Uranus Square Pluto Redux

Paul Chojnowski

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill is a but mini-teaser-trailer for the sort of shite that could manifest with the Uranus Pluto square that is the key theme of the next few years….It would be fantastic to think that out of this immense fuq-up erupts awesome ingenuity…Afghanistan is also v.much an Eclipse/Uranus-Pluto-Zap Zone situation as well, a la this even  more horrid than usual story.

Buy the Jen Corace print below and some of the $$$ goes to a Gulf clean-up fund…

27 thoughts on “Uranus Square Pluto Redux

    • Yes it is interesting though he is a bit end-of-worldy anarcha goo-goo for my taste AND the cheesy pin-up pics on the side, what is it called: Appreciating boosomy woman or something…They annoy me. Irrationally, most likely. I think it all reminds me of this new agie and politically aware, very smart but
      pervy friend of my dads who always wanted me to try datura (sp?) with him.
      As in, when i was 13.

      I think this situation in the gulf has given a lot of peeps a hell of a huge wake up call, i really do. I refuse to be cynical and nihilistic about it, though BP should hang their head in shame, my GOD.

      • MadamMystic, I don’t think your reaction is irrational AT ALL. It is annoying and the reason it’s annoying is it’s being presented under the guise of astrological or new-agey enlightenment when it’s just there to titillate. It’s not honest.

        • In the 50’s, British oil companies and the CIA messed with Iran’s elections and got the person in office who they wanted for their own agenda, not the person the people voted for.

          And we wonder why the west is so hated….

          • soz that was me – I’ve never met an “eastern” person who irrationally hated all westerners. They are usually quite specific and it’s only usually a handful of countries they specify. I think it’s sad politics turns people at “ground level” against people. The history on top of the rhetoric and actions of the 2-3 modern day nations who wage war in other people’s countries due to their greed and thirst for oil is harming us all. Once the oil runs dry there’ll be no need for war… until the powers that be start fighting over water and food. Oil is the source of most of our troubles – plastic is a by-product – nothing about oil is working for humanity in the long run.

            On the upside of the doom and gloom, the smart peeps are adapting their lifestyles already – there’s little plots of vegetables being grown in the lanes near my house – it’s totally urban and people are making vege gardens in the disused corners of dingy alleys. I LOVE IT Growing food close to your house cuts out a whole lot of toxic oil and plastic waste because no-ones driving the produce around to the disgusting supermarkets so consumers can drive there and pick it all up in the plastic bags – or those green ones that aren’t biodegradeable either. Smart people are changing their ways and becoming more self-sufficient. All is not lost peeps, all is not lost.

          • LOL I think we’re both coming from the same angle by not specifying sweets – I hate being lumped in with “the west” because I’m an individual and the people I vote for never have a majority in government so the politicians are seldom doing what I think is right – I would never want to be judged as an individual on the basis of what the fuqers who are in charge are doing. In much the same way as it must have been embarrassing for a lot of people to be an american when Bush was in power.

          • I hear ya whatever….

            This country (U.S), certainly does not represent my inner being nor my citizenship of the universe first and foremost.


          • Also meant to add that my ex is from Iran. Have a long history with the middle east and the one’s I know do not hate the west. Far from it.

          • YES! If more peeps went with the citizens of the universe theory maybe some of the rage would end. I was remembering the barbaras marciniak and hand clow books last night. Have you (or anyone else) read the chiron bridge one? Am wondering if I should check it out. Seeing as Jove and Uranus are conjunct mine right now. Rightie ho, apparently the moon is now at 0 degrees cancer (does that mean it’s in the opposite of its detriment?) so I’m off to bake cake. Hope your new world and locale is going well for you Sweets – was gem moon good for your writing? x

          • I have Barbara’s books and Marciniak’s too. They are pertinent and informative in their own ways.

            My Scorp rising, 8th house Cancer Sun, Sagg Moon daughter, is recently finding God. She found this Higher Source recently on a camping trip to Yosemite. She figures something must have made all this beauty (is that not fitting for Sagg energy?? And, what a wonderful way to be inspired…)

            She’s exploring several perspectives at this time (she’ll be 24 July 17th) , I told her that’s a healthy thing to do, so, just like the books I’ve read, Barbara Hand Clow or B. Marciniak (or others), I told her to take what rings a truth bell. Noone can tell us what to believe or think of course…First hand experience always trumps all but being inspired helps.

            Uranus was conjunct my Chiron in Aqua, 9th, some time ago. I’d have to think back to what was going on at that time but most of my growth so far was when Uranus and Neptune conjuncted my Moon.

            I do recommend Barbara’s Chiron book. Barbara Marciniak’s are fine but I was told to look to the clarity of the channel (in other words, how enlightened is Barbara M., ? If not, she is still filtering through an unhealed subconscious but then Jane Roberts channeled Seth and those books changed my life).

  1. there’s something so beautiful about that jen corace print & i can’t put my finger on why…whimsical/childlike/inexplicably a little awe-ful. what are the brave little doll-girls diving for…?

  2. Even though this post is about the disastrous oil spill and Uranus square Pluto I totally gel with these two pics atm. I’m using the dark moon to delve ever deeper into the abyss of last year. And there is DEFINITELY a fork in my road too. :o

    OMG!!! When I just tried to post this a comment came up “you’re posting too quickly. Slow down.”


  3. NYT run a piece yesterday about a twitter account going by the name BPGlobalPR, ruthlessly mocking BP. BP requested twitter to put a disclaimer; and the account owner wrote “Nothing to do with Beyond Petroleum corporation”.

    One of the recent tweets reads:
    $75 million is a lot of money if you’re poor. For us, it’s a couple mediocre sandwiches and a round of Arnold Palmers.

    with this blade sharp irony, I wonder what the person’s sign is.

  4. My animal heart bleeds for the pelicans i saw, brings
    out the supressed eco-terrorist in me.
    Oil & Blood Oil & Death but am i prepared to give up
    my car? At least i only drive it when the shoppings too heavy
    to carry. Henry Ford couldn’t predict the future disembowelling
    of the planet, i guess.
    The ‘green’ raves i did in the 70’s about the future were met with
    ‘well, i won’t be alive then to care’.

    • The twitter person stalking BP with wrote something about animals too

      “Did some jerk show you a photo of an oily animal and ruin your day? Just imagine it’s pudding & forget! All better!”

      He is hanging BP to death.

      Mystic pounded Uranus sq Pluto is death to morbid corporate structures, unjust establishments.

      • I would personaly love to wring the necks of each and every CEO of these ` unjust establishments.`….yes I would !

    • Every eco terrorist is watching carefully Peg, thinking, now thats an easy way to cause major problems.

  5. BP will fall over from this, it will push a lot of others over the edge too. Shocking situation…so strange that one accident in one oil rig could bring BP and the US to its knees. They still haven’t worked out how to stop it ? Why allow a machine to be installed in the first place that can’t be fixed when it breaks ? We are such a bunch of dumb simian fools.

    • ‘Why allow a machine to be installed in the first place that can’t be fixed when it breaks ?’

      I always felt that way about nuclear power…why build a power generator that produces radioactive isotopes with a half life of 500,000 years with no way to safely store/dispose of the toxic radioactive by product…this scares me much more than the oil spill…but both are sickening.
      Chickens coming howe to roost?

    • the deep rig is experimental technology. They are going much deeper than they ever have before. That’s why they don’t know how to stop it. This is all about greed and arrogance. As is the way the “shareholders” are complaining that their shares plunged in value when Obama spoke out. The way our “super” funds have turned all of us into shareholders who have opinions based purely on future money and interest and dividends and not what is so obviously right and wrong disgusts me. Do any of you know where your super fund puts your 9% of your wage every year? You might be paying for this out of your own pocket without knowing it. Your money might be in “balanced” but what it’s paying for might shock you.

  6. Last month I was camping on an island in the Dry Tortugas off the coast of Key West, FL. Several ships for oceanic research were anchored off the island taking samples of the ocean, and documenting the sea turtles and fish in the area.

    I’m grateful to experience the island now, because once the oil hits, it will never be the same during my lifetime.

    • Printed it, Whatever…….shouldn’t have as it fires me up
      only to feel helpless.
      Venus Bay on the Great Oz Bight has huge colony of Pelicans
      who i hand feed the fish craps too on annual hols. All my life i have
      had upclose & personal rapport with animals.
      Astro-wise it could be the half human-half animal. Seeing a mashed up
      person from accident on road elicits no emotional response but a hit dog
      brings me literally to my knees from heartbreak.
      A coupla mouses have taken up residence inside from winter cold under the
      floorboards with their own little hole in floor (from white-ant inspection drilled
      in corner) so have pushed a heap of wool down the hole to keep them warm
      plus their own water & food bowl……..silly i know but cannot relocate them
      to the park after they have been so spoilt.
      Just hope they don’t come out when i have visitors, they wouldn’t understand :-)
      Charlottes Web was on teev last night & the rat looked exactly like Minks, same colour
      & silliness.
      End of animal stories x