Lindsay Lohan And The Eclipse

Wow, imagine being Lindsay Lohan right now. So surreal to go from talented, young and pretty comedy starlet/fabulous mag-cover girl to starring in a Linda Lovelace bio pic (!) being packed off to jail and well, you know all the rest of it. It gets scuzzier all the time.

Anyway, this Solar Eclipse on July 11/July 12 is exact opposite her Mars in Capricorn.  Mars is exalted in Capricorn. It’s a Mars with enormous powers of regeneration, work-ethic and pure guts. Mars in Capricorn can haul herself out of hell if need be.

So where all the interventions, probations, bad publicity, career ramifications, hangovers etc have failed, this jail sentence is timed right alongside a major Eclipse for her. Will she activate her Mars and sort herself out? Or is Mars in Capricorn here more symbolic of the justice system and Hollywood players acting “against” her.

Oh and that last Full Moon was on her Neptune…Opposite her Cancerian Sun. So the escapism peaked, yes?  Thoughts?

I also think she might have Libra Rising (no birthtime available) and with the Neptune squaring. Would fit. Charm, comedic timing and propensity for self-sabotage. Plus Saturn zooming up to conjoin her Ascendent as Pluto is on her natal Neptune: the end of delusion. That’s the Quarter Life Crisis at about the age of 24/25.

Also, regardless of Ms L.L. have you ever had or noticed in the life of another, a major astro-passage coinciding with giving up something such as drugs or alcohol abuse?

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  1. There surely must be something to these life-changing aspects. I did a bit of charting and discovered crazy Miss Gemini had her nervous breakdown at the exact time of a Nodal Opposition. According to what I read, that’s when someone most acutely feels the pressure of their life choices. I suspect that most people wouldn’t crack under this pressure, unless they have other issues.

  2. Yes myself in 2000/2001. It was in the midst of being eventually, mercifully hospitalised after having my youngest son. Out the window went the ciggies (they all of a sudden produced major panic episodes) and with the proper diagnosis & medication out went alcohol, haven’t taken up either since. I don’t know what was going on for me back then astrologically but it must have been huge!

  3. Well, Saturn in Virgo certainly helped me swear off ugly things of that nature. I sincerely hope LL can beat her demons and that she is given the proper tools to do so. I also hope that someone is smart enough to steal her poor sister away from her awful parents. I do not trust the Lohans, not one bit. I quit smoking very easily last year before an awful turn of events involving bad psychiatrists (bad, bad, bad, bad, and did I mention bad?), bad fibro meds, hospitalization, and realizing there was no way in hell I could graduate high school this year prompted me to buy myself another pack. I couldn’t help myself, it’s bad, but at the time I was not properly treated for my anxiety and old habits are hard to quit as the saying goes. I hope to quit again soon, but I know it will be impossible until my heart is fully in it. At the moment it is not, sigh.

  4. Well, I do feel for LL with her substance abuses but the tears apparently aren’t working this time and thats as it should be. Privilaged peeps cannot buy their way out of everything.

    My youngest Crab daughter (birthday 7/17/86), has Mars in Cap trine Venus (forget which earth sign tho) and she is quite the go getter. Pleased she has such a great Mars.

    • Lindsays parents are awful…I mean blah blah they try their hardest they have problems too compassion compassion…
      but seriously….
      her mum was not even in the state for her hearing and sentence. Theres a vid of her arriving at the airport with fake tan and extensions looking all up herself like a day after Lindsay was sent to jail. And the only thing I’ve read that has come out of her mouth is: “This is so unfair what they are doing to my daughter”. She is insane. She lives in a dreamworld. I just don’t understand.
      And her dad is an arsehole. Going around constantly talking about her to the press. No wonder shes fucked up. You can tell she has major adrenal overload and can’t cope with whats happening (how can you rationalise her parents overthetop behaviour?) and has to take drugs to escape. I think she can pull through given time and space away from their influence. Sucks though because she has no privacy in which to heal since her dad blabs constantly to the press and fuqs her over with something new just as it seems the old is fading out.
      Good luck to her…I wish there was some sort of older presence who could take her under their wing..

      • Woops….can I swear on this blog? Should have spelt it wrong to be less offensive..

      • i agree, she wouldn’t be in half the crap she is if there was at least one decent human in her lot. not just that but they are so public about their shit is just painful to watch, lindsay’s mum and britany’s mum need to go to parent camp for famous daughters.
        its not about you
        its not about you

  5. I feel for the kid I really do. I wonder how much money her parents will make off their broken heart expose off her jail sentence?.. but really shes at that age where you have to sort it out or it becomes you and not your past.

    exactly with Sweet pea here, poor kid goes to jail and all the Paris’s get tears and a wrist smack.

    always wanted mars in capricorn. thats my only astro envy.

  6. Robert Downey Junior came good and he was train wreck as well. Remember he got arrested driving around drunk with heroin and a gun in his car? Mickey Rourke came right as well.
    I cannot imagine that playing Linda Lovelace is a good career choice though they say women who play prostitutes ALWAYS get oscars or at least nominated. It’s like a rule of Hollywood.
    I read somewhere that jane fonda has taken an interest in her – that is who she needs!!!!! Jane should adopt her. Or at least make LL read her book. Or Drew Barrymore – she had terrible troubles and came through. Mind you, is LL as talented as either Robert Downey Jr or Drew???? I fear LL is more replaceable, in hollywood eyes.

    • was thinking exact thing, shes from that disney end of fame, shes replaceable talent not like Robert Downey Jr.

  7. I don’t know I think Lindsays actually pretty smart just in an emotional mess. I think shes probably hanging onto her mums escapist tendencies towards her and her life because she really cant find a way out and shes clinging to the only kind of semblence of authority and ‘parental care’ (if that makes sense?) Like she is at a lost and trying to find something/somebody to lean on but she has absolutely no good structure of people around her.

  8. As one whose done my share of drinking and dysfunctions, she has wounds that are not healed and there is a hole somewhere, but as she’s getting older she must take her life in her hands. We can’t blame our parents forever but Lord, she’s got some huge hurdles. Agree with you all.

    And yes, I’m jealous of Mars in Cap!! My daughter has it in second house. Maybe she’ll take care of me in my old age….hehe..

    • Haha yes!! Come to think of it, I have Cap envy altogether. They always seem strong and rocksolid which I think I lack.

      I think we have all been down that destruction path, whether its gambling, drugs, shopping, alcohol et al..hopefully this is a wake up call for her yes.

      Oohh when she was crying, I just thought that is so typical Kataka (obviously very upsetting) but we do tend to use it as a “poor ol me, take pity on me” sort thing….Well it didnt work this time ol’ girl!! Reap what you sow. I’m sure you cant fuq around as much now with pluto in Cap, even the CEO’s and businesses are getting exposed!! No one is immune!!!

  9. On this tangential issue of Mars in Capricorn, you can keep it. Both my parents have it and I find it makes people far too regimented when they’re in the role of parents. It displaces all the nurturing that parents should offer. My mom even has it in her 4th house, which reflected a regimented mother in her own life.

    • Those are good points Inch. My Cap Moon is supposed to mean that I had a cold Mom. Well, she was double Leo with the biggest heart and compassion you might ever know but growing up she took the abuse of my grandfather out on us kids (esp. my Libran brother who was so traumatized he stuttered…and kids made fun of him…

      But, over the years she did extensive (back when John Bradshaw was popular..”The Road Less Travelled” and healing inner child issues), but she did very profound work on herself and with that many “ah-ha” moments whereby the iceburgs around her heart which had proteced such a sensitive soul melted…And all her goodness and “I Love You’s”…which I had so longed to hear could emerge.

      I hope that for you too….

      • Thanks, Sweetpea! I think it’s too late for any profound changes with my mom, she’s past 70 now (sorry if I came across as a youngster in my comment). But it did cause me to vow to be more nurturing with my son. I’m so glad you shared your story with me. Sharing mother stories while the Sun & Mercury are in Cancer with Moon approaching there too . . . how appropriate!

        • Your welcome. And yes, no screaming and hitting my kids like Mom had done. I vowed I would not do that and yet had to find the wisdom to forgive Mom as she had been wounded herself. If we can only stop the generational domino effect the world will begin to heal.

          And so you are a healer. Yes, all this emo Kataka stuff and I’m a near emo mess myself tonight!! lol x

          • I had major dad issues due to my mars in cap. He used to have violent rages and was such a control freak. We had to sit a proper way at the dinner table, no elbows on table, if anything no matter how small fell onto the table he got angry and we were a failure. MY brother was constantly a failure because apparently he couldn’t hold his cutlery right. We had to smile when we were angry etc because he didn’t want to have to deal with it. We were not allowed to express ourselves ever. IT was horrible. I think he also has some weird libran influence where everything had to look fine all the time. And he used to make us perform for guests. Like when they came over suddenly we were a ‘happy family’ and he made us literally serve them and make dinner for them like we were his show ponies. And we only saw him like 4-10 times a yr. And the whole time we were with him every single one of our moves was controlled..

          • Wow, that must have been tough. x My grandpa used to rap my mother’s knuckles with a butter knife if she reached across the table. He was a Virgo, I think. Don’t know what other signatures he had. Wish I knew. He was 80 before he told my Mom he loved her. A stern, grouchy old fart who softened up a little toward the end.

          • Maybe its mars conjunct saturn.
            Yeah he never said he loved us. Never touched us or hugged us. IT was really uncomfortable and painful and confusing

  10. YES When Pluto started opposing my natal sun about 2 years ago gave up smoking, hardly drink. Started detoxing at least once a year. But it did co-incide with a traumatic family time so I would’ve been a hypocrite if I didn’t do all those things.

    Anything Pluto I think, makes you let go of “external props” that don’t serve your true self. Not sure when LL’s birthday is but when Pluto opposes her sun, soon, as she is a crab, I think the lifestyle she’s living now willl dissipate.

    • When Pluto opposed my Sun…I got married!!! So a man will save LiLo?

      Yeek gads…(just joking…)

      Well, marriage certainy did transform my life but then I didn’t have LiLo’s $$ ;) (she can support herself..)

      • Yes Sun- male relationships etc. for two years I have been confronting very difficult male/authority figures. Power struggles etc. The whole pop.

        Marriage, contractual, male, authority, seems fit.

        Not sure how it will translate to LL’s high maintanance “superstar” lifestyle. BUT human she is.

  11. she shoulda been locked up for the debacle for UNGARO ….. getting a train wreck to design a luxury collection’s never gonna work!!

    check the nail polish with ‘fuck you’ stencilled on her ‘flip the bird’ finger she wore to court

    renting the room next door to ex GF Sam Ronson & repeat Tweeted her displeasure at NOT being invited. I do have a life I promise, but I was glued to her Twittercast in horror.

    poor kid – hope she sorts it – agree with Pisceannn re nightmare parents!!

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  13. wasn’t going to comment but what the hell.
    I’m glad she’s going to jail. No sympathy from me. Why should be there be one law for the celebrity spoilt brats with contempt for the law and another for everyone else? That’s not justice.

    So she had a crappy childhood… pfft WHO CARES! Who didn’t!? I know people who’ve experienced far worse and have actually turned things around for the better.

      • lol…Yeah, on some level I think Cappy says to Cancer “get it together!” (even tho I’ve had challenges myself…Cancer intercepted in 1st…Most of my 1st house is Cancer even tho Gem rising)..

        Yet my ex Cancer hubby used to listen to all and sundry’s tales of woe when they came to the door peddling thus and such. I was like “why are you listening to these people?!! Enough already!” (Cap Moon) and yet, he would give the shirt off his back…He was a real Prince for those reasons even if I thought a wimpy Prince at times… :lol:

  14. I like Lindsey and think she is very talented, I do hope she gets it together. Currently, she rather looks in the awful mags like a heroin addict I knew who just kept getting in mess after mess… Old before her time and wounded but impossible to help.

  15. I sent Lindsey a email a couple of years ago inviting her over to my house to kick back and chill out enjoying the beach and surf i would have fed her well got her off the drugs etc no one would have known she was here etc but i didnt hear back from her and now look where shes ended up! P.S. i love Lindsey i think shes great.

    • Sorry Damons, but if I were Lindsey I wouldn’t have replied either… Hmm, isolated location with an older man where no one I know will be able to find me, who says he will feed me (?!) AND take away my drugs (!!!!???).
      As to where she’s ended up – jail might be preferable (at least there are drugs there?), really very sensible of her I think.

  16. News here saying that LiLo told her friends that the judge was a “fuqing bitch” (if true, some friend, eh?) but if also true, she takes no responsibility for her actions. Her father, in interview last night, stated she will still get her Rx meds in jail and that’s part of the problem. Her lawyer has quit her…

    Messed up person but in huge, huge denial. Wake up darlin’. And agree that any mother partying with her daughter at 2:00 am is a lousy mother.

    Eh, who cares really. I need to get my tuna sandwich…Lunch time…. :)