Brad Pitt Clean-Shaven: Proof That Saturn Is On The Move


It’s all over the news. Brad Pitt has shaved off that billy-goat beard he took up a few years (?) ago.

Angelina-phobes can cite this as proof of a looming divorce if they like but i think it’s absolutely linked to Saturn.

This beard has been there for as long as Saturn has been torturing aspecting Brad Pitt’s Sagittarius Ascendent, Sagittarius Sun and Virgo Midheaven.

You’d grow a long gray beard too if Saturn was all over your chart like that and there you are trying to be an ebullient Sagg for fuq’s sake.

But isn’t nice to see his jawline again?!  Happy Saturn out of Virgo in just under a week!

51 thoughts on “Brad Pitt Clean-Shaven: Proof That Saturn Is On The Move

  1. Wasn’t it on this blog that someone said he had the beard to cover up acne scar?. Something has def changed as you say MM. he’s yum too but give me Brucie anytime.

  2. Thank god he’s done it. I cannot abide facial hair on men or women!! It’s so unclean!! And I think brad is too handsome. He’s a blonde version of a past (on) love. really.

    • hilarious – unclean? Have been watching snippets of the james bond marathon that’s been going on forever and you can tell the earliest ones by the amount of hair the people have – the eyebrows and the chests are way bushier in the early ones. The hair on your head that gets around behind you while strangers are sneezing and coughing in your vicinity is, I suspect way uncleaner than any facial hair – esp because you never think about that as you gad about, locks billowing in the breeze. The pro or anti facial hair factions (I’m indifferent) interest me culturally – I’ve been told people have done thesis’ and studies on it. Fascinating.

      • Dad hasn’t shaved since 1974…. he cut his beard shorter in 1983, but nothing since then. He keeps it plaited, and its washed religiously, he’s quite fastidious in his own Saggi way…. He believes that ‘natural’ long hair / beard is beautiful…… Poor little deluded man…… its too grey, and a bit thin now. Needs to be trimmed up and gotten really healthy before embarking on growing it again.

        • nice ive only knnwn clean beards but am sure they can get pretty manky if no maintained. One of the main reasons chefs wear hats is that the hair on yr head is full o germs – yr meant 2 wash yr hands immediately if u touch yr hair in a kitchen. I was totally shockd when i fnd out.

  3. Hallelujah!!!

    I think a little stubble would be nice though… just not a snack storing mountain man beard.

  4. I totally dig a bit of scruffy male facial hair but that thing brad was sporting was NOT good – give me all the looks he rolls with in Legends of the Fall any day, epic Pitt looks abound !!

    • oops ~ ~ me above, learning how to speak iPad lol ;-) xox

      • They are cool aren’t they? I thought I would hate iPad as it is like a big iPhone except you can’t call anyone. But form dictates function and I love it for finding lyrics and chords and sitting on the couch with a guitar, or propping it up in the fruit bowl and scanning recipes while I cook. Makes internet more family friendly too. Lerrve it!

        • the ability to look things up on portable web device is gold, love it !! not sure tho why everyone needs to reinvent the keyboard every time they make a new device ( even if just marginally) but as a reader web trawler mail tool – it’s created a new generation of utility item!!

      • Is iPad that good? Am thinking to buy one, but am not sure what difference it will make compared to iPhone: am reading books, drawing, picture editing, listening to music and checking news, collecting recipes.

        My sister believes am addicted to my phone and I think it is true.

        • Quadrupled if yr iPhones an integrated part of your body you will most defo be a better person once iPad’s integrated into your system – it’s something else altogether !! :)

          not sure where yr located but David Jones do few years interest free on the store card, virtually free ….

          the consummate web voyager’s companion, love it !!

          • Hub doesn’t read books anymore, just reads the iPad, permanently attached to him.. You will be able to see what you are doing and it’s more comfortable than the phone to use – human sized object. Sorry to tout, but it is even better than Blueberry Lindt Dark Choc.

          • it kinda ends up going most places with you, like right here right now lol :)

            Works a treat when one needs web references in a meeting, or anywheree for that matter – currently loving great blog reading App – makes google reader look like a P.C!!

          • That is what I loved about reading books on a portable device. I was afraid it would not give the same satisfaction of paper. Then my arms thanked me when instead of hauling 15 books in luggage I tucked the books — into the iPhone.

            Scribbling iPad into my wish list. :)

  5. Personally, I totally dislike blonde himbo’s. BUT I LOVE Brad!! He can wear what he wants, beards etc. still good. :)

  6. Hot hot hot. I’d shave off my beard too in Saturn solidarity if I had one. Bring on July 22!!!

    • :) Perhaps Mystic will give us a blog post for us, Mutables to comment on how we plan to celebrate Saturn outta Virgo day :)

      • yes! i am planning champagne. and im gonna wash that saturn right out of my hair with some good old fashioned saggi laughs and frivolity! its been non stop growth, depth and hard won wisdom since fuuuuqing 1995.

      • hehe… great idea. Don’t know how i’m going to celebrate – too damn busy working my arse off to even think about it. Thinking a few days on a beach in QLD would be nice :)

        Interesting that i got a 2 week freelance gig that ends the day before Saturn goes direct. Thought it was going to be cruisy but nooooo. It’s been so stressful the pit of my stomach was solid as concrete for 2 days! Bloody Saturn!!

        I am counting the days and the minutes!! Moon in Sagg, Uranus/Pluto/Mars all in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces.

        I wonder who the most Mutable is? Uber Virgo maybe? :)

        • isnt saturn supposed to get just that bit shittier just before it leaves? cheers saturn! like having an uphill at the end of a marathon.

          i too am counting the days! it is written in my day diary as just ‘WOOHOO!’

          • “uphill at the end of a marathon” :lol: :lol:

            Just when you thought it was all over. Yes, I do believe the tail end of a transit is the worst!

          • Yes, indeed uphill shit feels heavier.

            I lost my cool to a colleague today, but for a strategic reason: he shouted at me, rather than placating him like everyone else does, well, I shouted at him too. That got him and he left my office feeling OK. Funny.

            Incidentally, people are looking and behaving like hedgehogs.

            Tomorrow am armored with rescue remedy and walnut essence.

            When Saturn is out of Virgo, 7 days left, am counting, I will plan how to deal with people going through zap zone. Libra is indeed a good placement for this.

            Health, wealth, wisdom. Hang on mutables :)

  7. I read something , back when he was going thru his divorce from Jennifer Aniston, where she said his ` hygiene` was , uh, poor.

    • he’s a double Sagg … he only scrubs up for the chicks

      And anyway isn’t his daughter Shiloh the spitting image? …

      • Speaking of clean, prowlers I’ve noticed an absence of virgo – I read none of the diatribes on the joan rivers page so I have no idea how ugly it got – what are your stats? David AND uber? There’s no judgement in that question by the way, there is no “side” that I’m on, just interested in how it all came out in the wash. Was any other old wood pruned?

        • whatevs, am not sure the electric ms. UV would appreciate being I.D.’d as fossilised tree!!! But I noticed her absence too, I hope we hear from her soon too. Xx to Uber, hope you are well darling!!

          • Yes…their absence is noticed & missed by me.
            Two very informed & interesting personages that
            i followed & read every word.

          • didnt mean old wood negatively – that wld be dead wood – but its nice that u feel inclined to defend ubers honour in her absence im sure she will b grateful.

          • Am sure you didn’t mean it negatively whatevs, sorry if that sounded preachy.
            Yes Pegasus, the witty and interesting two have left Uber/L shaped holes all over the comments…

        • Well if you weren’t interested then, why the interest now? Picking at scabs is unhelpful .. besides people have lives, you know they get busy, go on leave, decide to chuck it all in and become a volunteer goat farmer in Haiti. Hell if I know! It’s nobody’s beeswax either way.

  8. My wife is so happy that he’s shaved his facial hair. I don’t know whether I am because it means she’ll jump in the sack with him more quickly when he knocks on the door. I won’t have time to escape while he has a pre-action shave *LOL* (can I say that here?)

    • Perhaps keep an electric shaver next to the bed and get a fast smooth one in before Brad knocks down the door! Brad has never done anything for me. Just not my type I guess…I go for tall dark and handsome…

  9. Hmm, okay, so Saturn will be off my Mars and Gem Asc….If Brad saw it fit to shave his beard, guess I’ll shave mine too…. :)

  10. Maybe he felt his face had porked up a bit – putting on the baby weight etc – or jawline sagging (ultra saturn aware of any aging imperfections) and that’s really why he grew his beard in the first place! Now with saturn moving on he’s come to terms with it and thought what the hell, I am what I am and has finally shaved it off!

    • Ex hubby gained 20 pounds when I was preggers with the first. Baby weight for Brad hid behind the beard…hmmmm, could be!

      Like what you said ~I am what I am~….In the final analysis thats all we got!!

      Whoo-hoo!! x

    • And I adore hummingbirds. Whenever I see one am reminded of joy and of drinking in life lightly….today not so good with that however. 115f degrees and humid as all get out. PMT (PMS here in the states…) and ready to killl!!

      Will take a nap instead…

  11. I think alicia keys is very pretty i am her biggest fan down in louisiana i’m biracial too my momma is white and my dad is black my mom is italian n german i dont know my dad but everyone tell me i have her eyes but she’s still my role model

  12. Brad Pitt’s movie Mr and Mrs Smith is one of my favorite movies he made. I wonder if there is any plan in doing another film with Angelina Jolie. That would have been nice.