The Time Machine

Remedios Varo

Wisdom, Clarity, Renewed Resolve…Insights To Do With Long Ago, Across Time Sensations: tres mystical.

In fact, fuq mystical. This Eclipse is a Time Machine.

Also – anticipate some amusing ideas as to how best you can purge naff cant from your life and just get ON with it.

13 thoughts on “The Time Machine

  1. Ah scary, staying strong… for now. This eclipse is staright on conjunct my neptune and the next is on my Mercury.Going to take some time out to meditate next week. xx

  2. MM, Great image. As always. :)

    Wisdom- well I just saw the new Italian movie I AM LOVE with Tilda Swinton…. watching her passionate and naturale love unfold with a gardener chef is enough to get you wise about what counts for matter and what is just good Italian design. Sheesh!

    Grabbing some moongazing on the front porch with a good shiraz. Q time with la luna before heading out.

    Cheeers lovelies !
    k x

  3. feeling eerily calm- eye of storm perhaps?
    if something is about to happen i have no clue what it is. but im ok with (positive) suprises! :)

  4. yes long ago. am gonna go catch some delta or theta or whatever those wacky noises are. may as well give it a nudge.

  5. Dunno about the time machine, spent Sat Night cleaning between the washing machine and the dryer, eating coco pops and wondering if I could my sheets out to dry (I can’t it’s raining, heavily) on a Full Moon in Eclipse, would I have crazy dreams sleeping in those sheets?

    Maybe the laundry theme is more meaningful than I am bothered with delving into..

  6. Ergh. I’ve had death anxiety from an early age and it hit me hard today.

    I had a dodgy dream last night in which I died of heart failure in a London restaurant kitchen. On a white tiled floor. Chefs all around calling for doctors and yelling into phones to paramedics. I must’ve been watching too much Masterchef/ ER. The love of my life was holding me and telling me everything was going to be okay – and then I died. I haven’t met this guy yet so I have no idea who he was, I just felt loved and safe.

    Not being able to shake the vision, today I’ve been playing in my head what ppl would say at my funeral. I just let my head go with whatever flashes of eulogy bits came to me, as uncomfortable as it was. Terribly morbid, I know, but all these ideal things came to me – what I would really want to have achieved by this time of my dream death. Ppl who loved me (no idea who they were) were getting up and saying things that I currently really want to acheive and they said I’d acheived them. Basically, in my weird flash-forwards, I had died happy and fulfilled and left a legacy of inpsirational things – or had at least set in motion the wheels of change for these things to happen.

    So strange. So much to do. Soggy tissues everywhere because I can’t stop crying. But oh the clarity. I guess I’ve seen what “matters” to me because that’s what I truly want to be remembered by – what I NEED to get done in my time on earth – perhaps just cementing what I already figured i had to do? Bizarre and has spooked me so much I don’t want to go to bed tonight.

    Cap sun 8 deg, Kataka moon. This eclipse is screwing with me obviously…

    • That sounds a bit rough E Girl, I hope you are feeling more zingy soon. Your dream sounds intense. If I thought about that stuff it would do my head in. However in hypnotherapy it’s actually a totally self actualising process to do a bit of fast forward dreaming, so that you can get your goals clear. Maybe this Eclipse is a great time for you to work out what you want? Do you think imagining a funeral is a way to visualise what you want or what you think others would like to see you doing? If it is about what you really want I feel like you will WANT to go to bed to see what you will do!! Sounds very cool to me your dreaming, not screwed up at all!

    • wow, intense dream. I read it as a new phase in your life beginning – ie: not a death but a rebirth and the lovely holding you being symbolic of the fact that you are supported and loved as you enter this new phase. Doing it in someone else’s kitchen? Interesting. In London – is that where you will flourish in the next phase, where you will be reborn creatively or whatever? I dunno not playing down the intensity and obvious effect it’s had but seeing it in a diff way. Now you know how you want ot be remembered I guess all that’s left it to go forth and conquer. Tally-ho.

      • Ta. I hope it’s all that positive!! Tally-ho I shall :)

  7. insight into the details of an astologer friend’s death has come in spades. not messages from HIM, just info on how, where, exactly when.

    very odd stuff… but still, nice to know… i guess.

    • …then looking back at my we’moon… i bought a tshirt that day which read:

      obscura de la luna.

      the universe has such a loving way of communicating.

  8. Stealth Leo & I drank bubbly, then rugged up to watch the eclipse. Then there was some happy couple time… and we both had FREAKY dreams all night. Am feeling quite grounded today, though (thanks to a belly full of pancakes).