Moon in Pisces: The Yin Is Up The Yang

Memo From The Pisces Moon: Yin and Yang are equally balanced but are they in the right place? As above, so below. This Moon is a little bit of the above in vibe and a little bit of the below:  Bi-dimensional is the word du jour.

24 thoughts on “Moon in Pisces: The Yin Is Up The Yang

  1. I think lounging around smoking opium would be a vastly supperior way to spend this week…much more enjoyable than negotiating the hordes of head spinning Exorcist impersonators.

  2. HA! We watched some ikea peeps assembling what the sign told us was “our dream bedroom” yesterday and we decided if they had anything like your pic above in their weird baby poo and formaldehyde smelling realms that we’d buy it. They need you on their “team” to rally the troops, mystic. They’re seriously off track.

    • My 16yo daughter has the most massive boobs, quite pendulous when left unfettered, but lying down they are like that, tho more so- truly awesome!

          • I know!!!! And of course she loves displaying them, oh dear, fettered or no! I’m like pls can you put something on(she loves to walk around in a semi see-thru peignoir thingy!)- and she just says its my house why can’t I be comfortable! All her friends love snuggling up to her on couch watching dvd’s etc and I’m not surprised! When she hugs me we just laugh! She’s Pisces, libra moon, scorp rising obviously VERY comfortable with it all…takes after her paternal grandmother tho I’m no slouch in that dept either- not quite in her category- not many could be- she’s a 12F for goodness sakes!

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