St Virgo Arises From The Dirty Linen Pile

Sure, some Saturdays are all about wallowing in bed or schlepping out for coffee, an outing, relaxing…something indulgent.

But a Moon in VIRGO Saturday is a reminder that Saturday means, literally, Day of Saturn.

Who today has been secretly getting off on a rad laundry fetish?

Bonus points for mending and chucking things out with the fervent belief that such “editing” will result in a better life for you and yours.

Ladies and Gentleman, Saint Virgo has arisen from the dirty laundry pile, sans stainage.  May we all be washed clean and rendered anew.

33 thoughts on “St Virgo Arises From The Dirty Linen Pile

  1. LOL – I just stripped all the beds and put them in the wash before sitting down and reading this!

  2. A day of Saturn indeed!

    I am doing an internal version of this today! I tried to bust through a fear today & although I did not succeed as in the way I had hoped or rather expected. I think it was a push from Saturn to get moving on through this issue!

  3. I read this blog all the time (and all the comments) and think it is absolutely rad. Mystic, you write everything so fucking well and with such an entertaining flair. You are so spookily spot on sometimes. Anywho, I have never commented on a thread before but just HAD to after reading this post as I literally just put all my laundry together for an early morning wash! It is still Friday night here in NYC…
    I miss Australia. xx

  4. Have just rinsed cornucopia of organic veges in vinegar and water and am about to clean the limp things out of wobbly fridge. I can hear my neighbour rabidly vacuuming and the hideous ashtray her reptilian man leaves overflowing on their doorstep has been emptied and cleaned. Their washing machine has been groaning all day and mine is about to begin. I aint no saint but my house is clean.

  5. So exhausted from the cleaning regime of yesterday that I actually did flake out! I think as it is a Virgoan kind of flaking it out, it was a more pleasant and organised flaking – kids in bed and napping on time etc. while I watch 30 Rock episodes back to back and eat WHITE bread toast with nuttlex and vegemite. Ya, sinful.

  6. i am currently being frustrated in my washing lust by the rainy weather here in adelaide.

    dishes and application writing are my virgoan activities. Now off for brisk walk…

  7. I was out in the garden up a ladder armed with a pruning saw this morning. Does that count?

  8. My grades went up at 2am so then I could sleep. Washings on. My cleaning’s mainly internal too: booked a plane ticket to London yesterday for my exchange study venture, so today am feeling fateful & contemplating fears, new structures & brand new level of self-discipline in an unfamiliar, huge, scary institution. The O/S uni couldn’t be more unlike my own cosy little country uni in hippyland north coast. All so exciting though, I’m so up for it! :D

  9. another 10 things heading to ebay – am on fire – contemplating an ebay store now

    fashionable friends tossing piles of designer shoes / clothes & am selling on others behalf

    still not got total hang of it, few glitches (am techtard), but aiming for 10 up by sundown – seeya!!


    • Love ebay too rockstar, I made £100 off it last month and that came in very handy

      friend of mine gave up work to make living off ebay..

      • posted 11 brand new Tbsubi (before Ksubi) skirts …. then dashed out for a drink before eyes went square & hands seized in form of Apple Mac Mouse … !!

    • live off ebay. I can’t afford clothes and no time to sew!

      what size are you RLP??? lol

      • Ms – there’s a variety of stuff shoes 36 – 37 / Tsubi skirts 6 -8 Tshirts M / jackets 8 – 10 ….. better get back to it!! ;-)

  10. I was tying steel this morning, nice & dirty for the hands. I had this overwhelming urge to get all the ties exactly right, got frustrated if I didn’t. And I couldn’t wait to get home & scrub hands. The ‘normal’ me couldn’t have cared less as long as it was right.

  11. oh and living room just got the treatment, joint effort of me & the saggi, cosy, clean, all straightened & fresh. Been going thru clothes for days, feeling more ruthless & discerning ;) going to live OS for 9 months is bringing a new perspective to which things I ‘can’t live without’..

  12. I just sat down to work out WTF had gotten into me and voila! backed up a huge, 15 hr work day yesterday with kids sport, then home to flop on the couch but I did not get near it yet – thought it was the coffee….
    Virgoing out – have Virgo moon, venus, pluto and neptune …. seems to be impacting heavily…. my 9 year old daughter is on tune with it all, delighted to be decluttering her room FINALLY :)

    • oh and we were both madly washing Mt Washmore as the very first task – tracking down those unpaired socks mate being the main focus of the joint task – little Leo rising Libra girl “loves” pairing/finding socks – very thankful for whoever is in charge of handing out the characters of kids todsy!

  13. Last night I cleaned out my dresser drawers. Threw away old panties, bras, and socks. Then I started on my closet. Plan to finish that this morning. Feels great!

  14. I cleaned my oven and folded all my clothes, categorising them into tops (silks, woolens, blacks, greys and colour) bottoms (skirts by colour, pants) and re-alphabetised my CDs. VIRGOING OUT +++

  15. Me 2. I am home with freshly blown out hair and three invitations. Yet i am cleaning my bathroom cupboard and blasting music. Drinking skin purifying tea. This could sound very sad and i should be out on the prowl for a new boyfriend but i am actually having fun. My liver and skin shall thank me later i know it. Also that monday morning trashbag hungover look is SO sad, tired and over.

  16. I thought I was going to my Piscean Moon place, but no – today I spent the whole day cleaning, roping my 19yo Aquarian son into cleaning and then cleaning some more. I also found myself at the candle shop buying some candles for the outdoor dining table to make it match the outdoor coffee table. And then I went to the hardware shop to buy a stylish storage container for the garden tools that live on our patio – I actually bought a plant pot that looks great filled with the garden tools.

    MM – it’s scary …

  17. Today’s schedule; turn on the music, cull/discard/recycle all the papers accumulated on the desk, clean the kitchen and change the living room’s orientation – an Aqua is in charge.

  18. Freshly laundered 1500 thread count sheets, bed sprinkled with lavender oil and ylang ylang. And my mugwort pillow tucked into the normal pillows.

    Mystic, I work on Saturday’s– Retail Day.
    Mondays been my day Of and is Laundry day etc.
    I have memories of my mother doing laundry with this loud washing machine Tub with a mechanical rolling pin to wring out the water, then clothes hanging on the clothes line. Private clothes hanging inside to dry.
    I miss having Saturday’s off but Cappy cannot get away from the rapture of retail.Laundry is piling Work comes first .

  20. p.s. Laundry with all my Blacks together, jeans nicely hung, socks paired and boxers folded, sheets cleaned bed aired out. Is So Centering like a deep Mediation that Fills the soul with Peace.

  21. Well, it’s not over yet : sorting out armfuls of lovely old clothes for street stall, & More washing; Totally renovating the masses of indoor plants under the big veranda, it’s a jungle out there; wow go us!

  22. Spent whole weekend doing laundry & catching up on work! Saturn for sure sitting on my Virgo ascendant. Felt so right too…

  23. weird, mine hit me on Sunday, not Saturnday. Cleaned the whole house, went for long walk in the sunshine, and did 3 loads of laundry. And then went out for back-to-back bar tear! Feeling a little worse for wear today tho!