Mercury In The Virgo Woods

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Henri Rousseau

Mercury is in Virgo. Wood or trees?

Details? To-Do lists buzzing off the page.

Nothing in Water until the Moon gets into Pisces in a few hours. Deep breaths. Prioritise. Clear work-space.  Orderly brain. One thing at a time. I actually typed “orderly bran” before. That’s very VERY Virgo.

Try not to go totally apeshit over the miniscule.  Set aside nano-issues. Compose thyself. You’re not really going to get Zen in the Zap Zone (till Aug 22) but relatively calm and plucky is quite a cool goal to aim for, no?

Mercury goes Retro in August as well. In Virgo. Details glossed over now because you’d rather do St Virgo martyr merde will come back to nip you on that toned bottom of yours. Check the Mercury Retro deets on the Monthly Scopes page & bung in your diaries!

Be buzzed and busy but not be-guilted.

Example of a Classic Mercury in Virgo fuq-up:

You postpone everything on the list to clean your house or office from top to bottom, reorder your entire address book and send some anal Virgo missives re Correct Conduct or a Belated Irritants Summary. You screech with horrified glee as you discover a mould patch. You exist only on Evian, adrenaline and vitamin pills but then hit some sort of a cortisol wall mid-arvo and download chocolate croissants with red wine or worse, whilst researching obscure mineral deficiences online or being judgemental about the grooming regimes of complete strangers.  You have gone absolutely bats but the sheets have been disinfected and you can always give the seaweed shake to the cats whilst you dine on potato sticks.

28 thoughts on “Mercury In The Virgo Woods

  1. that explains why i couldnt sleep last night and found myself sorting out my entire music collection by countries of origin and genre at shit o’clock. all this virgo energy has surely made for a lot of uncharacteristic uncontrollable ocd cleaning n organising

  2. Dear Mystic,

    I never really understand when you express that Saturn/Mercury/Venus/Mars in Virgo is tough work.

    These are my natal placements so I am super details oriented and stressing over the pile of work I have to do already. To me it’s just normal.

  3. OMG! That explains why I spent the whole day developing a system so that we can keep track of projects and their status here at work. Seriously – today has been spreadsheet central.

    It probably also explains why I cracked it this morning when I saw the mess our son made in the spare bedroom when he stayed over last night – after I spent 2 hours cleaning it on Saturday (surely at 19yo he’d start to grow out of it).

  4. I experienced _extreme_ road rage this morning. All I was doing was trying to get to yoga and people had the AUDACITY to be on the roads.
    I arrived 15 mins late and not at all zen. Was a good session tho.
    In other news, a man dressed in a giant bunny suit silently entered the radio station I work at, with a sign saying ‘Take me to *insert the music managers name here* please’. He was mute and I pointed him to the managers office. He handed the manager a carrot and left, after hugging a staff mamber (she asked for one).
    The carrot had a ‘go down the rabbit hole’ message and a band’s web address.
    I am impressed.
    I have also gotten a visit forma whippit wearing a very fetching jumper.

    Today I approve of.

      • Ironically, I have no idea. The Music manager didn’t tell us and we were all too interested in the rabbit.

        • And now I have just been given YSL perfume (that doesn’t smell horrible) by an announcer who liked the work I did on her show a couple of days ago.
          What the hell is up with today?

  5. I did a horary question chart 20 mins. ago and my Sun sign and exact Sun degree was on the Asc.

    I like this Virgo accuracy.

  6. Lol…does making a playlist on youtube count? IF its a playlist with guided meditations/chant music/healing videos?

    Man I could use a yoga session right now…

    • I think it counts darl :) I went from hip hop Jason Derulo to Deepak Chopra’s “Eye of the Soul”. After two day “high” so to speak, I’m finally quieting down…

  7. I need my wits today. Yesterday sh!t hit the fan, I passed out at the vet while trying to hold my cat. It was not the sight of blood, but that I didn’t eat, drink water all day to keep an eye on my cat.

    Remember nothing other than surely I had a dream and my shock when my eyes opened but was told my jaw was locked, so were my hands and they had to yank my cat out of my hands.

    Needless to say, sis was furious with me – for not taking better care of myself and falling into pieces when peeps needed me.

    And I am sitting on this lesson today.

    • Sounds like a mini rigamortis set in with the clutched kitty…lol…

      Yes, for crikey’s sake, eat and drink girl!!

      Glad you’re both okay… x

      • Thanks Sweetpea.

        They are on their way to the vet, am not allowed to be there. Sis even didn’t let me sleep with kitty last night.

        Am on to drinking water, eating is difficult, sleep is another story.

        What disturbed me yesterday was a dream I had had. It came in triple, in case the message is not nailed.

        First: thousands of birds on sky, some big crows, initially was scared of the birds, then a voice told me I am protected

        Several days later:
        Second: A black bird, nipping a lucky bamboo, I frisked the bird to stop.

        Several days later:
        Third: My cat chased a black bird and fell off a high building. Sis was telling me as I scurried downstairs, likely my cat is having internal bleeding, and when I found the kitty, blood was oozing out of her ears.

        Woke up repeating it is just a dream, just a dream.

        Since then I tried not to go to sleep unless deadbeat tired, as in 2-3 hours of sleep during the weekdays and 8-9 hours deep sleep during the weekends, out of exhaustion.

        Friends, sis kept telling to get some sleep, only a friend who knows these dreams told me I should keep digging to find the reason.

        Still don’t know.

        • Crows and black birds are about mystery, transformation and magic.

          Once, I layed in bed and prayed to all the goddessess I could think of. Think I was about mid thirties. That night I saw a big black bird with Pluto under his wing and some transformational things happened in the dream state.

          Don’t be afraid of your dreams. Your inner Self is sending you messages. x

          • Trying not to be afraid, would not mind if messages were only “don’t do this, do that” kind.

            will try rescue remedy for sleep. Today my sis is taking all responsibility – including emo sanity, and it is hard to sit and wait, but being an extra burden on her is worse, atm.

          • I remember a voice in my dreams “we will hold your hand”….

            But in the morning there was no hand to hold on to….I cried and cried….

            Do understand.

          • It is like a bad joke, only there is nobody around to confront. Yep, that is the feeling.

            Sis called, cat is going into surgery. Am still not wanted.

        • Agree with sweetpea about the birds being magical/transformative hon. Have been having dreams/visitations from ravens since last year. Has been all positive although it was a little scary at first.

          Try to take care of yourself.

          • Thanks Empress. Shame of performance at vet and my sis dropping all to be with kitty is a hard lesson in teaching my limits.

            Dreams are another story. This year have been keeping a record, stopped after this last one about my kitty.

    • Q’ed, What are you doing giving of yourself until you drop?? Always remember that you are of no use to anyone unless you take care of yourself first. Please, take it easy sweetie!

    • Quadrupled, best of bestest vibes to kitty going into surgery. *crossing limbs* And try to eat & drink, cool? (this comes from someone who forgets to do these things when the furry schnukems are not well, so I understand)

  8. dreams are wow! have been for a few weeks now, with a break every couple of days, last night or early this morning, in dreamland, the woman who my last partner left me for, was very present and I was feeling uncomfortable, (in reality that was 10 years ago). Then I was in a park, more like a concrete entrance to a temple and this massive dark brown horse, possibly a clydsdale, came up to me and rested its head over my shoulder and nuzzled into me, as i looked up i saw two pup tigers roaming around. I think something weird like the horse then died, or lay down on the ground and i was concerned for its wellbeing. But then all i could think about was finding out if my sister and nephews were around to see the tigers. What do ya reckon?

  9. Must say the f-wits have definitely been coming out of the woodwork. Thank Goddess for your words of wisdom re them Mystic – has been my mantra since they appeared.

    Healthy eating choices and focus on my health in general has been my saving grace too.

  10. The house dog (she belongs to no one and is loved by all), fourteen years old, had some cookie Karma coming her way and I baked home made for her.

    For this week, no fancy box cookies. She loves oatmeal and is Sagittarius so will try anything except for raw onions.

    It’s a resume typing and cleaning, nesting sort of day.