To Do Before The Eclipse: Baggage Blitz

The Selby

You are ideally sans baggage by the Eclipse. Certainly by the NEW Moon Eclipse on July 11/12. Or, if you can’t be bothered turfing your old baggage, no worries! Just let it sit there, convince yourself it’s kind of cool & then let the Eclipses/end of Saturn in Virgo get rid of it for you. Personally, i think it’s probably easier to perform a conscious baggage-dump as fast as poss then to leave it up to the Eclipses etc to do it.  Then again, it depends on your temperament & personal Change-Versus-Psychodrama-Risk-Benefit Ratio.

39 thoughts on “To Do Before The Eclipse: Baggage Blitz

  1. I thought i was doing quite well on the baggage front until the events of the last week proved to me otherwise.

    Any good tips for the removal of the stubborn residue of a badly failed marriage? I think I need some kind of emotional napisan…

    • emotional napisan – brilliant and also, your own answer = patient soaking and sunshine for the most stubborn of stains ;

    • Pm, also love ‘emo napisan’ :)

      I found salt baths, lots of writing, lots of forgivenes ( to yourself and the ex), letting it wash through you and soften you rather than going over it mentally (again), finding things to laugh at (comedy, movies, friends), being open to the kindness of others.

      All predictable remedies to a broken or bitter heart, but they’ve been god sends to me during my divorce.

      Oh, a good shaman helps too.

    • I know I was on my way through when someone asked me “are you happy?” and my on-the-spot answer was “am not happy but I can say I am not unhappy”.

  2. arghh! I’ve spent the last six months working working working at my innards and I know there’s more to be done but I just can’t be arsed. I can’t put my finger on what more needs to go.

    Looks like I’m either going to be slam dunked by the eclipse, or swan through it sanguine and unscathed. I don’t mind which at this point.

  3. Easy baggage dumping sans financial means? Done everything I can think of thats free- gratitude journal, all sorts of journalling, self talk cds, de-cluttering, yoga, meditation, exercise, energy healing etc etc nature walks!!!

  4. How odd you should post about this, Mystic. I just finished a huge semester yesterday and my dream last night was all about baggage (luggage really).

    For some reason I was rushing to make a flight, requiring me to just grab what I could and fly out the door. There were heaps of bags and mess (mostly papers) strewn everywhere, so I took the closest one and ran for a cab. Then later, I was home and went and got two huge expandable suitcases into which I started dumping anything I could find that was laying around the house that I didn’t need, zipped them up and put them away. It was all very urgent – like I was expecting guests so I had to tidy the place up.

    Good ol’ dreams :)

    • that is onto it dreaming!
      mine was kataka-esque – breastfeeding, boobs and flowing milk! And in real life, an intense yearning to gather and nurture a pack of once-abused animals . . .

  5. I feel like I’ve been working working working in so many areas of my life, and now the tide is rushing out ready for a huge wave… And there’s nothing left to do but let go, let go, let go and let it take me where it will. I’ve done all the prep I can. And baby I am ready for the new era!

    • Saggigal, you’ve nailed the feeling. It’s that tide going out after months of buoyant self-work – now I feel heavy, unsupported, and weighed down with some Saturnesque tasks that will not be ignored any longer.

      • i dont feel heavy…its far more of a surrender feeling. like this is the moment ive been waiting for, and ive done what i need to. now just get ready for it to happen!

  6. Just when I think I’ve hoiked out all things that no longer serves blah, blah! Sitting quietly in winter sun & it all comes to me there is still a bit to go. Sigh… Emotional napisan what a great idea :), I’ll have a tub please.

  7. I’m feeling quite liberated at the mo (a la your insight in the Dailies, Mystic). The baggage is there, but it has wheels (or maybe someone has offered to put it in the luggage rack for me) either way, quite good.

    • I don’t believe Taurus has either baggage OR luggage. Taurus IS the luggage. You would certainly want a fine piece of luggage made from tough cowhide leather. Sometimes that tough leather exterior is all that holds us together. And sometimes the luggage is more valuable than its contents.

  8. I think we can always be in the process of turfing stuff. I have thrown out so much in the last two years that I had been feeling I was done. But now I realise that the structures that helped me accumulate the baggage are still in place! I have so much to do and so little time to do it in…

    • Wow, that’s really clever and very deep – I’m going to have to think about that one tomorrow after a good sleep (fingers crossed). Feeling like my life is over-flowing with shit of all descriptions.

  9. I think of it as scraping off the shit that clings to the bottom of your shoe.
    The sooner you get it off the better.

  10. My luggage is ditching itself, two dreams in two nights.

    First night a raven and a feeling of protection, second night showing against what am protected now.

    As if– pieces of puzzle I looked and looked and looked since 2002 are finally falling into a pattern.

    It is not easy, lots of emotions swirling at the bottom, foaming to top, but yes, knowing what you did why you did under what conditions, and forgiving yourself, others at heart-level and letting go must be what life is about.

    I would like to believe as such, that is. :)

  11. I’ve had a fantastic time over the past few days moving my workroom into a more open area in the home. We’ve ripped up old carpets in our two bedrooms and my husband’s sanding the floors prior to putting on estapol. I’ve cleaned, tidied and re-organised the house (and, I freely admit, I am NOT into housewifery b.s. generally), and got my new room looking brilliant. Amazing!

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  13. Did my volunteer bit for an organisation I really, really, really want to work for, met Tim Burton (by accident… I had to show his group which lift to get in. Then quitely slid behind a couple of fangirls and watch the majesty of his hair disappear). Went to the gym. Cleaned and Cleared the house.
    Was feeling all awesome… then someone posted a very unattractive picture of me. Well… 2 pictures of me. One attractive… one not. Guess which one they tagged?
    Eating chocolate in fuming hate spiral.
    Have had big cathartic chats with housemate. Not sure which way that will roll (hence the space clearing).
    Leaving the f-wits alone.
    Salt across the doorways.
    Just need a feeling like I am at least getting a little ahead of the game.
    Watching all these nice things happen to other people… new love interests.. new jobs… WHEN WILL IT BE MEEEEEEE?

    Can I get a side order of emo napisan? (Which I first read as ‘emo napalm’)

      • I read it the same way. Brilliant!!! Could go either way with this Eclipse – gently or explosively (would prefer the former).

    • “Emo napalm” pretty much describes my reaction to ex-husband. Am currently keeping my distance. Have dealt with some major legal baggage recently and cleared out a lot of stuff, repainted the kitchen, taken up smoking again … hang on, scratch the last one. Got a fab new job involving far less commuting. Happy happy. Saving up for a divorce. Yay. Clearing out baggage as fast as I can! Finding it all a bit exhausting though. The famed Scorpio resilience is all very well but all this is a bit knackering … sometimes I feel fine and bouncy, but often I feel so tired and as if I’m stretched a bit thin. However hopefully will snap back … Have decided I am allergic to men right now, not at all impressed with them, have no time or energy for them etc.

      • You sound like you’re in there doing the hard yards tati and it’s going to pay off. You’re being true to yourself, that’s what matters.:) Kudos to you.

        This feels like the eclipse to end all eclipses here. All the crap of the last few years condensed into a single moment in time to grok for good. Scary and exhilarating. May need a bigger suitcase.

  14. Ok, I just want to say this eclipse is INSANNNNNE!!!!
    So much stuff going on! No time to grok it all! Too busy trying to sort out all Virgo details- this virgo spin out is more over the top than the whole 2 yrs saturn was in virgo for me!
    Lots of Cap/Cancer home/career problems, issues, sorting out to do.
    Weird mother issues playing up.

    I really have/am trying my best so I guess its chin up