indulge in that don’t lead to blahh consequences? (still struggle with that one myself) Perhaps it’s a matter of working out what feels like an indulgence for you. Sometimes for me that’s just a matter of “bunking off work” and sleeping til 1pm, whilst putting the phone on silent. You’d think that being my own boss that would be easy .. but it’s NOT, I feel terribly naughty … but in a good way! hehe

    • Fuq. You are sure in the zap zone. These times are when I find this virtual realm deeply frustrating. There’s nothing that can be said to ease that kind of pain. Words are empty. Please don’t be afraid to ask others around you for help you don’t have to do this alone xxx

  2. Thankyou Q and A, and sorry Mystic, I was playing with you on the Virgo composure post. A bit cruel of me really.My humble apologies.

  3. Yes, yes. Fell preggers around October 2008 and moved in with my lover-now-husband. Now I get no sex, no sleep and I don’t work a day-job. Particularly with this moon in aqua, the kids are both teething and will not s.l.e.e.p.

    But, but, but – I just worked out when my Saturn return was (I know, d’uh, but like I said been busy) AND it follows the end of my relationship with SaggEx, end of my participation in my business with him and return to Oz almost TO THE DAY!!! Amazing!!!

    Yeah, but apart from that, my life is 180 degrees from October 2008. Most fruitful (ahem) years of my life thus far.

  4. Which deck is this? It looks so very familiar – it is quite possible it is the one I have and haven’t looked at for 15 years, but if it isn’t, I want it! (will naturally ask the universe for it, though I take on board MM’s advice that you should certainly buy your own deck if you so desire).

      • I would avoid any attachment to any particular deck. We’re talking about a pack of cards here. All you really need is atunement to the symbolism in the card and often these new versions, something like what’s happened to the Bible, become a game of chinese whispers. They are a focus tool. The message comes from the divine channelled through the reader.

        • True, but there is a distinction between “divination cards” and TAROT proper. The Tarot is a part of a larger, dynamic system of hermeticism and western tradition that includes Astrology, Alchemy and Qabala. Those decks that follow that tradition (IE Rider wait, Crowley’s THOTH deck) carry a particular current of gnosis that are not found in decks who are the creative expression of a particular artist.

          Still doesn’t mean divination cards don’t work when you follow the essential spirit you have mentioned, but there is indeed a distinction.

          • yes I find that the Rider Waite pack, whilst not being the prettiest or most beautifully designed pack, is so redolent with symbolism that after 25 years of use that I hardly have to “interpret” the card, or the spread at all.

      • silly me, it’s actually my deck. I always found the symbology a bit hard to read, Rider Whaite is so much easier to intuit.

  5. Wow – the astrophere is super charged for me at the moment. Literally felt it building in my ‘waters’ since Saturday morning. A feeling of uneasiness coupled with raging anticipation. Tonight’s full moon has me wired like nothing else. SOME shit is going down SOMEWHERE…we’re all in for a massive ride, lets hope us earthlings receive the radical change we so desperately need.

    And some sleep!!

  6. Am zapped, unmotivated and feeling guilty and agitated at the same time. Bad combo! Full moon get on with it and Sat/Uran stop oposing the other. Enuff! I need peace

  7. Nov. 2008 was first brain surgery for my father, upon discovering he had cancer that had spread there. Third brain surgery is tomorrow. The second surgery was last year, also around another Saturn-Uranus hit. I really pray that the stage has been cleared for him at last.

    • I can only offer a buddhist prayer of intention that your dad be well and free from sufferring. My heart goes out to you because I know how it feels.

  8. Thanks, Q’ed. Echoing yet one more thing you said, above, it’s OK and not OK at the same time, not just with my father, but other things too. Great job opportunity has also been dropped in my lap this week. So thanks for the hugs. Breathing in. Breathing out.

  9. A fulll moon

    A full ring around the moon

    life is good

    Looking up

  10. PS Nerves totally fuqed. Hot Leo not even bothering to answer my basic ‘how are you’ sms.


    Am reading your daily emails Mystic but am seething. Feel like sending him a ‘wtf?’ message.

    I am not a doormat.

    • your expectations and his might be different? and is that so wrong that you must get upset over it. Oh ok … annoying at worst. I’m sure there’s plenty in your life to focus on other than Hot Leo.

      • After receiving up to 20 sms a day for days on end then totally zip to a simple, ‘how’s it going?’ query from moi yes I do expect basic politeness in a reply, even if it is, ‘Good ta, gone mountain climbing with my new wife’.

        • hmm maybe it’s just me but if I was getting 20sms a day from anyone I’d scream at them for highjacking my personal space! Contrarian that I am. :)

          I dunno, the guy sounds inconsistent, flaky and high maintenance.

    • Send him NOTHING bluelibra. Put him in the deep-freeze (metaphorically).

        • Bluelibra, Mars is about to be in Libra, so send him the wtf message then. Mars is working on me at the moment, so give me his # and I’ll send him a wtf message right now, LOL. Bastard. Oh, okay, listen to TaureanLoveExpert. She knows better.

          • Well, I’m starting to suspect my advice in respect EVERY romantic dilemma is ‘Say nothing, do nothing, bat your eyelids fetchingly & continue on your merry way’.

            Of course, the presumes that you have already flagged your interest in some way.

    • Where do you think are are Prowlers and where do you think you should be?

      • dunno venus .. it was 2am when I wrote that after nearly 10 hours working straight on hard coding CSS and actionscript LOL .. tends to send one into a very strange psychological orbit. Or maybe it was the aqua moon??

  11. Well, upon reflection, my relationship with the Taurus douchebag started going south in about October 2008, although I didn’t find out *why* until about Feb. 09 (caught him pulling up his pants with a naked chickie in bed), and it didn’t implode completely until about June 09 (broke up, moved out of house we bought together). I got the last bit of it cleared out about a month ago, I think (legal red tape having to do with house).

    Still trying to figure out how to combine both good sex and basic decency in a relationship – thanks for catching that, Mystic. Had good sex but lacked basic decency with psycho Aquaboy, and while Kataka boy has plenty of decency, the physical part has been stuck in park.

    • Am too trying to solve that part of the riddle – good sex + basic decency the seemingly impossible combo.

      More difficult than the pages after pages of self confessions.

      • Go for the decency. You can always work on the sex, but you can’t make someone nice.
        I chased the good sexual connections for years, had more than my share of messed up relationships because of it. Now I have a partner who surely, is among the most decent people to have walked the earth. I wouldn’t trade that for any amount of post orgasmic bliss. (I have Scorpio with Venus in Scorp, so it was a hard lesson to learn.)

        • thx for sharing that US. I’m dating a nice guy but lots of room for improvement in the boudoir. Being scropy myself I am finding it hard to hold back. Go gentle i know but I’ve finished a very scorpy year long affair and am finding the ‘transistion’ a challenge . but yes go decency and instinct first – spot on.

          • The ‘transition’ was SO hard!
            I was used to the drama of sizzling sex, dramatic break ups, late night catch ups that seemed to mean they could totally ignore you in daylight hours. At first I couldn’t really cope with someone who actually turned up where they said they would, called when they said they would, said marvelous things about me. It sounds weird now to say that, but at the time it was so foreign.

        • Found a note to self: decency should not be one of those “scratch hard, find the prize” lottery cards. A decent person shows, you are right. Best to consider the between the sheets activity as a bonus.

  12. The stuff I have been working through at the moment is mostly wok related. I ahve been trying and trying and trying to get a new job (one that I like more etc etc).
    Havign a bit of a meditate on this I realise that I am a) better at my job than in October of 2008. I am engaged more, more mature and responsible. I am also realising that sometime, people put more effort into this work than I do. At some point I had forgotten to take pride in a job well done and that was making me more unhappy.
    What I amstruggling with at the mometn is that co-workers and friends are stepping up to the next level in their career and I still seem to be volunteering places and doing ground work.
    Getting to the next level has, mostly, been someone giving them a leg up. For instance: my housemate and I have a mutual friend who runs a business. She is bringing my housemate into the business paying for her to upskill and has written a 4 year finanical plan for her.
    This is a _great_ opportunity for my housemate and it is not really the sort of work I want (I wouldn’t mind it… but it would drive me spare after a few years… or months…).
    I think I just someone to go ‘your a great worker, we like the cut of your jib… come work with us’. Which I kind of got mid year… but he went ‘you should really volunteering for us first’.
    I suppose… the harder you climb, the better the view will be from the top, right?
    There is stuff about the ex… but I am tired of talking about it. Basically, relationships always leave an imprint, but they do not totally define me (something I must remember the next time I am in one).
    For now, I have bigger fish to fry.

  13. I learned that I was taught to be a lamb but I’m really a lion.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with lambs.

  14. I continue to scream at the Uranian side of me to SHUT THE CRAP UP and stop whining about how it wants to be freeeeeeeeeee and is bored for 8 hours at work and really just wants to be allowed to go out in the sunshine between 1 and 5 p.m. (Can you tell I am no longer allowed to work shorter hours?)

    So so far, Saturn wins. Yay for having money, ’cause I can’t have freeeeeeeedom and money at the same time.

  15. Ok I shall try to focus on the blog theme. Saturn / Uranus opposition. I still remember the joke the ended in the line ” I think the sun is in Ur anus”. LOL.
    OK big breath. Virgo sun, Cancer moon, Aqua asc, multiple Leo (? is that right ?) Venus, Merc and Uranus (pronounced properly)
    Halloween 2008 ? Sound of frantic journal page- turning. Thinking,thinking,…Nope. Nothing comes. Nada.
    What I do know at present is be careful what you wish for…

  16. All my Saturn ends – in particular survival and security – were transmuted by Uranian desires. My life is now totally different to what it once was. I have been emancipated from the life and self I was no longer satisfied with and even though it was probably the most challenging path to take, here on the other side of it I feel blessed. I was feeling the Mars energy yesterday until I took the time to pause though. Now I know the rest will happen in its own good time.

    • Which in turn leads back to Saturn security again just in a different form. More true to me.

  17. I did a quick review and would have given myself aan A- but only places I need to do more work out of all of the things you said are work on cool new ideas and utopian ideals (which are the easiest things to do glee) but also give up the dreaded nicotINE. So, B +

    • Oh my goodness Sag blue horse, I want to hang out with you!

      “only places I need to do more work out of all of the things you said are work on cool new ideas and utopian ideals (which are the easiest things to do glee)”

      I say we have a pow-wow of sorts and call on all these utopian ideals and cool new ideas…


      • Its not something I am used to doing but I think it will liberate me from a difficult decade or two. Circumstances conspried to teach me some lessons. Yes lets do that…that in itself is a cool new idea and utopian! ha ha.

  18. ahhh, i feel so serious.
    where is the innovation, expansion and rapid change?
    and sleep?

    • your mutable/saturnine status fascinates me – you experience all this so ummm discretely : o) – maybe all those things are still thought forms and they will come into being in august once all the mental not since the 1930s crap happens? I suspect you are totally high functioning and could whip us all at chess whilst crunching numbers in excel making best use of macros, preparing powerpoint presentation, having a conference call and doing lunch – simultaneously. Checkmate. Like maybe all these change innovation things are actually happening but you’re totally downplaying it without realising. Meanwhile, back at the ranch… I’m making a mean chicken stock to use later in my fresh pea risotto. Saturn in Libra in the 4th makes me the housewife I never wanted to be and I’m loving it. I wonder if I can fit in some vacuuming before shelling peas? That would make it the 5th time I’ve vacuumed in the past decade – I did it twice the last time saturn was in libra LOL. I bet if you made a list of all you’re doing right now you’d be surprised at what you’re achieving shell. I wonder if your version of innovation and rapid change is to have a quick catnap?

      • ha, right now, 1- trying to stay awake, 2- staring vaguely at my four different screens on my computer, 3 – wondering if i can go home yet to have a lie down before i go out later

        yes you are right, once the jet lag wears off and I get my head around all that has gone on in the last 9 months or so i shall see lots of change. or at least the seeds of it.

        now i just have the idea of a cat nnap running about in my head which tells me it is time to go home.
        thanks for that.
        hope the pea rissotto goes well. i love making rissotto.

    • I feel absolutely flat, empty and depressed. Can’t even expend the energy to think back to october 08…just want to shut myself away from the world. Argh…