Saint Virgo

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Chartres Cathedral circa 1220

I love this picture and how even a Virgo so long ago still has a recognisably Virgo expression; faux meek but is actually about to say something like “Have you ever considered…” and it will be a well-phrased and even-toned bit of corrective nagging. But elegant.

Not like the Saggo-Pisces sudden bursts of surreal candour, a scary Scorpio judgement trip or the Aquarius frigid-air.

I am sure the Virgo depicted is supposed to be holding roses or something but it could just as easily be some clutter they have discovered in a cranny said-to-have-been-cleaned. What would a Virgo in 1220 be most likely to get the merdes about, apart from the obvious hideocrity of it being the Dark Ages etc?

22 thoughts on “Saint Virgo

  1. How with those impractical full length robes you have a permanently muddy hemline

  2. And how the image was made when the wind was blowing into your legs, accentuating the less than perfect shape and clinging like nobodies business. Yes, MM, you’re right about holding roses…but they’re being held firmly by the thorns – martyrdom!

  3. I thought that was just the virgo’s wolfhound, there to chase away any people who dropped their hs.

    • nope its its actually Leo’s lion looking hungrily at the virgo saint as nice afternoon treat :)

  4. That Virgo on the catheral is the Virgin Mary with the symbolic
    rose in both hands.
    Wonder if she was a Virgo too & the constellation was named
    after her?

    • Well the Anglican church celebrates the Virgin Mary on my birthday and I always assumed it was thought to be her birthday too, although I don’t know – it’s right in the middle of Virgo.

  5. I had to look up the stained glass window, since I recall studying Chartres in art school. The Virgo panel is part of a set of “zodiac windows,” with each sign next to an activity of that time of the year. Virgo’s paired window shows a man threshing grain. That is so Virgo, separating the useful food from all that waste straw and crap.

    Amusingly, I found a diagram that asserts the Notre Dame cathedrals are laid out on ley lines that replicate the constellation Virgo.

    • I was wrong! Tempar Knights had much to do with Chartres
      if my books are correct.
      Thanks for the info.

      • Of course… doh…the sacred geometry from the mystical mathematical mind maze.

  6. Vermin and potato blight.

    And St Virgo isn’t holding roses, but petit feather dusters for tidying the crypt.

    • I’m with you Uber. That and I’d think they’d object to mutton. Or whatever unsightly meat was on hand at the time.

      Oh, my gosh and the dust collecting tapestries..

  7. It was a bad mistake throwing away mon petite plumes
    as no idea where to buy replacement one!
    Where are they stocked says my Virgoan Mars?

    • Until you look underneath the robes. Depends on what day, too. ;)

      • or until they get under YOUR robes? Then it’s whole different story, and not at all saintly.

        • :lol: Too true, virgolicious!!! By that stage, it won’t be at all saintly…!

  8. Medieval St Virgo is also pissed off that martyrdom hasn’t been officially recognized yet.