Radiantly Heightened Grand Expectations

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Aitken Jolly

Sun in Leo sextile Saturn in Libra, trine Uranus. Totally new vibe. Talk about your radiantly heightened grand expectations. The never-ending To Do list of Saturn in Virgo is still there but it’s more of a having-it-all tone of ambition. Less of the doing it all, saintly shite.

18 thoughts on “Radiantly Heightened Grand Expectations

  1. My current to do list is all about buying the nicest lipgloss, mascara and other “must have” make up related junk I have been researching on the net for the past few days. But as I am still lying aroud in my PJs, watching hot Scorpy b/f sprawled on the rug in front of blazing heater brush the gorgeous fluffball cat (its a bizzare but true scenario) – that to do list will have do wait! Totally new vibe indeed.

  2. Spot on Mystic,

    the longest todo list ever is still here, but big ticket items are under control. Not to mention the return of self-confidence and trust to Universe. Only sleep has taken a hike, nowhere to be seen. Double shift for the concealers, dark circles under my eyes – new raccoon makeup.

  3. Oh, I will have it all – its just a matter of when…..

    Love the new vibe

  4. Just unexpectedly dyed my hair blond. Now I understand why! Also obsessing over make-up, and want to look shimmery.

    • How’s it looking? Would love am image change currently, thinking of going red with a fringe again.. Hubby’ll hate it natch.

  5. THANK UNIVERSE. Need this vibe could not have come any sooner. Really positive communication vibes opening up today! And am already detecting huge mental shift in self. <3

  6. I can finally feel it today. after weeks of tantrums and tiara’s at school (the whole school..) today was very this. such a nice change from virgo robot do
    now I need some sleep.

  7. hell, I’m not feelin saintly. The shift has been fantastic but have just hit a temporary sad wall of “really don’t know how much more of the plateau I can hack?” – my mountainous challenge is in fact existing in the midst of nothing moving – just did a countback: nearly 3 months of trying, small tweaks, to make room for new directions but nothing coming back – some same old work offers that bore me to tears – the only certainties are what I don’t want (always very useful) and the depth of feeling for that man I left … 3 months ago … deep breath – to kick and scream and demand or to wait wait wait a little longer?????

    rant ends ;

  8. My one grand expectation is expect nothing and go with whatever the Univese opens up for me. While keeping respectfully within the new boundaries i have been set by the Universe . Nothings too hard if you don’t struggle and get tied up in more knots is my mantra at the mo.
    I know easier said than done.

  9. Have-it-all ambition versus do-it-all ambition, that’s neat, I like that!

    This makes me think about how rigid I can be with my darned Mars in Virgo and heavy Saturn influence. Well, I have decided that events are always stronger than myself. I can’t change the program settings set in my childhood. All I can do is let myself open up so that Universal Energy will work through me. That my new mantra.

    By the by, MM will you please let us know what happened to that Scorpio with the Gem Ex and what that Leo did with that Taurus? Did they take any of the advice?

  10. was seriously slogging at the important stuff when a lovely Leo turned up and romanced a few hours away, leaving only smiles. I like this balance :)

  11. In the midst of car dramas I got an advance on my birthday money…
    Used half to be responsible and the other half to get my hair done.