The First Uranus Sun Transit Memoirs?

Love & Other U-Turns is surely the first official Uranus-Sun Transit memoirs – yes?

It’s a fabulous book and I don’t just say that because I am mentioned in it, flatteringly. It’s funny, surreal and very NOW.  I am not at all surprised as the author – who comments on this site as Fishgirl – sent me some of her magazine articles & a poem years ago and i e-mailed her to say “You are SO talented” and  not to flip out at the famously difficult She-Editor she was having to deal with.

So a bit later, i rock up at St Kilda to talk at a writer’s festival, accompanied by my good friend the Ultimate Piscean.

I blogged about  him years ago. He has seriously two-thirds of his chart in Pisces and all in the 3rd House. He is very handsome and very well educated but travels around the country/world telling the most disgusting jokes. No he is not using his commerce degree and nor is he interested in anything material. He is like an anarchist with Tourette’s Syndrome so far as dirty jokes are concerned. He is against relationships because he sees them as one dodgy step down the slippery slide toward bourgeois hell.  He is perfectly happy to sleep in a grassy meadow under the stars. At one point he had a truck that ran on recycled vegetable oil he collected from outback pubs. Oh and he’s got Saggo Rising.

So we’re at this thing in a St Kilda theatre and i made everyone sit in their sun sign groups. All of the Arieans wore red, each Cancerian was wearing some sort of  a heirloom item and the Librans all looked like models, interesting. The Pisceans up the back would not shut up – chief amongst them The Ultimate Piscean and Louisa…this talented Piscean writer girl I had literally just met. They fell crashingly in love at first sight and the book is about that and all the ludicrous stuff that followed. It is very funny.

And yes, Louise had Uranus on her Piscean Sun in the 9th House that year and this book is like a brilliant guide to that transit. I think at one point in this insane love affair – now rekindled – she flew straight from an outback bikie hangout lawless craphole of a pub to New York, where she spent the night in Harlem at the house of a well built policeman she met outside the Statue of Liberty. Pisceans don’t do jealousy induction by half-measures.

You can read an extract here.

What transit would you be able to write a funny memoir about? I think it would HAVE to be Uranus.

Imagine doing one on Saturn: “I was at the dentist when the tax bill arrived and i realized that i had yet to reconcile my relationship with my father. That was when the nightmares began and although the osteopath said they were to do with a circulation problem because i had put my neck out compulsively cleaning, i knew they were due to being haunted by status anxiety…”

Oh and peeps with packed third houses need to be in constant motion, consistent new info and ideas coming in & they are nigh impossible to pin down.

68 thoughts on “The First Uranus Sun Transit Memoirs?

  1. OO OO me too! Interesting 3rd house snippet mystic – the ultimate free spirit? This book sounds like just the ticket for a long weekend – is it in shops yet?

  2. Ahoy there mystic I just read this and was wondering what transit you might think this guy would be having – I know it’s wrong to laugh about this cos it must have been shocking for him to go through, but all I could think was Is it that chef guy with the awful pony tail with the same name and that’s why he had to bring so much shampoo and conditioner on holidays with him?

    Something saturny and leonine? Hilarious. God I’m actually experiencing guilt for laughing about this… the poor man.

  3. Congratulations Fishgirl x hope you sell a million. Personally though reading about the love action of 2 pisceans is not something that would normally jump into my hands in a bookshop…wifey kataka has many pisces friends, she will love it.

    Now transit story ? Man goes to doctor for help with his sex life during a merc retro in his 8th house. He is prescribed with a drug to help him ‘stay longer’. He takes the prescription to the chemist who misreads the dosage as 80mg instead of 8mg. That night he takes 2 ‘just to be sure’…..

  4. Ahaha, my identity has been outed!!
    Seriously Mystic thank you. I said it in the book and i say it now, you have been a psychic pen-pal / fairy-godmother / career-mentor.
    Plus you set me up with my soul-mate.
    How the HELL do you thank someone appropriately for that?!

    • fishgirl/louisa thou is officially my inspiration.. Mother Mystic dangled you as a wondrous example of writerly inspiration and you so are! I agree totally, I’ve oft wondered how I’m to repay her for all the glenda goodwitchness she bestows, am thinking a monument in the middle of town..or greening up 2 ex-thermonuclear domes in homage to her endowments.

      But LOVE that you’ve done this, and that it ends with a soul mate..vs sewer survivalism. Kudos!!! I do remember the Uruguyuan djs, so hilarious! Am sure I shall laugh till someone needs pick me up the floor.. your beau sounds heavenly as you.

    • Yes bluelibra and my editor was a wonderful Aquarian, just to continue the Uranian theme:-)

      • Yes, they have some lovely people there. Can’t wait! to read your book. I try to buy a novel by an Australian author at least once a pay packet so this will be a treat. I love the cover too.

        • Wonderful! I love the cover too, although it has mistakenly been placed in the ‘fiction’ section of many bookshops…but that could just be the too-ludicrous-to-be-true story…!

    • Just getting published is a huge deal in itself. Congratulations fishgirl!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to read it.

      Who will play you in the film version?

    • BlueLibra, heard it thro’ the grapevine an Adelaide
      based publishing co. wants material. Wakefield Press.
      AND The Adelaide Review pays well for articles.
      Do you know that you can see Dr. Peter Goldsworthy
      via his clinic in the guise of a medical consult?
      I didn’t tell you that…………………….BE BOLD.
      Read Kim Falconer’s latest newsletter re ‘Rejection’
      & changing the name to ‘manuscript’ or ‘underpants’.
      As things become what you call them, ‘rejection’ when
      applying for something you want doesn’t exist if you change
      the accepted meaning of the word.

      • It is Brilliant thinking… but now I am afraid of underpants!

        … which could be both tricky and annoying.

  5. Hoorah! I just found it – is in travel writing section of the bookshops for those of you who are like me having a long weekend and moseying around on foot & don’t want to wait for the whole online purchase / post to come. Good luck with it Fishgirl.

  6. Yay Fishgirl!!!! Many congrats and big sales to you!

    My Cap Sun is in the 3rd house and i never sit still. I have the attention span of a gnat and need constant stimuli or I’ll get insanely bored (unless it’s something I love and I’ll do it 24/7). I have huge issues committing to things because I know I’ll just change my mind/ find something else more interesting or beneficial in three days time. Or even if i don’t, I’ll think I will, hence I never commit to anything. Ergh.

    Libra rising doesn’t help things either.

    • So no tattoos for you? Where’s your uranus? I always figured uranus was the one that caused the fidgety non-committal vibe and you’re so right, libra rising wouldn’t help, gemini rising is “challenging” for any kind of equilibrium too – but if it’s a whole house of erratic shifting sands potential (one of the 2 I have a stellium in) then I’ll have to look at things in a whole new way now. The odds have always been stacked against living a “normal” life in the burbs with the kids and the dog methinks. I have a book on the houses coming from amazon, really want to know more about them, it’s so easy to only fixate on the ones you have planets in and forget about the others.

      • Hey whatever, did you order The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas? That is a brilliant book on the houses. eerily accurate and very poetically written:)

          • Mine too Scorpbot!!! He is a of my house placements, think it’s Mars in 10th was described as “living a parent’s unfulfilled desires, usually the mother’s” Gulp. SO spot on scary.

            I so enjoy reading it over and over and over …

        • that name isn’t familiar so prob not I’m thinking – but if the one I got isn’t the business it’s straight on to ebay and I’ll check out the one youse are all recommending.

  7. OMG! I remember that story Mystic. You were trying to find a date for the comedian on your site. He IS very cute but not a fan of his type of humour I’m afraid.
    I followed him on his blog for a while, was so envious of all that traveling and adventure and loved that he could fit all his possessions in one car. With my Jupiter in Taurus in 4th house, that’s never going to happen with me but it’s nice to dream.

    Congrats Fishgirl !!

    • I remember this dude too. Didn’t he have a pet goat?

      I looked at his blog too. It was filthy, crude, uncouth and bloody funny.

  8. mystic you live an extraordinary exotic life.
    i love to hear your stories and how you connect the dots

    • This and other wonderful , stories ive heard on this blog are so uplifting , sublime , magical , inspiring etc etc . Ive just returned to the local orchid show , spending $250 on three orchids . One pink , one purple/pink/violet , one bright yellow , all with the most amazing fragrances. Im still high on the scent of the thousands of flowering orchids on display and in a love daze thinking of her while i selected the said blooms. LOVE is so grand and the best feeling or rather being in love or in my case just the thought of being in love. Love youse all….. All you need is love…. Love is the answer…. Free love…..etc etc

        • Yes i am a lucky bastard. Ive just spent 30mins googling the definitions , symptoms, signs, feelings and ways to tell if a person is in love not just lust, falling in love, plutonic love etc im ticking all the boxes ! this time its real TRUE LOVE! its freakin amazing! Her name is Jessica and ill shout from the roof tops I AM IN LOVE WITH JESSICA!

          • OMG you ARE a lucky bastard…how lovely for you and your Jessica. All I can say is you know when you know. Period.

      • Damons, the Orchid in Tantra is an expression for the
        Yoni. It a visualisation given to describe the intimate parts
        of a woman. Only the rarest variety have the glorious aroma, orchids,
        that is.
        Amazing what a woman can bring out in a man, don’t you think?

        • Thanks Pegs , and yes it is amazing that i do stuff like with the orchid then find out later what i just did represents in a spiritual/symbolic way. As im no master or guru but with some spiritual training in psychic , numerology, basic astro, zen, light work and healing. Its kinda like its all inside just needs to be unlocked / developed fully. Like with the poetry , drawings , the little gestures i give to her such as the Tahitian scented oils of sandalwood, frangipani, and vanilla. They were like smelling salts as i administered her whifs of each of the scents they snapped her out of a stressful moment where she was clearly suffering a nervous/ anxious condition. The timing couldnt have been more perfect. I am so in tune with her its freaking me out but also im so enjoying the experience and connection. I have pearls for her but not yet. Poems that heal her heart as she is still grieving for her father. The orchids i will give to her next day or two, and you should see the supply of top shelf chocolate i have been accumilating for her to tie her over when we are apart. People are saying whats gotten into you Damo? its called LOVE …..

  9. Wow!!

    Congratulations Fishgirl, Wow!!

    It is so great to be around peeps who are so inspiring in this field & Mystic you’re one of the best writers EVER!

    I checked out my third house so here is what lives there: Gemini is in my third house with 7 deg Ceres, 14 deg Varuna, 18 deg Moon, 21 deg Sun, 26 deg Venus & 28 deg Vesta. 8O

  10. What a brilliant story!!!! How fabuloso! Congrats fishgirl and best of luck with your new book.

    And I REMEMBER the Urugurayan affair … gosh it made me laugh! hehe

    A blog girl made good! Awesome …

  11. Yay fishgirl! New author to discover, and an Aussie one to boot. Book now on shopping list!

  12. Thanks everyone. Gosh, such lovely support. It really is better if you are into astrology as you understand how insane you seem to everyone else when you are having an uranian transit! (I should have subtitled it 1001 Uranian Nights, haha)…Many thanks, my cup runneth over with gratitude…x

  13. fishgirl aka Louisa, CONGRATS!!!!! I remember you said you were working on this, and now to see it published!! Amazing!!! No wonder you disappeared for a bit, hehehe… :)
    I hope it does fabu-well!!!!!! Hooray!!! :D
    Btw, has your brother read it yet?

  14. Hah… I def should pick this up. I currently have Uranus exactly squaring my Sun… with Jupiter at the same time, with Neptune & Chiron trining it… can’t figure out who’s winning on the impact scale. I think I’ll have to wait for the dust to settle to tell! :)

  15. Uranus will be right on top of my Natal Moon soon….with an exact square to Pluto…..I`m am plotting a MAJOR Rebellion !!!

  16. I went out and bought this book yesterday, and then read it for hours instead of doing a back log of work I’ve created for myself. It is just what I need , and Mystic is right it is so now. I have 5 planets in Aquarius and the last 3 years have been extremely tumultanous. I am definetely starting a new era, letting go etc. This book is about following your dreams and being yourself and just what I need right now. I have separated from my kids they live with there dad in outback nsw. So I’m often on the road going out to visit and can totally identify with the characters, situations and places. Good to know that others experience this too. Congratulations Louisa, and thanks Mystic for putting it out there……

  17. Thanks AquaFleur,
    on a separate note, do you get many electric shocks with all those Uranian planets? That was another revelation at the st kilda astro night!
    Also, i got electrocuted by a fence when uranus on my sun and my poor sister caught her hair in an eggbeater when it was exact on her rising sign (electrical mishaps + face/body)…
    To answer UP yep my bro has read it but we don’t know his dog’s star sign. Haha…x

    • Strangely I do get electric shocks all the time. But mostly when I go to unlock the car I get zapped. Especially when it is dry and windy, my hair gets alot of static electricity and when I’m putting petrol in the car. Lol!!!!! The st kilda astro night sounds really cool. Are you still driving around the outback with fishboy(I’m about 1 third the way through the book and loving it), and have you ever been to Tibooburra? I’m heading out in 3 week time.

  18. That’s hilarious. Or sort of painful. I’m not sure!
    I haven’t been to Tibooburra but I’m sure Jimbo has as he explored the whole Broken Hill area pre-me… I don’t want to give away the end of the story! But you’re making me yearn for another road trip…

    • No don’t give away the end of the story!!!!!!!!!! I am determined to finish the work back log, and besides I kinda like to savour the story, not finish it too quickly.
      Yes the shocks are funny, peculiar, and painful. I started dreading touching the car and had to brace myself for a zap each time I did. It hasn’t happened recently but was particularly bad at the end of last year and a few months ago.
      Keep in touch, and if the yearning continues come out to Tib…………..I’m looking forward to the wide open spaces, night skys, camp fires, and of course seeing my kids.

      • I wonder if Tibooburra has a bookshop…I could do a signing and Jimbo could do a gig, haha :-)

        • The Country Store sells ok coffee , books and just about everything else, so thats a possibility.

  19. Congratulations Fishgirl!! I was in Dymocks yesterday and they had your book in the Bio section. Bought it but haven’t started it yet. Can’t wait to read it. Everything in a Q whirl here atm so will wait for quieter time.

  20. Oh big congrats to you Fishgirl. Very inspiring! Look forward to reading it.
    And say a big hello to Jimbo from me. Met him a couple of times. He was clowning around for both of my children’s birthday parties when they were young bunnies. Yes his jokes were way cleaner on those occasions… hehe.