Pisces Homme-Pisces Femme: Who’s More Bats?

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There is actually a traditional astro idea that signs are either masculine or feminine; the Fire and Air signs being the “boys” and Earth/Water the “girls.”

It’s maybe more relevant to gardening astrology than anything else but still, under this mode of thinking an Aries woman would  not be so right-in-her-skin as an Aries male, the sign being masculine.  See Are Aries Women Macho? for a further explanation of this particular conundrum.

But with Pisces, it’s already the last sign of the Zodiac and blessed/cursed with both the fluid/fickle nature of Gemini AND Scorpionic depths of emo. And it’s a feminine sign. So we can argue that Pisces women glide along very nicely in a Neptunian haze of magic, art and commerce whilst the men may be a bit at sea in this ultra-female sign.

In your experience, are Pisces men or Pisces female more likely to embody Haute or Low Pisces?  Does the Piscean juju work differently through the different genders? Or is being Pisces a gender all of its own?

I once witnessed a discussion over a barbecue re politics and between an Aries man and a Pisces man get to Defcon 5 in about ten minutes, complete with the Aries brandishing his hot tongs and bellowing “for fuq’s sake man, don’t you have any convictions at all?” and the Pisces denouncing Aries dude as being a paleolithic, non-mindful brute.

Whereas, i suppose the Pisces female is more able to ‘get away’ with being fluid and multi-faceted…No?

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  1. Pisces women = lovely
    Pisces men = slightly bats and sometimes VERY scary.

  2. Agreed. All the Pisces women I have known seem really high function and peaceful while being, at heart, quite ambitious.
    The men on the other hand: Nutty Flakes most of the time.
    I refer back to my comments about Pisces Ex on the Nudity post, perhaps I’m a tad biased (read: burned).

    • Virgo correction – should say “High Functioning”
      Although I quite like the idea of a person being a high function, sort of trapped in an endless mathematical equation, or whatevereth digit of pi…

  3. I vibe with pisces men as though they are my brothers, Guess I can’t really comment on the rest tho…I have only dated on pisces, he was hell, but caring, very funny (probably his gem asc) and sensitive when he wasn’t being a complete arse.

  4. PS. Magic, art and commerce, mystic I have said this before but i’ll say it again – you are excellent.

  5. This one is a tough one!

    I have not seen the bats of side of Pisces & yet people I know (virgo’s mainly regarding this topic) are pointing out the battiness of one of my fish friends. I DON’T see it! I totally adore her & she is an extremely sensible person who I just happened to have chair races with during down times at work. Love her!
    My dad was a fish & again completely adored him, didn’t see any battiness there either although he did let me dress myself from a very age which was interesting.
    But hang on a minute….
    I am Fish Rising…. didn’t I mention that already?? :D

  6. My boss is a Pisces.

    So many good ideas…… A total flake….. Phenomenal work ethic…… Basically he’s like a living yin/yang.

  7. I am a Pisces (Scorpio moon, Virgo 28 degree so Libra rising?) and two of BFFs are Pisces. Several months ago Mystic had a great pic of a girly girl in a tub with a fishtail, bubbles all around her and beneath that, Catwoman or something. The title was along the line of ‘pisces women look like this and inside, they are like this (catwoman)’. I sent it to them. We all agreed that nothing was more true. Pisces women are alluring and oh, so dainty and pretty but do they know how to kick ass. Not even everyday, but in the bigger scheme of life. We all have high powered careers and run businesses and men can’t seem to forget us…ever. Funny, never knew any Pisces men either!

      • Yeah I Einstein though seems close to people’s perception of a pisces though. To me Rupert seems so sustainably ruthless it sort of surprises me. However I did a quick google and came up with some other famous fishy men…and this is to me and interesting collection.

        Galileo, Rex Harrison, Quincy Jones, Kurt Cobain, Nat King Cole, Albert Einstein, Harry Belafonte, Chopin, Bruce Willis, Shaquille O’Neal, Edgar Cayce, Caruso, Sidney Poitier, Voltaire, Washington, Nureyev, Renoir, Kurt Russell, David Niven, Ted Kennedy, Fats Domino, Billy Crystal, Ron Howard, George Harrison, Jerry Lewis, Tony Randall

        • I’ve just been reading all about Renoir – I adore him – synchronicity. And I get Kurt Cobain, Chopin, Edgar Cayce, Sidney Poitier, Nureyev, George Harrison but hell Bruce Willis and Jerry Lewis? Must have other major influences me thinks.

          • yeah they were the wtf stand outs for me too but then I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr Murdoch would love to have Bruce play him in some epic Oliver Stone-esque movie…

            Also I’ve read somewhere beyond how much the french love Jerry Lewis I think he does a lot of charity work for autistic kids…

            The only common thing I find in Pisces people, male or female is an ability to be exceptionally multi-faceted…

          • but Bruce is the BEST! look how effortlessly he managed the whole divore/ashton-playboy thing!! plus he is one of the few actors that can be given the WORST lines in movies & still make them work…

        • Yeah Einstein was classic Pisces Guy with don’t hem me in invisible tattoo. He was brilliant at his career but to his wife he says “You will not expect any intimacy from me, nor will you reproach me in any way.” wtf? and the adultery. oh and the cousin luv.

          As you can tell I’m incinerating the last bit of Pisces Man ick off the body with a blow torch.

          Pisces Women otoh rock my world! My sis, enuff said. :)

          • einstein was an avid collector of cacti I wonder if that’s a water sign thing – and yes what a bastard didn’t he leave his wife to fend for herself when the nazis were getting their groove on or something – he did something like that… something mean.

        • And Chris Martin lead singer of Coldplay. There is always a hint of sadness in his songs. I cant listens to them for long, I end up really down.

          Poor ol Kurt Cobain, he had all his personal planets in water signs, I cant imagine what that would be like.. (we all know how it ended) and I think no wonder, really hard very sensitive soul… Im sure I would be a quivering mess if it wasnt for my fire.

          Love love George Harrison. I have sung “My Sweet Lord” to my lil Aries since he was in my belly..

          • OMG sassy I listen to that every few days – I fell in love with it when I was about 4-5. Love George. I might just listen to it right now. Within you without you I also love – especially Patti Smith’s version – she also does a great cover of one of sad curt’s songs – it’s all swirling and indian drums – spellbinding. Can’t go coldplay at all. Whiney.

          • Hahah “Coldplay whiney”. Yes I love Patti Smiths cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit, very cool. Just found my Zap Zone anthem “I aint gonna eat out of my heart anymore” Divinyls, she rocks, mars in scorp. Gonna activate my mars through Chrissy..and fuqing get thru this zappy zone..

            Keep on rockin Whatevs ;-) Like your taste.

        • mmm chopin – the water music suddenly makes sense and voltaire’s down with the dogma stance as well – good list.

  8. I guess it depends on the Piscean Man’s upbringing. If he was lucky and brought up in a openminded environment, he’ll do fine with his everchanging states of being. If not, he’ll probably try hard to control, or more likely hide this. It’ll blow up in his face more than once and he’ll hate himself (even more) for it.

    Pisces women just have their period to blame it on. Lucky them.

    Funny how women don’t get the “flake” comment, yet had they been born men everyone would call them a flake without a second thought. I mean, I think they all act the same. I guess it all depends on people’s perceptions of males/females, gender roles, etc.

    For the record: Pisces moon, rising, and mars. I’ve lived with and am friends with both Pisces men and women.

  9. Most of the Pisces men I know are gay — in fact, I know more Piscean gay men than any other sign (are more Aries women gay, I wonder?)

    I went out with a Piscean man (not gay!) once and he drove me mad. Too much crying, and wanting to stay home, watch the cricket, read Rilke in the original German and eat the only thing he ever cooked — vegetarian nachos. But I would say that, wouldn’t I, as a Virgo?

  10. Pisceans eh .. whaddya say *dramatic hand guestures*. I know so many of them .. dunno HOW but they’re always THERE even more than the Virgos but possibly a bit less *cough* vocal. All I can say is that each and everyone is a unique entity unto themselves:

    Pisces ex Hubbo (toro moon)
    – down to earth, charming, FAB in le sack, VERY work oriented, kind, understanding, loyal

    Pisces daughter (pisces asc, gem moon, aries venus)
    – vague, pig pen, disorganised, arty, dreamy, very social and popular, did I say vague?, witty, I fret for her in the real world as I’m sure she somehow didn’t get the genomes for cleaning or consistency. I have no doubt she’ll be a mad artist and ravingly popular

    Pisces hubbo of Virgo bestie (cappy mars, toro moon)
    – TOTALLY down to earth, amazingly loyal, highly creative musically but also with a god given knack for making bags of bucks whilst still managing to be pretty real and still got that lalala fishy thing going on when he goes into his studio to make music

    Pisces ex boyfriend (with toro moon)
    – philosopher, rabid athiest who would give christopher hitchens and richard dawkins a run for their money, arty (painting and quite good too), incredibly handsome, totally emotionally inept, unfortunately now dead

    Pisces bestie of many years (scorp moon)
    – intellectual, philosophic, musically inclined, mathematically inclined, couldn’t organise himself out of a paper bag, studying to be a counsellor which is perfect for him, likes dressing as a woman

    Pisces acquaintence of some years
    – talks to dead people, psychic, vague, kickboxes in spare time, likes watching violent sports (???!!!), difficult to hold down a convo with due to all the dead people around her

    ummm … get the picture??

    • Sometimes communication with the dead is easier than
      communication with some of the living.

      • I did? *scratches head* I don’t think so .. maybe I said something like .. I’ll never ever ever ever ever have another child. But no I’ve got one .. hardly a child now, 14 and has been living with her dad since I moved to Perth a few years ago.

      • BTW I don’t think I’ve met a Picies who doesn’t take my astrology talk seriously.

  11. Have had bad experiences with Pisces women lately (both of the killer whale variety, either ruthless or unbelievably high drama), but all the Pisces men I know are complete sweethearts. I guess I just don’t currently know any female Fish of the soft and dreamy variety.
    Then again, all my bffs as a kid were Pisces girls…up til high school. Always had a fish bestie.
    Gem sun.

  12. Oh, and these days I seem to vibe better with Cancerians…they never figured prominently in my life before now even though I have Venus & Mars in Cancer.

  13. Pisces boys are just soooo beautiful and broken and maddeningly irresistible! I have pined over many dark-eyed fishies… But the women! A whole box of Cadbury Flakes.

  14. Have only had experience with one Pisces male and he was Loooooooow to the stereotype. The flakiness, the drugs (wow…and I ain’t no prude…but still wow), sponging off other people’s resources (money, couch, etc.) and yet spewing judgements on other people seemingly non-stop. He was blameless too and evaded responsibility very efficiently (as I sat there watching him tell his aunt such lies. This after she loaned him her holiday apt and other niceties). At the end he bought her a nice orchid. Was also a momma’s boy; so even though she lived in the States, he felt no qualm ringing her up with a backstory and soon a plane ticket would materialize to help him out. He told me she did that sort of thing a lot. I was just busy wondering how nice it’d be to have parents on call like that, hehehe…after I finished being gobsmacked by his talent at telling “stories”.
    The two Pisces females I can think of right now aren’t flakes at all. They have plans, live their lives with a purpose type of thing, and it’s not like they have strong Aries in their charts either.

  15. Have lots of piscean women friends who take the haute option, living and breathing their art, using the neptunian forces to become deeper and more true To their natures. They inspire and invent. The dudes however are the chain smoking, twitching whack jobs.

  16. Don’t know anyone with sun in Pisces except a child who is only 3yo (so a bit young to tell). But I have Moon in Pisces and am highly influenced by Neptune (being Sun in 12th House Virgo). And I’m definately a bit bats :LOL:

  17. Remembering Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter…..recently read up on piscean mythology pre patriarchy and the dolphin association gives way more credit to them than the fish opposing or circling or whatever it is they’re up to. Dolphins are, like fish, older than landlubbing humans and have way more fun, spending 80% of their lives at play (I wonder what sign the lucky bugger was who got funding for that research!) . They sing, dance, fight, make out etc close to the shoreline, where the waters are turbulent. This is so different from the image of schools of fish out in the deep, uber sensitive, big eyed.

    Pisceans I’ve known are sensitive yes, but their inner resilience is often unnoticed. I often wonder when they’re in a tizz or a mood about something, if they’re indulging their tremendous sensitivities at play in a way that just plain pisses off others.

    Our lives are now so consumed with doing and searching for the next big win etc that there may be, in those rolling waves of psychic, emotional and mental phenomenon, something essential to life that only those fin-flapping pisceans are really enjoying. Especially since we’ve supposed to have moved from the higher states pisces age to the electric eccentric universal vibe of aquarian age.

    I guess that rant was in defense of pisces. I have pisces rising, my dad’s pisces and neither of us go psycho bats but I think we do some serious wigging out and tripping off into lala land at the frustration of the less “playful” types.

  18. Pisces men I have known have often be tres firey and capricious. The women seem more like what you imagine the typical Pisces description sweet, dreamy and nebulous. I think the men are secretly very soft, but maybe only their lovers know this side of them?

    • hmmmmm, had a recent female pisces lover who was sweet, dreamy nebulous from a distance but very fiery and capricious up close….

  19. Didn’t the original red hot mama of mainstream astrology
    Linda Goodman say that one has masculine day or feminine
    night and vice versa for signs?
    I remember Sag being masculine day-feminine night energies.
    Quite true for me as feel far more Womanly when sun goes down.

  20. Curiously being the daughter of two Pisceans I don’t actually know many Fishy Peeps very well. My father was always an enigma to me (could that be due to my chart ruler Neptune closest to my MC and square my leo Sun?) and I have only recently looked at his chart. His 0 degree sun conjuncts my Asc and his 3 deg Pisces Venus conjs my Saturn. My parents were true soulmates (Dad died 6 years ago) but I can truly say I never truly knew him. Don’t know is Asc but he had Scorp Moon. Deep, at times very dark and always private re his true self. My Mum was the stronger one; or the more present one (most of the time).

    As a Pisces rising I do have a connection with many Fish rising girlfriends though. Especially the Gemini’s – god love their soh.

    • Wow ff. Johnny Cash:

      Born: February 26, 1932, 7:30 AM
      in: Kingsland, AR (Etats-Unis)
      Sun: 6°45′ Pisces
      Moon: 7°57′ Scorpio
      Ascendant: 22°57′ Pisces
      Midheaven: 25°47′ Sagittarius

      Deep, deep dude…

  21. Pisces ex hubby – beautiful man everyone loved him. So generous and giving and warm. Very ambitious, had a very senior job role – HOWEVER thought he worked so hard and made such an effort at work he didnt want to make effort at home. He would cook sometimes and always do chores, no complaints there but I think he wanted a Stepford Wife. Just agree, smile and look nice. Loved kissing and making love but hell I’m a Scorp so I wanna Fuq you know? Not masculine enough. Other male piscean friends are very similiar, love burying their heads in the sand and not confronting issues, maybe they’ll go away type attitude!! Nope they don’t they just get worse fellas!

    • I know what you mean about pisces men avoiding issues – they also then act shocked when you lose it at them about something you have calmly discussed with them as a mature person multiple times before but which they have decided to take as a ‘suggestion they’ll think about when they get a moment’….

  22. I am a pisces dating/living with a pisces…. out & about socially, I am more adept than he is, mostly because he couldn’t be bothered with small talk (unless of course he turns the charm on) however when we decide to ‘work’ together & focus…people can’t really handle it…which of course is truck loads of fun for us!
    but I can definitely see how people could view me as a flake, what most don’t realise though, is that it’s a lifestyle choice.
    Other pisces men I know have either become drug addicted, or I occasionally meet one out on the smoking balcony of a bar late at night, vibing sleazy with a dash of vague…oh & there was that one pisces man I used to work with (our birthdays were the same day) who had totally denied EVERYTHING even remotely pisces about himself – he also happened to dislike me (mostly because once he had a tantrum that the type of milk he wanted wasn’t in the work fridge – there were other types of milk available – & I told him to basically get over it….as a senior manager he didn’t appreciate the receptionist speaking to him like that apparently)

    the women? I can only think of one I know & she is highly motivated.. has the same ascendant as me too – we’re studying the same course so go figure….

  23. Perhaps Pisces is it’s own gender, as MM suggests.

    I know four female-bodied Pisces:

    1. Is a woman and mother, but very masculine in her approach to most things – ballsy, aggressive, etc.
    2. Is a butch dyke who is constantly mistaken for a guy.
    3. Is a female-bodied genderqueer person who prefers male pronouns.
    4. Is currently transitioning to be a guy.

    And numbers 2 through 4 have absolutely no morals, no ethical consistency, and are the most horribly selfish and masculine people I have ever known.

    (Pisces is currently my most despised sun sign, although I have to say, it seems to work well as Ascendant)

  24. Well, the first love @17 yrs old was a Pisces and the last love in the forties was a Pisces.

    Will have to ponder the implications…..Perhaps I’m the one whose bats.


    • Triple Xxx Pisces Susan (84 yr old Maddie’s daughter), was a freak about cleanliness and germs in so many ways but her bedroom had piles of stuff. It looked “otherworldly” in a sense that only a Pisces could understand?


      • On a deeper level however I venture she had such contrasts as in some ways she looked upon her mother as a job since it was a huge responsibility.

  25. Sadly I know a lot of Piscean men who’s intuition and guile has given way as they get older to cynicism and in one case extremely Low Piscean manipulation. As a woman Piscean I have made the mistake of going out with a few fish males and it is always a mistake and always a walk into the dark side…

  26. I meant to comment on here earlier. I have a weakness for Piscean men born in the 2nd week of Pisces. Yes it is that specific. Amazing connections.
    Piscean rock whore was my last one and what a complex dude he is. Puts my Scorpio sun to shame, like a house of mirrors getting to know him.
    Would love to know his birthtime but he won’t let me see. lol.
    I try to give them up its almost fatal love / head on collision
    Hell yes

  27. My ex manager was a male Pisces…he creeped me out quite a bit. Over the 2 years I worked with him, there many comments from him about women not being able to multitask, being breeders, meetings being interrupted so he could take personal calls, me being called names-liar, game player-and for the first time ever I made a complaint to HR and he denied everything. I was sacked from my job at the worst of it and he escorted me out the door, which was uncomfortable for him, but I kept my dignity, thank god :). The one thing I remember him saying was ‘I don’t know why people think I’m a corporate psychopath’-there was no response I could give to a comment like that.

    The only Pisces female friends that stand out are full on and I can handle in limited doses-for a 12th house Leo with a Virgo rising, its probably a bit full on for me to say so :)

  28. i think females are def luckier being pisces and yes, able to ‘get away with it’ more.. but men with pisces moon are the worst – desperately indecisive.. my ex and michael jackson are two examples.. i slowly grew to lose respect for both :-/

  29. Lovely post mystic… quite agree with what others have said about piscean women being surprisingly career-oriented, very stylish & fun-loving. Not at all uptight. I like ‘em but don’t know many.

    Piscean men, on the other hand… one of my best friends is a Pisces, everything in water planets. He’s a poet and scholar, very serious & hard-working & sensitive. But oooh, when he gets into a mood he is a pain in the ass! Mostly he’s sweet as anything & very understanding tho. The most emo-friendly relationship I’ve ever had with a boy. & another boy is a hard-working musician who has found his soulmate in another friend, a Cancerian, but he had to deal with some of the lower Neptunian stuff first. I really think Pisces men need a creative outlet to drive them onto their true path in life; once on it, hardly anything shakes their faith.
    I (still) wish I was a Pisces…

  30. I am in love with an Aries but he is the one who seems overly sensitive and misinterprets things I ask. Am I nuts or will this work?