Saturn Strikes Again

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Michael Whelan

Saturn has got just ten more days in Virgo to go and for the Mutable signs, it’s a bit like the above picture. YES! Re-emergence is us.

However, though Saturn is Exalted in Libra (ie: functions better than in Virgo) it’s still Saturn and there are lessons to be learned, certain cautions to be suavely observed for the sake of success and serenity amidst challenging times.

So, if you don’t already have Saturnalia (your guide to Saturn in Libra, sign by sign and with all the relevant dates, do check it out here.

If you have it, may I politely suggest a quick re-read?

Virgil Finlay

39 thoughts on “Saturn Strikes Again

  1. What an awesome pic!! I just adore enormous giant dream trees…

    Saturn about to conjoin my Pluto in Libra. Am not sure what that means but I am going to guess that transformation is a must in relationships and it will be done in a strictly controlled fashion?
    Either way this guy’s pics inspire my own feeling for Saturn in Virgo about to be Libra…

    • I’m facing up to the same saturn vs natal pluto in libran in a short while too…

      I already had a big dose of the transformation of relationships thing that you mentioned when saturn poked his nose into Libra last year so I’m guessing that’s going to be like that to the power of ten.

      Terrifying but exhilarating, yes?

      • Ooh, that does sound scary?! I hope it passes me by easily enough. And yes Friday, Saturn get thee behind ..thee.

        • Thank you! I hope you have an easy time of it also.

          And I have that Pluto in Libra thing, too. In the fifth.

          What can that possibly mean?

    • I also have pluto in libra, generational thing. it’s in my 2nd, which also covers most of virgo. Mystic suggested that when saturn hits pluto then the stuff that saturn has been churning up will go transformational gang busters. Whether that is a windfall or a kick in the teeth will depend on whether the work has been put in up till now.

      • I have it in the 11th – and have been noticing how increasingly ruthless am feeling towards acquaintences who drain me and old friendships that I love sentimentally and truely in its way, but … the cut and run urge is Massive …

  2. Oh, these are gorgeous. I love the one of the little hipster with the ghosts.

    As for Saturn, as a Virgo, get thee behind me, Saturn!

    • Aren’t they cute? I like the reindeer people striding down the hill. Am thinking I may like them as they are drawn on post it notes by someone with twins. Sort of relate to the idea of grabbing some random bit of office supply and making a window into another world in your spare minute in the day!

  3. I thought that after this weekend everything was supposed to get better.
    And now I find you have to wait ten more days? Argh. This is killing me.
    And Mystic you were so right with my sign last week. I had every weirdo man contact me last week. I went from a stalker who is obsessed with gloves then to a man who ditched me for the State of Origin. WTF the worst date week of my life.

  4. Looking forward to having Saturn in Libra – not that the house changes. Hopefully the lessons will become softer, in Virgo Saturn’s teaching has been my-finger-to-your-eye style.

  5. hem with Saturn screeching through the last degree of my 7th house, bumping over natal pluto on the way out, my relationship /marrying sensibilities have become mega crystal clear! What is and what isn’t for me, what goes against my best interests and why the fuq I kept doing the hokey pokey on a highwire act, the same way, with same failure rates and aha, “that’s what it’s all about”. music stops. and then it starts again.
    ” just don’t do it” has been the Saturn wisdom whispering in my ear and grabbing my arm to keep me on the ground when the allure of texting the ex or going for it with a new unsuitable potential disaster.

    Ground zero never felt better.

    • Saturn is hanging in my 7th house until 2012 – any tips? It now is sitting on Pluto, will hit Uranus in Libra by October.

      This eclipse I tried to make a list of relationship lessons:
      don’t be a people pleaser, your best relationship is the one with yourself, for all other close relations -family, friends – to err is human, the best way to protect a relationship is boundaries, do not give mental space to qi-draining people, nourish the relations that support self-development.

      We both have Gem Sun, Fish rising, it will be interesting to compare notes at the end :)

  6. All the thing that I do to not piss off Saturn in Libra:
    *I started changing up the exercise routine… am currently just stepping it up a bit.
    *Am alternating weeks to see me Acupuncturist and my osteo.
    * The money I used to spend on smokes, I now spent on facials every 2 months at a fancy day spa.
    *I have new work process and pathways of communication.
    *I find I hate my job less, but would still like to do something else.. which is a better place to be.
    * I am OTT with my organisation. OTT! Just haev to learn not to fall apart when things don’t go according to plan

    *my friends are excelletn support. Let me support me.
    * my ex’s are ex’s for a reason. Therefore they don’t get my sunshine and warm ray of radness.

  7. and the plan, for those who have fish rising and potential Neptunian influences, shallt not include ESCAPE…. That only has the effect of destroying the fun things. Like when you ignore a traffic fine, it keeps getting bigger. When you deny your intuition telling you that he/she is really shrinking your world and you go on imagining that you’re in blissful love, you’re actually making life suck. Saturn, it turns out, is the good guy. Boringly realistic but , there you go, apparently if you stick to the boundaries and rules life can be fun and expansive.
    thanks Mystic, I’m gonna visit Saturnalia to swot up on this..

    To me, the best way to keep ex vex at bay isn’t a hex but a little beam of higher love sent their way.

    Oh Gawd, next I’ll be quoting ABBA!

    • ok, this is fulltilt ABBA on 7th house saturn transit. Well, maybe mid transit.

      “Somewherw deep inside
      you must know I miss you.
      But what can I say
      Rules must be obeyed

      the loser has to fall.
      It’s simple and it’s plain.
      Why should I complain”


    • ABBA quote for freeeeee
      i think this sums up the mid 7th house transit by Saturn pretty well, as cliches go

      “somewhere deep inside you must know I miss you
      but what can I say
      rules must be obeyed

      the winner takes it all
      the loser has to fall
      it’s simple and it’s plain
      why should I complain”


      • I am sold, many thanks :) Rules and boundaries on what feels right, what doesn’t, what Saturn wants: health, wealth, wisdom as Mystic says “Have-A-Plan”

  8. Anyone else dealing with a Saturn transiting over their 11th House?
    This ends soon, right?

    • Had that one awhile ago… peer circle completely changed…for the better.

      I no longer hang out with emo vampires and drama queens and leeches…..I refuse to `attempt` to rescue peeps .

  9. I don’t know how I feel about this Saturn move. As a Scorpio it’s going to a be transiting my 12th house which sounds really depressing and kind of hard work, when frankly I could do with a rest. No more weeding, life lessoning, karmic hamster wheel thanks.

    Also, I have Pluto in Libra in the 7th, Venus in Libra in the 7th, Jupiter in Libra in the 7th, Saturn in Libra in the 7th, Libra in the 7th house, Juno in Libra, Lilith in Libra. Sounds fun.

    • holy moley Charley – you get to use the gorgeous word ‘stellium’ alright!

      • Tell me about it, intense or what? Stellium is a gorgeous word and something I’d totally forgotten about, thanks for the reminder.

      • Hi, I’m a newbie, and I’m wondering how many planets you need in a sign to make a stellium, and which ones count.

        If I only count the major planets, I have Saturn-Moon in Aquarius, Neptune-Sun in Scorpio, and Pluto-Uranus-Mars in Virgo. If I count the asteroids as well, then I have Mercury-Pallas-Juno in Sagittarius (my ascendant,) and Vesta-Chiron-Fortuna in Pisces.

  10. Hey question regarding Saturn to whomever might know. Is it considered unusual to have a Saturn Return and Saturn in your Sun Sign occur back to back? Like say first Saturn goes into X which happens to be your sun, then straight after you get the Saturn Return? Or the other way around. If so does it have any symbolical meaning in astrology?

    • Let me see if I understand your question. Are you saying you have Sun conjunct your Saturn natally? If so, then how rare the transit is that you’re describing is a function of how often it takes Saturn to go through all 12 signs . . . which I will now go research . . . insert elevator music here whilst I check

      • not quite Inchy … ok so I have Saturn in Gemini and I’m a Cancer. So I had my Saturn Return around mid 01 through to end of 03 when Saturn was in Gemini. Then it (Saturn) went into Cancer and so being a crab that’s 5 years of Satan On My Arse. Was wondering if that’s an unusual astro configuration and if it has any meaning via precedent aside from the obvious “that it must’ve sucked”. It actually didn’t my Saturn Return was good to me although I had a lot of responsibilities and headaches dumped on my head, but I handled them. It was Saturn in Cancer that sucked … it only got worse when it got into Leo but I’m blaming that on the back to back Pluto transits I had during that time.

          • ah yes so your Saturn Return in Libra then Scorp going over your Sun? 5 years of blissful fine tuning and redefinition of the self. My hint? Whatever you’ve been ignoring and pretending isn’t there … will suddenly Be There and fighting it is silly because Saturn always has our best interests at heart. I had to ditch soo many “groups” and I fought that – probably due to being a sun/venus crab plus hefty aqua goings on. Will no doubt fall into a different house placement for you, but I’m sure you get my drift.

    • My husband’s chart is somewhat similar. He has Saturn at 25 Virgo, so he has been going through his Saturn return. In Libra, where Saturn is going, he has a stellium of 5 planets. Yep, 5! Mercury, Moon, Venus, Sun, and Neptune. All these are in his 10th house.

      I’m hoping he doesn’t burst into a ball of flames! He’s not a big believer in astrology and so far doesn’t seem to be fazed at all by the transit. Maybe ignorance is bliss, eh?

      • I have a really focused chart, only 3 signs (Scorp, Libra, Sag) in a bundle, all in their respective houses and with Aries rising. So once Libra and Scorpio pass on by I’ll have Sag hanging about on 3 major planets. Wooo hoo.

        I am a little concerned only because I’ve already done a LOT of refining, self discovery and work on myself over the last 5 years, can’t really face anymore. Maybe it’s a good thing, I’ll be prepared and have less to weed out. I think responsibility is the the thing I’ve been ignoring, on all levels so if anything that will be what I have to address but I sure feel like it’s time to start looking outwards.

        Anyway, blah de blah thanks for the warning/advice; was an interesting question to ask because I had wondered!

  11. prowl-n-cat: Okay, without doing a lot of math, I can’t figure out how frequently you would find that type of pattern of a Saturn return being followed by a Saturn transit over your Sun. And I don’t have that configuration in my chart personally, so I can’t comment from personal experience.

    But this was something that came to mind: maybe there’s something there about you having to go through the Saturn Return to get to Saturn/Sun conjunction, i.e., you have to go through the process of defining yourself (Saturn Return) before you can do the hard work of developing/ disciplining yourself (Saturn on the Sun) to become what you identified as your newly-defined self during the Saturn Return. So maybe it was easy for you to mature into what you wanted to become; maybe with Saturn in Gemini you had already tried on a variety of hats mentally and had a good idea about which one would fit best.

    But then when it came time to do the gruntwork of making it all happen . . . when Saturn started knocking on your Cancer Sun, saying, hey, time to move out of your comfort zone to make this plan work . . . it became overwhelming.

    My take on this didn’t cost anything . . . and probably is as worth as much, but, hey, I had fun thinking about it.

    • that is exceptionally cool Inchy … thank you and I really appreciate your thoughts. There’s some real guts to that perspective which I must ponder … hmmmm

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