Astro-Decor: Whose Bedroom Is This?

Teo Jasmin

So, this is apparently a totally THING look of the moment, you understand.

Which sign would go for it?

The dog portrait with tiara above the bed pisses  me  off and i imagine this room as reeking of baby oil and disinfectant. The black chandelier is Scorp but if Scorp had a pic above the bed,  it would be something more inspirational for bedwork than a dog.

It’s a bit Capricorn but where is the laptop open ready to work? Two glasses of champagne? Maybe they’re both for the Pisces when he/she finally emerges from their two hour Power-Shower?  But Pisces would find that bedhead thing a bit coffin-like.

Virgo would strip it back to bare basics and probably gut it, just so they could think straight.

Leo having a Saturn transit so that they craved Greige but still wanted to retain some elements of their former life?

Would Aqua like how the bedside lamps looked vaguely like a science lab exhibit?

Is this room maybe the “before” pic and the “after” one shows what it was like after the Gemini Rock Star trashed it in a fit of pique?

Libra would sit quietly in a corner, sniffing Ylang-Ylang, glugging champagne with the whole bottle of Rescue Remedy tipped in on the phone to both her agent and Feng Shui lady at the same time.

Taurus would get this but they’d pull the dog pic down and put up a print of a landscape.


40 thoughts on “Astro-Decor: Whose Bedroom Is This?

  1. My Taurean Venus screamed “mine” at first for the basic styling although with the following ammendments.

    * greige=ICK ICK ICK. Must have colour darling, yes something soothing, perhaps a pale green

    *tossing the doggy pic replace with pics of leaves/flowers/landscape/a nude surounded with leaves/flowers etc

    *shorten the height of the bedhead as it’s too dour and imposing like this

    *need variety of textures in the cushions; too dull if they’re all the same (I think a little Gem just snuck in there)

    Does seem very leonic to me – the champers, the chair, bedhead, the seat at the end (can imagine Leo goddess in slinky outfit purring as she puts on her shoes), the mirrors with which to check out that ferocious Leonine beauty. Even the crowned dog (although I think they would have something more regal than that). Only thing: colour is ALL WRONG. Gold gold gold but not tacky gold, that truly glam and sheeny gold (can’t think of its name) with cream accents. Champagne gold?!?

    • Nup. My sister IS a Leo Goddess and there is NO WAY she would tolerate that dog lording over her place to be worshipped.

      It’s all so grey. Yes, pass me the champers and the rescue remedy – in the same bottle – yes. Now!

  2. virgo with a taurus moon a capi rising says UGH. UGH UGH UGH. even my venus in leo is appalled. seriously. i mean, really.
    i adore grey, but this? is a travesty. the headboard? the bed *placement*? the lamps? THE DOG???
    this manages to combine fussy, trashy, trendy, and boring all in one spectacular coup d’etat of bad taste.
    it would be impressive, if i could stand to look any longer.
    *goes to hide her head under a high-count white cotton pillow case*

  3. I am a Cancerian (Sagg rising) who really loves dogs and I LOVE this room minus two details: there appears to be a vase of feathers? YUK. And also some sort of weird person-like art piece on the desk? YUK. Of course, I’d replace the bulldog with a huge pic of my dog (minus the tiara). Looks like the perfect hotel room: I just need to ring room service for a cheese plate …

  4. My Taurean daughter would LOVE this room,doggy pic and all. Maybe it’s a childs room? I mean seriously what sort of adult would put this picture above your bed? Unless its a long running joke they have about doggy style ha ha ha!! Couldnt resist!

    You’re spot on MM, with my Virgo moon I could not think straight!! Too much going on here. I’m so predictable at home, whenever there is serious work/thinking/important stuff to be done its always a spot of cleaning first (even though its already pretty clean!)

  5. LEO ALL THE WAAAAAYYYYY as soon as I saw it, ike click- the dog with a TIARA. The only thing that spoils it is the coulour grey. That confuses me.

    • This Leo says NO, Hell no. The cushions and lamp look like some I’ve seen in Freedom and it really does look bland. Which is strange considering it’s been primped to the ninth degree…and primped not in a good way. It looks very without soul to me. Also that dog pic is just wrong for anyone over 7.
      Surely this is a hotel room?

      • Okay I bite my tongue. I think beacuse its silver/grey though. What if it was golden/orange and JUSt a tiara maybe? It certainly looks expensive.

        • Ok my hell no, may of been a little strong on the react-o-meter.
          It’s grandiose the blandness that is really repellent to me.

          There are a few Leo touches that could cause someone to attribute it to a Leo…um the mirrors, the mirrored furniture…the size. That anyone would think that a gathered ceiling is appropriate? You’re right a lot of it is the lack of colour although for me it’s the lack of contrast. If the light fitting was about 5 times bigger I’d say a Leo had a hand in part of the project. As is the whole combo makes my eyes bleed a little from the boredom.

  6. Honey, this is the bedroom of a self-involved gay man with money. Some things (like bad taste) simply trump astrology.

  7. My Cap Sun/Mars loves this. Not the dog pic though. I would slide the laptop under the bed for quick access.

  8. It needs splashes of colour and that dog pic replaced, no animals in the boudoir thanks. My first thought was my Toro sister would love it, in fact, I think she’s got something that’s similar in style.

  9. Definitely picking up a Capricorn vibe too. I’m thinking Leo Sun with Cap rising hence the grey toned flamboyance. With a Cancer Moon his pet bull dog Sally is his baby so she gets pride of place over the bed.

    • I agree. All the mirrors and soft luxury fabrics are leo, the colour is functional, capricorn it could be. Looks exactly like a Leo friends room, but hers is pink and white, so it’s a metro Leo male

  10. If the fabric was less shiny, my Taurus gal-pal would LOVE it!!! It’s got her fave dog breed as a portrait on there and everything matches and looks comfy.
    I think Cap might like this.

    Exactly AS IS, the shiny would attract Geminis I dare say.
    I kinda like it, as a Libran, but i would require more colour and feng shui-ing. It’s too monochromatic for me. My Aqua pals would like this too, but also require more colours as well.

  11. mine too… it’s got a really dour feel. gives me the the creeps.

    and yes, more colours! far too monochrome for my liking.

  12. Leo sun here….HATE THIS! The color? Yick. The layout? It somehow manages to look cluttered even with the obviously spacious design. The furniture reminds me of JC Penny circa 2001…Mixed with Limited Too. There is nothing inspiring or mystical or inviting, imo.

    • I think this room is humourless and would repel most Leo’s I know. I agree with you regarding the clutter Greer, and somehow the proportions of the room likewise jar.

  13. Actually, it just occurred to me that this room would be great to set fire too and run a first response drill. After the champers has been drunk of course.

  14. Know a Taurus who painted their room grey after a breakup. Grey the colour of armour and self protection and so on I suppose. I think she would like this room – bar the bull dog.

    Personally the basics of this room are really attractive to me, I am a Leo. I love the fabric of the curtains, tres ethereal and I love the side table and chair. I would have to install lots of bookshelves where the mirrors are but apart from that it’s almost good to go. Just needs a rainbow of colour.

    I love your smell sense MM! I don’t usually get smells from a pic, more sounds…

  15. Leo sun. It’s okay, I kinda like it but it’s too wishy washy. Needs either more color, like some burgandys or royal blues or bright yellow, or just more black. I really do not understand the dog picture. Only some weird dog loving old lady would like it, I’m thinking.
    But anyway, it’s a bit hotel-y, I think. The curtains especially. I do like the mirrors on the back wall, it makes the room look bigger. I also like the feathers in the vase on the left, and the ceiling. What I love the most though is that black chandelier. I want one! Same goes for the robe. That print is amazing.

  16. interior designer du jour of formula ‘design hotels – most of them are Sag. or Cap. & male & gay. few of them dog owners. will google known quantities & report back with dominant sign /s ….

    that canopy detailing barely visible on the ceiling is scary.
    & the colour palate’s as dull as the lack of originality in the room. do they all subscribe to The Cool Hunter, Wallpaper & GQ Traveller & then replicate?

    there’s one of these rooms in every major city in the world.

  17. I’m pretty sure the dog designed the room, and going by the tiara she’s a Leo.

  18. I am a TAURUS and I love the room. But I would definitely take that dog picture off! Though that dog it´s kinda funny and sweet (well, I do have some Gemini/Pisces)

  19. Oh my god. Just no. This (to me: Pisces Sun, Libra Asc, Gemini Moon) is all kinds of awfulness … some of the singular elements are ok, like the black chandelier and the champagne but all of that clay/greige/puce together?

    I picture a gay male Sag poncing into the room, tiara wearing dog in his arms, fresh from the shower wearing a flowing silk zebra print robe that exposes his waxed and freshly oiled chest. Yes. The air is redolent of baby oil, fake tan and hair spray. His hair is perfectly coiffed.

    Meh. The thing that really gets me (apart from the pug) is the draped ceiling thing going on … it gives the whole room a bland, faux-mance, sanitised Arabian nights type effect.

  20. Cap sun/Sagg rising: hate this room. It’s so stiff, in fact it’s postmortem. Everything about it say “DON’T TOUCH”. It’s reproachful and harsh, despite all the wafty curtains and upholstery. Self-loathing. You think it’s inviting you to stay, but no. Just for the night, two at most. It’s what your mother did to you room when you left for school. Now you know you can’t ever come home again…now you’re certain the dog means more to her than you ever did.

    And what would you do when the kid comes running in with a PB&J? Or a little Vegemite sandwich? You’d shriek is what you’d do.

    So I vote for gay man/hotel designer.

  21. First instinct: on the Aries/Taurus cusp this one. Power + animal print + super controlled + a bit glam.

  22. Cap Sun, Virgo Rise, Aqua Moon and Venus.
    That picture above the bed… It’s horrible. Really really really horrible. That thing on the bed (is is leopard?) can go too. And the champagne glasses, please.
    I like the room, though. I’ve been in a teal wall kick lately, but gray is soothing. Great lighting, both the chandelier and the lamps on the bed are beautiful. However, I’d probably go for something a bit more practical in real life, as it looks like a b**** to clean.