Taurus Abstracted


This is an abstract version of El Toro, our Taurus & said by the artist to be a wonderfully suitable gift for Taureans. But I am not so sure about that. Taurus is not the sign to gift with an abstraction of any variety. Leo? Yes. If it were a portrait of them or their Sun Sign, fine.

Gemini?  Totally. Pisces? Probably. Aquarius? Yes and the weirder the better. Pisces would unclutter it in one of their Feng Shui sprees but because of the Qi, not the abstraction.

But Taureans are renowned for their dislike for abstact, contemporary or modern art. Even before he became officially evil, Hitler thought abstract artists should be sterilized so they could not breed.

I know Taurus peeps who only like art if it is gilt framed and either historically themed or of a waterfall. Antiquities turn Taurus on – art that has survived aeons and is still relevant fills them with bliss and reassurance.

26 thoughts on “Taurus Abstracted

  1. most of the Taureans I know are blessed with a good eye yet it doesnt translate to their taste in art ….. odd have never looked at it that way before ……

  2. I am not a fan of the gilt frames, historical themes (bar old and beautiful maps) or… no… hang on, I do like the occasional waterfall (esp. if its japanese block print).
    I give good art, I get good art and I am much more into the pop, modern, contemporary. I don’t mind an abstract or two.
    Very much into Art Deco styles (Noveau is ok, but sometimes too… frou frou?). Grew up surrounded by Klimt, Neilson, Miro and Escher (Gem and Virgo parents).
    I don’t mind an antique… just as long as its classy, you know:)

  3. I enjoy abstract art, mostly because I make it. Sun & Merc – Taurus Asc, Moon & Mars – Pisces, Venus – Aries.

    As for the piece above, I love how it represents all the uncomprehendable weirdness of a Taurus that they sometimes can’t seem to express unless you have some rare/special ability to see through them.

    But yes, I do love the boring & neo-classical stuff more. Anything with naked gods/godesses in the clouds.

  4. Hmmmn, my drawings aren’t what anyone would call traditional either. Very wyrd little scribbles actually. Gilt frames upset me, unless on a very large mirror.
    I suppose I’m no typical toro then

  5. Ha ha! That’s so great and totally true. I (Taurus) went with a friend to a botanical garden that was exhibiting modern art statues she had to take pictures of. When we approached a piece, I would look at it and scoff and how strange it was and proceed to make fun of it. (Though, there seriously was on that looked like a mother about to throw her child into a pond.)

    As for the picture above… Those colors just do not mesh. At first I thought it was the green, but all those colors are so BLAH.
    I do enjoy the little butterfly in the left! Hee hee!

    • Um… That second ‘and’ is ‘at’ and ‘on’ is ‘one’. Boo.
      Btw, for the curious, my friend is a Capricorn.
      Cappy and Taurus for the win!!

  6. Okay, I just want to know what THIS thing is, between his rear legs:


    No, it isn’t that.

    Now speaking as a Taurus, this thing is hideous. But not because it’s abstract. Just because it’s ugly, or as we painters would say, “poorly executed.” Now I have no problems with abstraction, my own art is severely abstract, and my favorite painters are Gerhardt Richter and Jean Dubuffet (but only their severe non-representational works). And FYI, I hate antiquities. I used to work at the Getty, I just loathed their huge collection of “French Decorative Arts” a/k/a hideously ugly baroque furniture. And all their corroded, decayed Greek and Roman sculpture, what is the point? When I worked there, they were on a huge buying spree of anything related to Futurism, ooh my favorite. But none of it was ever put on display, it just sat in the storerooms. I used to joke that they would put it in a vault for a few thousand years until it became an antiquity, then they’d display it.

    Anyway, I think Taurus gets the short shrift with this bit about not handling abstractions. We’re good with money, that’s an abstraction. What works for us is manipulating abstractions as concrete objects or symbols. I am good with computers, I always describe them as a method for manipulating ideas (words and numbers) as if they were concrete objects, putting them into physical form as bits on silicon chips or patterns on ferromagnetic platters in hard drives.

    • I thought it was a grafted hand btw his hind legs, reaching for his own penis. Damn good placement for a hand methinks.

  7. Taurus sun & moon and gilt frames give me the heebie jeebies.

    This doesn’t bother me because it’s abstract (I actually like the greens, though it is a bit messy… a heavier outline perhaps? more solidity and grounded?) but because the bit of the flicking tail looks more like a hand reaching for his junk. Not exactly what I’d want on my wall…

  8. Taurus flatmate has enough old paintings to fill a gallery! He doesnt like abstract stuff at all – its all still life and creepy portraits.

    He pinched them all from his parents attic and they are gross. Rickety old water stained wooden frames, no glass over the canvas, canvases are often rumpled and off centre and the subject matter is stuff like a weird old man with a top hat and a monocle or a streetscape of a dusty desert town.

    I banished the ugliest ones to his bedroom and have accepted a still life (in the toilet) and the monacle man which I put in the hallway facing his room so the man will stare at him and berate his aesthetic every time he leaves his room.
    I know it sounds mean but am Libran – ugly paintings make me feel despondent, lost and completely hopeless.

  9. Are taureans really so conservative? it just feels like such a cliche – true that I am not into fads – i like something actually beautiful, rich in colour – art has to have a story, a soul, i have a lot of stuff collected from travels (but I think that is my saggi moon + saggi neptune)

    the yellow and green sort of clash, i find them a bit jarring – not for me, but not because it is abstract

    • I would say classic not conservative
      venus is more gentle traditionally to discord in colour and shape to me but depends what aspects as always.

  10. Saggo is the sign of abstract, but this pic, they’ll vanish the cow and keep the colours. Taureans tend to be conservative and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  11. The Taureans I know don’t dislike abstract art – but maybe because abstract art is traditional to them, as in they grew up with it around? Hitler had never seen the like of Picasso on the other hand. Aboriginal art looks abstract in a way sometimes, yet so very old!

    • Well actually, Hitler was a failed art student, he tried to get in to a prestigious Vienna art academy, but was rejected. He wanted revenge on the art world that snubbed him. That was probably his original urge that started him on the path to world domination. Warning: never piss off an artist.

      You can still buy original Hitler artworks, they are fantastically expensive since they’re collected by neonazis. They are all terribly dull and uninspired landscapes and architectural studies. Many of them are postcards, when he was young, Hitler made a living selling his postcards as a street vendor. One of the funniest modern artworks I ever saw was from a guy who bought a large original Hitler landscape watercolor and then painted a psychedelic sky full of happy faces on it. They call this “appropriation,” they’re taking someone else’s artwork and repurposing it, in this case, to ridicule Hitler.

  12. I don’t dislike it – (I’m aries – taurus rising) and I definitely like abstract art. I actually can’t even a tinsy bit get my head around a guilded gold elaborate frame. No not me at all

  13. It’s okay. The bull’s face is kind of endearing. On the tip of the nose of the bull it looks like a cat’s face. It’s like a Leo rising cow. I don’t dislike contemporary or modern art but I do really love renaissance paintings and pre-raphaelite paintings. (Taurus sun, leo rising, aqua moon).

  14. Okay, so I don’t like THIS picture. But I am a Cancer sun, Taurus Moon and Taurus Rising and I not only like abstract art- I paint abstractly, often. But, I wouldn’t get the above because I don’t like the lower half of the drawing.

  15. Mystic I love your work but I have to defend our sun sign. We are ruled by Venus after all so we love, appreciate and value art. That includes abstract art. Some of my favorites include Klee, Miro, the Cubists and of course Dali ( a Taurean).
    I don’t mind the image but I agree that its not well executed.

    What might be interesting is some research on which planets (Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Neptune) and which placements/aspects/transits are significant in terms of artistic sensibility and creative expression.

    Are there any common threads in the natal charts of the great artists?

  16. You might want to avoid dealing in stereotypes. Dali was pretty f*#$ing abstract.

  17. I am a Taurus, and no, I don’t like this.
    However, I don’t think it has anything to do with it being abstract because I do love abstract work when it’s executed well. This bull is not.
    For one thing, I hate those rectangle things and the swirls. They’re so typical.
    Other than that, I’m not a fan of the color palette.
    I would love this if it was just the outline of the bull on white.
    Also, I wouldn’t recommend giving a Taurus a picture of a bull and meaning it to be an astrological gift. As most of us are very concerned with our surroundings, it’s a little iffy. You’d be better off if you just didn’t mention that it was meant to stand for Taurus and let it be a abstract artwork.

    Also, is that little butterfly in the corner completely necessary?

  18. I could never understand how Picasso could be a Taurus. I wonder what his chart looks like. Aqua rising? Moon in Pisces?