Fire Signs, Relationships & Charlize

Well here is Charlize Theron a few months after breaking up with her long time lover Stuart Townsend and she is looking MEGA Leo.

She is, of course, a multiple conjunct Leo: Sun, Moon, Mercury and most likely Leo rising.

So a few points.

# Stuart Townsend must be looking forward to Saturn getting off from squaring his Sagittarius Sun – first Pluto on Saggo Suns and then Saturn squaring: Youch. Those primal yelpings you hear in the distance on Friday night will be Saggos going ape celebrating Saturn moving out.

# Leos really do look better with big manes, yes?

# Do you think it is true that the Fire Signs – Sagittarius, Leo and Aries – tend to tame themselves more in relationships than other signs but that then when they come out of a relationship, they go totally feral?

# Citing your Sun Sign, what is the most suddenly feral you’ve gone apres long-term relationship?  I can always tell when someone is about to bust out of a serious relationship just by looking at them. Is it because they look terrible? No, quite the opposite. There is a whole lot of weight dropped, toning, manicures and a steelier vibe. Like a boxer getting back into fight mode.

45 thoughts on “Fire Signs, Relationships & Charlize

  1. It’s true, I have Sagg and Aries friends who have flipped or had a meltdown after leaving long term or solid relationships. It’s hard as a friend to see strong people dwindle and collapse into the ether so quickly. Their identity and strength truly comes from the other.

    • gotta disagree, as a sun and multiple saggie “dwindled and collapsed” is usually how i look IN a relationship

  2. ‘breaking up’ (kicking out) with lazy/co dependent libran flatmate….Been radicalising my home, making it pretty, chucking out crap, having a party on the weekend….He is being a surly arsehole! (he isn’t even in the state, just being a bitch on facebook!)

    When gone, the room will be cleansed and healed, then it will become an music and art and joy room. in warm tones with bean bags and instruments!

    I definitely increase in strength when I turf out the dross.

  3. Pisces.. with moon in Leo and Sag rising.. on “hiatus” with relationship at moment but am already wondering how I would look with red hair and who wants to go to the pub with me..

  4. Scorp here… I tend to completely get rid of anything that reminds me of the loser: throw it on a bonfire (preferably including the ex, too)

  5. OK bloggers / wise ones. A question. As a virgo sun but with 3 planets in Leo, Merc Venus and Uranus, does that make me a multiple Leo or still just a dear little Virgo sun ? With Mystic banging on so much about Leo’s lately and it being so appropriate to me, I’m getting confused. Love love love Charlise and she looks great ! Wish I had an inhouse photoshopper too !

    • I would say those are more supportive traits unless you have Leo rising or sun in the 5th. A “multiple” sign is usually reserved for when Sun is in stellium with multiple planets.

      Really this is a term of convenience.

      However Mercury is dispositor of the sun and both mercury and Sun are in mutual reception so there is a warm, solary affinity between the two For sure.

      any of these hit?
      romance novels? massage therapy with focus on spinal rehabilitation? dramatic proclamations? love notes with perfect handwriting? hairstylist for actors?

  6. mmm my first thought – nah, I sit tight, hermit away, am all earthy about it – but then I realised that is my keeping a lid on the behaviour that I have expressed in the past – drunken and thoughtless and careless and mediocre sex – no desire to repeat …

  7. Sagg Sun – definitely “tamed” when in a relationship and get toey REAL FAST. Post-relationship?? Form a roving Party Posse that will hit anywhere and anything with alcohol before running away to the boonies of some obscure Asian country for months on end…

  8. Oops ( throat clearing sound ) I know how much Mystic hates posts that don’t pertain…Virgo sun, multiple Leo :) I realise my mutable virgoan nature really does adapt, for better or worse. So I’m all, what their into, for ages. Just ended a 2 year stint into rather dark murky depths of addiction, tobacco for me, but still as dangerous as what he was into, as far as my health is concerned. But now. Leo Leo Leo. Slash and Burn honey. I even forgot our 2 year anniversary 3 weeks after ending it. Yes I miss him sometimes, but not very often I’m afraid. Feel just like Charlize looks. Cleansed. Shiny. Sunnier.

  9. Leo Sun, am afraid I have hit bottom due to a relationship – death, poverty, being alone, being ostracised etc. etc. I shake off with a flick of my mane (which I undeniably look better sporting). BUT – love is my kryptonite.

    I kind of strangled my Sagg-Ex in a bar once… Took four friends to separate us. His mum and I had a good old laugh about it in the morning! This is the last time I mention this incident on this blog, so embarrassing…

    Totally at my happiest in a relationship and docile as a kitten at a dairy festival. Wild thing and party girl when not attached.

    • No, please mention the strangling incident as often as you like. It cracks me up. Funny visuals… :lol:

    • You’ve mentioned it before? Dammit, I missed it. I love OTT stories like that

      *Walks off muttering*

      • It was kind of funny :P and while he deserved it, throwing myself into the ocean afterwards so my friends could save me was a leetle ott? In a nutshell I was living with him in a tiny coastal town and he slept with half the backpackers in fine Saggi Man fashion, I was the last to know… For good reason obviously. :)

        • “throwing myself into the ocean afterwards so my friends could save me” – so very drama-queeny Leo with water elements :-)

        • awww petal … I actually think Saggy men like a good strangling from time to time. It’s like a karma thing perhaps?

  10. Yes! I use men and relationships for grounding and stability.

    Worst post-relationship thing have done is to sit at home alone getting hammered and with five internet windows open at once – google street view, a dating site, facebook, old schoolfriends, e-stalker – just reassuring myself i’m attractive and checking out exes/men o f interest.

    Would SO pay for google if the street view could look INSIDE their houses. The technology is there. it’s just legality, i’m sure of it.

    Me; in relationship. beige blonde bob. me single; long hair extensions, spray tan, winged eyeliner, don’t bother with cooking at ALL and so happy to not have to see other people’s idiot friends/famimly.

    • Yes me too with the hair. In past significant relationship same length as Charlize but straightened it to within a mm of frying it. Now hair similar to hers but past my shoulders now with more curl and never straighten it anymore. Not quite as blonde though – have some honey shades in with the whiter blonde.

      Way more relaxed in my look now – live in jeans – and many people have commented on how much younger I look sans Scorp.

      Leo sun Gem Venus

  11. Though it is many years since I was post relationship, I seem to recall retreating to my den and lying low for a period before going on the prowl again. Have lived with current Saggi partner for almost 30 years and if we were to separate, I think I’d just enjoy the break from the heat two fire signs generate, and chill out.

    However, I have witnessed divorced/separated Saggis launching into a mating frenzy, that has to be seen to be believed.

    As for the Leo mane – my best feature has always been my long golden hair, inherited from my maternal grandmother who was said to have had gorgeous golden hair.

  12. A few planets in 7th house (inc my sun in Virgo); def very happy in relationship & sadsack when busted up from my last (6 year) relationship. Not feral – cooking comforting lentil dahl soup at home alone (?!) quite reclusive for awhile, with a few modest drunken escapades. However, have changed much in the past decade, & would probably feel stronger to do the solo-here-I-am-here-hear-me-roar thing these days….. Am tapping into my venus in Leo much more lately, & totally love that big healthy mane.
    Oooooh, Saturn be gone (out of Virgo at least)!! Been feeling/looking withered, aged & lacklustre but NOT for LONG!! Party shoes on.
    thank you so much Mystic for all the heads up on planetry action to attune to!

  13. # Do you think it is true that the Fire Signs – Sagittarius, Leo and Aries – tend to tame themselves more in relationships than other signs but that then when they come out of a relationship, they go totally feral?


    # Leos really do look better with big manes, yes?


    Andromeda – Don’t feel bad, I almost ran my sag ex over with my car. Sags just do that to Leos

    • Oh you just brought back a memory I have supressed until now… In 2008 I punctured ex-scorp’s tyres (2) on his Audi with a paring knife in my pjs in a fit of rage at something that had happened re his not caring for his children (imo). He turned up at my (our) house not long after I had returned home from commiting this crime as his car was parked near my house while he was in the city. He came over as my place the nearest and he had absolutely no clue it was me, nor did he ever find out. OMG i can’t believe i did that!

  14. Have long, blonde, big hair. Typical Leo. Yes to the weight loss pre break up. And yes went slightly psycho.
    Currently chasing a Sag, is this a bad idea? He is a triple Sag, Sun, Mercury, Mars.

  15. Fire Moon.

    I go fuqing bats and “experiment” with stuff.

    Relationships tame me, but I love being in them with all my Libra planets.

  16. oo I just realised that there might be someone else who posts on here using “SaturnMerde”…weird unconscious name-stealing.

    Sorry ’bout that, I’ll use a different ID.

  17. Aries sun. And I resemble that remark – I went somewhat batty after breaking up with the Taurus douchebag (mostly drunken escapades and making out with totally unsuitable peeps for *ahem* awhile, although I did toss a bunch of his clothes in the hallway and invited my alpha male cat to express his displeasure on them right before I moved out.) Lost about 20 lbs., cut about 2′ (feet – yes, feet) off my mane about 2 months prior to the breakup, went out and got approximately $200 worth of sexy lingerie, new makeup, and contacts right afterwards.

    In a relationship, I’m happy as a clam. The Kataka boy is keeping me more grounded than I’m used to being, but after the wild ride of the past year and all the drama with the psycho Aquaboy, this could be a good thing.

  18. Aries Moon. I have always already “moved on” when I break up a relationship. I get kind of irked if I am living my new life a few weeks or days later and a transient ex rings up. It’s like, I broke up with you… New life.

  19. Do you think it is true that the Fire Signs – Sagittarius, Leo and Aries – tend to tame themselves more in relationships than other signs but that then when they come out of a relationship, they go totally feral?

    Grin, grin, grin.

    I have a particularly bossy Leo younger sister who becomes such a doormat when she is in a relationship that I have to remind her she has her own brain and opinion and please bloody use both of them!

    I have sagg friends who are totally free loving until they are in love, and then they become so subservient I want to scream at them ‘who the hell are you?’

    The sagg’s become total bedrooom addicts when they are single and funnily enough every man runs away screaming because of the invisible sign that says “I’m looking for a new partner – are you him?”

    The Leo’s seem to try and have their own personal harem happening as if to prove to themselves they’ve still ‘got it’

    • Totally agree PCG with the Leo harem style. Due to our taming in one relationship we need another few on the boil to keep our fires burning as it were. Constabtly have to keep up the flirtin skills never know when you may need them.

      Sagg men yep treat em mean is the go

  20. the most feral I’ve gone apres long term relationship is just a bit too rude to discuss actually … but let’s just say it involved someone who looked a bit like “old” Elvis (I know …. shuddup … sighs), followed by someone ten years younger and lots of weird shit inbetween. I doubt my Cancer sun sign has a dot to do with it and blame everything on … well everything else in my chart.

  21. Aqua sun with multiple conjunct leo so break up wildness is hair related. Chopped my blonde shoulder length hair into a funky asymetrical bob and died it rich choc brown! Then a few months later when ex partnered with a new woman, told me all about how fab she was and posted it all over facebook, I went out friday night, sat night and sunday night until I went home with much younger, sexy boy!

  22. Scorp here, (big fat stellium in Libra) I went a bit slagalicious when I was breaking up with my long term Leo boyfriend when I was 25. All my fire sign friends DO go completely feral when released from the bondage of commitment. SRSLY- too much booze, partying, one night stands, menage a BAJILLIONS! I could go on…

  23. A bit late to the party, but I can bear witness.

    Quad Ramzilla here, and once I get over a relationship (process EVERYTHING first, avoid all rebound relationships as they’re never the ones I actually want anyway), Tonestar is right: we slut it up. Not the generic “Oh, I’m so hideous, nobody wants me” sadface bangs, oh no. We’ll charm the shit out of you. We’ll lavish attention and FOCUS on you. Then, once you start bumping into us, we back off. We silently watch you chase us. We mull it over whilst you try to impress us, wondering if we still care enough – since you’re all but conquered anyway, see? If you’re deemed worthy and it’s at your house, we demand breakfast and part ways unlikely friends. If it’s at ours, you kind of need to leave after making us breakfast, and I’ll keep the shirt for another later on. I’ll probably not text back, because you don’t even care about the shirt. (And tell any man you finish first, or he doesn’t, and suddenly your orgasm is a LOT more important.)

    If you see your Ram’s bedpost has a few more notches than you think is appropriate, I feel it’s just a testament to how much they’ve loved another, and how long their journey was to find happiness and love within and for themselves. You know, kind of like the stereotypical male – regardless of gender ;)

    * Aries Sun/Moon/Venus/Merc – ALL CONJUNCT, Gem Rising & Mars