Christy Turlington Is Tres Cap

Christy Turlington is So Capricorn looking & in this pic, especially so. Plus it’s an awesomely Capricorn slogan: Modern & Classic.  All Caps are, of course, now having a Pluto transit between now and 2024, so they’ve GOT to be the most modern peeps around.

When Pluto is at work, you Live In The Now or else.

Ms Turlington became an anti-smoking campaigner a while back, having written movingly about the death of her pilot father from a smoking-linked issue and then being diagnosed with emphysema herself.  She went from louche supermod to yoga diva with true Sea-Goaty grit.

Classic Capricorn Hobbies: Studying existentialism, mountain climbing.

And this from an interview in The Age

“…Control freak? You betcha. “I’m Capricorn,” she says.

“Stoic, and not spontaneous at all. It’s partly that there is so much that is beyond your influence. Plus, for 10 years I was in a profession [modelling] where you do not know how long it’s going to last. You feel out of control of how good you look as you age, or how long you work.

“I went back to school [she enrolled for a liberal arts degree at New York University in 1995] – it was like a way of getting back some sort of command. Business was that way as well. I didn’t want to be left flailing when someone else called the shots.”..”

17 thoughts on “Christy Turlington Is Tres Cap

  1. wow. she looks like lady miss kier in that pic. you know, if ‘groove is in the heart’ were ‘groove in a chanel suit.’

  2. AMAZING. A control freak Capricorn who actually admits it. She is like a Capricorn robot to me. I think she would lecture you about tranquility and the quiet mind while eating her granola. Can you imagine her and the german virgo together looking like that and twittering on about yoga and the benefits of not drinking.
    give me the rage fuelled bitchy and insane supermodels like naomi any day. I think all the earth signs are just full of judgement and controlling crap.

  3. Sorry i am just angry at a particular earth sign who is full of higher than thou moralising crap all the while being ungrateful, non-supportive and a bludger. I do know many a haute capricorn and virgo who are wonderful. You know that feeling when you feel like not a SINGLE person appreciates what you do or how hard you are working.

    • Yes….. I’m cranky at a judgemental Air right now. Moralise all you like, but walk the talk. If you don’t, you’re pretentious…..

      *passes TLS some Moet and settles back to bitch about feeling unappreciated*

    • I completely understand – although I pull it back to a single sign… I’ve yet to have a really positive experience/dealing with a Cancer. The second i know someone’s a Cancer, I try so hard not to judge – but it’s super hard!

  4. But – I love Christy – she was my favorite supermodel when I was into supermodels (the early 90’s?). I still like her cos she took a devestating medical diagnosis and turned her life around. Not many people can do that, so I love those who DO!
    If she’s evangelical, meh so what? I’ll listen and then wander off to drink wine, eat gourmet with other people…..

  5. Have always loved Christy. She’s one very beautiful and classy lady.

  6. I love Christy too but think she is almost unrecognisable in this pic. Something Audrey Hepburnish about the eye do there.

  7. She does a la naturelle better than any model.
    Such 60’s eye liner wings, but it’s by design of course.
    Her Yoga wear range was magnificent…still can’t get
    anything like it here (or not in Adders).

  8. She isn’t having one of her better days here I think, too much make up and hair for incredible pared back gazelle features. She is one of those totally perfectly genetically blessed creatures that doesn’t need anything but a breeze and sunshine to just glow…

    • hehe. “breeze and sunshine” I so agree. She doesn’t need all that gunk!

  9. I’ve never been a fan of anyone making huge amounts of money or success with little effort via dint of their genetics and not much else. Scientists, artists, musicians and writers that I admire have all had to struggle in their own way and some of them are technically beautiful. They seem to hold themselves up to a higher standard than popularity via fashion mags, tacky periodicals and media soundbites. It just sooooo lacks gravitas!!! But for whatever reason has always “risen above” her modelling status in my mind. She seems to be a very clever and beautiful woman taking advantage of the opportunities thrown her way without being a total dimwit. And I’ve always been fascinated by her nose …

    • Lol
      Funny have just read the second paragraph of your comment and suddenly mine doesn’t seem so random.
      Thanks :-)
      PS her yoga book is my personal favourite yoga book EVER. I don’t know why, could be a mummy thing or just that its an amazing book especially for a novice like me. And maybe the ex model thing too (gives me hope) but what I like most about it is how she makes it so accessible and honest. I love her nose too and miss having one like that. I had a boyfriend who used to call me the porcelain razor because of it. At the time I thought it was an insult.
      But I guess I was carrying that “low self esteem” mummy thing. People have suggested I get it “fixed” and it’s a tempting thought, especially if I had the money but then I look at Cameron Diaz and I adore how she REFUSES to fix her surfer’s nose. It’s been broken 3 times and she says she loves it even more each time because she loves to surf.
      Now THAT is what I call a cool role model.
      Imagine the pressure in Hollywood. And she’s like nah, I love it. And she’s a VIRGO! Talk about healthy self esteem.
      My kinda woman. Go Cam!

  10. I’ve always loved her but more so since the yoga book.
    It’s fabulous, I also love how she campaigns against smoking since her dad died of lung cancer. But the main reason is that she looks so much like my mum.
    Naff but true. My mum was like a hybrid of Carly Simon and her but a lot more like Christy T. Sadly, I resemble my father a lot more than my mother although I did get some of those bones. Oddly enough my mum thought until the day she died that she was hideously ugly. Seriously. Like NO SELF ESTÉEM WHATSOEVER …. She even got braces at 40 and had several teeth removed because she hated her buck toothed smile.
    She thought she was doing me a favour by having three removed from my upper jaw as a kid, no braces but a bite plate which I never wore obviously.
    Her older sister looked “like Marylin Monroe” ie blonde and curvy and that was the story the family believed. Bizarre really. I broke my nose surfing so it’s no longer straight like mom’s and Christy’s. People are always asking me where I “had it done”. Ugh! And the lips. Thanks. :-( not
    Was called fish lips at school. Now people think I’ve had surgery to look like Angelina Jolie which is about as ridiculous as anything I’ve ever heard.
    Rolls eyes. I miss those teeth, I hear implants are very expensive and painful. Did you know that Freddie Mercury had (I could be wrong) 4 or even 5 teeth implanted in his upper jaw. That man always amazes me.
    I adore Freddie. Going to look up his astro.
    His music and general vibe always puts me in such a good mood.
    I’m sure we have similar planets or some Jupiterian / Uranian thing in common. Anyway, he’s a childhood idol, the first time I heard Bohemian Rhapsody as a kid I just burst into tears. Sorry this rant has sod all to do with Christy, Capricorn, or anything relevant. I am VERY VERY TIRED.
    I should be sleeping, not posting on this blog. But oooooooohh I have so much to do and feel like I’m swimming thru treacle since last night.
    At least I know I am changing.
    I’ve made so many decisions lately based on what my higher self wants rather than my ego. I think that’s why it’s so uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable at least initially. Even if its, especially if its for my highest good rather than what my ego wants.
    Tedious and rambling comment with no actual point to it
    Sorry whoever just read this. Lol