The Undead Virgo Debutante?

Nina Ricci

Okay, the dress costs a few zillion and that is most probably but one of many rooms in a mansion that she is poncing about in.

But WHO is this chick?

An Undead Virgoan Debutatante?

Sulky new member of the Capricorn Zombie Book Club?

Someone who has had such a gutsful of her Saturn transit that she’s battling a hangover that would fell a Marine whilst she waits for her ride to church?

Oh and someone asked about the next good date night???  Freak not but really, you’re looking at Apres Eclipse. Please go read or re-read my Eclipse rave on the Weekly Scopes page & figure this out for yourself. Some people are really not keeping it together out there – do you really want to be simpering across the table at them as they go ape? It’s more of a bust-up season than make-up…

41 thoughts on “The Undead Virgo Debutante?

  1. Well.

    Is it just me, or has it been really batshit stars in regards to coupling for quite some time now, with little in the way of reprieve…..

    I mean honestly.




    Saturn gets you into shape and then men are AWOL. Nowhere to be seen. Men get switched on again and then they’re all in a tiz about their careers and their hair and feeling sorry for themselves for whatever reason it is this time.

    Cannot we start some “I’m pretty sure I’ve got my shit mostly together now, and I’m single, – and when I’m not keeping fit Aries-style, working my virgo-organisational mojo or otherwise relaxing in a steaming bath filled with epsom salts and carefully chosen essential oils (wine glass in hand, soul music on), I’m…” club for innocent flirtations and ego stroking???

    OMG – this could be how I make my millions….

    • So true…’s like men and women are like those magnets pushed together at the wrong end- where they keep slipping past each other but can’t connect….thats how I feel now… I got my shit together but it doesn’t match up with other people

    • OMG I’m so glad it wasn’t me just noticing the timing is just crap and has been agonizing for a long time. It would be like someone made a movie where the main character is doing the montage part and then….nothing…you just keep doing the montage…. @_@

  2. oh wow. great legs. a cancerian whose progressed moon has just moved into Scorpio? no. she’s too scowly for a cancerian anyway… Virgo could be on the money. Virgo Bride of Dracula who has just realised that all the blood from the biting and the blood-drinking and the victims and the stalking will really f*ck up her wedding dress. This is antique cream spanish lace from her fabric-hoarding cancerian dressmaker extraordinaire dammit!

  3. I vote her in for Pope-Papess. It’s a look i that remids me of Madoona
    ooops mispell, Madonna ( so that’s how she can by that nickname, a key

    Saturn? After Pluto in my sun sign for what 15 years & now going to do
    another 15 on my Cap rising? Of course i need to be a blythe spirit & facile.

  4. she’s so H.O.T!!
    wish I could sit still long enough looking so fabulously morose ….

    running with UP – Virgo bride of Dracula!!

  5. NOT a Virgo. skirt WAY too short and showing too much potential fanny to be a Virgo. NO self respecting true to form Virgo would do that. not even a post-wedding, post-coital Victorian undead type who has just hitched it up and thought of (undead) England.

    Nope, she’s a pouty Libran–for the pale, wan shimmer aesthetic–vamp queen who has just had her mojo sucked dry, having just met Mr Drac’s mum & her new ma in law. Hence the uncharacteristic crucifix. On hand, just to be sure.

  6. Whats going on with all the dark stuff!? I’ve had two instances in the last 24hrs of really dark places in my dreams. The last of which an hour ago involved bolt cutters and someone jugular… Bloody hell.

    This chick is obviously having the same dreams.

  7. Capricorn who’s just inherited that big-ass mansion from their great-great-somebody. There’s something about long, thin legs that screams capricornian to me. The polished hair, the white-ish dress, the short skirt that doesn’t look quite so slutty–only Caps and Virgos can get away with that, sometimes Librans but this isn’t flamboyant enough for them. Also, they’re the only ones who can look depressed and still be gorgeous as crap.

  8. dudes, its a scorpio in the honeymoon suite after her wedding…and shes flirting with you.

  9. Lady GaGa stole her idea for the Alejandro video, hence the cross and the costume on the floor. (She’s a Leo… about to seriously morph.)

    • actually I’ll write it for the stupid grumpy cow:

      – I’m grateful for my legs
      – and my waistline
      – oh and my excellent hair (although I sometimes suspect it’s a wig)
      – check out the cool fire place
      – this dress is nice, if not at a tad chilly
      – there ya go! Grateful for my opaque stockings!
      – I’m grateful that whatever marriage I was sold into is now officially over
      – oh and vampires can’t bug me either *bling bling*
      – I’m grateful that with one kick of my stilleto … I could possibly take the friggin eye out of this idiot art director who insists on making me look like child pornography even though I’m actually 26

      • Haaaa!!!!! I thought “child porn” too. It’s the wee little girly dress and pouty child face, methinks.

  10. Virgo Sun with a Libra moon and Cancer influences doing that weird experimental traditionalist-slash-madonna/whore-slash-Ether-slash-cold Luna breakup spiel.

    The forehead is a dead giveaway


  11. OK…just on the dating-date-dilemma. I gotta give my relationship a little TLC. Obviously, I don’t want to poke the sleeping bear but I don’t think I can leave it until after the 26th. Yep. Sooooo…..seeing I am a Sag, and the with the new moon in my Gemini, my house of partnership and Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, my house of Romance, soooo please Mystic, tell me I got a little wiggle/patch up room,?

  12. A female Priest caught up with the case of her abusing male Priests in the past. While waiting for interview with Bishop +Police which will be recorded to be publicized, she was idly confessing to God. “You know, I am worthy of having all the men..What is so that wrong with that perfect charity act??? Mercy on me..”

    Saturn in Virgo +Jupiter in Pisces.

  13. Ha, perfect
    Virgo bride of Dracula

    (p.s -so want that dress)

    could be the real estate found her and she was under the sheet for a couple of hundred years fending off some kind of spirit who froze her undead.

    and now we have what was the ladies drawing room in the east wing…

    either that or Dracula and his brides are playing hide and seek. She’s a Scorpio with Virgo Asc only she’s furious at the discovery of being ranked least favourite in the harpy harem, so she’s decided to bring a cross for extra pain when he finds her despite wearing the dress he LOVES as it reminds him of when he discovered her in that tiny village all those years ago.

  14. Thanks Mystic!

    The dress is to die for.. oh, she already has..can I have it then?

  15. An innocent Catholic Cancerian destined to remain in her fashionably anaemic glory for eternity because she didn’t whip out the crucifix fast enough. If Scorp vampire and leader of the opposition Tony Abbott’s did this to his first date, imagine how eternally damned we’ll all be if he gets elected.

    • IF Tony Abbott did this? IF!?!

      He’s left her undead so she can still vote.

  16. Okaaay Mystic – just read your eclipse info in the scopes page re: 26th.

    Shall stock up on books, vitamins, filtered water etc.

    What to tell this lovely Taurus who’s skirting around the edges at the moment..? Hmmm.

    Oh – that photo reminds me of the movie ‘The Others’…

  17. Hey BL jsut wave a pair of sexy red knickers his way (subtley of course) and watch him charge!

  18. Get a grip kids. Its ok. Do men ever do what you want when you want? nooo of course not. So patience acceptance gals. Thats my new mantra.

    I’m not single I’m just elegantly resting between men. (Thx to MM for that idea)